Nude Undeground Rafting By Chinese Girl & Black Man


Here is a set of pictures taken by one perspicacious tourist showing a Chinese woman and black man rafting in an underground cavern. This couple subsequently took the liberty of stripping down for all to see; at least until park attendants stepped in to prevent any further salacious acts. Predictably, the reaction from netizens were not all too kind.

From Mop:

Beautiful girl and laowai black devil take off clothes to go nude rafting in scenic area

Last weekend I went with a couple of friends to have a good time at the newly opened underground cave rafting in Qingyuan, Guangdong. It has been said that it is the longest underground river in the world.

We never imagined that a Chinese beauty and a [black man] publicly rafting nude in a tourist spot would be photographed by us.


Our party of 3 people walked about 1 kilometer on the embankment until we arrived at a photographing area, the first buffer zone [slower, more calm area of river?].


The two people as they drifted into the buffer zone I was in. They even treated me as a worker meant to photograph them. At this time, they were still honestly wearing their clothes and life-jackets.


Chinese girl naked rafting with black man.

Unexpectedly, the two people began fooling around to the point they started taking off their clothes.



In the end, with all their clothes removed, fooling around without regard for anyone else, completely not caring about the surrounding peoples’ looks of disgust.


In the end, only when the “Shen Bi Shan” [name of the scenic area/attraction] staff used hooks to pull them back to shore were they finally willing to put their clothes back on.

To tell the truth, “Shen Bi Shan” staff are pretty responsible, at least stopping two people this quickly.

Comments from Tiexue:


Truly fucking shameless, do they still have face?


Laowai’s [penis] are big, especially black people’s.


They are just settling a [sex] deal!!!


Shameless, losing face for Chinese people. If the workers didn’t stop them they were probably about to xxoo.


The replies here are all insults. *sweat*


That woman is Japanese!!! I’ll never believe she is Chinese even if you kill me!!!


Support, foreign devils are taking Chinese babes, [so our] fellow countrymen should also take their “babes”. Black ones are fine too.


I propose we human flesh search this shameless woman.


Sooner or later will get AIDS.


Let’s not discriminate against sex workers!


I reckon it is the scenic area is using a hot topic to advertise; now this place is famous.

Comments on Mop:


Black people are very powerful, she must have experienced it.


The worker has nothing better to do, why not sit and watch animals have sex.


Chinese women today are all so low class.


These days, laowai all know that it is cheap to come to China to fuck B [pussy].


Unbelievable, are Laowai’s that great, I don’t think so.

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  • krdr

    Oh, boy! I’m hearing sound of frustration and jealousy in comments. They weren’t full monty, but I cannot support this kind of behavior. They could catch a cold.

    • vic2u

      “sound of frustration and jealousy in comments”

      Aren’t you glad that is all you hear?

      In India you may hear that that bitch get stoned or her family had killed her with fire or acid to her false pride smart ass face if not to her dirty body.

  • Mr Googleton

    Shameless china girl. If they go with white its ok (high IQ, good history), but to do this with a black monkey is just nasty. Poor china guy who end up with her. She deserves death-penalty.

    • VeerLeft

      Dear Jealous Chimate…
      I am a ‘black monkey’ and have a beautiful Chinese girlfriend… we do things that you only dream about.
      Sorry for you… once she gets a taste, you are just a pylon to avoid in daily life.

      • mlgb

        Does she understand sarcasm?

      • Mr Googleton

        Dear monkey-boy. Not long ago we had you guys in chains, and im sure we will very soon in the future. You are a big supporter of “monkey-habits” but im not. I use Adolf Hitlers screening when judging people and you are below the jews and gypsies.

        Im white, blond and blue eyes and i do not cross my genes with sub-humans, other low IQ white might but they are fat and ugly so you can have the scraps.

        I have a daughter that is so beautiful most chinese “bid” on her, i bet you do not. I am not racist towards chinese just because they have proven throu out history that they can if the like. Africa and other places just look for handouts. You might call me a racist (many do) but i have a valid point. When you go to sleep at night, you should thank all white guys who invented the stuff you used today, that is pretty much everything except the banana you stick where the sun do not shine. I pity you monkey-boys. I bet Hitlers values will soon come back and if so you have to get back to work, in chains.

        • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

          Well, Goobertown as the only self proclaimed racist troll on this blog and you are now stepping into my territory. I also am of the divine races of Japanese and GERMAN and I would drop a 12lb brown anaconda on your face (but you might like that as you are pure German).

          The only ones we should be hating here are the Chi Mates (if you do not know what that means, please see my other trollings).

          Without nubians like my friend Veer Left, we would not have 9.69 100 meter sprints, Rap Music, or any Olympic Gold medals (except for Michael phelps and we have yet to ascertain his racial purity)

          In short you are GAY. There is plenty of room and reason to bash Chinese. Go to if you want to rant about “negros”, there is just no place for that here.

          PS, I’m back bitches!!!

          PSS, your daughter will sold be sold into slavery in Gansu by mixed black and Chi mate peasants SNOOGANS
          PSSS Miss you Kai

          • Alikese

            I think chinaSMACK just went full retard.

          • thats right you tell him!!hahaha

          • TransplantedChinko

            You sound like my fart…..Listening carefully..”buuuuuuuuu”….tell me you don’t sound like….hahahahahahaha….

        • baby fart mcgee zack

          You people are unbelievable…be grateful for the anonymity of the internet because it allows you to spew your hatred towards black people.

          Who among you will dare to individually confront an individual black man walking on the street? So whatever hatred and disgust you harbor inside you towards blacks will only stay in and eat you alive because you’ll never ever get the chance to say it in front of a black man without having your ass kicked big time.

          You can all say these nasty words, poor,dirty,low IQ,violent…but let me hit you with some knowledge about what’s going on in the world. and the sad part is there’s nothing you or anyone in your shithole country can do to stop it. And it’s just the beginning bro.

          Most powerful man in the world: a black man
          Most powerful woman in the world: a black woman
          Highest paid athlete in the world: a black man
          Richest celebrity couple in the world: a black couple
          Head of the biggest scientific institution in the world ( NASA): a black man
          Highest paid actor in the world: a black man
          Fortune 500 companies with black CEOs
          -American Express
          -Merryl Lynch
          Check Forbes.

          This is an achievement by a group of people who many consider inferior. Well the laugh is on you. Keep hiding behind your ignorance and slowly but surely blacks are taking over.
          what you’re gonna do, kill yourself?

          Chinese girls or any other girls are fair game, if you can’t compete with blacks and whites and you’re getting your women taken you don’t have to make it about race.

          Take it like man.

          • Rick in China

            I think the statement “blacks are taking over” is a little much – I would not say “taking over” as much as “proving equality represented in obvious successes”..that being said, your overall point is valid.

          • ray

            Blacks are taking over?
            Look up “racial showcasing” genius. Basically they put blacks in these positions as an illusion to cover for racist realities for the majority of blacks. And with blacks in such lofty positions, can any black person complain about racism and get taken seriously?
            Obama is not the most powerful man in the world. Like most Presidents in recent times it seems he is the puppet of elite interests.

            It does seem these Chinese girls like the big black dongs though.

          • Carlos

            Well, most Chinese are too busy being jealous of the Black man and trying to emulate and to be like “Whites” to be taken seriously in the world instead of just trying to love themselves. Because if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t all go under the knife, which most Blacks and Whites won’t hardly do. Remember, those people that spew negative comments like that are probably the nerds that won’t amount to anything but to be only that, “a nerd.”

          • James


            baby fart mcgee zack I would agree with you to the point that I have taken from what you said

            (You people are unbelievable…be grateful for the anonymity of the internet because it allows you to spew your hatred towards black people.

            Who among you will dare to individually confront an individual black man walking on the street? So whatever hatred and disgust you harbor inside you towards blacks will only stay in and eat you alive because you’ll never ever get the chance to say it in front of a black man without having your ass kicked big time)

            Unfortunately they are those of us (yes I am black) who would turn to violence, instead of trying to enlighten those who may be willingly ignorant, by that I mean who just brand the entire race by the few hate filled things they may of heard, and or the bad experiences they may have had.

            Not actually trying to find out the truth, the diversity, the individuality, the history of the Black race

            Not asking themselves why, ‘their’ women (if some do) prefer black men.

            seeing only color

            by individuality, unfortunately there are black people
            whom would react in a rather provactive way

            by that I mean: Breeding with as many Chinese women as possible, as a kind of middle finger to the racists

            Am I wrong?

          • Mensa.I.Q.150

            you so just proved that blacks have low I.Q.

          • Mensa.I.Q.150

            I can pruve that blacks are dumb very easy:
            1 american colleges dumb down their standards for blacks.
            2 there is NO black scientists in NASA (I’m mensa my self you know).Unfortunatly NASA obligated to have some blacks there becouse it politically correct.No black ever is scientist.
            3 Obama+ power = monkey + grenade (very easy equation even you will understand it)

            bottom line is:

            if everyone in the worled was black people would still live in caves.

          • chinajim

            Blacks are taking over? Taking over what? The global welfare roles?
            Your such a racist to assume blacks will kick the ass of Chinese.I have beaten up many blacks in my youth. They talk and talk but cannot fight when it’s one on one.
            I love your list of black CEO’s in the U.S.
            I guess you have not heard of the concept of token hire before. I personally know one of the guys on your list, nice guy, but a major idiot. Merril was acquired and the black CEO left in disgrace, and Citi is bankrupt. The guy from Amex not bad but if he was not black he would most likley be a middle manager.

          • Are you shitting me

            Black people on the rise?
            L O L
            Let’s look back 2000 years and compare the state of black people to the ones nowadays. Living conditions have changed little, and back then, while black people were killing each other with spears, chinese people were writing literature (yes, writing!), inventing gunpowder, paper, and silk. Even nowadays, what kind of state are black people in? They seem busy electing corrupt leaders into power and butchering their own kind for no apparent benefit. And to say Obama was elected solely on absolute merit is laughable – much of recent African-American
            “accomplishment” is built on white guilt. How else would a bullshit major like “Africana studies” exist? And yet, blacks are still the biggest minority in schools, with the largest educational dropout rate, and an inability to keep even the most basic subunits of society, family, together. Do NOT delude yourself into thinking the black race is on the rise just because we have a token black president, as blacks have a long way to go and a lot of shit to get together. If anything, China is on the rise, given it has 1/6 of the world’s population and a growing economy and role in world affairs.

          • roflcopter

            Why are you getting angry with Asian people? It was a WHITE man who posted that disgusting racist comment. In fact, I bet you all the racist comments on here are from white people because they are generally “asiaphiles”. Your hatred and anger is very misguided and you fall for the “divide and conquer” tactics of white people. They try so hard to cause conflict between blacks and asians so that unity between colored people is not accomplished – or else that would be the end of them. You are a sheep.

          • Yo Zack ! you have some interesting data and I am sure you did your homework with most of it. typical , arrogant black male macho bullshit ! can I give you some statistics ? In my small city , 90 -95 % of the murder , rape , armed robbery are committed( not theorized ), by black men !how about those wealthy , strong, well endowed brothers and sisters start giving back and helping the majority of their bretheren get their shit together , please ?

          • Fact Checker

            Hi Everyone!!! I love watching people engage into mind-numbing flame wars. That said, I’d just like to make some clarifications on some factually incorrect information.

            Fortune 500 companies with black CEOs
            -Mcdonald (Jim Skinner is white. Google him.)
            -Merryl Lynch (Doesn’t exist anymore… and their black CEO Stanley O Neal destroyed the company. That’s not something to be proud of)
            -Citigroup (Vikram Pandit is Indian, not black!)

          • Ric

            nobody wants black women. YOU guys certainly don’t

            Those are nothing more than product of racial profiling. Afterall YOU guys get breaks on educational standards and get racial equality whining all the time in USA

            Rest of those bold statements are just lame. Most powerful man in the world: a black man?


          • MEISHO

            u guy u’re really clever. by the way even majority of these Chinese badly hunt for black people, but some stupid Chinese keep pretending that these girls are Japanese. Anyway, are these Chinese a class ahead?, no surely not at all. am a black man but whenever i go out , i usually get pissed by Chinese beggers and anyway why beg people whose IQ is low or subhuman, or they are even academic dwaffs!. Chinese study English for ten and more years but cannot even dare speak!, hell to the racist motherf*ckers

          • BIG DADDY

            who is the black man you are saying is the most powerful in the world? obama? he is half black.and the other half? you guessed it …WHITE. his black daddy ran off and his WHITE grandparents raised him.thank you very much,and the greatest rapper is eminem ..also WHITE.AND i AM WHITE WITH A BEAUTIFUL CHINESE WIFE AND STEPSON

        • mm

          ur pathetic

        • Carlos

          I love it, selective racism. Buddy, go take a look in the mirror, do some deep soul searching and ask Odin why you are taking so much breathing space on this planet. Hitler is Dead, thank sweet Jesus, we will never go back that way, we will never be in Chains, humans are humans. You have people with big IQ’s and low ones. No one is better than anyone. We will never go away, you just will have to deal with it. Stop being jealous, you cannot claim any woman, you are NOT Asian, as to why you are even on here spouting your mindless rant is bewildering to me, but whatever. Good for those couple. Maybe you are jealous because your wife or girlfriend, bitch…whatever is just not good in bed. I am Black with black hair and light brown eyes and because I look good, women were never a problem. When will losers like you learn, skin color has nothing to do with IQ or race.
          Get a life, learn about love and about the simple fact, that the past is gone and this is the future. By the way. You are NOT Asian, so if you need to vent go on “Stormfront” or “Amren” there you can spout your childish rants all day with other losers that share your pathetic thoughts.

          • James



            I like the way you put it.

            I too am black

            Often we get that “their taking our women” kind of thing

            As if they are struggling to maintain their population or something

            If they are, why don’t they ask themselves why that is

            Why ‘their’ women dont want them

            You know?

            The trouble is too much people just see color, instead of 2 people having fun, doing things they should not have, that led them in trouble

            Though it does get annoying, almost like they think, that Black people just go around “abducting ‘their’ women or something”

            Ignoring things such as,

            she might actually like him
            she might not care about things such as
            your black am chinese

            I mean she is not blind and has noticed it

            But its that type of Age old thinking such as “keep th bloodline pure”
            “do not interbreed”

            Seriously where do bi-racial people fit into all this hate?

            Their both adults, both consenting, and both old an mature enough to handle the consequences

            But it can often be seen as “damn these foreigners for inluencing our girls”

            cause seriously

            If it was 2 people of the same race who done this

            Would it be worse or better?

            I just laugh at these type of comments, see them more as the ‘ignorant rantings of the narrow minded’

            Yes there is the need for obeying culture, tradition, stuff like that

            But it seemed more like they wanted to express themselves, make a memory

            you know?

            Though I feel almost embarrassed for asking this

            What are the differences between the races,

            We all bleed red
            We all need food
            We all breath air
            We all have ignorant people
            We all have nice people
            We all have saints
            We all have scum who deserve to be in jail
            We all have feelings
            We all have mothers
            We all live
            We all one day will day
            We all have those who would treat bi-racial differently (better/worse)

            We hould all expect that their would indeed be those who will not respect culture, tradition, laws etc…

            Come on everybody who reads this.

            What do you think

            Lets (if possible) set aside the hate and try and discuss this as civillased people

          • James


            Seriously funny the way you put it

            don’t think anyone is superior though

            but yeah, one does have to find out the reason WHY they are jealous

            And instead of seeing color, just see it as 2 consenting adults expressing themselves, making memories and facing the consequences

          • da wei

            History repeats it’s self

        • Asante Ron

          You fucking blue eyes-blond-white boy claiming shit ain’t nothing but a piece of shit who’s broke busted and disgusted and looking out to sell his daughter so he can survive off the money and you’re definitely what’s called a nigger!You sit your lousy broke ass behind your computer playing thug and yanking shit that white blah blah blah and some hitler bullshit.You never contributed shit to this planet.The blacks in America made it what it is today civilization started from Africa…meaning you white ass claiming punk came robbing Africans so shut your dirty mouth coz you are ignorant and jobless.When your silly ass daughter coz black she’s made for life coz she wont have to identify with your broke ass no more.Tell me what country you’re from and what you fucking cave men have done to upgrade this planet and I will give a full blast history of who you are.Fucking cock sucking gay ass bitch!Yea…that’s what you are!

        • Asante Ron

          Nigger,you are punk!An uneducated classless busy body looking for a place to exhibit his folly.You blue eye-blond-white-claiming piece of shit is a damn fag who’s broke busted and disgusted and that shit daughter you’re claiming was adopted.Somebody else was fucking your wife and you say you’re hype.Big boys are chilling with Obama.Fuck you bitch!!!

          • Asante Ron

            I said,nigger,you’re a PUNK!!!

          • James

            yet another. person spouting hate filled nonsense, though that hate must come from somewhere. Person you should get some help. counsellor, pyschiatrist.

            Though I refuse to bring myself to your level.
            If a wise man and a mad man had an arguement, would a passer by be able to tell who is wise and who is mad?

            something to think about

        • well mr Goobertown..i see your are a mother fucking racist..well you should read history very well and see how you wicked and brutal whites invaded other continents including africa and took what belongs to you call your self a proud white, what is your history? and how did you came into existence..bloody ass hole like yoy shoul”dt be talking cos i know whereever you are you desire to be like us but it’s imposible..better keep your daughter until some bloody white bastards rape her to scorn..

        • Monkey-boy

          you are damn stupid, and mockery of whites

        • The Anti-Racist

          Mr. Googleton, en!!! your posting sounds very funny and ignorant and is racist nobody needs to call you one. You had people in chains and you are proud of yet you say they did not contribute anything. What do you expect somebody who is in chains to contribute? apart from his pain and surfrings?
          You want Hitlers values to come back? Why don’t you implement them? And case you are not aware Hitker’s values did not kill blacks or Africans but what it did killed was whites just like you and some even more handsome than you believe yourself to be. So don’t be surprise that if they ever do come back, God forbids that it does, it will caught up on you first.

        • kennie

          We waiting patiently for your kind at this time in history to come put us in chains once more …………we teach ur dumb ass that change is a constant…..

        • Simon

          Wow. TROLLOLOOOL. Yeah uh, you’re a bit too obvious.

        • darkandlovelykissedbythe

          It seems that one of the greatest fears that many people suffer from who have racist attitutes toward Black people is always related to feeling of being inadequate sexually, hence the need to focus on nonsense like this. In case you are still wondering what I am talking about, why don’t you read Francis Cress Welsing’s Isis Papers. Sweetie I feel sorry for you, you must be one insecure fearful white person. May God in his infinite mercy help you.
          I do think that the behavior of the individuals in the photographs was not appropriate, but I find the racist rants, and profound ignorance displayed by some of the people here disgusting.

        • joshua A.

          this is a two part comment
          first to Mr.Googleton:
          I dont know you nor do I hate you for your comment, but being a multi-racial (African-american/Blackfoot(native american)/Irish/and Cherokee(native-american) person and i fully embrace all my heritages equally they are what makes us who we are after all…
          “You have to know the past to understand the present”
          I feel that your putting down people based on their race/s or ethnic background/s is a very strong portrayal of ignorance. How old are you if i may ask?
          I am only 21 and i will admit i have not seen many years but from things i’ve seen and heard throughout my life, those “monkeys” as you so eloquently put it are not all ignorant/lazy/dirty/or any other negative things you may say and/or feel, last time i checked EVERY race has had negative things said about them based off of things people see and hear I’m not saying african americans don’t have those people that are also ignorant/lazy/dirty/etc. but you cannot sit there and tell me that you’ve never seen an unintelligent caucasian person….? Honestly….?
          or asian person…?
          or middle-eastern person…?
          or hispanic person…?
          look I’m not trying to bash anyone for they’re race/s
          but if you are going to discriminate please make sure that entire SPECIFIC race fits into what you’re talking about.
          Some of the people on this site may or may not be Christian but i am and I love everyone equally not based on what race they are.
          just think, it takes a lot more energy to have anger towards someone or something and while angry people make rash decisions..things they will most likely regret when they finally calm down.

          Is this site for getting information about outside places to everyone…because if it is then why are there racial slurs being thrown around…obviously we all came here to find out what’s happening in another part of the world… right..?
          No race is superior to another, if you dislike someone based on they’re skin tone you will stay angry forever and miss out on meeting some really interesting and cool people.
          Not wanting to sound like a “hippie” or anything but if you actually get the chance to know someone instead of immediately hating them you wont go anywhere in life… i’m sure you have to interact with more than just caucasians on a daily basis, and if not then perhaps thats why u view african americans in this way.
          If you approached an asian women that you found attractive and she immediately fled from you because you were a 白人 or an 局外人 how would that make you feel…knowing she ran from you because she’s never been around you (personally) but she automatically assumes you have a fetish or you’re going to murder her or something like that… how would that honestly make you feel? She could’ve heard of Bruno Ludke and assumed you would do what he had done to those 80+ women. Thats not fair to you since obviously you aren’t the same person and not all caucasians actions are based off Bruno Ludke’s.
          perhaps the people in the raft were a couple on a date, granted they shouldn’t have stripped down in front of people like that i know if i were to have children and they had seen that i would have been very upset. But there is still no need to bash an entire race based off of what one person did….

          I have dated many different types of girls (not just ethnicities) and i’ve encountered lots of negative things being said to me or about me by their families/friends based solely on stereotypes but then when they meet me…oh then its different, possibly because I don’t sag my pants, i don’t speak slang, i use proper grammar,i am very family oriented, respectful, cultured, academically motivated,and raised by my father(mother passed) who by the way owns a couple of businesses himself and has obtained many degrees/diplomas,my hair is a dark red-ish brown and curly, i dress in mostly Hollister and Abercrombie and fitch on a regular basis but when going out i dress appropriately, i’m well educated…AKA NOT THE STEREOTYPE.
          but for some reason most of they’re parents cant see past the “black” part. now i’m not mad at then, i mean they were raised that way and there aren’t really anyways to be changed on how you were raised… but if you aren’t of that age group then its a personal choice to feel this way and i for one don’t think thats right im sure you weren’t raised that way.
          the only thing that should have been said in response to this couples actions should’ve been about the indecent behavior they exhibited.
          Sorry for going on soo long it just pains me to see such hatred..

        • Mukvince Senior

          I see racism is so deeply rooted in your soul, may the Lord have mercy on your sorry existence coz you are so pathetic, barbaric and ignorant to think all whites have a high IQ, this is just the worse form of blasphemy I have heard thus far…..shame on you, you are disgusting and a disgrace to society and the Human race at large.

      • Mensa.I.Q.150

        blacks have low I.Q.Your chinese girlfriend plastic or imagenery?

        • Carlos

          No Blacks in NASA, eh? Hmmm…

          Low IQ, Uhhhh…

          Just to throw this in for good measure. There are about 45 more, but this is the smaller list.

          Couple of things for you, first, please learn how to write English properly before making idiotic statements like that.
          Second, stop being jealous. It makes you look really pathetic.

          Third, I am your IQ is low, why? Because you have a very low self-esteem problem, judging by your childish comments.

          I don’t know what you are, but I am assuming that it is something on the lower evolutionary ladder.

          You my friend have been schooled!

          • chinajim

            HAHAHAHA….I can’t belive you respond to a comment about blacks being stupid with George Washington Carver! haha….You proved his point by over 200 years only have one guy who actually invented something.

          • Are you shitting me

            OBAMA names black man head of NASA

            WOW GEE GO FIGURE

          • Ric

            1.Obama appointed him
            2. Obama is lame ass loser, not saying much after all he is product of racial equality B.S.
            3. NASA is broke institution now
            4. PLEASE USE your brain when writing statements such as one above.
            5. White america not afraid of black americans, you guys pose no threat, which is reason you are “allowed” to move around political and social media circles in USA. Obviously Whites are more afraid, jealous or even feel threaten by asians

        • Asante Ron

          You mensa shit face motherfucking cock-sucking cunt,do me a favor and shut the fuck up.You’re talking low I.Q. and I cant find your stupid ass on Google.Google me bitch and you’ll find me.Dick-head!!!

        • I don’t think I like you so..

          I would like to have sex with all the females in your clan,and they will be racist forever.they’ll be like FUCK that black dick SUCK that black dick stick that dick up our assholes then put it in our mouths coz they’re already full of shit!

          MENSA IQ 015,

          Anything you can do, I can do it better,and i can do what you can’t do,you never try to do what I do I’m toughest

    • th3ming

      common fuctard….don’t be racist, do you know who is Obama? Pathetic!

      • Kenneth

        Obama is a white that got dyed black?

    • I completely agree with Mr Googleton. Though I am not Chinese, I am from a country that neighbors China, and I find it disgusting to see Chinese girls tainted by those filthy sub-human apes. The whores who have no shame and engage in bestiality with those abhorrent creatures should be executed, or at least banished from China. Let them go to America, where they can live among whores like themselves.

      • Carlos

        It must suck when you can’t get laid and have to blame it on people who are actually superior in love making that you, it must hurt a lot. Envy is the root to all evil!

      • Mensa.I.Q.150

        who do smartest comments always have biggest amount of minuses?

        • Terry

          “MensaIQ150” I think you have a low IQ. People with high IQ don’t try to announce it. People judge them from what they say and deduce from that. You talk like a 5 year old child and mainly rubbish. Nobody should take you seriously.

      • afrozwd

        Correction, super human. If I were to come out with guns blazing at chinese men and women, I doubt that there will be a single hint of lies or misconception.But I wonder what puts these things in your minds,maybe you just love to hate. Or you can’t live with the fact that no matter how much you smear our God given image, we still trun around and smile at you.I know it hurts knowing that there is someone better than you in life. You claim to be above us and yet you cannot escape our shadow. I am not black, that is your heart,I am an African.

        • Drmmhmd

          really not sure what you are trying to say. i think you have a jungle education. the fact that you beleive in God means you totally bought into the white man’s shit.Perhaps you could point out where i said i was ‘above us”, niggers are what niggers are, inherently violent animals that will fuck the crack of dawn. your country is doomed, 14 years ago a team in africa did an epidemiologic study and found out that it is near impossible to get HIV if a man is circumcised. so have you seen any mass circumcision programs? the white man is waiting for all the jigaboos in africa to die so he can rape the resources, china is now trying to get in on the deal.

          evolution occurs at all levels, the negro is a dead end of evolution, marry a big fat white chic so that you can dilute your nigger DNA with the good stuff

          • afrozed

            And after saying all that I am still an animal? I am thankful for m “jungle” education because managed to teach me the true value of life.

            You can forget about getting rid of us coz you found us and will leave us, this world is ours.I believe that you hate Africans because we are inherently better than you.But you will live in MY shadow for as long as you live because i am all you could never be.My jungle taught me how to embrace harmony, my jungle taught me how to be happy,my jungle is the most beautiful place on this earth. You (white people) are more like viruses you live to consume and destroy. If Chinese people want to emulate you then I am sorry for them too. you people are top heavy it is only a matter of time till your feet buckle. Remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. I the African will lie in wait till the day of your demise,then i will rise.

            And for the record,white chicks fail to ticke my fancy (no offence ladies)

    • MR Bifoute (aka Mr Googleton)

      I agree with mr googleton. Black monkeys only pass in the jungle and as president of USA (United states of Apes). I wish chinese would look after the chinese girls more. Next time she is in a boat with a dog or a goat. You have to draw the line somewhere. Sorry, but chinese might eat and fuck whats around them. But im from France and in the civiliced world we do not do this. Be ashamed.

      • bob nash

        Mr Googleton,I think you are simply an asshole and people like you should die a slow death.You should go and kiss your ass in hell where you belong.You are such a racist bastard.

      • Tarzan

        I agree, i get so angry when i see black people, with or without girls. I heard they have very low IQ, even monkey have higher. God made the blacks first, as a prototype for the real man. I think the prototype turned out so-so. Look at the black man. What would her mom and dad say if she draged home that thing. I know my father would get the shootgun.

        • baby fart mcgee zack

          why do you get angry when you see blacks? did your mom lost her virginity to a black man?
          did your dad lost your mom to a black man?
          is your sister dating a black man?
          which one is it?

        • Sheila

          I can’t believe that low self-esteem and a small penis can make you hate a fellow man! If my race is so inferior, I suggest that you stop talking/thinking/fantasizing about us; it’s clearly making you ill…and I can guarantee that we don’t think about you :-) Live in your own bubble of superiority. It may get lonely, but at least you’ll be happy. And it is important that you are happy xx

        • Geegee

          you statement makes me think your IQ is lower…

        • Asante Ron

          Whether you motherfuckers like it or not,your Chinese bitches are here sucking our black dicks and just wont let us chill a while without playing with the dick and as for the monkey shit,open your eyes motherfuckers coz,it looks like the monkey eyes these Chinese have cant allow them see clearly and like I was saying,Chinese look more like monkeys than black people coz their eyes,ears and nose is exactly like that of the monkey and only haters will disagree and I don’t give a fuck!!!

        • I don’t think I like you so..

          you are an honestly took time to show the world how absolutely stupid you need a nobel peace high is your IQ i wonder?wait don’t tell me after reading this,i give you 60.

        • Anti-Racist

          Hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!. I laughed fot a very long time when i read your post not because it si funny but because it is full of ignorance,racism jealousy and hate. In case you didn’t study the basics of hstory, then let me teach you what i learned right from the primary ” Civilization started in africa……” you can go ahead and erase that if you want your point to be valid. (Please use the net wisely and constructively or else don’t use it at all).

        • The Anti-Racist

          Tarzan or what ever you call yourself i think you really sound like an idiot in that post “i heard they have low IQ even monkey have higher” You heard en!!! ? and you hated them and instantly became a racis because you heard!!!! wow!!!! wow!!! this world we are living in God help us all.

      • Mr Kasseur

        Im frensh also. You faggot black people will pay dearly one day. I do not pity you at all. We should turn you in to fertilizer so we can grow wine or something.

        • baby fart mcgee zack

          you motherfucker garlic,snail eating cracker. you’re french so what? you motherfucking insect.try to say that in front of a black man. you’ll get your faggot ass so kicked your mom will have to blow your dick just for you to open your eyes.

          • Zlsetrdx

            you’ll get your faggot ass so kicked your mom will have to blow your dick just for you to open your eyes.

            EPIC! XDXDXDXD had never heard such a thing. This one I’m adding to my arsenal with or without permission.

      • Captain Crunch

        Last time I went to Paris a significant percentage of the white French girls were walking around with black and Arab-African men. Apparently they don’t agree with your opinion. It must suck that as high IQ and white as you are your best women go with those you consider to be lower. Your daughter has a very good chance of being next if she grows up in france.

        One more thing. france is the gayest country in history. it only exists because of America. Frence are cowards and the lowest form of white life in the world.

      • Ras

        MR Bifoute bonjour I am an African myself and I know a few friends living in France and I am afraid to tell you that your comment is a lie. I know many a french girls who just like the black cock and just can’t get enough so check your facts before you open your mouth and croak you stupid racism blinded FROG!!!

        • Mensa.I.Q.150

          cock won’t make up for tiny dumb black.

      • afrozed

        I wonder why you people insist on calling others apes,I have heard enough people speak of IQ’s and shit,but you don’t know why you refer to me as an ape. As a people africans have preserved their homes and land for centuries on end. You white boys come along and suddenly we have unending wars AIDS and inexplicable hatred towards a people that have nothing but love for life.
        You are civilized in your modern world but your “development” will be your own undoing.Who are the real monsters in this picture.You have your cancers (a product of your own productivity) we had nothing that was incurable in our motherland,you decide to even the playing field and now we are the APES?Don’t blame us for your self inflicted inadequacies. so FUCK YOU AND FRANCE

        • Drmmhmd

          i agree , fuck france, we all hate france

          “we had nothing that was incurable in our motherland”

          hahaha, are you stupid,

          sickle cell
          guinea worm

          shall i go on?

          • afrozed

            screw you, you inbred halfwit! those diseases could still be around and the number of people alive would be far much better than the genocide your ancestors decided to bring on us.we have our own traditional meds that work just as well as western medicine,you know the good thing about them? no fucking side effects that will take you back to the bloody hospital. I am living proof of this.The HIV virus was manufactured by a white devil who must have felt like satan himself. someone spoke of some study more than a decade ago, a time by which I had lost a good number of relatives and friends who meant more to me and and my nation than you will ever imagine. You people came and fucked around with an entire way of life.we smile at your insults now, but wait till you get yours, “life’s a bitch” and she will FUCK YOU!

    • Carlos

      That comment was so childish and idotic. Ha hah ha. Color, let me repeat; Color has nothing to do with it. Stop being Jealous. Get a penis implant and then you won’t have to be jealous anymore.

    • Geegee

      Mr. Googleton be more open minded…it’s because of guys like you that women are running away to other ethnic groups…

    • Asante Ron

      Chinese people are a fucked up people.Damn fucking American-wannabes and still wont ever make it trying to be Americans coz you monkey looking chumps will ever remain your fucked up breed before the world ends up whether you all like it or not.They have sex like animals,precisely dogs and reproduce daily thinking it takes a populated people to make it taking over the earth.

      They pretend to the world deceiving their fucked up selves thinking they’re deceiving the world that they’re checking reproduction to avoid over population and yet they have sex in KTV’s and virtually anywhere fucking each other like dogs and sp;reading HIV like shit while every carrier of the virus is keeping sealed lips and y’all gonna kill yourselves soon with your bullshit coz even your air,water,land and everything ya got is polluted including your fake ass goods and it’s just a damn shame that that black boy was openly degrading himself hanging out with a chinese girl.

    • Asante Ron

      I walk with a chinese girl and I’m ashamed not coz I hate them but coz a majority of the chinese don’t even take their bath let alone brush their teeth and this is a fact.And the one fact that makes me ashamed is coz I know what I’m hanging out with is a slut coz she’ll be fucking the next guy pretty soon so it’s no pride chilling with these punks.

      I watch them have sex with other guys and come do the same shit with me…but I have to do that shit coz these bitches ain’t shit and their fucked up men who can hardly and boldly step up to a chinese girl to say hello to her,wanna use us foreigners to get close so he could make his silly adulterous move and coz I’m too smart for these monkeys,I always disappoint their punk asses.

      • capt. dude

        wow you are the man aren’t you.

        So masculine.

        I’m so gay for you.

    • Asante Ron

      The country got sluts everywhere and all them are HIV carriers.If it ain’t some FLU shit,it’s some BULL shit.

      All you fucking fucked up retarded Asian breed and I mean the chinese in particular can kiss my ass and suck my dick coz your land is a shit hole that smells so damn bad.

      Quite recently,a sailing chinese boat ignored saving 3 university students drowning while they attempted saving 2 little boys trapped in the Changjiang (Yangtze) River. How more fucked up can a people be than with shits like this!!!

      But this is a breed that will exterminate their kind off the earth shortly.

      Fucking breed!!!!!!

      • Are you shitting me

        this is so ironic coming from a nigger when his country’s the cesspit of HIV

    • donothate

      Your racist and nasty comments shows you up as being the one with the low IQ.

    • bro ,,if u envy so much then u should ask ur goverment ..its csc who gives those scholarship to black guys……its african guys who no outnumber any other in china..

  • VeerLeft

    Hahahaha… big deal…some park attendants stop a semi erotic boat ride. A boy and a girl took off their tops in the cool night air. NEWS!!!!

    I also hear a lot of jealousy in their responses… newsflash boys… females aren’t attracted by incompetence or lack of confidence…and jealousy is a prime indicator of their presence.

    • Tommy

      So true, so true. Life is just about stories, no one has anything other than their experiences when they die. I love this attitude of “anything goes” it makes a very interesting life. But lets be honest, the Chinese think chasing money and spending money is what life is all about. Such a shame they are missing out on the free pleasures of life.

  • SirSteven

    @ half of the Chinese commenters & Mr Googleton: you are racist idiots, perhaps harbouring some irrational fear of all black people. Sort it out. Or shut the fuck up.

  • bv

    @Veerleft : you forgot chauvinism! :)

  • Righteous American

    Title is kinda misleading. “Boring shots of a topless girl” would be more accurate. I guess the heat here is really once again about a black dude with a Chinese girl.

    • ImmortalTechnique

      the local populace seems afraid of miscegenation. Why, varying the gene pool might actually dilute their Dragon-like essence

      • Moo Goo Kai Pan

        But, somehow, Chinese-Caucasian ‘mix blood’ children are more beeurtiful.

        • Sheila

          Wow! Do you actually like your own race?

          • Ras

            I don’t think they do like their race because they end up breeding short people with squinted who can’t open their eyes to see how beautiful the world is with all the coulours in it.

        • caucasianman

          The chinese and White mixed-blood people here in the U.K all look fully chinese. The squinty eyes that you Chinese are all have plastic surgery to change is ALWAYS inherited by the mixed off-springs. They don’t look beautiful, they look WEIRD !!!!!

          • mixed

            :/ i’m mixed. chinese, vietnamese, and white. 3/4 white, though.

            everyone looks different. check out some punnett squares & shit. you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about when you say “always.”

          • Are you shitting me

            For some reason when I read this I pictured a crosseyed inbreed posting this while eating a mayonnaise sandwich after having fucked his sister

  • ImmortalTechnique

    she knows whats up

    • ImmortalTechnique

      triple-post for the gold: we non-white minorities in China add some much needed flava that Chinese broads recognize. we’re the zip in their miracle whip

      • fozzwaldus

        ImmortalTechnique: “zip in their miracle whip” lmao

    • Sheila

      She sure does; all men are great, but men of my race have that “je ne sais quoi” element. It’s the fizz of life and relationships.

  • Back in Singapore, we have a scholar who went around naked together with a foreigner man around a neighbourhood.


    This is what happens when you let a black men become the American President, suddenly every monkey in the jungle thinks he can get away with anything.

    • ImmortalTechnique

      And we let a Korean take the head seat at the UN. Now haters like you are turning up!

      • 404namenotfound

        ^ This

    • The Lover

      Korean boy,

      Almost every black American GIs that was in Korea fucked your women. Go back to Korea and check yourself. African blood is in you.

      • FROST

        Now that’s funny

      • Zlsetrdx

        Now that was ROUGH! I want to be like The Lover when I’m a grown up. Man you rule!

    • Captain Crunch

      This reminds me of my days in Korea. Korean girls love to take their clothes off for black men.

      soooo easy are those Korean juicy juicies, damn!

      Even fake wannabees pretend to be cool by listening to hip hop fags like pusan playa, if he pretended to be black enough, could even get a pretty korean girl

  • Rick in China

    Meh, nothing new in this story – jealousy and racial hatred, welcome to the middle kingdom.

    • js

      Ummm…most of the comments had nothing to do with racial hatred. In fact, plenty mentioned the black guy’s “endownment”. There’s more racist comments here.

      • Rick in China

        “Support, foreign devils are taking Chinese babes, [so our] fellow countrymen should also take their “babes”. Black ones are fine too.”

        animals having sex, allusions to africans and aids, etc.

        Fuck off.

      • dave

        “endownment”, where? There must be a picture missing? It looks like he is wearing his shorts in every pic. It seems that the girl showed her boobies and that was all. Most guys would smile at that and think it was funny so give the guy a break. Who cares about his color.

  • Kellen

    Quick, Chinese people! Get with non-asian girls! Then America will have babies of mixed ancestry like Ding Hui and that Shanghainese girl too!

    Right because
      a) we don’t already have any mixed-race couples in America and
      b) we give a shit.

    People act like the reason there are so many more guys in this country than girls is because of foreign devils coming here to find wives. Nevermind the myriad other possibilities.

    • Rick in China

      Yes – the other possibilities – like tossin their baby girls in the trash because they’re only allowed one and want to carry on their family line.

  • dace

    What a surprise that it was a “newly opened underground cave”…seems like a publicity stunt to me. Wonder how much they paid them to go topless (the dude has his kecks on so I guess the chick does too)?

    • Anti-Racist

      I fully agree with you on this .It most necesarily be a publicity stunt and damn it did work. Just because we are all so concerned about being racists for no good reason apart from hate.And I did figured out that it most have been the posters intention to turn it into a racial issue the way it is stressed “A black man and a chinese beauty……” But all i really see is two people having some harmless fun with their underwears on execept i am mistaken. So please let’s really give the “black guy” a break as i have hear many of you hear call him. And if this is not a publicity stunt then maybe he should take judicial actions against the poster as this is an intrude into his private life. And pleaser dear people let’s keep our racist comments in the box as it only generates hate and nothing else but hate and makes us nothing but worthless fellas with low IQ.

  • jason chinese

    you are all stupid ass, it’s just a publicity stunt like dace said! they were being paid to do that.

    By the way, most foreigners’ chinese gf are damn ugly from chinese look. ten years ago, it’s ok, but now it’s getting uglier and uglier.

    Don’t know why, who can tell me??

    • drewwang

      If you look at most couples on the street in China, most Chinamen are walking around with an “ugly” girl on their arm. It’s not just foreigners. According to the Chinese, only 5% of girls at most are pretty. Your standard of beauty includes specific things like a sharp nose, large eyes, white skin, etc. Foreigners will see a girl with small eyes, dark skin and a round face and will still be able to find her attractive.

  • KaKa SH

    “That woman is Japanese!!! I’ll never believe she is Chinese even if you kill me!!!”

    – What remote, shit hole, backwards village do you live in? Just because you prefer your women to be repressed, asexual mutes doesn’t mean that they are. What shame has she brought on you personally? Do you feel shame about the millions of Chinese girls working in brothels or KTV? Please explain: Is it patriotic to blow a Chinese man at a KTV bar but treason to blow a laowai?

    “Poor china guy who end up with her. She deserves death-penalty.”

    Poor China girl. . . would be a bit like switching back to RC Cola after tasting Pepsi.

    “Support, foreign devils are taking Chinese babes, [so our] fellow countrymen should also take their “babes”. Black ones are fine too.”

    Haha, oh, now i see. The reason why Chinese men in China have no luck with foreign girls is because up to now Chinese guys haven’t really been trying?

    Just be honest guys. . . Your women find foreign men more attractive (largely because they are, and they are different/exotic, but also because of exposure to western media and advertising). Also, you hate your women being with foreigners because you know that their penis is statistically likely to be much larger than yours, that they are more likely to be better lovers, that usually they treat their women better, etc . . and thus this emascualtes you, so you resort to infantile name calling and racism.

    • jason chinese

      you are not only one stupid foreigner think this way, truely pathetic and ignorant for what u r thinking.

      IN china, as i know and see, most of foreigners’ chinese girls are damn ugly, hot chinese girl very rare hang out or hook up with foreigners, at least in ningbo, this is ture.

      Ignorant again, Sexual happiness is nothing to do with penis size, on the contrary, lots of mixed marriage(chinese women with westerners) get divorced cuz of the sex problem.

      Better lover? ingorant again? you know shit about chinese, the core value of chinese are family, not like some shit foreigners come china to find cheap sex. you think these girls love you? I’d rather they love money and PR, but some chinese are as stupid as you, cuz i know most of foreigners in china are piece of shit.

      Last point is most of foreigners from developed country who live in china are losers, who can’t find a job in their own country. they come to china to hunt girls and seek sex, they are complaining everything, they are not only stupid but also arrogant, and damn rude. full of shit and crap.

      Ten years, i don’t dare to say this, but now i do, and most of well educated chinese ppl know this point, and we really don’t give it shit to these asshole.

      You think you can get a hot girl to marry with you in china? you are so being stupid. 90% chinese parents wouldn’t agree not mention themself. good thing is that we know so many foreigners asshole in china now. Maybe the girls who are from poor area they are agree cuz they wanna a new life and better life if they can get a PR from foreigners.

      • Mercator
      • 250

        Jesus Christ Jason. Go have a wank or something. Cool down. You’re entitled to your opinion but your gonna burst a blood vessel if you don’t let it go.
        Here’s some things to make you feel happier:

        Chinese people invented 4 things a long time ago, printing, paper……the wheel barrow and Chinese women invented matches (i know it’s not the classic 4 people always remind you of but i can’t remember the others…gunpowder, what’s the other one…rational responses…no. doesn’t matter)
        If Chinese people invented the keyboard, it would be huge.
        Maybe one day you will get your own back on those devilish foreigners.
        Your manhood might get bigger.

        I hope that helps.
        250 out.
        (how do you know so much about mixed-race relationships in China?)

        • jason chinese

          YEAH, I know you why you named yourself 250 now.

        • 404namenotfound

          This is the best comment on chinasmack right?

      • Kellen

        i keep hearing how i, as a foreigner, have only come to china for sex. i could have sworn i was coming for something else, but with all these people on the internet telling me that it’s just for sex, there must be something to it. it couldn’t possibly be an interest in the culture or language, or to experience something outside my own comfort zone. apparently that’s not enough of a draw. or if you believe what people keep saying, is it that china has nothing to offer people from developed countries except ugly women who chinese men won’t even accept?

        if foreigners are only coming to china and staying because they couldn’t make it in their own countries, what does that say about china? do you really think so little of your own country?

        • david

          i don’t see how this implies we think so little of china. doesn’t that instead imply we think of china as a land of more opportunities?

          anyway i could believe it if u came to learn more about chinese culture or whatever. but lets face it. most white men who go to china aren’t there for that. they are really there to find girls. and i agree with jason that most of em are ignorant and think that chinese girls desire non-chinese more. i grew up in the US and most of my chinese american girls i know arent attracted to non-asians.

          here’s a personal anecdote: i once went to china with a white friend. later when our coworker heard this, who has lived in asia, he’s like [to the white guy] oh u must have been popular with the girls over there. well u know what? he wasnt. what i hate is how white men think that.

          • Rick in China

            If you can’t see how it equates to thinking so little of China, it does, most definitely, in this way (yawn, can’t believe this needs explanation):

            Lets think of careers (ie “making it” being career-related in above posts) in highschool football terms…stick with me on this, there are obvious problems with this analogy and we don’t need to digress into a branched discussion. The analogy below only reinforces the “idea” above that making such statements about not making it in their own country so coming here is denigrating China, you’ll see what I mean.

            There are various levels of play. Everyone tries out. First string can be equated to “developed” countries, second string is “developing” countries, and third string is the remainder. Everyone wants to make it on the first string team – the best players have brighter future careers, the best players get to fuck the hottest cheerleaders, and the best players get the respect of the other tier players.

            Sometimes first tier players fuck up and can’t cut it for various reasons, and drop to 2nd string. These are what you (well, Jason) refer to as “the people who can’t make it in their own country”. Sure – some can’t, they drop a string. You’re saying the foreigners who can’t make it first string drop to 2nd string, ie China is a lower class of economy and work environment compared to “the west”. Ie.. thinking less of China.

            China (2nd string as represented in Jason’s post) also has many 2nd string players who drop 3rd string because they can superstar in Africa, for example. Angola has a ton of Chinese labour – they’re paid multiples of what they would get paid in China for the same work because they ‘drop tiers’, this is the same as what many western people do in China – sure, lots of the foreigners here are definitely not 1st string players in the west, but they’re still able to superstar in China, so suck it up cupcake.

            That’s obviously not always the case, while many foreigners in China are definitely not capable of success in the west – many western companies require foreign employees as ‘ambassadors’ and sometimes simply because their skillsets and experience in the industry are greater than they can find locally – just because there are lots of tourists and teachers bumpin around fucking slags at local western watering holes doesn’t mean all laowai are any more than considering the hundreds of millions of uneducated peasants who can’t point north in China mean that everyone Chinese is a peasant, there are small communities of exceptionally intelligent and successful foreigners in China, ones who would be so in any country.

          • krdr

            I think that your analogy is not quite right. I met some guys that made lot of money in USA and EU, then came to China to earn more money. Maybe, better analogy would be as teams on top, middle and bottom standings table. Sometimes A-grade players plays in teams of lower class just to get more money and have more important role (like David Beckham in LA Galaxy or Dragan Stojkovic in Nagoya). In any case, entrepreneurs (fck! I wrote it right in 5th try) goes where profit margins are big. Migrant worker migrate not because he was awful worker, but ’cause of bigger salaries.
            So Africans goes to China due better education they can gain there.

      • lostinsz

        Jason Chinese. Your rant misses the point. Most non-Han men aka your foreign asshole (you do have a way with language, brother) find Chinese gfs for the simple reason that Chinese women are generally very
        good looking…full stop.

        And just to aggravate you, we know that the National Day celebrations are well and truly over in Beijing because all the pink lights are winking across the city again.

        When people of any country rabbit on about core family values, I reach for the shot gun.

        Have a happy day.

        • VeerLeft

          Not even that. Most of the females around me are from the country that I am in…CHINA.
          By default I am likely to stick a few Chinese birds and maybe even marry one.
          If there were an excess of females (ie. Thailand, Philippines ) we’d be encouraged to take a wife…(or 2)…
          This is a simple jealousy issue.

          • Rick in China

            You’ve got it spot on. It’s not that we’re after Chinese girls, it’s that we live in fuckin China.

            Quite frankly, I’m FAR less attracted to Chinese women than I was before I came. Most Chinese women I meet, while some are physically attractive, lack in so many ways…it’s kind of an unfortunate situation – much prefer HK or Tokyo when it comes to asian women….but as you said, when in China, stuck going Chinese ;)

        • jason chinese

          we know that the National Day celebrations are well and truly over in Beijing because all the pink lights are winking across the city again.

          i think the same way, thanks we got common.

      • gth793y

        Dear Jason,

        My parents migrated from China, but I plan on returning China after my white fiancee and myself finish grad school.

        I will go to China because the same reason many foreigners do, to exploit poor fucks like yourself economically.

        Then I will return to the west and raise our kids in the best condition possible.

        I hope you can stop being a little bitch and face the reality.

        • jason chinese

          Dear Fucker,

          You r really good, go china seek for cheap sex before marry your white finacee

          • gth793y

            yeah, I’m calling your mom right now for an appointment.

      • Alan

        Jason wrote:

        “Last point is most of foreigners from developed country who live in china are losers, who can’t find a job in their own country. they come to china to hunt girls and seek sex, they are complaining everything, they are not only stupid but also arrogant, and damn rude. full of shit and crap.”

        “Anyway despite all of this you still disrespect our cultural and religious values with your behaviour, dress and conduct in our malls and on our beaches and comments about us our race and our religion. You spend all your time critizising [sic] our laws, society and systems. Yet, you could never have the lifestyle you have here back in your system. You people are no longer welcome, please go and pollute somewhere else.”

        Above Written by an anoyn Emirati, taken from:

        You sound just like one of those Gulf Arabs who complain about all the immoral westerners and their practices in their country, while actually preferring white teachers above those of darker skin to teach English at their shitty fundamentalist colleges. We lao wai’s could also say the same about how Chinese behave in the West, but is that really constructive and worthwhile?

        • jason chinese

          That’s good, you wanna constructive and worthwhile.

          Acutally i do respect western system, i think western system is more suitable to develop economy in 21st centry.

          Deep down, i admire more chinese cultrue than western’s, which most western ppl not only couldn’t be aware of but give it shit.

          And my finger was pointing to those who are very rude and stupid westerners. Damn rude…

      • ImmortalTechnique

        then again some of us have the intelligence to hook up with girls that are smart, talented and good in bed, which, as you may or may not know, doesn’t always come naturally to “good-looking” girls.

        Why not ask a white girl out to ‘even the score’? Make sure you yell out 中国加-加-加。。。油!!! as you shoot your load of unquestioningly patriotic wad.

        • jason chinese

          I’m not a fan of white girl, by the way.

          • Rick in China

            Nobody gives a shit what you like. You’ve done nothing but waffle on about rudeness and disrespect yet every one of your posts is exactly that, rude and disrespectful. Of course you don’t like white girls – you clearly like cock way too much to every allow that.

          • sexy white girl

            wait, wait WAIT!!! is THAT the problem? someone tell me please, i’m a slender, goodlooking white girl who’s been in china for 5 years. i speak chinese well, i even have an advanced degree in chinese history for chrissakes, but why won’t chinese men approach me?
            are you just shy or is it that you think we are too big, too wierd-looking, too loud? or are you afraid that if you f*ck us badly, we WILL tell you?
            (but then we can actually SHOW you what we really want — if foreign men are teaching chinese girls new things about sex, don’t you think us western girls can show you chinese men a few things??)
            so chinese guys here defending china, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH WESTERN WOMEN??

          • Alan

            Haha, me neither, too funny. Keep posting Jason, pushing buttons is always good…:)

      • Asante Ron

        You Jason is a punk.You can’t even speak English.Your parents who wont allow their daughters to marry blacks are primitive.Even till this day,Chinese people still live in that box of primitiveness and all they have is a style they stole from the west. The WEST is made up of Africans who made America what it is today.You fucking American-wannabe Chinese need to come out your box of bullshit and embrace blacks,the owners of the continent where CIVILIZATION started from.
        All foreigners especially blacks paid a lot of money to fly down to China and its adding to the purse of your country to upgrade you guys and also,Africa is the largest business partner of China not because your shit is cheap but coz buying your goods is a way of helping you guys out otherwise China will be as broke as Taiwan or Vietnam and Saigon.
        That being said,go learn how to speak English and stop acting like your Chinese in the movie “DO THE RIGHT THING-Spike Lee”!!!

      • Anti-Racist

        Jason, do you really think what you write or you are just lulled to the racist behavior? Cause as far as i can tell Chinese people do give a shit about foreigners girls and boys alike so please stop fooling yourslf and just be realistic. and please do me a favour stay away from racism.

        • exleftist

          Look up black IQ levels in contrast to whites, black crime rates in contrast to whites, black STD rates in contrast to whites and come back and tell everyone they’re just making shit up.

          • cb4242

            When you factor in lack of jobs, unequal opportunities, lack of education, less access to healthcare. It’s no wonder the Black community falls in that category.
            Exleftist, remember, there is a reason as to why it is, NOT because of unwillingness on their part.

          • l’d be very happy to look that up if the writers were not some nepotistic bible thumping right wing nut jobs like you.If you read history thats not been perverted by some pink dirtballs to suit their cesspool race’s superiority agenda,then l could consider having a real debate with you based on those vague points you brought up.

    • Michael

      What’s wrong with RC Cola?

      • jinsic

        I really like how most ppl just gloss over the last bit of KaKa SH’s comment and went right to work on Jason. tsk tsk tsk

        • jason chinese

          yeah, some of being pissed of haha.

          That’s funny. seems i poke the scars

      • ImmortalTechnique

        LOL. I finally got this one.

    • Mike Fish

      YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!! Royal Crown Cola is FAR better than Pepsi!!!!

  • Jimmy

    I’m waiting for the typical ChinaSmack racism to pop off.

  • Ming

    I think Fura just want to pissed off Chinese man off and secretly enjoy all the hateful comments from Chinese nationalists.

    The types of articles she translated:

    Nude underground raft by a chinese girl and a black guy,Chinese wifes complain about chinese husbands, China does not have any man for me, black girl lou jing, etc…

    I wonder if she will translate the article about that Chinese doctor marrying an African woman for a change.

    • Joe

      O Hai, whos fura?

      • krdr

        Maybe, it is some word play on Fauna.

  • FuglyPoo

    Curiosity is a human nature. We’ll all rush to try something new if given the chance. At the end of the day and skin colors and penis length aside, we’re all humans with exactly the same biological composition. Oh BTW, I’ve been with men of all races and I can attest that sexual prowess of a particular race is merely an urban legend.

  • lee


  • lostinsz

    Im bettng this thread will get beyond the 100 plus responses.

    The full mini-series covering the seven deadly sins which are: racism, miscegenation, biological advantage, rafting in your Y-fronts, nationalism, commercial sex and family values.

    Family values are definitely the worst – straight to Hell with no time off for good behaviour.

  • Matt

    Hardly a “Chinese beauty.” Looks really putong to me. Can see much prettier girls than this working in supermarkets and McDonald’s in China. And the negro presumably would do anything to get some attention. Question is, why did whoever staged these photos choose such ugly people to use as models?

    • Sheila

      Please post your picture, so that we may attest to your beauty (since yours must be of almost ethereal proportions).

  • Henry Chinaski

    Seriously, I don’t understand why Chinese are so racist. That’s usually a sign of inferior complex. In Europe there’s also many foreigners coming, but we don’t start bitching just cause they get a local girlfriend. If the girl wants to be with the guy – for whatever reason – that’s it. End of discussion. They can do what they want, and you’re free to do what you want. If you have something against laowai + Chinese, then perhaps it’s because you can’t find any girls yourself.
    Besides, getting all cranked up about nudity in just insane. Try to go to the beach or to a music festival in Europe and you’d be screaming!! Uhhh, nudity, it’s so offensive (or perhaps you’d just like it!!)

  • Charlie Bean

    The problem is, the world is changing and you if you look into history nudity really is nothing. So, if you think this is not usual than you are only hiding from your own desires.

    To the one who said she was not Chinese, Americans use to say that too. American women would not do that, but take a look at what as happened and we all follow what has and will always be done.

  • capt. nullz whatever

    the only way I know how! Loving a trans girl.


  • Gaad!

    HUH?! This whole thing seems like a lark to me.

  • Wang Er




  • lostinsz

    38 entries so far. Really pathetic.

    Most of the usual suspects are absenting themselves from Inter-Racial Water Rafting 101. For example, Pusan Playa has not made an appearance, so he must have got a real job and doesnt have time to post. (To be sure, he makes a heavy hitting comment in the Obama thread.) There is some wingnut calling himself Captain Nullz sitting in, but he is probably an escapee from a mental institution.

    No 100 entries, the whole class will be failed. No job with an SOE and party membership. You will be lucky to get a job at the checkout counter at Vanguard. You have been warned!!!!

  • lostinsz

    Apologies to PP. He is present and sitting next to Jason.

  • Alan

    On the lighter note, how much extra for female company in the raft? Nothing beats a fondle in the dark…LOL!

  • FYIADragoon

    Two monkeys fucking on a raft (as in the people based on their lack of class and dignity, not ethnicity). I don’t see any need for a feeling besides disgust and contempt here towards both parties.

  • Cool Matt

    how do we know the black guy isn’t Chinese? He could have been born in China right? Just saying, guy doesn’t look Asian doesn’t mean he’s not Chinese. Take some Xinjiang ren for example.

    Whats the matter, did i just blow your mind :O?!

  • Alien Mutant Sex Bomb

    Yes, it’s true. Us “foreign devils” are here fucking ALL your girls!

    None left for you … HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

    • jason chinese

      where is this donkey from ?

      Fuck lostinsz, why don’t keep your door shut!

    • kevcom

      What are you doing telling them our master plan. I am gonna report you to headquarters for this breach of confidence. We are supposed to wait to tell them after we have taken all the girls.

  • Slap2tickle

    @ Kellen, we all know that the Chinese blame or use others to deflect attention from their own shortcomings due to the fact that admitting them is a loss of face, and Chinese people can’t lose face under any circumstances. Of course there are more men than women in China and we all know it’s not cos of the “dirty laowai”, in a nation so desperate to have a baby boy that the hospitals won’t allow them to know what gender their baby is during pregnancy over fear that everybody will have them aborted, so why do the Chinese care so much about who their women love or fall in love with when they don’t want female children? Just imagine 1.3 billion men and no women, no wonder they are so insecure about love and relationships preferring more to spend their lives on World of Warcraft.

  • jack

    chinese girls are soooo easy to fuck maybe the easiest girls in the world, or you can promise good life and then they are slaves for a life time!!!!!!!!

    p.s i think is grate !!!!!!!!!

    • jason chinese

      haha, another dumb ass escape from mental insititution

      lostinsz, it’s all your fault

  • Moo Goo Kai Pan

    Chinese netizen thought process:

    1. “Wow, I bet he has a big cock”
    2. Homophobia kicks in at the thought of big cock
    3. “What I mean is he’s so black and dirty! Disgusting!”

    • Sheila

      What the f*** are you talking about? If that’s your thought process, you should be wrapped snug in a mental asylum. That one black men is better looking than any 100 chinese men that you can muster. As for the ‘dirty’comment, as long as he doesn’t have that rank breath that most chinese people have, he can’t be as bad as you guys :-)

  • Hey guys i am from india. Today in india we are facing same problem, young indian hot girls are getting attracted towards foreigner. wake up boys, wake up.. LOL

    • pidi

      hey,you stupid indian,if you know how chinese hate you indians and the believe that indians are stincky and fuck up won’t never repeat your weak up call,so be aware,chinese girls will never date an indian boy even though they are so easy to get by other races,you better start thinking right away.

      • ron

        WTH are you talking about? Have you ever been to Singapore or Malaysia? Chinese women and east asian women in general are known to be the biggest whores in the known world. Plenty of Indian men have Chinese women. There are many such Chindians around even in the famous Hong Kong movie industry. Slant-eyed ching chang chong monkey. Chinese men are known to score miserably with non-chinese women around the world, from Brazil to Indonesia.

        • TransplantedChinko

          What are you? U know so much about Chinesemen, must be a Chinese cocksucker….

      • Alice S

        Chi do not hate Indians! Anyone knows that. The ppl who say that are only saying it because they have nothing else to say.

        • Dr Sun

          who’s Chi ?

          and why are you digging up 3 year old threads ?

          • Mighty曹

            Hahahaha…. I was just about to pose that question to her.

            Alice, I peeped at your posts and they’re all on ‘2009’ news stories. Something special about that year?

    • TransplantedChinko

      Let all the Chinese men move to India now….Cheap pussies there…hahahahaha

  • wiseman

    Another stupid post with stupid pictures… of brainless people

  • European Laowai

    I’m thinking out loud here – I have a great, beautiful, intelligent Chinese gf. We have sex, among other things. I’m just telling you all this because I’m guessing you didn’t know this before. So, do you want to go ahead and spend more time in here? Come on, just ask, I can give you all kind of details.
    Hm. If we could take all this synergy, all these man-hours accumulated in here… I’m just wondering how many useful things we could have done. You all seem so well informed and knowledgeable in her – I’m sure you can make the right calculations and give me some kind of answer. Please?

    • Ming

      I wonder if historian will keep records of these sorts of racial comments to show case social superior complex of the 21st century.

      PS: There are 1.3 billion Chinese…not counting the oversea immigrants… A few IR here and there…is not going to cause any concern for the Chinese race.

      • European Laowai

        Ming, please specify “Chinese race”. Any references? Whatever about the Russian (Soviet) race? Anybody?

        • Ming

          Depend how specific.

          Most westerners ant tell the 56 ethnic group.

          If I say Han race, u may not know what I mean.

    • exleftist

      Struck out with white chicks? Dick too small? Must be a bitch being you.

  • I really wish ChinaSMACK had some sort of a registration system – this would limit the number of trolls and spammers, ‘first!’ crap etc. Having to scroll through 50 trolling and inflammatory comments makes discussion impossible.

    Anyway, I’m surprised nobody seemed to mention how ‘staged’ this looks. The guy is basically making wacky poses, and they don’t really seem like a couple doing anything but pulling a stunt to get attention.

    • ImmortalTechnique

      I definitely agree on the registration thing. That would cut down on idiocy.

  • jaap holm

    think i know mr googleton. He is a german working for a carcable company in tianjin

  • VeerLeft

    Hey Googleton… as a half German I’d like to extend a most hearty invitation to step up and help the Chinese solve their ‘problem’. It is in ‘our nature’ to solve problems… yet, we are at odds because we can’t agree on what the problem really is.

    You believe that my existence is a problem…after all, I am me… a black man that defies your cartoonish stereotype and actually gets love in China despite the most concerted efforts of jealous people like you.

    I believe that you are the problem (actually your parents). You pretend to believe that you are somehow superior when in reality you just crave someone to persecute. You try to stir up hate online, and breed bad feelings… from a distance. This is a form of acute cowardice.

    Only one way to solve this Mr. Googleton… and that is for you to get your crack at helping out your Chinese brothers before I ‘ruin’ even more females!
    Whatever will you do??

    This Nazi-Nigger is waiting for you to try…


    PS. Bring some ‘ming-gong’ to clean up the mess.


    • Mr Googleton

      When i wake up tomorrow im white and decent. When you wake up your just a “nigger”. If any girl falls for you she does not care for the IQ, now, how far will that take you? We built our civilisation on IQ and hard work. No bananas, no sleeping and no rape.

      • Sheila

        You’re being a little dishonest, every paedophile caught in the UK in my lifetime has been WHITE. What is it with you guys and your penchant for baby sugar? Easier to get? So, to recap, does that mean that you’re a bunch of decent baby fuckers?

        • exleftist

          You’re lying. You’re being called on it. State your source.

      • Carlos

        I know you don’t even believe what you wrote. What you just wrote was 100% Bullshit. I wake up Black and I’m proud, always and happy forever. On the backs of Blacks that you stole from Africa, the mother and cradle of civilization, we were pushed to work, No sleep, no bananas, no real good food and all the while, our women were being raped by the slave masters, yet we persevered and without us, there wouldn’t be a great nation as the US of A.

        • Murci

          A good point and a great attitude too. Yes, we brought the blacks over under horrible circumstances, worked them to death (literally) especially on infrastructure like railway projects. We disgraced and abused them. They weren’t even allowed to read. Yet… they are the backbone of what made America great. They paid for their citizenship with blood, sweat and tears. Now, they are a key part of every aspect of American life. It was a horrible price to pay for a contribution so great. They are where they are today because they deserve it and because they earned it more than anyone. I think the problem with some of the Chinese people – not all – there are tons of great Chinese people – is not really racism. What? It’s true. I think it’s actually Xenophobia. China is largely a homogenous society and so they are not as comfortable with seeing something or someone different. But everyone wants America’s success – “China Rising”, right? Well, you want to be number 1? How do you think we did it? Integration. Opening up to other cultures and embracing what’s great about each people. There are many great Chinese people who have also contributed to America’s success. It’s about equal opportunity and respect. That’s why we are number 1. Because Chinese, blacks, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Columbian, French, German, etc have made us number 1. Some of your relatives have likely contributed to America’s greatness. China will need to learn this. Deng Xiaoping is the best thing that ever happened to China. Opening up is not always a comfortable process, that’s why it took so long and that’s why it took a visionary like Deng Xiaoping to get it started. His open minded approach to government was really amazing. Do you know he regularly brought in scholars and consultants from colleges and other places to consult on questions? Even sent people to other countries to learn the best ways for solving some problems. Many places in China have “trial democracy” in small areas. Really brilliant stuff happening here in China. China is a great country. It’s just a little tough learning to embrace other cultures. Just understand this, everyone who is here is contributing to build your country. We are all working together to build China. It is a beautiful thing and we will all benefit from it. The people you want to persecute are actually helping to make your life better. We are all your brothers. Here’s to wishing China all the best – “Ganbei!”

      • Anti-Racist

        Mr. googleton or what ever you call yourself what civilization are you talking about ? The one that atarted in Africa or ………………………….. please let me know you sound funny. Please be more responsible and objective in your posts for they are full of crab and rubbish which judgung from that gives the exact level of your IQ (60) what are are so very much proud of.

      • TransplantedChinko

        But you are a white trash in your country, moron.

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Now Now, let’s not get mad at all the little trolls running around here, they can’t help it. 5,000 years of being R Tards is a long process to have to change. The issue still remains that Chinese men can’t even get fat middle aged women if they tried. And its not because they are inferior, its because of education. I was recently in a rebellious province and saw a plethera of “Chinese” males who I thought, wow, that guy is cool!! with a HOT chick.

    Returning to the motherland I saw, dirty haired, glasses wearing, unkept, smoking little men who muttered on and on about this and that or who were so shy they ran from their shadow.

    That is education, and education that until something changes will lead to comments like Jason’s… Do you really think a girl wants to hear you drone on about your … WTF do chinese men talk about anyway? Comments, anyone?

    • jason chinese

      is you motherfuck chinese originally?

    • john

      You are just a wannabe Chinese.

    • Master C

      Were you on something when you posted? Cos the post isn’t very sane.

      Simulating a Pro-Western Taiwanese Fifth Columnist to provoke a response? Or one of the hegemonists everyone needs to know about? Which are you supposed to be?

      BTW dirty haired, glasses wearing, unkempt smoking little men are the ones keeping ALL countries going. They do tend to send women running from their shadows and talk about the same things dirty haired, glasses wearing, unkempt smoking little men talk about all over the world.

      Just replying out of concern.

    • Jeff

      **WTF do chinese men talk about anyway? Comments, anyone?**

      they talk about poisoning baby powder and soy-milk to get money. best way to jump on a students head or beat up a woman or create little spoiled brat versions of themselves. they complain about their own govt. and bribery but really support it all.

      generally very they are very racist, their favourite english sentences
      1 “we are a developingeded cuntry”
      2 “Westerners and “others” are not family oriented”
      3 “In China we have a different system” applied to topics from drinking to wizzing.

      And guys! please brush your teeth and occasionally chew on a mint, stop eating e coli laden smelly tofu. e-coli bacteria is normally in shiit! e-coli is not for eating!!! then your own girls might look at you, even give you a kiss!

  • jason chinese

    most of comments i just saw are belittling, sarcasm, nothing new perspectives.

    No fun at all.

    U guys suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Satanic fortress

    Most people do vastly the worse of this photographs behind closed curtains.

    Except that some chose not to be so damn “communistic” haha about it,now what’s the goddamn fuss about??

    Having an exotic moment with her man doesnt make that young girl a “Hoe” like that poster with the screen name “Googleton”

    And Chinasmack straight up becomin’ bad news,with all kinds of fabricated,stage-played shit they post on here for racist,bigots and faggots to thug on.

    Donkeys please!

    • The Lover

      We are just having some racist and sexist fun, dude. Lighten up and stop being such a communist.

  • J

    If the girl gets fuckin’ raped in the parking lot, she deserves it. If the black guy gets ass raped, he deserves it.

    • Sheila

      Ass-raped? Chinese dick? How many dicks would it take for him to even feel the rape? :-D

  • Sundayson26

    i can only see a yellow lady n a black man in the photo…so Mr white,why are u so concerned feel unhappy coz ure missin in the photo dude? if u guys u think racism is somethin u should proud of..get a life

    • 404namenotfound

      ^ this!

  • lostinsz

    90 responses….but still not my predicted 100……mostly drivel. Jason, seriously, you are a threat to yourself and society in general. I think we should take you down to the bottom rice paddy and put you out of your misery.

  • toma

    Chinese Men like African women “especially the ones with big bottoms. I don’t know why they have that reputation for racism.”

    The Times (UK)
    Jonathan Clayton in Dar es Salaam

    Oct. 13, 2009

    ‘Michael Jackson’ women in Tanzania search for Chinese husbands

    Zaina, 28, a tall Tanzanian woman, intends to cash in on the new Chinese presence in Africa. She is planning to find herself an oriental husband.

    “I had hoped to get a Westerner like you,” she told The Times. “But they are few and far between these days and Chinese are not so fussy and I’m not getting any younger. They say they are racist, but they like local women.”

    As her eyes darted around the appropriately named Jolly nightclub and bar, she admitted that she faced an uphill struggle. The competition is ferocious. Apart from a solitary Chinese man, quietly sipping a beer at the bar and a group of young men playing pool, the favourite after-work drinking hole is overflowing with groups of young women, chatting excitedly.

    “It is early, Chinese men work hard and come later, they not lazy like Tanzanians,” Zaina said. “Problem is many, many girls; me not really their type. I am tall and slim. They prefer small, fat ladies with paler skins,” she said, confiding with a whisper that some of the girls were busy applying skin-lightening ointment. “They buy it in Congo — we call them the Michael Jacksons.”

    China leads charge for the West’s oil firms
    £11m Gem of Tanzania ‘is only worth £100’
    China tightens its grip on technological future
    Word has spread through Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s main commercial centre, that many of the Chinese men who have flooded into the country in recent years are open to marrying local women. In reality, only a handful of marriages have taken place.

    Increasing numbers of Chinese entering the country were first noted in 1986, mainly attributed to trade liberalisation as the country moved from a Socialist-style planned economy to a Western-backed market one. Since then the Chinese have been at the centre of accusations linked to wildlife slaughter, illegal export of timber and other minerals, counterfeit goods production and a growing trade in drugs and prostitution.

    Critics of the growing relationship with Beijing say that Chinese are now marrying local women to circumvent restrictions on foreigners gaining residency permits and owning land and companies. Such restrictions often do not apply to people married to Tanzanian nationals who can easily also gain nationality.

    “I don’t see the Chinese presence as positive because it is a one-way street. The Chinese want to trade in their own products, which they subsidise. Ten years down the road our local industries will not exist,” said Hussein Kamote, of the Confederation of Tanzania Industries.

    “They love our women, especially the ones with big bottoms. I don’t know why they have that reputation for racism. That’s certainly not the case here.” Others say that the Chinese are using their women as mules to carry ivory from poached elephants and rhinos out of the country and drugs on the way back again.

    In July, a Dar es Salaam businesswoman with connections to Chinese traders was detained at the international airport for allegedly trying to smuggle elephant tusks and carvings made from ivory in a suitcase destined for the Far East.

    Like the rest of Africa, where in 2007 China had investments totalling $3.3 billion (£2 billion) from almost nothing a decade earlier, Tanzania has benefited from a host of major infrastructure projects. In August, using its enormous war chest of foreign currency savings, China said that it was investing $400 million in a scandal-hit coal mine.

    On a visit to the country last February, President Hu Jintao granted an additional $22 million in aid, with no strings attached.

    “The friendship between China and Tanzania . . . can be viewed as an exemplary relationship of sincerity, solidarity and co-operation between China and an African country,” Mr Hu said. Many Tanzanians, particularly those outside government, are not so sure.

    • Alan

      Fascinating article. Cheers for the link to this.:)

  • PennTeller

    What’s the big deal? The Chinese girl is a slut and the black guy is…well what else would you expect?

    Are you so surprised that they did this OUTSIDE of the thousands (and thousands) of KTV and sex shops that are found EVERYWHERE in Shanghai and China?


  • Canton Pop

    Thanks to Jason Chinese, this is turning into one of the best threads ever. Cheers and keep fighting! 加油!

  • Anon

    “Critics of the growing relationship with Beijing say that Chinese are now marrying local women to circumvent restrictions on foreigners gaining residency permits and owning land and companies.”

    You know, I would love to believe that Chinese men might be getting a bit more liberal, but what’s more likely, that or Chinese looking to cheat every which way they can? Be honest.

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