Nursing School Photos Go Viral, Netizens Envy Male Classmate

Nursing School Photos Go Viral, Netizens Envy Male Classmate

This May, graduation photos from a class at the School of Nursing at University of South China went viral. This class, which is usually made up of all girls, included a male student. The graduation photographer decided to have fun with the unusual female to male ratio, arranging the girls in various shapes featuring their male classmate. Many netizens admired the man’s luck, saying things like “Look at how happy he is, even if he died it would be worth it,” while others were more cynical, saying “He is so lucky, but the tragic thing is that they are all so ugly…”.

Source: Netease

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  • donscarletti

    You know when I was a young man there used to be an impression around
    that nurses were pretty, well it was no truer then than it is today.

    Excerpt from Citizen Kane (1941)

  • mr.wiener

    Some people are jelly I thinks.

  • 250

    Good on him, I’m sure his parents weren’t happy. But he could at least have looked a little more professional. Tut tut

  • bujiebuke

    This looks more like a cheesy movie promo. I don’t think they’d let him dress in tattered clothing for a graduation photo.

    • Movie promo, eh? Brazzers…

      • bujiebuke

        yeah, I’ve noticed China has started to copy Korean movies in a similar vein to “my wife’s a gangster”. This could be some undercover cop who goes to a nursing school to sniff out a drug cartel… I don’t know, I’ve stopped watching that shit a long time ago.

  • Realist

    Well, he may be surrounded by women, but I doubt he’s getting anything worth a dime from it. First of all, 2/3 are ugly. Second, nurses want to date doctors, not male nurses. He can literally be surrounded and be turned into “one-of-the-girls” without anything good happening to him. This is why, if you want to get with hot women, you get your life together, hit the gym, and earn big bucks at a highly respected profession (preferably doctor, lawyer, businessman, etc…). You don’t get with hot women by applying to work at Sephora, joining the knitting club or trolling yoga classes.

  • Realist

    Ok, cool. I date those types and you date the types who don’t prefer that you get your life together, exercise, or earn money. In my experience, the graceful and lady-like types usually like it too when you have your life down sharp as a blade but, hey, maybe where you live, there are many beautiful women who like fat slobs that work for minimum wage. I’d like to move there if you don’t mind; would have saved me a ton of trouble if I found out about it 15 years ago LOL