Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize, Chinese Reactions


Yesterday, United States President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. This news surprised many people around the world. Here is President Obama’s speech responding to the news, on YouTube:

Below are some Chinese netizen reactions to the news from NetEase:


Obama has only been in office for several months
and he wins the Nobel Peace prize.

Those awarded the Nobel are indeed manipulated by the Americans.

If Nobel was still alive

he would definitely be pissed off.


A disgrace of the Nobel Prize!


I really do not understand how he too can win the Nobel Peace Prize. What are the criteria for the Peace Prize?


Let’s first clarify some things because I know I will be bricked by a certain group of people soon, so let me put on some protective clothing first.

With Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize this time, I won’t say it is completely impartial/fair, but there is a sort of rationality [with it].Tthe judges too would not casually hang the prize around any person’s head as that would be a disrespect to the Nobel and an irresponsibility to the world. FQ thinking has a certain characteristic, which is being unable to see other people’s good, unable to accept one’s own shortcomings, always criticizing without using their brains, and this is not desirable. Our countrymen have anti-American sentiments and the fundamental reason is because we are a big country, and we believe the world needs to respect us, identify/approve of us, and there is nothing wrong with this, but remember that while we are one of the world’s large influential countries, we are not the number one influential large country.

Obama winning the prize is because behind him is a large and powerful America. No matter what evils America has done in the past, that is his predecessors’ matters, and while he has not been in office long, he hasn’t yet done anything to plunge people into misery and suffering, right? It is because the United States previously did many evil things that Obama seems to be so highly commendable. He has chaired a historic UN Security Council General Assembly, history’s first nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament assembly, and even adopted the American proposed “non-nuclear world” resolution. This is an extremely positive matter for the development of human civilization, and only America has this kind of ability, and only America’s influence can bring the world’s countries together to sit down in consultation. Know that America is the world’s number one nuclear power, and only through this kind of proposal can there be the highest significance! Americans have been awarded the most of Nobel’s other natural science prizes, which is an embodiment of their country’s strength, so don’t say childish things like the Nobel is manipulated by Americans. Think about our own country, and how much more must be done if we want to produce Nobel prize winners, instead of belittling others in order to elevate ourselves! What good will that sort of thing do?

“One must first know shame first before becoming brave” [one must first be humble before one can succeed/improve], let’s make ourselves better, because a strong self is the most important. China is a big country, but it is not the world’s number one strong country. When we are truly strong and powerful in all areas, and remember this is regarding influence in all areas, then what matters will we not have a part of?

Don’t say I am infatuated with America, I too love my country! Okay, I’ve put on my protection suit, let the flames begin!


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The Nobel Prize judging committee does not actually have a true standard for judging. They judge with their own sense of values and political orientation. Obama wins the Peace prize after just taking office, may I ask what contribution has he made towards world peace?


I only see a big group of brainless shit here making comments!
The Nobel Peace Prize has always been a political product, fundamentally different from the other prizes!
Just using one’s brain one would know, Obama right now has no capital/prerequisites to take this prize, but why do they still give him this prize? It shows that the Nobel Peace Prize judges are becoming more and more pragmatic!
One, first give this prize to Obama, which is like fitting Obama with political headgear, forcing you up Liangshan [forcing you to go one direction], forcing you to walk the path of peace.
Two, only America has the strength to maintain/safeguard world peace. If hope is not put on America, could other countries be counted on? This shows the pragmatism of this prize!
The Peace Prize is given to the future Obama, not the present Obama, but in giving it to him now, Obama now has an invisible pressure, and only with pressure will there be force/motion. This is the intention of this prize!
I must say, this awarding is very wise, and the brains in this group of judges truly were not wasted.
Compared to the group of shit brains we have here, it really doesn’t seem like we are from the same planet!


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Inconceivable, unbelievable, actually giving the Peace prize to an American president that screams all day for murder, violence, and war — looks like hoping for peace in the future will be difficult, the “I am peace’s highest honoree, I am the most qualified to speak for peace” excuse will definitely be used more, and appalling wars against weak countries, small countries, and countries that could benefit them will be increasingly started!!! Humanity’s sorrow!! All is lost!!!


The Peace prize can be given to anyone, but it shouldn’t be given to Americans.


Although the war was not started by Obama, it does not appear that Obama has any wish to end the war after having taken office for several months, and is even currently considering sending reinforcements to the occupied country, and yet this kind of president can win the Nobel Peace Prize? Looks like the Nobel Prize is encouraging starting wars.


A pleasantly surprising good news! Sunshine president [Obama]!


Nobel is not resting in peace, I feel sadness for him. His descendants are truly embarrassing him.
The Nobel judges are all a bunch of laughable idiots, truly fucking arrogant.


Too laughable, America has already had so many presidents win the Nobel Prize, and what more, while they were presidents.
China’s natural sciences are not good enough, so if we are unable to win Nobel prizes, then fine. But why even in literature, economics, social they won’t give us Chinese? Isn’t this the West’s discrimination against China???


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It should have been given to Belgian and International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge in recognition of his leadership of the International Olympic Committee to bring the Olympics to South America, and through international affairs bringing about a new way of thinking, which is not being bullied by Western powers, and daring to not give Obama face.


Do you believe American President Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • warped0ne

    A couple of the longer comments were pretty insightful, the rest were pretty much what I expected.

    • the great yellow master race

      well poor obama. he himslef doesnt know what to do with this “prise”.
      well poor america. the sunshine president cant bring light into the dark room full with scum wich call itself “republican” and doing everything to destroy own country.
      well poor world. we yellow master race made very great legend about our innocence and power to change the future. but in reality its just sick and greedy barbarian dollars wich do give us the power. power wich we are going to use like the capitalistic scum from oversea who wasted the worlds ressources to make fast money.

      • Rob Chilensky

        While it is a debateable question whether President Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, the tone and uncivil remarks of your comments are unnecessary.Any intellectual discussion requires thought, not bigotry and racism.

        • the great yellow master race

          seriously. i absolutly dont care what you are trying to say..

          • Rob Chilensky


  • Tyson

    he deserved it.
    chinese citizens have a long way before any noble peace prize so dont be jealous.

    • Mensa.I.Q.150

      you dumb fool XD.will americans ever get at list little brein? No NEVER!!!!XD how dumb are you? Obama is brainless.All american’s noble prizes were won by russians,chinese and jews who live in america.

      • Fulan

        Why do they live in America and decide to become American citizens? Immigrants are what make America. When a Chinese born American citizen wins a Nobel prize an American wins a Nobel prize.

      • Joey

        Mensa, you claim you have a high I.Q. but you still say stupid things.

  • Banjopete

    It is ridiculous that an award of the Nobel Peace Price’s status would go to Obama, a president that has only been in office for 9 months. By making this selection, the voters have changed the prize from one given for retroactive achievements into a proactive award intended to lend weight to Obama’s agenda.

    I happen to agree with most of Obama’s foreign policy agenda: an eventual end to the Middle East wars, an honest effort to reduce nuclear stockpiles, reform of international trade and finance, etc. But the fact remains that none of these things have been accomplished yet. Yes, Obama has done some good things with Iran, but the situation is still extremely volatile. And with his anticipated 40,000 troop “surge” in Afghanistan coming up, giving the award to Obama is ignorant at best and a pathetic attempt at politicking at worst.

    • Amak

      He was only in office for about 12 days when he was selected.

      • Joe #2

        > He was only in office for about 12 days when he was selected.

        Nominated, not selected. He was *nominated* very early on (I don’t know by whom, but I’m pretty sure you can’t nominate yourself). They only selected him recently. I heard one of the Nobel judges say explicitly that they considered the things that had happened after the nomination.

        That said, I was really surprised by the selection and trying to understand why they chose him. I guess there have been quite a few improvements in our relationship with Russia and such, but I don’t know that they warrant such a prize.

        Then again, the Peace Prize has often gone to rather… unusual… choices, to say the least, so it’s par for the course.

  • Wang Er

    The peace prize is a joke and the rest are biased. C’mon, there are over two dozens of physicists waiting in the FIFO and you guys gave the physics prize to three engineers?

  • Will

    I forsee the comments thread here being quite heated.

    If he has won the prize for his “vision of a non-nuclear world”, perhaps they might look into his don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy on Israel and nuclear weapons – that is tantamount to an active endorsement of nuclear weapons.

    Also, I suggest everyone read a little on past nominations and winners of the peace prize. Nearly all of them were awarded the prize decades after the act for which they were nominated – decades in which the value of what they did could be fully analysed. I think that, if in 20 years time, Obama has actually made headway into making this world nuclear-free, then he should be awarded the prize – but winning it now is just not appropriate.

    Unfortunately, I predict that any serious debate about this will be muddied by anti- and pro-American sentiment.

  • Ming

    He doesnt deserve it…

    There are still 2 active wars, not to mention this is a man that command 700+ US military bases in over 100+ countries in this world.

    How can he even be considered the peace prize at this time…

    The irony: this prize hurt Obama’s political agenda. Now he will have a hard time justified a surge in Afghanistan…

    • Teacher in China

      “The irony: this prize hurt Obama’s political agenda. Now he will have a hard time justified a surge in Afghanistan…”

      Maybe that’s part of the reason why they did it…?

  • john

    At least Obama is more deserving than the Dalai Lama was.


    • Jean

      Agree with your comment. What people don-t know, is that most of these NGO, human rights prizes, etc. are all politically motivated by the West to suit their own agenda.

      • FYIADarkTemplar

        Have to completely agree with you there

  • Max in Florida

    Nobel Peace Prizes used to be awarded to people based on results. Now it’s being awarded based on potential? He’s accomplished nothing that I understand to be requirements for being awarded the Peace Prize, but you see he says all the right things and he’s trying really really really hard lol.

    By the way, Obama was nominated 2 weeks after he took office. Feb 1st is the deadline for nominations. The Peace Prize Committee has officially cheapened the award. Perfect example of rewarding rhetoric over substance.


    They should have given it Korean missionaries for converting millions of Chinese to Christianity and making them part of the civilized world.

    • bleah

      Let me guess: You are member in the ‘Unification Church’?

    • lostinsz

      Pusan Playa. Luckily, Christianity is one gift from the west which the Chinese people have successfully resisted since the 19th century. What are you: some sort of Korean rice Christian.

      • lostinsz

        And dont bother flaming me all you Mormons who hang around HK airport with your laptops. Loud voices and long underwear which must present great problems when bringing the word of God to the KTV girls. The PSB is not doing its job letting your type into the country. But then again I uderstand the affinity: you both have traditions of polygamy.

      • dave

        You obviously don’t know anything about the Christian faith in China.

  • Anon

    Terribly disappointing choice. There must’ve been SOMEBODY they could’ve chosen to humiliate China. I mean, that’s what westerners live for, get with the program, Norway.

  • DWR

    As a friend of mine said, will they start handing out the Nobel Prize for Literature for books that people INTEND to write? :)


  • FYIADragoon

    Impressed by the depth of intelligence displayed by some of the Chinese netizens in explaining this, I was expecting an FQ flood (though I’m sure a large majority of posts still were). The prize was awarded to an individual not a nation, people. The rest of the world (with a few exceptions), is generally rather happy with Obama, only Americans dislike him so vocally. Personally I can approve of this just because in some ways I see this as a cockslap to the faces of all the b*tching, hypocritical Americans who don’t seem to comprehend basic economics/politics/etc (WAHHHH FIX THE ECONOMY IMMEDIATELY WAHHHHH). I think he should have maybe gotten this next year or the year after, but the general purpose of giving it to Obama seems to be to aid what they hope is a good agenda. I admit this may have been a bit early, but I feel satisfied with it, just not overjoyed. The Chinese who are complaining about this are just jealous that its going to be decades before they even produce someone (sea turtles and their derivatives DON’T count) who could be considered for the award.

    FYI I am American.

  • sourgrapes

    KUDOS to 网易云南网友

  • American Idiot

    More Americans won the Nobel Prize for anything from science to economics to peaceful causes. Up until and including 2002, there were 269 Nobel prizes aearded to Americans. Since 2002, even more Americans have won the Nobel Prize. Look it up. The fact that an American President was able to win a Nobel Prize for his intentions over any Chinese, Russian, Korean, European and/or Japanese Presidents (past or present) says a lot about the short comings of other countries.

    America is the GREATEST country in the world. It’s the ONLY country in the world where you can start with nothing regardless if you are Chinese, Japanese, Russian, European, etc. and if you work hard, you can be successful. It’s about opportunities. NO OTHER COUNTRIES are as open and provide as much opportunities to its citizens.

    When they award this prize to Obama, the Committee is acknowledging how awesome America is. How America is awesome for allowing a poor black man raised by a single parent to become President. How America is awesome at recognizing its mistakes (e.g. under the Bush administration) and willing to make the change without a violent revolution.

    • capt. nullz whatever

      you are right. I agree. But when it time to blow motherfuckers away….still gota do what you gota do.

    • Rick in China

      RE: “It’s the ONLY country in the world where you can start with nothing regardless if you are Chinese, Japanese, Russian, European, etc…”

      Apparently you’ve not been to any European countries, Canada, Australia/NZ, etc.

      • Alan

        I’d question that fact regarding some European countries, esp. with the economic crisis in the EU of late.

        More inclined to agree on Canada/Aus/NZ though. Also the UK would be up there.

        Cheers and beers,A.

        • I was under the impression that we are in the middle of a GLOBAL recession. In fact the French and German economies has outperformed the US over the last year.

      • malagebi

        Yea, bullshit. You mean to tell me that an African has equal opportunity in Spain compared to in America?

      • The Lover

        Europeans are the most discriminating against foreigners. They are ruled by the ruling class especially the U.K. I agree with you about Canada, but Canada is like U.S. 51st state, so they are really consider part of the U.S. Don’t know much about Australia and NZ, so I can comment on those countries.

        • Xero

          Now wait just a minute. Canada the 51st state? On what basis are you making that claim?
          I’m not sure what you Americans talk about down there but we definitely do NOT belong to you and we don’t want anything to do with you. It’s not like we hate Americans but saying shit like this doesn’t get you any friends. Believe me we have absolutely nothing to do with American politics. Sure our PM might cater to America a bit but the people don’t even consider the US a topic of discussion.
          The difference between America and Canada is this…
          Canadians are happy to be Canadian
          Americans are PROUD to be American.
          Big difference.

          • Another Canadian

            Ignorant people like The Lover may think of Canada as the 51st state. Most Canadians think of America (the nation) as a sort of geographic half-wit cousin who insists on getting drunk, picking fights and pissing on the vegetable garden.

            Not to say there aren’t sensible Americans. You can recognize them because they wear Canadian flags when they travel- because Canadians aren’t stigmatized as loudmouthed ignorant aggressive boors wherever they go.

            It’s funny how many otherwise proud Americans are afraid to advertise their nationality outside of the protection of their own borders.

          • The Quiet American

            If it wasn’t for the United States annexing Canada as the 51st state, Canada would be part of the Russian Federation right now. Or even worse, Canada would be a French colony! Talk all you want.

          • English Man

            When did the U.S. annex Canada?

          • Another American

            The U.S. annexed Canada as the 51st state in 1991 under a not-well publicized clause in the American Patriot Act of 1991. We haven’t told the Canadians yet.

          • Teacher in China

            “Canadians are happy to be Canadian
            Americans are PROUD to be American.”

            Please. “Canadians are happy to not be American” would be more appropriate, since we seem to base our entire cultural existence on the ways in which we are better than the U.S.
            Ask the average Canadian and he’ll know a lot more about what’s happening in American culture and politics than in his/her own country.
            I’m not saying I agree with the “51st state” comment, but I’ve grown to hate how people idealize Canada as if there aren’t any nationalistic redneck jerks there, and as if we don’t constantly bathe in a stream of US culture.

          • Xero

            “I’ve grown to hate how people idealize Canada as if there aren’t any nationalistic redneck jerks there”
            I never said that and I like and have some American friends. But every time I am in the presence of some other Americans at a party or public place etc. they will sometimes say some awkward and frivolous comment after they find out where I’m from.

            “Oh I’ve never been there before but you know Canada will always be like our little brother.” (real quote) That doesn’t necessarily make me mad but that can only happen so many times before it becomes annoying.

            Even some of my close American friends like to say how when people say “America” they are talking about Canada too. I’m pretty sure when someone says “FUCK AMERICA” they aren’t referring to Canada. Whats annoying to me is that Americans will be the first to ignite the Canadian/American flames.

            “If it wasn’t for the United States annexing Canada as the 51st state, Canada would be part of the Russian Federation right now. Or even worse, Canada would be a French colony! Talk all you want.”

            Last I checked Canada was a peace country. I like how that is suddenly a measure for how “worthy” a country is. If they have a sizable or powerful army or not. There’s plenty of other weaker countries than America why don’t you go conquer them and claim them as another state?

            Maybe Americans have this long outstanding hatred for Canada because we burnt down your original white house 200 years ago. Oh…I forgot they erased that from your history books. My bad.

          • Teacher in China

            “I’ve grown to hate how people idealize Canada as if there aren’t any nationalistic redneck jerks there”
            I never said that and I like and have some American friends.

            You’re right, you never said that. I was venting in general terms, not at you in specific.

            All of your examples of ignorant Americans are all fine and good, and I’m sure I could share some with you too. However, I could share just as many stories of ignorant Canadians, ignorant Aussies, etc etc.

            “Last I checked Canada was a peace country.”
            Peaceful how? Like not being involved in Afghanistan? Oops, wait a sec, we are. Granted, we are a lot more peaceful than America, but again, let’s not whitewash ourselves – we’re far from being beyond admonition. I’m not saying you said that, again in general these are the same arguments I always hear from my fellow countrymen who are desperate to make themselves out to be better than America(ns). I find that embarrassing, and I wish we could all just relax and stop caring so much.

            “they erased that from your history books”
            My use of the 1st person plural in most of my comments should have tipped you off that I’m Canadian myself. I’ve worked in enough public service jobs and other low-paying jobs to know that we are not as friendly and polite and “un-American” as we like people to think we are.

    • shamWow

      I agree with you! Who deserves the prize more than a humble black man who does nothing but sell pies in the sky and posses the power to make people come at a mere sight of him? It’s actually insulting to award him just one Nobel Prize!

    • whichone

      it is not the Nobel How-awesome-is-my-country Prize. Nothing you’ve said is directly related to peace.

      • Alikese

        He’s being sarcastic. Selling pies in the sky would imply that he’s promising a lot and offering nothing.

        • whichone

          My reply was to “American Idiot”.

    • Mensa.I.Q.150

      how dumb are you? Obama is brainless.All american’s noble prizes were won by russians,chinese and jews who live in america.

  • Hitman

    Talk.. will win you a Nobel Peace prize

  • I just blogged about this at http://joyceyland.blogspot.com.
    I think it’s premature to give it to Obama, and I really do like him.
    But the Chinese comments are ridiculous. It’s not a terrible choice. It’s not like they gave it to bin Laden or Kim Jong-il or someone.
    Plus, the choices have always been a surprise.
    It’s DEFINITELY not a conspiracy against the Chinese.
    Actually, Chinese do win Nobel Prizes. But the scientists can only do so after they have moved to the U.S., where there is greater academic freedom and better facilities.
    Writers, like Gao Xingjian, only win after they flee from Chinese censorship.
    There were rumors that one prize might go to Gao Yaojie, the AIDS doctor. But China reportedly tried to block it behind the scenes.
    Another possibility was Bei Dao for the literature award. After 1989, he was banned from his homeland.
    Why doesn’t China win more of these? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe when they stop persecuting their best people, they might have a better chance.

    • A Chinese Man

      1, All the noble winners in literature and peace to USSR and PRChina.
      They were either dissenter:
      Pasternak -1958- for “Doctor Zhiwago”, dissenter
      Solgenicin -1970 – famous dissenter, fled to US, then became dissenter to US.
      Brodskiy -1987 – dissenter who fled away from USSR, then won prize.
      Saharov -1975 – exiled by USSR, then won prize
      Gao Xingjian -2000 – dissenter
      Dalai Lama – 1989 – dissenter

      Or who fought Communism from within:
      Sholohov -1965- for “Тихий Дон” (conflict between Cossacks who fought for Zaar and for the Red Army)
      Gorbachev -1990 – brought down communism

      2, Let’s be hypothetical, if there’s a writer in China who can write like Shakespeare or Tolstoy (I know I’m not being modest), but he’s just writing about daily life rather than politics, do you think he’ll ever get a chance to get awarded?

      I think you know the answer and my point.

  • ImmortalTechnique

    I’m amazed how many of you junior noocleur fizzicists come up with your own criteria for being nominated or winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Don’t confuse this with 1st Prize at the Science Fair.

  • Billy Joel

    Nobel Peace Prize has never, never been awarded for “Accomplishments for Peace”.

    Nobel Peace Prize is the only way for the insignificant Norweigans to play Politics with the Big Boys…

    Fucking Teddy Roosevelt got the Peace Prize.
    Dalai got the PEace PRize in 1989? LOL wot a coincidence.
    Yasir Arafat got the fucking prize.

  • Righteous American

    Is there any contemporary Chinese leader more deserving than Obama? Certainly not. Dont let your jealousy of America show its face; you only look so much more petty.

    • Jean

      We arent discussing that it should be a Chinese. It can be another Asian, European, African, or a Latin American, in fact there are more people who have achieved more than him. But why Obama? Just because he got more media attention, doesn’t mean he deserve the prize. I am not saying he doesn’t deserve it, my point is that he doesn’t deserve it now. He got good plans, and his intentions seems good too, but I have yet to see those talks come into reality.

  • whichone

    “…extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people…”

    This is ridiculous. The nomination deadline for the peace prize is February 1st, nine days after Obama is sworn in. He hasn’t done anything!

    More than likely this is just a backlash against the eight years of Bush presidency. Nobody likes Bush, big deal, to give the award to someone merely on a promise and potential is a joke and a mistake. These Norwegians are insignificant on the world political stage and are using the prize to make a statement.

    On the other hand I did find Obama’s speech to be honest, humble, and heartfelt. I hope he does take this to be a call to action and do something worthy of the prize.

  • omigod

    Bill Clinton is more deserving for the prize for saving the two journalists than Obama this time around. Obama just hasn’t done shit yet.

    • Rick in China

      I actually thought the same thing, but not because of the journalists thing, that happened far after the 2009 vote took place.

      I thought of bill clinton mostly because of his international charity, primarily in Africa, which focuses on improving lifestyle/health and fighting HIV, as well as resolving religious/ethnic conflict…in fact I met some volunteers in Rwanda during a mountain gorilla trek ish who were working for his foundation in Ethiopia and after learning about it, was seriously impressed. I don’t think it gets enough media attention, but the scale of his charity is vast.

  • Rick in China

    Not sure of the situation beforehand, but the african american lady hit first and she got her ass handed to her – deserved I suppose.

    • Rick in China

      This was suppose to go on the african american/cantonese lady fight thread. Ignore.

      • Bubba

        Cat fight? Gotta link? I’m there!

  • Joe

    It’s so great to see the Chinese prove their stupidity by making negative comments about the Dalai Lama. It just proves everything we know about how gullible and ignorant the Chinese people are.
    Keep it up, chinks.

    • ImmortalTechnique

      Look at Trollasaurus above. Reminds us how the expat community in China is (mostly) a pack of opportunists with the cultural understanding of a lagomorph.
      Yeah calling Chinese “Chinks” is really going to make your point seem read-worthy. Fucking mutant.

    • shamWow

      Please, educate yourself by checking out Penn&Teller’s Bullshit: Holier Than Thou. Next time, please pull out the holy dick you’re sucking on out of your mouth before you spew out your venomous ignorance on the unworthy. Thank you! Please come again!

    • -____-

      so chinese should glorify a mass killer that killed bunches of Hans and of course his own ppl? hence you think civilized is glorifying sb. u like or you think is right? hypocritical

      • mr. wiener

        The Dali Lama is a mass murderer? …Who woulda thunk it?

  • Mike Fish

    Nobel, disappointed by Americans? The guy invented TNT. We’ve done lots of great stuff with TNT! He’d be proud.

    • whichone

      He invented dynamite. Dynamite ≠ TNT

      • bleah

        You sir are using Unicode, that’s good.

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  • Moo Goo Kai Pan

    China’s natural sciences are not good enough, so if we are unable to win Nobel prizes, then fine. But why even in literature, economics, social they won’t give us Chinese? Isn’t this the West’s discrimination against China???

    Actually, your literature has to be approved/censored by the government, your economic publications still kow-tow to 160 year old Marxist bullshit, your economic practices (because you do not practive what you preach) amount to little more than mercantilism, and your ‘social’ values are best expressed by the group gawkers who surrounded an old guy hit by a car and dying in the street, yet no one lifted a finger to help.

    Maybe you can get a Nobel based on the strength of your shanzhai values. Shanzhai advances in science. Fake advances in science, like that microprocessor developed in Shanghai which turned out to be a Motorola chip with the logo scratched off.

    • whichone

      Our economic bullshit made us the fastest growing major economy for the last 30 years, our ‘mercantile’ practices made basic goods more affordable for countless people around the world and allow certain countries to keep credit interest low and spend beyond their means for decades, SORRY.

      Everything else you said is fucking depressing, but probably true…

      • Moo Goo Kai Pan

        Japan and West Germany showed the same rates of growth during comparable periods of economic development.

        “keep credit interest low and spend beyond their means for decades” actually started with other Asian countries, not China. China just jumped on the bandwagon late in the game. On a macro level, all accounts balance, and in times of financial and economic crisis, surplus countries end up the big losers. This happened to the U.S. in the 1930s.

        Trade surplus, overcapacity, inventories stockpiling in warehouses, bank funding of overcapacity, bank funding turning into NPLs, recapitalizing of NPLs into new ‘lending’, increasingly weakening banking sector … the glory days are over, mate. Your monetary and banking policies won’t bring it back. China better learn from history, because right now is going down the road of Smoot-Hawley.

        • Alan

          Indeed, teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. What has been given can be taken away.

          With more manufacturing going to Vietnam, a new mexico could easily take place…..

  • LongTian

    Great job on the translation here, Fauna! Every day I know more and more what it takes to effectively translate from Chinese, and considering your choices of words, I’d just like to say that I’m impressed by your translation.

  • cmfeirs

    First, the nominees were weak as a collective. It does not surprise me that Obama won even though I don’t think he deserve it also. Blame the committee that nominated such a weak field. Second, the Chinese desere no awards. You have not been peaceful to your neighbors much less yourselves. You deserve no technological Nobels as all of your scientific progress during the “Opening Up” has been stolen and copied. You don’t deserve any artistic Nobels because your beloved Chairman killed your talented artists and writers and thinkers during the Cultural Revolution. WAIT!!!! maybe it is good awards are based on what peoplepromise rather than what they do, otherwise Chinese leaders might have as many Nobels as American leaders.

  • bleah

    All is lost!


  • put it in persepctive

    skeptics, shame on you.

    Obama has been consistently met by pundits and skeptics from the beginning of his campaign all the way to the awarding of his Nobel prize.

    And for what?

    Two wars that he didn’t even start (and was against the Iraq war– but wants to SAFELY end?
    For an economic crisis he didn’t start but has taken extreme measures to fix?
    Wanting to introduce true diplomacy with the Muslim world?
    Wanting to take steps towards ridding the world of nuclear weapons?
    Wanting to provide health care to all members of his nation?

    You’re fools if you believe he hasn’t accomplished anything. He’s leading the world into a new era of diplomacy, and you’re sitting on a website bashing him because you feel he’s undeserving.

    I believe you also forget: of the nine Chinese awarded the Nobel prize, eight were in science. And four of them had not completed conclusive research in the areas that they were awarded a prize.

    Were THEY undeserving of their awards as well?

    • put it in persepctive

      the chinese tradition of racism still burns strong.

    • whichone

      …and he did this during his first nine days in office, and on the tenth day he rested.

    • Banjopete

      Oh yeah I agree 100%. I am so thankful that Obama ended the foreign wars, fixed the global economy, eradicated nuclear weapons off the face of the planet, and gave everyone in America cradle-to-grave health care. Surely he is some angel from heaven sent for the benefit of humanity.

      Oh wait, you mean he hasn’t actually accomplished any of that yet? Ah, well let me know when he has achieved a few of those items and then we’ll talk about a Nobel Peace Prize.

      And how intelligent of you to mention Chinese racism considering nearly all the Chinese remarks posted by Fauna are being echoed across the English speaking internet. Their criticisms aren’t really any different than other people’s criticisms.

  • Jay

    “Compared to the group of shit brains we have here, it really doesn’t seem like we are from the same planet!”

    Haha …

  • w/ZGcharacteristics

    The chinese person that overthrows the ccp will be the chinese person that gets the nobel peace prize.

    • dave

      That’ll be a korean……………. hahahaha

  • News Bulletin

    We interrupt your blog for a special bulletin. In addition to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, we have more Americans winning the Nobel for 2009 including for economics (2 Americans), physics (3 Americans), and medicine (3 Americans). We now return you to your original program.

  • Chrisssssssssssssss

    after all he didnt start a new war yet and he s on power already 9 months…aint easy!
    Considering that they lost the game with venezuela,Iran is the only choice leftover…

    I strongly believe in america’s propaganda machine!After all they were able to justify the invasion of a country like afganistan and then Iraq…

  • Chrisssssssssssssss

    by the way, Mr Bush with his oil-struggle has killed more than 10 thousand civilian, not to mention the illegality of the invasion of Iraq.
    Saddam Hussein has killed about 200 sciite and has been hanged.
    Waiting to see Bush on the electric chair…;)

    • will

      Well… Bush and Saddam did get the Nobel Peace Prize..

  • The noble peace prize is a joke anyhow; the only reason why any attention is paid towards it is because it has the name “Nobel” attached to it. All scientists know that the Nobel prize in Medicine, Physics and Chemistry are definitely important, but the peace prize? If people like Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, etc can get this prize, then the prize is definitely a joke! BTW, I do not make this comment lightly, go ask any reasonable scientist.

  • The John


    1. Health Care: The Obama White House cleared an important hurdle in the health care reform debate when it appropriated $19 billion in the stimulus package to help implement an electronic medical record system. The money is paltry compared to the hundreds of billions set aside for an overhaul of the health care system in the budget. But officials inside and out of the White House say its significance is hard to overstate.
    “We need to have health IT so we have a better idea both of what works but also… so people can share information,” Zeke Emanuel, Obama’s health care adviser told the Huffington Post in mid-March. “We are on our way in a way that we have never committed ourselves before.”

    2. Communications: A presidential campaign built on innovative messaging and advanced technology has, naturally, become a White House defined by similar characteristics. As such, the reach of the administration’s new media efforts – from hosting online question-and-answer sessions with the president to publishing the first White House blog – has been as expected as appreciated. It’s unfortunate, said one tech savvy Democrat, because the new policies have had tangible impacts. “The White House streams every event with the president on its website, even press events,” he said. “It’s remarkable because, this Sunday they held a swine flu press conference that ordinary people [including many who may have been personally nervous about the topic] were able to watch online… Before you had to wait for a readout or hope that CSPAN would cover it. This is one of those things that people don’t quite understand the significance of.”

    3. Transportation: Since the passage of the economic stimulus package in mid-February, the Obama Department of Transportation has approved 2,500 highway projects. The movement of stimulus money out the door has been as swift as it has been effective: $9.3 billion has been spent in all 50 states. Touting its impact, DOT officials say 260,000 jobs are expected from this investment. And with competition for contracts fierce, the department is set to approve even more projects than previously envisioned. “There will be more money for additional transportation projects,” said the official.

    4. Education: Maligned for its handling of the financial and banking crises, the Obama Treasury Department has nevertheless implemented policies with real qualitative and quantitative impact on debt-burdened families. Chief among those was a $2,500 tax credit to help offset the cost of tuition (among other expenses) for those seeking a college education. Nearly five million families are expected to save $9 billion, according to Treasury officials.

    5. Cars: The automobile industry at the White House and Congress’s behest has undergone seismic structural changes, managerial reorganization, and massive cuts in employment. But for all the tough love, the president has put in place the framework for an industry recovery. Perhaps the most significant of steps was to allocate $2 billion in stimulus cash for advanced batteries systems. One high-ranking Hill aide called battery technology “the next big frontier” in the automotive world, adding that if the U.S. could dominate this market it would reclaim its perch as the world’s premier car manufacturer.

    6. Pakistan: Cognizant of a destabilizing situation in Pakistan, the administration’s diplomatic team, with a major assist from Japan, secured $5 billion in aid commitments “to bolster the country’s economy and help it fight terror and Islamic radicalism” within the country. The money, as Pakistan observers — notably Senate Foreign Relations Chairman John Kerry – note, will prove instrumental in bringing the nation away from the brink of failure and increased Taliban control.

    7. Cities: More than any prior president, Obama has put a spotlight on America’s struggling cities, even creating an office of Urban Policy in the White House. It is the Justice Department, however, that lays claim to one of the most consequential of urban affairs achievements. Through the Recovery Act, DOJ secured $2 billion for Byrne Grants, which funds anti-gang and anti-gun task forces. The money, cut during the Bush years, is expected to have massive ramifications on inner-city crime and violence.

    8. Engaging the Muslim World: While certainly discussed, foreign affairs experts insist that Obama’s engagement with the Muslim world has been at once remarkable and under-appreciated. From the first interview with Al Arabiya to his Nowruz address to the Iranian people, to his proclamation that “American is not at war with Islam” during an appearance in Turkey, seasoned observers have been routinely impressed. “Through these [statements and interviews],” said one Democratic foreign policy hand, “He has been able to dramatically change America’s image in that region.”

    9. Forests: Since taking office, the White House has put under federal protection more than two million acres of wilderness, thousands of miles of river and a host of national trails and parks. The conservation effort – the largest in the last 15 years – came with the stroke of a pen when Obama signed the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 in late March.

    10. Tone: Leaving a meeting at the White House on Tuesday a progressive member of the House of Representatives commented to the Huffington Post just how impressed she was with the president’s manner. “He is so calm,” said the member, “and has a great ability to make you feel like you’re being respected and listened to.”

    • The John

      3/18/8 – Obama caught world-wide attention for his moving speech on race relations
      7/24/8 – Obama lays the foundation for a new era of international relations and began inspiring renewed hope in American leadership during his campaign speech in Berlin
      11/6/8 – Obama’s victory was hailed as a promise of hope for the world.
      12/1/8 – Obama began plans to restore U.N. ambassador to cabinet rank.
      1/22/9 – Appointed a Special Envoy for Middle East peace
      1/22/9 – Ordered the closing of Guantanamo Bay
      1/22/9 – Ordered comprehensive review of detention policies
      1/22/9 – Prohibited use of torture
      1/22/9 – Signed an executive order to close CIA secret prisons
      1/23/9 – Lifted “Global Gag Rule” on international health groups
      1/26/9 – Began to address climate change by increasing fuel standards for automobiles
      1/26/9 – Appointed Special Envoy for Climate Change
      1/27/9 – Signs Lily Ledbetter “Fair Pay” Act
      2/1/9 – Expanded healthcare for children by signing SCHIP
      2/5/9 – Again addressed energy conservation by increasing standards for appliances.

      Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2morrowknight/obamas-nobel-peace-prize_b_316120.html

  • The John

    I don’t want to jump the gun. But, I will say that Obama overcame a lot hardship to get where he is and he really does seem to want peace.

    He has even created the first nuclear disarming project that is the basic steps for getting rid of nuclear weapons.

    Now what I dislike is people coming down on Obama, when it was the The Nobel Community that gave him the prize.

    At least Americans have the ability to see their leaders somewhat clearly.

    Chinese don’t even know who their local leader is or even why he is a great leader. So, I hope most of you can take a chill pill.

    Just honor the man! He has done some good things.

  • The John

    Question: What would you all say if Mr.Hu won?

  • VeerLeft

    Attribute it to his finding a solution to the ‘TIBET PROBLEM’? After all, that was what got him into the drivers seat.

  • fireworks

    The Obama Nobel Prize has been awarded prematurely. The reason is if you follow the Nobel Prize criteria, there is a recognition time lag for the contributions and effects by the candidate. In hardcore sciences, it takes 20 years from the time of the discovery to the impact it has globally. Maybe the Nobel Prize panel thought Obama has already made an impact or about to cause a huge impact in world peace.

    This would probably involve stopping the 2 wars the US is involve in, making peace with the Iranian rocket crazy state, North Korea and making peace with Cuba and stop starting new wars with other states.

    For a state, North Korea and Iran are still classified as the axis of evil. That one of the biggest challenge by far for US foreign policy.

  • Chrisssssssssssssss

    well it seems that it will be the chinese government to solve the problem with North Korea…Nobel Price to mr Hu?..

  • nemesis

    I’m American and I’m pissed about this. I agree with many of you. He does NOT deserve this prize. What has he done that is so great? What has he done at all except talk about peace? Nothing. Allowed others to take control and is a pawn in their game. Probably part of why he got it, because of his vicarious compliance.

  • Matt

    Some people have claimed that giving the prize to Obama was merely a slap in the face to the Bush administration. But besides the colour of skin, what has changed since Bush?? It seems this isnt a prize for Obama, its a prize for George Bush.

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  • Dani

    I’m from America and still don’t think Obama deserved the noble peace prize.

  • @ A Chinese Man. Gao’s “Soul Mountain” is about daily Chinese life, told in a literary way.
    It’s about a man who thought he had lung cancer, so he journeys to rural China to find the fabled mountain of Lingshan. It includes poetry and folklore.

    It’s a pretty common theme for an epic — a man facing his mortality. You can find political meaning in anything if you look hard enough, but it’s not an overtly political work.

    Your point seems to be that the Nobel committee awards dissidents for being dissidents. I think you’re missing the point.

    The Nobel committee awards people for doing extraordinary work. Those who do so are often kicked out of regimes like China or the U.S.S.R. (Alot of Nobels have also gone to African writers who left for the West).

    All great writers use their work to symbolize greater, usually political, happenings. Otherwise, their works would just be fairy tales, not literature.

    Who do you want to win? Some hypothetical Chinese author writing about “daily life” with no other meaning, no symbolism, no political bent, no new ideas, no pushing the boundaries? Wow, that sounds like really boring book.

  • nobel is a murderer

    It seems somehow appropriate that, Nobel the inventor of the atomic bomb, would honor a war monger.

  • shazi

    Nobel invented modern dynamite

  • -____-

    wut did he contribute in peace? invade iraq killing bunches of innocent ppl taking oil? dirty politics