Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize, Chinese Reactions


Yesterday, United States President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. This news surprised many people around the world. Here is President Obama’s speech responding to the news, on YouTube:

Below are some Chinese netizen reactions to the news from NetEase:


Obama has only been in office for several months
and he wins the Nobel Peace prize.

Those awarded the Nobel are indeed manipulated by the Americans.

If Nobel was still alive

he would definitely be pissed off.


A disgrace of the Nobel Prize!


I really do not understand how he too can win the Nobel Peace Prize. What are the criteria for the Peace Prize?


Let’s first clarify some things because I know I will be bricked by a certain group of people soon, so let me put on some protective clothing first.

With Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize this time, I won’t say it is completely impartial/fair, but there is a sort of rationality [with it].Tthe judges too would not casually hang the prize around any person’s head as that would be a disrespect to the Nobel and an irresponsibility to the world. FQ thinking has a certain characteristic, which is being unable to see other people’s good, unable to accept one’s own shortcomings, always criticizing without using their brains, and this is not desirable. Our countrymen have anti-American sentiments and the fundamental reason is because we are a big country, and we believe the world needs to respect us, identify/approve of us, and there is nothing wrong with this, but remember that while we are one of the world’s large influential countries, we are not the number one influential large country.

Obama winning the prize is because behind him is a large and powerful America. No matter what evils America has done in the past, that is his predecessors’ matters, and while he has not been in office long, he hasn’t yet done anything to plunge people into misery and suffering, right? It is because the United States previously did many evil things that Obama seems to be so highly commendable. He has chaired a historic UN Security Council General Assembly, history’s first nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament assembly, and even adopted the American proposed “non-nuclear world” resolution. This is an extremely positive matter for the development of human civilization, and only America has this kind of ability, and only America’s influence can bring the world’s countries together to sit down in consultation. Know that America is the world’s number one nuclear power, and only through this kind of proposal can there be the highest significance! Americans have been awarded the most of Nobel’s other natural science prizes, which is an embodiment of their country’s strength, so don’t say childish things like the Nobel is manipulated by Americans. Think about our own country, and how much more must be done if we want to produce Nobel prize winners, instead of belittling others in order to elevate ourselves! What good will that sort of thing do?

“One must first know shame first before becoming brave” [one must first be humble before one can succeed/improve], let’s make ourselves better, because a strong self is the most important. China is a big country, but it is not the world’s number one strong country. When we are truly strong and powerful in all areas, and remember this is regarding influence in all areas, then what matters will we not have a part of?

Don’t say I am infatuated with America, I too love my country! Okay, I’ve put on my protection suit, let the flames begin!


The Nobel Prize judging committee does not actually have a true standard for judging. They judge with their own sense of values and political orientation. Obama wins the Peace prize after just taking office, may I ask what contribution has he made towards world peace?


I only see a big group of brainless shit here making comments!
The Nobel Peace Prize has always been a political product, fundamentally different from the other prizes!
Just using one’s brain one would know, Obama right now has no capital/prerequisites to take this prize, but why do they still give him this prize? It shows that the Nobel Peace Prize judges are becoming more and more pragmatic!
One, first give this prize to Obama, which is like fitting Obama with political headgear, forcing you up Liangshan [forcing you to go one direction], forcing you to walk the path of peace.
Two, only America has the strength to maintain/safeguard world peace. If hope is not put on America, could other countries be counted on? This shows the pragmatism of this prize!
The Peace Prize is given to the future Obama, not the present Obama, but in giving it to him now, Obama now has an invisible pressure, and only with pressure will there be force/motion. This is the intention of this prize!
I must say, this awarding is very wise, and the brains in this group of judges truly were not wasted.
Compared to the group of shit brains we have here, it really doesn’t seem like we are from the same planet!


Inconceivable, unbelievable, actually giving the Peace prize to an American president that screams all day for murder, violence, and war — looks like hoping for peace in the future will be difficult, the “I am peace’s highest honoree, I am the most qualified to speak for peace” excuse will definitely be used more, and appalling wars against weak countries, small countries, and countries that could benefit them will be increasingly started!!! Humanity’s sorrow!! All is lost!!!


The Peace prize can be given to anyone, but it shouldn’t be given to Americans.


Although the war was not started by Obama, it does not appear that Obama has any wish to end the war after having taken office for several months, and is even currently considering sending reinforcements to the occupied country, and yet this kind of president can win the Nobel Peace Prize? Looks like the Nobel Prize is encouraging starting wars.


A pleasantly surprising good news! Sunshine president [Obama]!


Nobel is not resting in peace, I feel sadness for him. His descendants are truly embarrassing him.
The Nobel judges are all a bunch of laughable idiots, truly fucking arrogant.


Too laughable, America has already had so many presidents win the Nobel Prize, and what more, while they were presidents.
China’s natural sciences are not good enough, so if we are unable to win Nobel prizes, then fine. But why even in literature, economics, social they won’t give us Chinese? Isn’t this the West’s discrimination against China???


It should have been given to Belgian and International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge in recognition of his leadership of the International Olympic Committee to bring the Olympics to South America, and through international affairs bringing about a new way of thinking, which is not being bullied by Western powers, and daring to not give Obama face.


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