Obama Celebrating Easter, Doing Push-ups, Chinese Reactions

Obama is penalized by push-ups.

Obama is doing push-ups.

From QQ:

Obama Plays Basketball with Bowen, Penalized to Do Push-ups Four Times in a Row

On April 9th, 2012, in Washington D.C. USA, American President Obama hosted an Easter Egg Roll at the White House South Lawn. Obama Played basketball with retired American basketball players, and was penalized to do push-ups four times in a row. And accompanied by first lady Michelle, had fun with children to his heart’s content. Thousands of civilians were estimated participating in this 134-year tradition. This activity was initiated by former president Rutherford Birchard Hayes in the year 1878.

[Above] Obama penalized to do push-ups.

Obama and former NBA star  Bowen.

Obama plays basketball with Bowen on Easter Day.

Obama is playing basketball with Bowen.

Obama is doing a long shot.

Obama shows his long shot technique.

Obama is preparing to shoot.

Obama prepares to shoot.

Obama is preparing to shoot.

Obama is penalized by push-ups.

Obama penalized to do push-ups.

Obama is penalized by push-ups.

Obama is penalized by push-ups.

Obama is shaking hand with another player.

Obama and many stars are having a wonderful time.

Obama enjoying Easter with many celebrities.

Obama is teaming up with 9-year-old Isabella.

Obama teams up with 9-year-old Isabella against tennis star Evert.

Obama is teaming up with 9-year-old Isabella.

Obama is having a good time playing tennis.

Obama’s expressive face.

Obama with a big smile.

Obama is all smiles.

Obama is gripping the racket with his left hand.

Obama grips the racket with his left hand.

Obama is joining Easter Egg Roll together with his family.

Obama joins the Easter Egg Roll together with Mrs. Michelle Obama.

Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama.

 many people are gathering at the White House South Lawn.

The White House South Lawn becomes sports heaven.

Obama is playing Easter Egg Roll together with little children.

Obama participating in the Easter Egg Roll with little children.

 Obama is coaching in person.

Obama coaches in person.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 博士:

This is why American is strong, you understand!

腾讯网友 kaney:

Chinese knowledge: When competing with a government leader, not only do you have to lose, you also need to lose after putting on a dramatic show, letting the leader just barely win at the very end, in order for the leader to be happy.

腾讯网友 思及此:

Extremely evil capitalist society, the masses live in dire poverty and deep distress. The president minds no affairs of state, thinking only of playing basketball.

腾讯网友 乚⑩Уиа∞: (responding to above)

Don’t know what brain you have, sir, go back to slave society.

腾讯温州市网友 陌 客 、: (responding to above)

Since ancient times, the first reply has always been by a stupid cunt, don’t you know what sarcasm is?!

腾讯温州市网友 Zmen:

Every country has it’s own conditions, and even if he loses the match and has to do push-ups, old Obama’s background is still that of a pretty powerful politician.

腾讯丽水市网友 ……占山為王:

Owes a shitload of national debt and still has the time to play, unbelievable.

腾讯牡丹江市网友 像风一样自由:

Obama you stupid cunt, what good can you get staying in America? And doing push-ups? Come to our China and be a county chief and you’ll have police cars clearing the road before you. And the money you can get will be enough to buy the White House.

腾讯南充市网友 勇士-hero:

I was watching Xinwen Lianbo and it said there are shootings in America all day long, the people are in a state of anxiety, it has enemies everywhere, and it is the enemy of the world’s people. I think socialist China is still better, because under the great and wise leadership of the Party, my happiness index is 100. I have freedom, democracy, a 2,000 yuan salary, life is cozy, a mortgage for my home, stable commodity prices, safe food, excellent government service attitude, and I don’t even need to pay taxes. My next meal is always waiting for me, my mortgage only takes up half my salary, and every month I have money left over, which I can use to go buy lottery tickets and have the chance to win 10 million. As long as I have water to drink, and meat to eat, it’s enough for me, but for the Party to give me all of this, my heart is full of appreciation, and so will have my offspring forever obey the Party!

腾讯网友 花有百样红ゝ:

Our leaders know only how to play ping-pong.

腾讯南京市网友 合邪:

Our central government leaders ride in famous cars, speak famous speeches, drink famous wine, fuck famous stars. How can America compare with us? Sec-kill him.

腾讯南京市网友 莫欺少年穷:

A Chinese leader and an American leader were comparing whose bodyguard would be more loyal/devoted. The American leader orders his bodyguard to jump from the 10th floor, and the bodyguard kneels down and says: “Please don’t, I have a family.” As a result, the American leader’s heart softened. The Chinese leader orders his bodyguard to jump and without a word, the bodyguard prepares to jump. In horror, the American leader immediately grabs him. The Chinese bodyguard says to him: “Please don’t, I have a family.”

腾讯吉安市网友 榭桧、之末:

America’s president is so cute!

腾讯网友 谁乳争峰:

I only know Mao Zedong once swam in the Yellow River.

腾讯深圳市网友 什么都疯狂:

One look and you can tell the United States doesn’t know how to put on a show, unlike Chinese people who really know how to put on a show. Completely the opposite.

腾讯徐州市网友 仙人掌:

Obama’s hair is all gray now, when just two years ago it was still black.

腾讯网友 早晨的叮嘱:

From these pictures I see America’s beautiful future. Do you guys see it?

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • notorious

    sofa? Shows how down to earth Obama is. We’re from the same city!

    • SuperHappyCow


      Look at me, expressing simple ideas by mixing words.

      Such a cow-like maneuver.

  • notorious

    Oh yeah this celebration is a tradition every president partakes in. Except they don’t play basketball because most are too old anyway. Obama is still fit and healthy. And one of the commentors said he would be rich. Ummm Obama earned 40 million USD in 2008 from his memoir alone. He is very rich and he earned his money on his own.

    • DRaY


      • Mills

        Really added to the conversation there, DRaY.

        • ed

          yes he truly lowered the discourse on Chinasmack. he’s distracted from 50 consecutive posts about sofa and the hard worn efforts of fat nerds to troll in new and mediocre ways how terrible China is but how Asians chicks are kind of hot. for teh shame.

          oh by the way

          FUCK OBAMA

  • Brett Hunan

    勇士-hero beat me to everything sarcastic I wanted to say.

    Most of the netizens are right on…. no one really expects a political leader to focus only on national crises through their entire length of stay in office. Even HJT and Kim Jung-next has to rest sometime.

    • ed

      yeah they do are you daft?

      are you 14 seriously? you think a 4 hour photo op is actually “rest” for Obama? this entire thing is part of the job running for 2012

      next Obama will “rest” eating a bowl of cereal in the White House kitchen for the next 45 minutes. photogs are invited

  • donscarletti

    Want to see real democracy and a leader being brought down to common level, sit in on question time at any Westminster style parliament.

    • coala banana

      talking about question time, and following some of the rep.debates in the US, I thought how dumb are this people over there ?

      Except Ron Paul, none of the candidates would be considered serious in europe. Solely based on their irrational BS they proclaiming and their religious crap, I don’t know who in europe would vote for them ? Apart from that they wouldn’t stand 5 minutes in a debate in europe…….

      Imagine, people like Palin, Gingrich, Romney, Perry, Santorum and other have to face Putin and Merkel……

      people denying evolution and proclaiming creationism, thinking they here voices from god, thinking the world is just 6000 years old, can’t be taken serious….what makes voters think, such people can lead a country into prosperity and out of problems ?

      I mean, its already getting better, but the US is till full of dumb ass fucks floating around such a nice country….

      • donscarletti

        “Imagine, people like Palin, Gingrich, Romney, Perry, Santorum and other have to face Putin and Merkel……”

        There is an old saying, “never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience”.

        • mr. wiener

          Good saying, I’ll have to remember that one :)

          • Jay

            “Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but only the pig enjoys it.”

          • ed

            ya you’re growing up drinking milk

            soon all the entire repertoire of useless hackneyed sayings will be within your grasp.

            chicks dig it when you saddle up to them in a club and drop some knowledge like “never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience”

            “opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but yours likes BBC”


        • Stacy

          I remember saying the exact same thing about Obama and he actually turned out semi-competent on the Russian nuclear’s agreement. The other idiots, I’ll side with you, but there ain’t nothing wrong with Romney or Gingrich, not as much as you’d let people to believe.

          And don’t just pick on the Republicans. Have u ever heard Joe Biden speak? You’d hear more interesting/relevant stuff come out of a 4 year old.

      • SuperHappyCow

        It’s not so much that us Americans are stupid, as it is laws created, mostly over the past 30 years that have allowed corporate money to influence politics. That’s why they’re so much dishonesty and outright lies in our society.

        Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Paulenty, Santorum, Bachmann, Cain, they all take money from some of the richest corporations on the planet. They’re simply walking commercials that are made to present the most outrageous lies, and twists of reality to convince those among us who don’t really think, to hate people who are not like them, while giving the politicians all of their money.

        Every country has it’s stupids, but the fact that dollars are made to speak louder than rational ideas, has brought out the dumbest side of the country that we’ve probably ever seen.

        • notorious

          “It’s not so much that us Americans are stupid, as it is laws created, mostly over the past 30 years that have allowed corporate money to influence politics. That’s why they’re so much dishonesty and outright lies in our society.”

          Best statement so far on the whole political situation in america. Talk about corrupt! And the Democrats also take corporate money in order to keep up with the money Republicans raise. Obama won the presidency because citizens donated so much of their personal money to his campaign. Mccain actually ran out of money even with money for corporations.

          But the republicans have been successful in their campaign to create a fascist system built on social darwinism. Crush the weak and the poor – and blame them for all of america’s problems. they are also extremely adept at creating and disseminating propaganda to masses who are already prejudiced beneath the surface. American is crashing and burning and it will only get worse when a republican president is elected, which will happen.

          There will be another war. There will be more prejudice and crime as the poor falls further into debt and poverty as a result of their policies.

        • Damnocles

          “It’s not so much that us Americans are stupid, as it is laws created, mostly over the past 30 years that have allowed corporate money to influence politics.”

          What ignorant hogwash. I know that’s what the Dems are saying to keep up the power of their union boots relative to corporate cash, but the past 30 years have seen the least influence of money on politics in the history of the Republic. There’s a real need to end the revolving door that leads people from Goldman Sachs & al. in and out of the White House and Congress, absolutely. But there’s nothing at all on the level of the old bought-and-paid railroad representatives or the Grant era scandals. Read some books, not just the DailyKos, kid.

        • moop

          god i hate it when people make me defend republicans. obama takes loads of corporate money.


          democrats and republicans are all in bed with corporations. you and notorious can play the republicans are evil game, but you only mqake yourselves look like partisn tools by not acknowledging reality.

          in the 2010 election cycle, over 84% of Democratic Governors Association’s donations were from corporations, unions or special interest groups, compared to the Republican’s 62.4%. It sounds like the two of you “hate people who are not like them”. you’re both either ignorant, or willfully lying about the situation, so which is it?

          the truth is obama is one of the biggest corporatist the oval office has ever seen, but keep on holding on to your blind political allegiences. obama’s corporatism could be compared to fascism more easily than the republican agenda. throw that in with his policy of drone-murdering american citizens, Solyndra, buying up chevy volts, failing to close gitmo, signing the National Defense Authorization Act, expanding military power by authorizing the US Military to detain civilians, even Americans citizens, without trial, renewal of the patriot act. sounds a lot like something Bush would have done. and he was totally a fascist, riight?

          • Dconn.

            Corporations run America, while Jews run our foreign policy, democrat or republican? ha, your taking the same poison with a different hand. Presidents are figure heads, to take the peoples praise or anger.

      • ed

        “Ron Paul would be considered serious in europe”


        your trolling on China is stupid enough but do you seriously kiss your girlfriend with that mouth?

        the 4chan-lite trolling on this site is weaksauce but the moments of heartfelt political conviction are G O L D

        I’m actually okay with Ron Paul but that he’d be considered anything other than a contrarian wackjob belies a deep cluelessness of how the world works. awwwww ur cute.

  • FYIADragoon

    lol Chinese are butthurt that their leaders are all a bunch of weak fatasses.

    • pada

      Surfing American sites we find bitching of Obama all over. You are sure an exception who hate to see Chinese leaders might be “fatasses” but they are better ceo than yours, I mean Bushit and Obumer combined, lol!
      But I am only interested in your beloved prez’ polished shoes when making sport and wonder your funny reaction would a Chinese offcial dressed this way in same occasion. Oh, nothing compareable to his pants when making a cunt show, for which, I do insist, one underpants is already too many. And last, well, when doing push-up, fancying his bodyguards orgie should be enough.

      • Boris

        I don’t know who’s the more stupid, you for writing that post or me for reading it?

        • Dr. Jones Jr.

          Don’t feed the fenqing.

          • mr. wiener

            No please feed the fenqing, I want to see him get angry and use some of his weird-arse-english put downs and insults. Haven’t laughed so much since I saw the Ferdinand Marcos home video fitness tape.

          • I agree, pada should have his own blog. I would love to read comments like that every day.

            As they say in China, “Oh, nothing compareable to his pants when making a cunt show, for which, I do insist, one underpants is already too many.”


        • ed

          you are

          I know everything. Ask me anything.

          for example I know your next question will be:

          “how can I get a girl to like me”

          the answer is you can’t

          next question

      • pada

        @mr. wiener
        “Ferdinand Marcos”? You must mean that “American son of bitch”, lol!
        I am old enough to be dad of a fenqing ( I dont mean American fenqing as so many here) and always take the ones who end up picking on others’ English as the most angry losers. And even a cool kid knows who must be angy, or even hurt, between a rising country and an out-dated debt-ridden one so helplessly way down that it even doesnt afford to launch a new war as typical way of life.
        I’ve got nothing against your beloved leader Obama and you can see it thru my not calling on him to go pick up cotton. I only consider it funny somebody got a peace prize not by making darn peace, but, like a bloody oath mate, only by a vow to make less war, a vow you guys feel already blissful enough. But you know I’ll never make a war.

        • mr. wiener

          Don’t get me wrong, I love your use of the English language. It is fresh and innovative, and although slightly mangled it makes sense as English is a language that lends itself to adaptation.
          BTW. I’m Australian, not a Yank so Obama isn’t my president ,but you maybe already knew this when you said “bloody oath mate”? What a wonderful hodge-podge your English is!

          • Turner

            Hodge-podge English is enough to smack, smack China or America.

          • ed

            thanks for you life story.

            BTW no one gives a shit GJ being from a pissant country?

  • Dat Ankle

    Oh course his hair is gray, thats what being head of an entire nation does to ya.

    • Dr. Jones Jr.

      Grey/white hair happens quickly to all the US presidents. Look up some pictures of Bill Clinton and G.W. when they started their first terms then compare with what they looked like when they left office. Makes you wonder just what sorts of secrets they are party to. Also, I suppose they don’t use Ba Wang shampoo.

      • A gawd-dang Mongolian

        That and inevitably half the nation comes to hate you for your political affiliation does not help.

  • quill

    what is the significance of this????

    • A gawd-dang Mongolian

      Tradition. You don’t break tradition. If you want public support, you participate in tradition.

  • roflstomp

    Best thing about this article is the retarded Chinese comments.

    • alex

      True that. But that got me wondering, what if ChinaSmack feeds our comments back into a version of the site for Chinese, where all the Chinese commenter’s are amused by what we’ve said 0_o.

      Either way the retarded Chinese comments are still hilarious.

      • anon

        Er, what retarded Chinese comments are there in this article? There might be ONE, and it isn’t even that retarded as much as it is a joke. Almost all of them either express admiration for the United States or sarcastic criticism of China, and the sarcasm is still quite obvious even without understanding the original Chinese.

      • pada

        By carefully collecting a few one-sided Chinese comments, Chinasmack seems a part of twilight anesthesia in operation to not only ease the pain but also to produce kinda delusion that Americans are all loved, wholeheartedly.
        I wish they’d never wake up to face the truth.

        • anon

          chinaSMACK collects all sorts of Chinese comments. Anyone who reads this site and concludes this site only collects one-sided comments has problems with selective reading and memory.

    • Xiongmao

      What retarded comments are you talking about? There are 2 or so of the usual nationalistic I-don’t-know-better-and-I’m-16-years-old comments but the rest are actually pretty good and relevant and some seem to be really well done in the special Chinese way of sarcasm. Most comments seem to show a general annoyance over the fact that the Chinese leaders are so far removed from the common man, daily life and the problems most people face.

  • Dr. Jones Jr.

    It was rather hilarious that one poster couldn’t even get his own Chinese history right. Mao was supposed to have swum the Changjiang near Wuhan–not the Yellow River. Unless it was a reference to urine?

    • Paul Schoe

      Mao swam at many places, including the Yellow River. Only we wouldn’t call it swimming, it was more drifting on his back.

      (a little bit like when Chinese friends invited me for ‘Mountain climbing’ and I turned up with hiking shoes, fully ready for a serious climb, only to find out that we were following a well laid out path going up a mountain, well suited for our group who varied from young kids to elderly persons. Or an invitation for a cycling day from a bicycle club, which was a 20 km tour instad of somewhere around 100 km which I expected from a day trip. (Restaurants are very important in China when planning a cycle trip.))

  • MonkeyMouth

    Song of the Article:
    Funky President
    James Brown.

  • A GUY

    Obama is hot.

    If I were a woman I would let him……..

    I mean……..

    yeah basketball.

  • Rod

    Funny how I watch Obama playing basketball and I think, “Wow, what a down to Earth guy.”, but when I saw George W. cutting down trees and shooting stuff I thought, “What a douchebag.”

    Anyone else thinking the same thing?

    • donscarletti

      It’s all scripted by campaign advisors of course. George W. was out in the forest trying to solicit the douchebag vote.

    • mr. wiener

      I was thinking the same thing..Except when he shot that lawyer, no hang on that was the vice president :Ming the Merciless or what ever his name was. If Bush had shot a lawyer he might have got a 3rd term.

    • anon

      Probably because most of us don’t cut trees and shoot stuff but do play basketball?

    • Xiongmao

      All I remember of Bush’s ‘Down-with-the-peeps’ antics is his “Now watch this drive” retardedness where he’s even trying to adjust his through position for a better photo op. To anyone who’s ever played or watched golf, that scene is so pathetic and embarrassing.

  • Foreign Devil

    Obama’s has a personal basketball with his name and image on it haha! Imagine if Beijing had something like a public easter egg hunt on the lawns of the government property. . which is a high security gated off part of the Forbidden City that few souls have ever seen or photographed.

  • omnimodis78

    I’m a Canadian who sincerely believes America’s glory days are behind it, but I find it absolutely ridiculous whenever I read or hear a Chinese citizen who thinks that China has come of age – firstly, EVERYTHING that China does and have is an emulation of the West. The clothes you wear, that’s not of Asian style, the way you write music, you use the Western musical scales, and your economic and political system: Western. You threw away the yoke of your traditions and past, and are emulating the West…and now you think that you are superior. No…you don’t want the West to go down, because it still still exactly what it has always been to you: then hand that fed you, feeds you and will always feed you. As for the “debt” that America owes you….you should learn a bit about microeconomics to know why debt sometimes is a very, very powerful political tool, with the debtor usually not on the winning side.

    • DAK

      You mean the debtee? The west has always tried to destroy and rebuild in their own mode. Don’t think it is out of the goodness of their hearts.

    • Xiongmao

      You do have some valid points but you’re not really seeing the bigger picture. Let me recommend Samuel Huntingdon’s “The Clash of Civilizations”. Especially the part about modernisation and westernisation.

    • notorious

      I agree omnimodis, all the things that were uniquely asian and chinese are no more. They look just like any other western country to me. They even value western designers, name brands and automobiles. It’s kind of refreshing to see a culture that finds success on its own terms. But that has been the goal of the west, which their plans for “manifest destiny” through cultural hegemonization of the world.


  • DAK

    Western white guys worshipping an affirmative action president and belittling their Chinese hosts. Are you guys liberal nuts or just white-guilt ridden db’s? When has any black guy capable of running a sovereign RESPECTFUL country? Obama’s in over his head in the minds of world leaders. He is a deer in the headlights. The only thing he is good at is spending your tax dollars and taking vacations.

    Any of you buffoons following the Trayvon Martin case? Do you know his agenda? The guy is trying to cut the white men off at the knees. I thought Chinasmack American readers are enlightened. Some you libertards resent the Chinese so much so you would rather let a fox guard the hen house than watch China succeed.

    • Xiongmao

      Yawn. Here goes the ultra capitalist, conservative, bible-thumping, barely-concealed racist right wingers again. It’s getting really old mate.

      • DAK

        old but true

      • DAK

        You have mischaracterized me greatly. I am not a right or left winger of any kind. I don’t need to conceal the truth. The truth is not racist. you are just an apologist.

        • Xiongmao

          Speaking of ‘mischaracterizations’. First time I’ve ever been called an apologist hehe.

    • SuperHappyCow

      DAK, can I shit in your butthole?

      • notorious

        too obscene.

        • SuperHappyCow

          i’m literally a talking cow

          dunno what else to tell you poop is like 90 percent of my thought process

      • Rod

        I would pay to see that. Do you need an apparatus or is it possible w/out?

    • notorious

      Dak, you are utterly ridiculous. Trayvon martin was a 17 year old kid (was 16 years old only 4 days before his death), who went to the store to buy skittles and ice tea for his brother. Racist white dude assumes the black kid is in the nice gated community because he’s there to rob it. Calls the police. The police tells the man to leave it to the police. The guy pursues the kid and shoots him in the chest.

      Meanwhile the kid is on the phone telling a friend he’s being stalked.and ends up dead. White guy is not arrested for 46 days. That’s why americans are outraged.

      Furthermore, Obama has done a great job as a president. The problem has been the republicans who have fought every single policy because they want so badly to see his presidency fail. Even policies that they enacted, when Obama agreed with them they turn around and say they no longer want the policy and it’s bad. Their b ehavior has gotten really crazy and America has become extremely fascist and aggressive racially.

      • DAK

        Obama is an affirmative action president. He has not done a great job. Believe what you will. Bush is not a great president either, but he is not even as close to being a phony as the current “celebrity president” (who needs a teleprompter to make him sound cool on TV).

        Tayvon Martin was a punk; Zimmerman was a hothead. You don’t know the true story so don’t pretend. Let’s wait for the trial. In all honesty, Zimmerman is not going to get a fair trial. He will be convicted of something. Obama already has lay the ground work with his comments. Of course, blacks and white-guilt whites will claim victory of racial justice, even at the cost of a plausible innocent HISPANIC men. Yep, the world is a better and safer place because America has an incompetent black guy as president – true sign of U.S. democarcy and progressiveness.

        • notorious

          Affirmative Action president? What on earth does that mean? Are you implying the President was elected due to Affirmative Action lmao, clearly you have no idea what that means. Or are you implying Obama has passed some type of Affirmative Action legislature LOL!

          I beg you, please provide us with proof.

        • notorious

          Zimmerman is white. There is nothing hispanic about his name even if he looks a bit swarthy. There is nothing innocent about him, he admitted that he was going to follow the kid and admitted that he shot him. What’s innocent, please disclose? LOL ZImmerman is a criminal who has been arrested twice, once for domestic abuse and again for assaulting a police officer while Trayvon Martin has no criminal history, arrests or convictions.

          You call Obama Incompetent? He ordered the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, someone Bush claimed he couldnt’ find for eight years. We had 9/11 when a republican was in office. THe ineptitude of Bush during Hurricane Katrina. WE had the economic meltdown at the end of Bush’s term, based on the deregulated banking industry from bills pushed by republican politicians. A republican president managed to deplete a 4.6 trillion dollar surplus and turn it into a 455 billion dollar deficit in less than two years. EVerything bad that happened to America happened when we had a republican president. Obama inherited all of their problems. ANd you call obama incompetent? Wow.

          • SuperHappyCow

            DAK’s trolling you, bro-etta.


            “Furthermore, Obama has done a great job as a president. The problem has been the republicans who have fought every single policy because they want so badly to see his presidency fail. Even policies that they enacted, when Obama agreed with them they turn around and say they no longer want the policy and it’s bad. Their b ehavior has gotten really crazy and America has become extremely fascist and aggressive racially.”

            As much as I feel that Obama’s been a somewhat lackluster president, I gotta say that’s pretty accurate.

            A major factor in why Obama’s presidency is not as great as it could have been, is because he actually attempted to accommodate people who are incredibly right wing, many of whom are literally fascist if you consider what the actual word means(taking money, directly from wealthy, private corporations, and letting them write the legislation you hand in)

            Obama’s healthcare bill was actually a republican healthcare bill before he proposed it, but according to them, it’s a bill that would catalyze the mass murder of everyone’s grandmothers.

            But wait, didn’t republicans create that piece of legislation originally? No one cares because the media does not question them, but rather attempts fake “neutrality” where things that are incontrovertible truths are the equivalent of outright lies.

            “97 percent of scientists(people who study things and create assertions and models of reality based on evidence) believe that there’s global warming, while 3 percent of scientists believe that there is not(let’s never mention that they’re funded by the industries causing global warming).

            I guess I have to say there’s a big debate over the issue.”

            Also, don’t get me started on lazy fuckers who eat up television advertisements as if they were true, because they’re the worst.

            Also, aso: Poop.

  • 梦想家 Dreamer

    Obama is a good “spokesman” but his leadership qualities are questionable. So many people have jumped off of his bandwagon but with the Republicans inability to produce a great candidate to oppose him, he might well fall into four more years as the best of the bad choices (again).

    May the gods help us all!

  • wzy0136

    LOL.Obama played basketball with the leather shoes.

    USA U should keep ur position, never leaving one chance to China!


  • Kim Jung ILL

    Just like north korea, you get killed in China for getting Hu and Wen do push up.

  • AustguyTang

    Over in China you would only see the heads of the government drinking expensive alcohol surrounded by woman and smoking cigarette while the rich is not complaining because they are happy with their same kind of live. The poor have no voice and no power to have a word in what their government officials does because they are more worried about surviving to put food on the table for the next meal. The comment that says “they see shooting in America all day” is a typical view of the Chinese people who are selfish, ignorant and brain washed single minded individual who may as well join the corrupted privileged. “OPEN YOUR EYES” (no meaning this as a racist comment as I am of Chinese decent myself). The rich are getting richer and the poor is getting poorer, there is such a huge social imbalance that this will sooner or later lead to another Chinese revolution, history has proven to repeat itself and either we learn from it or we get plunge back into darkness.

  • typingfromwork

    Oh yeah? In glorious Russia, Putin wrestles BEAR!

    Russia 1
    ‘murica 0

  • 平凡人

    Well, looks like he is still fit after becoming President unlike a lot of leaders who grew fat; with all the fine wine, dinning and women.

  • Robert from Sweden

    Look at him go! One! Two! Three! Four! What a capable man! No. He’s a bigger clown than his predecessor Bush.