Obama Celebrating Easter, Doing Push-ups, Chinese Reactions

Obama is penalized by push-ups.

Obama is doing push-ups.

From QQ:

Obama Plays Basketball with Bowen, Penalized to Do Push-ups Four Times in a Row

On April 9th, 2012, in Washington D.C. USA, American President Obama hosted an Easter Egg Roll at the White House South Lawn. Obama Played basketball with retired American basketball players, and was penalized to do push-ups four times in a row. And accompanied by first lady Michelle, had fun with children to his heart’s content. Thousands of civilians were estimated participating in this 134-year tradition. This activity was initiated by former president Rutherford Birchard Hayes in the year 1878.

[Above] Obama penalized to do push-ups.

Obama and former NBA star  Bowen.

Obama plays basketball with Bowen on Easter Day.

Obama is playing basketball with Bowen.

Obama is doing a long shot.

Obama shows his long shot technique.

Obama is preparing to shoot.

Obama prepares to shoot.

Obama is preparing to shoot.

Obama is penalized by push-ups.

Obama penalized to do push-ups.

Obama is penalized by push-ups.

Obama is penalized by push-ups.

Obama is shaking hand with another player.

Obama and many stars are having a wonderful time.

Obama enjoying Easter with many celebrities.

Obama is teaming up with 9-year-old Isabella.

Obama teams up with 9-year-old Isabella against tennis star Evert.

Obama is teaming up with 9-year-old Isabella.

Obama is having a good time playing tennis.

Obama’s expressive face.

Obama with a big smile.

Obama is all smiles.

Obama is gripping the racket with his left hand.

Obama grips the racket with his left hand.

Obama is joining Easter Egg Roll together with his family.

Obama joins the Easter Egg Roll together with Mrs. Michelle Obama.

Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama.

 many people are gathering at the White House South Lawn.

The White House South Lawn becomes sports heaven.

Obama is playing Easter Egg Roll together with little children.

Obama participating in the Easter Egg Roll with little children.

 Obama is coaching in person.

Obama coaches in person.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 博士:

This is why American is strong, you understand!

腾讯网友 kaney:

Chinese knowledge: When competing with a government leader, not only do you have to lose, you also need to lose after putting on a dramatic show, letting the leader just barely win at the very end, in order for the leader to be happy.

腾讯网友 思及此:

Extremely evil capitalist society, the masses live in dire poverty and deep distress. The president minds no affairs of state, thinking only of playing basketball.

腾讯网友 乚⑩Уиа∞: (responding to above)

Don’t know what brain you have, sir, go back to slave society.

腾讯温州市网友 陌 客 、: (responding to above)

Since ancient times, the first reply has always been by a stupid cunt, don’t you know what sarcasm is?!

腾讯温州市网友 Zmen:

Every country has it’s own conditions, and even if he loses the match and has to do push-ups, old Obama’s background is still that of a pretty powerful politician.

腾讯丽水市网友 ……占山為王:

Owes a shitload of national debt and still has the time to play, unbelievable.

腾讯牡丹江市网友 像风一样自由:

Obama you stupid cunt, what good can you get staying in America? And doing push-ups? Come to our China and be a county chief and you’ll have police cars clearing the road before you. And the money you can get will be enough to buy the White House.

腾讯南充市网友 勇士-hero:

I was watching Xinwen Lianbo and it said there are shootings in America all day long, the people are in a state of anxiety, it has enemies everywhere, and it is the enemy of the world’s people. I think socialist China is still better, because under the great and wise leadership of the Party, my happiness index is 100. I have freedom, democracy, a 2,000 yuan salary, life is cozy, a mortgage for my home, stable commodity prices, safe food, excellent government service attitude, and I don’t even need to pay taxes. My next meal is always waiting for me, my mortgage only takes up half my salary, and every month I have money left over, which I can use to go buy lottery tickets and have the chance to win 10 million. As long as I have water to drink, and meat to eat, it’s enough for me, but for the Party to give me all of this, my heart is full of appreciation, and so will have my offspring forever obey the Party!

腾讯网友 花有百样红ゝ:

Our leaders know only how to play ping-pong.

腾讯南京市网友 合邪:

Our central government leaders ride in famous cars, speak famous speeches, drink famous wine, fuck famous stars. How can America compare with us? Sec-kill him.

腾讯南京市网友 莫欺少年穷:

A Chinese leader and an American leader were comparing whose bodyguard would be more loyal/devoted. The American leader orders his bodyguard to jump from the 10th floor, and the bodyguard kneels down and says: “Please don’t, I have a family.” As a result, the American leader’s heart softened. The Chinese leader orders his bodyguard to jump and without a word, the bodyguard prepares to jump. In horror, the American leader immediately grabs him. The Chinese bodyguard says to him: “Please don’t, I have a family.”

腾讯吉安市网友 榭桧、之末:

America’s president is so cute!

腾讯网友 谁乳争峰:

I only know Mao Zedong once swam in the Yellow River.

腾讯深圳市网友 什么都疯狂:

One look and you can tell the United States doesn’t know how to put on a show, unlike Chinese people who really know how to put on a show. Completely the opposite.

腾讯徐州市网友 仙人掌:

Obama’s hair is all gray now, when just two years ago it was still black.

腾讯网友 早晨的叮嘱:

From these pictures I see America’s beautiful future. Do you guys see it?

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