Obama Re-Elected for Second Term, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Barack Obama re-elected for a second term as President of the United States of America in 2012.

The results of the United States presidential election were among the most reshared and forwarded (“retweeted”) microblog posts on the Chinese internet today, along with extensive coverage on major Chinese news portals. Below are a sample of Chinese netizen reactions…

On Sina Weibo:

@微天下: NBC reports, Obama has won the [United States] presidential election.

Barack Obama re-elected for a second term as President of the United States of America in 2012.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney loses 2012 United States Presidential Election to Democratic incumbant Barack Obama.

Barack Obama re-elected for a second term as President of the United States of America in 2012.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


The possibility of not winning wasn’t high.


Bet on the wrong one. emoticon


As expected.


Congratulations, Obama.


Yet another smooth 4 years.


Have to look at the same face, for another four years.


A neighbor cheered.


This fast?


Good news. America is doomed!


The next few years for China will be easier now…

Supporters cheer as Barack Obama re-elected for a second term as President of the United States of America in 2012.


Yeah! Tuition won’t increase anymore!


California’s 55 votes are too niu.


Poor Romney.


How come China doesn’t have this kind of hair-raising election?????


California has too many votes.


New situation! Romney has been shot! sinister


Long live democracy.


I’ve witnessed the poor little guy successfully defeat the tall, rich and handsome~


My law school is in complete silence hahahaha…


Is this obvious!? The results were definitely going to be like this.


Uh oh, America’s ordinary common people must suffer another four years.


So the 18th National Congress coincides with the American election!


Although reelected, they lost the House of Representatives, so the path forward will be challenging.

Supporters cheer as Barack Obama re-elected for a second term as President of the United States of America in 2012.


Congratulations Obama, that stupid cunt who said he wants to label China a currency manipulator deserves it.


Time for some change, eh?


I also hoped he would win, at least everything will more or less remain the same.


California is so niu~ Obama is also niu~


Win or not has nothing to do with China, they will all be against China, containing our development.


Should I be crying, or crying, or crying, or crying, or crying?


Where does Romney’s confidence come from?


With Romney’s religion and excessively conservative ideology…this was inevitable.


Time to buy gold.


Whether for China or the world, I really don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.


The economy will never recover. emoticon


This election had “serious” fraud, recommend the United Nations establish a No-Fly Zone!!!


Good! Obama reelected! To be honest, I didn’t feel very good about Romney~

Supporters celebrate as Barack Obama re-elected for a second term as President of the United States of America in 2012.


My friends all say if he doesn’t get elected, invite him to come to China.


Too bad, guess we won’t be able to be currency manipulators now… emoticon


Feels like this election is similar to the Taiwan elections at the beginning of the year, where those supporting China’s development winning. Romney, the DPP, a lesson in blood and tears.


Presidents and company workers both needing to compete for their positions, this is a good system. Only by immediately having a sense of danger/crisis upon immediately taking office can one wholeheartedly work for the people, because there will be people poking you in the back if you don’t do well, and you can’t use attacks, reprisals, or secretly take them out. emoticon


No matter who is the president, the Pentagon will always be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and Imperialist America will always be self-serving. I’m more concerned about the results of the 17+1.


Won, hope Obama will cherish and make good use of God’s favor.


Congratulations victory sign Definitely can’t let Romney mess up the America I yearn for over the next for years. Americans are sensible, relax. This planet over the next four years will become even better. This is excellent. Tonight someone will “represent” us in sending congratulations to Obama. emoticonemoticon


Romney had over 1 million more popular votes than Obama but still lost the Electoral College.


From the black civil rights movement of the 60s in the 20th century to Obama being elected the first black present in the 21st century, to today, where Obama has been reelected for a second term, Americans have used only 50 years of time. On this kind of incredible ability to correct/change its society, who can still say that capitalism is decadent and degenerate? With one foot in its grave? Instead, all of those people who have said capitalism is dying have one by one passed away in history like smoke!


Obama won the population, won the East and West coasts, won the Northeast, the Northwest; Romney won the land, won the vast interior, won the Southeast, Southwest. Americans, especially the lower classes have benefited/favor Obama’s policies and are willing to give Obama 4 more years of time. Congratulations, Obama!

Supporters cheer as Barack Obama re-elected for a second term as President of the United States of America in 2012.


America elects a president, and some of our countrymen makes it seem like its their wives giving birth to a child… the worry and anticipation… and then its born… and its good news all around… Think about our own country’s matters, have you voted before…? emoticon


Why do Chinese people pay attention to the United States election? It’s because of media hype, because of market attention, but at the bottom of their hearts there is also a political longing. In the face of the wave of democracy, one country cannot integrate in the world economically, and stands apart from the world system politically. With only those few friends in the entire world, whether it be dying Syria or unreliable North Korea or Castro, who often faints during his speeches.


The tragic American people, only now knowing who their president is. Only by comparing people can you know who is superior, we already knew [who our president will be] several years ago! emoticonemoticon


Obama reelected, looks like there’s no need to worry about Sino-American relations anymore, because the “aggressive China” Romney didn’t win. China should be lighting fireworks in celebration!


Faint, they cast votes, but what about our country!!


Although it is the American election, and putting aside all political factors, I too genuinely hoped Obama would win the election. Because I rather like Obama.


America’s first reelected president of African descent.


There’s nothing to be happy about, why the hell do so many people support Obama?


The first president to be reelected while unemployment is over 7%, making history! Ok, congratulations~ I still rather like Obama.


America’s show has ended, now the world’s eyes turn East…

What do you think of the United States presidential election and results? Who would have been a better president? For America? For America’s relations with China?

Barack Obama celebrates with his family after being re-elected for a second term as President of the United States of America in 2012.

Images: NetEase (1 & 2), Sina (1 & 2)

And just for fun…the following microblog post by the official weibo account of Durex condoms had more reshares, forwards, and comments than most posts about Obama’s victory…

@杜蕾斯官方微博: The difference between Obama and Romney is…

Posted on the Durex in China official weibo microblog account after Obama won re-election: "The difference between Obama and Romney is..."

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  • Brett

    All I can say is thank goodness it wasn’t Mittens “lets occupy the world while making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer” Romney.

    • Rick in China


    • Nick in Beijing

      No kidding. I was dreading a Romney led U.S. It would have made the lives of Americans in China that much more difficult to say the least. Calling China a currency manipulator and the trade war that would have likely followed would have made life here a hell of a lot more hostile for anyone who even looks American.

      • zappa frank

        exactly, anyone who even looks american, or, better say, any foreigner.

      • Kukuku

        And I was stitching Canadian flags to my clothes too…

        • Chinaprat

          stupid cunt Americans. stop giving those Canadians a bad name..

      • MeiDaxia

        I dreaded them both. We can’t run on a deficit anymore. No person can, so why should a country get away with it? Pull home our troops from rented overseas bases, save that money and use it to renew your defense spending that is so poorly lobbied for. There is so much waste in our budget that neither party of currently elected officials is willing to part with that I wish there was a great purge, not killing anyone but just kicking them out of office, so that the US can get back on track.

        • linette lee

          …………Pull home our troops from rented overseas bases, save that money ……….

          Amen! Sooooooo true………USA should not provide free military defense for any countries costing usa taxpayer dollars. Use your people’s money on your own people.

          • Zappa Frank

            it’s not free at all. countries who host american bases pay also the biggest part of costs (at least in europe as far as i know).

          • Germandude

            You are correct. The host country of US military bases gets a small rent fee from the US army for the space the base is using. However, the host country pays all infrastructural costs, such as maintenance of airfields, streets/highways leading to the facility etc.

            It is estimated that after WW II alone Japan and Germany paid approx. 100 billion dollars for the US for US military bases in their own countries. US military bases abroad only costs US tax payers a fraction of their bases inside the US. Now I won’t go into strategical details out of the military perspective, but just state this: Imagine the Iraq war had to be fought without the airbases in Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey and so on. How many aircraft carriers would have been needed?

            The US actually needs to decide if it wants to keep its bases or shut them down and lose influence in that region (imagine no US base in Japan – Asia would become very hot).

          • MrT

            Why would it effect the weather?

          • Alphy

            Lol I see what you did there. But silliness aside, US should make countries that benefit from our military force pay for any additional expense. Do we benefit from say Japan base? Ok yes, but so does many other countries namely Asian countries that would not want Japan to have its own national Army (i.e. Korea, Philippians, and ya even China). I bet given the choice of paying a portion of US army base on Japan or Europe, or US pull out the bases many of the countries will be willing to pay.

      • Rainer

        Actually Romney is happy he doesnt have to come down on China on Day One. But his son must feel pissed since his dream to punch Obama will never come true.

      • HaakonKL

        But they are.
        Just like the rest of the world, but that’s no excuse! >:(

    • Charliedog1

      Yes- because Pulling the typical political tactic of essentially legalizing millions of illegal immigrants is sure going to help the “Poor” become “Richer” – Oh wait…. no its not…. now they have even MORE competition for their low paying jobs?

      Breathtaking- We have now crossed the threshold- We are truly a culture in decline. We now truly have more consumers than producers.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Well, well, if it isn’t a conservative, wrong about every fact one could possibly be wrong about.

        If you knew anything about American history you’d know that the Republican Paragon of “conservativityness” Reagan gave illegal immigrants blanket amnesty.

        Obama? Nope. But he did deport a record breaking number of illegal immigrants, more than both Reagan and Bush.

        God, you fucks are dumb. Someone needs to shove all of you fascists on to a boat and U.S.S Liberty your asses.

    • S3ppo

      Thank goodness I got lung cancer instead of bowel cancel.

  • betls

    obama won well i guess that is sofa king awesome!

  • Germandude

    I hope I won’t be insulting anybody but I am pretty sure 90% of the Europeans are happy that Obama made it again.

    After all the damage Bush had done in the world and especially to the relations between Europe and the US, reelecting Obama gives Europeans hope that America is able to recover.

    Mitt Romney in the eyes of many Europeans is nothing else than a “Bush-light” and we would have shaken our heads if that guy would be leading the most powerful country in the world.

    I’d like to ask the americans here about this whole fuzz in the US about the rich supporting the poor. Social welfare and Obama’s goal on giving basic healthcare to every american in our eyes are not just a “common necessity”, but what at least I can’t understand is why it causes such hatred between republicans and democrats. I mean, voters must understand that this system is for their own good as soon as they are on the receiving end (hopefully they never have to of course).

    Well anyways: Congratulations USA to the right choice.

    • I would imagine it’s because the American Medical Association wields too much influence in Washington. They’re not going to give up their cash cow that easily. I don’t know about Germany, but in Sweden, dental work wasn’t covered by the healthcare system and the richest man where I lived was a dentist.

      • Rick in China

        It’s not. The AMA actually supported the affordable care act aka Obamacare..

        • Really? Well, I’m kind of out of the loop.
          Anyway, what the fuck do I know? I’m not good at political issues. If the topic is surf breaks of California and Maui then you’re getting expert information. Also, building muscles, motorcycles, guitars, wolves, scuba diving, Oakland Raiders, construction work and pounding ass. Those are the things where I know what I’m talking about. Damn, I know I’m leaving a few things out. …….OH! And drugs. And heavy metal. And Pai Gow Poker. Also…..can recite entire episodes of Beavis and Butthead and the whole script of Field of Dreams. Those things I’m good at. Politics? Not so much.

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Teach me the ways of the world, Little Wolf! :D

          • haha….I thought I just did. The importantant things at least :)

          • Charliedog1

            “I’m not good at my civic duty” = Country in decline

          • Damn Charliedog, was that meant to be some kind of a burn? Saucy! But seeing how I’ve been living in China for 11 years, I pay more of my attention to things that affect my present situation. I do plenty of civic duty, I just do it at a personal level instead of just whining about deadlock in Washington. Besides, my main duty is to be awesome so schmucks like you can have something to strive for. (we all have our place in the society)

          • Charliedog1

            Yea Exactly- Exhibit A for why America went from the largest Creditor to the largest Debtor nation- why American idol, Honey Boo Boo and Jersey Shore are what we produce and consume. Why no one see’s any issue with a president making Ellen, Oprah, and the View the mainstay of his topical conversations on this countries direction.

            But Your right, you are REALLY REALLY cool though. Selfish cool guy you!

          • Kate

            I don’t know much about politics ether….I avoid political debate. I just know as a woman, Romney was not “pro woman rights” in terms of healthcare and reproductive care and nether are many Republicans…whenever I hear about gop candidates talking about how they believe in the case of legit rape a womans body shuts down to prevent pregnancy and how some women are rape material and all that non sense, its just utterly disbelieving those idiots are in a position of authority to influence what happens in my uterus. Thankfully Adkins lost his bid for the senate last night.

          • Yeah, It’s been noted that Romney’s unpopularity with women was the real reason he lost the race. ( I was doing my civic duty this morning and read it on the Internet) That guy Akins…..how does a guy like that even get into public office?

          • Rick in China

            Because of people like Charliedog no doubt :D read his other comments, I wager he’s point-on-point with ol’ Todd.

          • El Puma R.

            In south America we asked the same question about George W.

          • linette lee

            I didn’t vote for G Bush. I didn’t get to vote that year. He looks evil. hahahaha……lol. His father looks nicer. :)

          • His father was a cunt.

          • linette lee


          • Rick in China

            By unpopularity with women – I presume you mean with: women, minorities, youth, and everyone with a sense of “don’t push your beliefs on other people”? If that’s what you meant, I wholeheartedly agree :D

          • El Puma R.

            Just wear a condom, you won’t need to be thinking so much about your uterus rather than your own satisfaction.

          • El Puma R.

            There you go, a person recognizes part of his/her real value once they’ve realized what they can and can’t talk about. I wish more people was like you, Little wolf.

      • hess

        Yeah shit you not, dental care is expensive as hell in Sweden. You could get an insurance for as little as 150kr/month though, but most people dont

        • linette lee

          Dental care is expensive like hell in USA. A root canal can run you like US$600 to thousand. Many health insurance don’t cover dental work and I don’t know why dental is not considered medically necessary because it is. Do we die if we don’t have money to fix a root canal or other dental problem? It’s extremely painful.

          And the reason why dental is so expensive is not only because of the dentist. He is a doctor of teeth high education. It is also because the dental instruments and the dental chairs. They are tenths of thousands of dollars plus the cost of maintenance. It’s like using an operating room. Expensive equipments. Plus the malpractice insurance all doctor have to pay. So the dentists and doctors are shifting the cost to the patients.

          So I say the health insurance should make dental as part of their coverage. Obama please look into it.

          • Kate

            Sadly, one of the advantages of being married to a korean man is that I can go to korea for cheap healthcare. I plan on getting all my dental work plus veeners done in Korea this spring.

            I always joke when asked what it was about my husband as to why I married him, I say for the cheap healthcare in korea! When asked why I moved to Korea, I say because at least Korea has a job for me (there are over 1000 unemployed elementary teachers in my area).

          • linette lee

            In HK emergency dental care is free if you are HK citizens, but they only cover emergency. This emergency treatment includes medication and extraction of your tooth if necessary. Follow up treatment you have to go a private dentist. It is expensive. However, all HK primary school children they do get free dental care provided by department of health.

            As for veneers I can’t believe any gov’t will provide it for free or cheap. Veneers are considered cosmetic, and usually it’s not just for one tooth. You need to do the whole upper and bottom front row teeth so it’s like 8 or 10 teeth and each tooth easy cost you US1,000. Not cheap. The lab is expensive that is why dentist charge so much. I don’t think any dental insurance will cover that neither.

            I want Julia robert smile too. :)

          • maja

            that’s interesting… are braces for kids covered by public healthcare too?

    • Rick in China

      It’s less about the actual issues than it is about the political climate of Republicans vs. Democrats. In fact, Obama’s healthcare bill is very similar to / “based on” the same plan Romney implemented in his state. As some Republicans have publicly stated, if Obama is for something, they’re against it – as simple as that. Most of them don’t actually give a _shit_ about the sides of an issue they’re on, they’re politicians and change their stripes to suit their audience.. in individual polls, “progressive” stances are far more popular than indicated by the representatives who are more center/center-right in their voting records.

      • Charliedog1

        ….Why are you disregarding Romney as a Republican in a Democrat State? Of course he PASSED it- and of course its SIMILAR to the Obamacare- Romney had his hand forced by a democrat majority in a liberal state! Regardless- it wasn’t a mandate across state lines as Obama insists. Thats a huge difference.

        None the less- Progressive Stances throughout history have always been more popular- and that’s why a culture in decline, has never in the course of human history- ever been reversed.

        • Rick in China

          Agreed. We should go backwards in order to prevent “cultural decline”.

          Do you happen to have a handlebar mustache, 3 teeth, and a square-bent brimmed hat?

          • Charliedog1

            Yes, Thats exactly what I said- Go backwards.

            Of course you would juxtapose not swallowing every new “Progressive Idea” with going backwards. I’m sure the millions dead from Mao agree.

            But hey, threatning I pay higher taxes and buy something I don’t need (healthcare) via the use of force- Not backwards one bit ;)

          • Rick in China

            “via the use of force”? Are you truly living in a wonderland of Fox news and Limbaugh conspiracy?

            First of all, the majority of the “progressive” ideologies have nothing at all to do with taxes or your healthcare – they have to do with social issues. Taxes and healthcare are more along the lines of social *services* and financial policy, and are not the same as the progressive social issues you mentioned leading to the “cultural” decline.

            Progressive issues/stances would be, for example: legalization of marijuana, freedom of choice/birth control coverage in healthcare in regards to abortion, gays being allowed to get married/equality in benefits, etc..

            That being said, so, you were forced to pay tax for healthcare and claim you don’t need it, what about being forced to pay taxes to pay for multiple fucking wars? You need that? I can tell where this thread/argument is going based on your other posts, and it’s on a b-line to Ignorant Shit Spouting Mountain where you clearly serve as court jester.

          • Damn, it must suck to be Charliedog, thinking he’s so fucking smart, spouting his shit and then getting owned by a Canadian who is obviously more informed than he is.

          • Taxes are not supposed to be about social issues, but not long after the first IRC was passed, the Treasury Department turned it into a progressive piece of legislation. For some examples of this, read:
            Bailey v. Drexel Furniture Co., 259 U.S. 20
            Hammer v. Dagenhart, 247 U.S. 251
            Bob Jones University v. Simon, 416 U.S. 725

          • Rick in China

            Bullshit Noah.
            The 1st/2nd cases you mention are about imposing taxes/penalties on companies which employed child labourers pre-roaring-20s. I think your mistake is in which came first – the chicken or the egg. Actually, if you do some research, the 1918/1919 cases you mentioned (A & B) happened at the *same time* the first SOCIAL laws passed by Congress (later overturned by the Supreme Court, back and forth, failed constitutional amendment, until 1938 fair labour act) and in fact, the SOCIAL change was already strongly supported – most states had laws in place up to a hundred years earlier already and the country was on a strong push to outlaw Child Labour, so it wasn’t actually Tax trying to change Social norm, but social demand trying to push taxation/penalty to support an already full-swing movement.

            Second, the 3rd item you mention could be argued to be leveraging the tax code to push social change, however, I would say quite the opposite – I would say since the tax exemption was *removed* for an organization accepting *PUBLIC* funding, it can’t really be said to be “a progressive” decision but rather changing their special tax status to be in line with a completely separate movement unrelated to taxes – the civil rights movement – so rather than say the “tax policy” influenced a social issue..you would have to agree that it was in fact the social progression that influenced the tax policy.

            Saying some specific examples (yours: child labour, civil rights movement related) make the entire tax code a peice of “progressive legislation” is ridiculous..

          • The tax code and laws in general are a little bit more intricate than you seem to think. What you call progressive law is formally known as positive law, and since Title 26 of the U.S.C. has never been enacted into positive law, it is not intended by Congress to maximize the after-tax consequences of any group or interest to the detriment of another. If you check the FTC on those cases, the Bob Jones case overturned the precedent in the Drexler Furniture case, thus opening the door wide for the Treasury Department to regulate behaviors via the IRC in virtually whatever way they wish. I included the three cases in order in the hopes that a layperson could figure it out. Don’t take my word for it, ask any CPA or tax lawyer if the IRC is “progressive”, and they will tell you the same.

          • Rick in China

            I believe you’re mixing the IRC with the topic – progressive in terms of social and political stances. If your hypothesis is that the IRC exists solely as a tool for “progressive” social stances, I think your foundation argument is ridiculous and VERY dated. Don’t mix my words – either – any law beyond the constitution/bill of rights/ “natural law” is a positive law, whether it’s deemed socially progressive or *not*. If a law is passed that says “Knee-grows can’t drink from fountains, F’ the civil rights movement” – that’s a “positive law” in legal terms..and I don’t even begin to understand how anything you’ve responded with addresses my key point, which is that a current majority of “socially progressive” (look at polls on actual social issues…) people in the USA are what help SHAPE the details that formulate how the IRC defines taxation as well as distribution, even though the current distribution is pretty much absolutely against what the majority is after – namely, a major abundance of military spending while slicing up education and healthcare.

            Rather than try to bury the actual subject in attempted jargon and juxtaposition, maybe you can digress to the earlier points, and show how..in your mind..taxation is used as a tool to promote a socially progressive agenda.

          • I replied to your post to address the matter whether the IRC is used for “progressive” purposes. My intent was to discuss the IRC and nothing else, as that is my area of expertise. I wouldn’t presume to talk about other areas of law in much depth, since laws are often far more involving than they appear on the outset. I hope you have gleaned from this conversation that the IRC is no different in that regard, and that it is in fact used to achieve progressive objectives of the government. I don’t mind talking about politics in another discussion, but right now I am discussing law.

    • linette lee

      No, it’s the working middle class, the immigrants coming over to USA with their money investments, and the foreign students seeking for higher education paying full tuitions to Universities supporting the whole usa economy. The rich and the poor live happy in USA. They are the happiest people on earth.

      • hess

        ” it’s the working middle class” yes.

        “the immigrants coming over to USA with their money investments, and the foreign students seeking for higher education paying full tuitions to Universities supporting the whole usa economy”

        bull f*cking sh*t.
        If you seriously believe this is what keeps the US going you got to go get a reality check

    • “I’d like to ask the americans here about this whole fuzz in the US about the rich supporting the poor.”

      Responding to the above, it’s a difference in thought about the way the economy works. About half of Americans believe that the price mechanism reflects the individual demand on a good or service in aggregate, and that when wealth is redistributed, people will consume goods and services with a distorted frame of reference reference to their purchasing power. To illustrate, let’s say a farmer gives a bushel of wheat to a baker in exchange for $10; the baker makes bread with the wheat and sells it to a doctor for $20; the doctor is obviously rich to be able to afford such refined goods, so his income is taxed and given to the farmer, who has less need for money, so instead of working so hard on the farm, he produces only half a bushel next year, but to maintain the same standard of living, he must sell it for the same price as last year’s bushel. So next year the farmer sells half a bushel to the baker for $10, and the price of everything has at minimum doubled. The result of redistributing the doctor’s income is to distort the market equilibrium for the farmer, which consequently increased the farmer’s required rate of return for his time (ie. he thinks his time is worth more than it is in terms of productivity). The effects are multiplicative.
      It is rarely expressed in this way, but that is why many Americans are not in support of European style welfare. Contrary to popular belief, this is also the prevailing economic theory in the world today (including in China), but nobody listens to economists anyway.

      • Charliedog1

        The prevailing, failed economic theory.

        • Although your comment is not worth a reply, I will follow up with some additional information. As I mentioned, since nobody listens to economists anyway, the theory hasn’t been put into practice by either party. The US has a mixed economy, with elements of centralization of power and some free market principles mixed in. If one were to list every country that has attempted complete centralization of power, however, it would be a litany of failed states. Conversely, no state in history has ever had complete economic freedom. For the past two decades, Hong Kong has had the freest economy in the world and it has worked quite well for Hong Kong, although HK beginning to lose some of its economic freedoms as Beijing is attempting to co-op the HK government.

          • Rick in China

            Another fan of the von Mises institute of Austrian Economics I see :D

    • themig

      obama is half-white. he is there to protect the euros from the muzzies. btw Romany wanted to make russia US enemy#1. so europe really dodged a bullet

    • GiannaFox

      I’m European and I agree with you. I also think this way.

  • Zappa Frank

    sincerelly, the options were Obama or a Mormon… i don’t think is difficoult..
    Really, how can someone vote for a mormon?

    • Germandude

      By ticking off the wrong square.

      It’s actually not that difficult I would assume…

      • Rick in China

        Votes are pressed these days – on touch screens :D not ticked. There were several issues with machine calibration pushing some votes for Romney to Obama and some for Obama to Romney, on a very small scale though..

        • jojo

          “Why can’t we open the window in a plane?” Mitt R.

    • mr.wiener

      It’s the magic underwear that would make you do it.

      • s3ppo-p

        Following the real issues eh? Another fucktard seppo making fun of his own demise

        • mr.wiener

          Sorry didn’t realize you had such a serious interest in geo-politics.

          Seriously Seppo do you have anything real to add to the discussion or are you just here to call everyone “fucktard”.

          • cc

            Who’s Seppo?

          • mr.wiener

            Nobody we are likely to miss.

        • mr.wiener

          …In addition, I’m not an American [septic] I’m Australian you dickhead.

          • El Puma R.

            G’day mate

    • Charliedog1

      How could someone vote for a Moron? Oh right, in a culture where Honey Boo Boo reigns supreme- its pretty obvious.

      No turning back now- Bread and Circuses.

    • a mouse

      I voted for revolutionary Marxist candidate Peta Lindsey!

  • Germandude

    Actually, I’d like to know what the last comment is refering to:

    “America’s show has ended, now the world’s eyes turn East…”

    Does it mean that America is on the decline and the eyes turn east because China will overtake the US. Or does it mean, the US elections have ended and the eyes turn east because of the changes the Chinese government will undergo now?

    • Wishful thinking.

    • Rick in China

      I’d wager strongly on the 2nd statement..don’t be so cynical :D

      • True, I was more talking about the first one.

      • Germandude

        I didn’t try to be cynical. I just really would like to know what the post is refering to.

    • fskdl

      It is probably referring to the 18th party congress that’s about to go down on thursday. China will switch leaders.

  • Rick in China

    I like this one, “Where does Romney’s confidence come from?”

    Um….. 250+ million USD?

    • the ace of books

      Very good :D

  • cc

    So the monkey got another term, ah well shit happens

    • Brett

      You know you are a monkey too, right? Like, every human is a monkey. You aren’t trolling hard enough if you think being black makes Obama a monkey.

      • hess


      • cc

        Swotty, you can be so tiresome at times. Go back to you’re books, there’s a good little boy.

        • Brett

          I said “try harder”.

          • cc

            Where did you say that then swotty? All the sleepless nights have addled you’re brain

          • GiannaFox

            Can you PLEASE spell ”your” correctly for ONCE?!

          • mr.wiener

            Brett, you should never argue with a…..copher, cunt, pussy, twat, cooter, beaver, fish lips, taco, camel toe, muff, snatch, fuck hole, garage, oven, love button, penis glove, cock sock, cock pocket, JJ, hoohah, bajingo, cum dumpster, sperm bottle, goop chute, slit, trim, quim, pooter, love rug, poontang, poonanie, cooch, tunnel of love, vertical bacon sandwich, bearded clam, cookie, cooleyhopper, nookie, the pink, honey pot, cunny, vag, meat curtains, hatchet wound, putz, fur burger, box, front bottom, gash, kebab, kitty, minge, snapper, catfish, vertical smile, lovebox, love canal, nana, flower, the cum dump, chocha, black hole, sperm sucker, fish sandwich, cock warmer, whisker biscuit, carpet, deep socket, cum craver, cock squeezer, slice of heaven, flesh cavern, the great divide, cherry, tongue depressor, clit slit,laps, fuzz box, fuzzy wuzzy, glory hole, grumble, man in the boat, mud flaps, mound, peach, piss flaps, the fish flap, he furry cup, stench-trench, wizard’s sleeve, DNA dumpster, tuna town, split dick, bikini bizkit, cock holster, cockpit, snooch, kitty kat, poody tat, grassy knoll, cold cut combo, Jewel box, rosebud, curly curtains, furry furnace, slop hole, velcro love triangle, nether lips, where Uncle’s doodle goes, altar of love, cupid’s cupboard, bird’s nest, bucket, cock-chafer, love glove, serpent socket, spunk-pot, hairy doughnut, fun hatch, spasm chasm, red lane, stinky speedway, bacon hole, belly entrance, sugar basin, sweet briar, …

            Sorry moderators, it had to be said. I’ll understand it if you delete this one.

          • jeffli

            You forgot “badly packed kebab”, muffin kebab, goo garage, cock-sock, ‘Can-ya-screw pouch’, lil soldier hairy garden, Cocky (Cockatoo) nest, (hairy)mongrel pit, Prickselator

          • Rainer

            Thanks a lot for helping me save the money for Dictionary of Outrageous English”. :)

          • mr.wiener

            Please check the “Urban Dictionary” on-line. Very informative and educational.

          • GiannaFox

            Bet it took you a while to come up with all these terms. LOL

    • MidniteOwl

      i guess cc stands for comrade cunt.

      • cc

        You nearly got it right, Midnitefowl

  • bprichard

    Hahaha, there is enough wrong information in those comments to fill Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

    Oh well, I’m relieved. Obama did not live up to his pre-election promises (Guantanamo, surveillance on citizens, etc.), but he faced a ton of legislative obstacles. A win by Romney would have been pretty chilling to me.

    • Rick in China

      Right, for example, “Romney had over 1 million more popular votes than Obama but still lost the Electoral College.”

      It’s the opposite – while Romney was leading popular vote for most of the tally, Obama was the one who was ahead by about 2.2% of the (50.3% to 48.1%) votes in the end. I wouldn’t be looking at Chinese comments for accuracy in US politics, though :D

      • Chom

        To be fair, the count was still ongoing. For much of the night Romney was ahead in the popular vote. Not sure the margin reached one million, but could have.

        • Rick in China

          Sure, but with blue state counts counting last, it’s simply ignorant to spout “This is the result” before the results have completed — we all know what happens in cases like that (coughs, george bush vs. gore)..

        • bprichard

          If the person actually knew anything about the US, he would realize that most of California’s votes had not been counted at that point and that California was going to go big for Barack Obama. Oh well. I woke up today feeling better about the world than the day before.

    • linette lee

      Obama doesn’t have a easy task. He is cleaning the mess of previous president. He is doing ok. Let’s give him another term and see.

  • Dr. Dust Cell

    Check out the girl in the family photo. She’s like, “DAAAAAAAAD this is sooo boooring ugh”

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Yay Obama! I also had the same reaction as the chinese netizens when I was looking at the votes, California is so overwhelming lol

  • hess

    “Congratulations Obama, that stupid cunt who said he wants to label China a currency manipulator deserves it.”
    They ARE keeping their currency down.
    I’m not complaining though, i get all my money in SEK. So a lower CNY is all good to me

    • Chom

      the U.S is also weakening its currency: QE1, QE2, if you’re going to label one its only fair to label the other…

      • hess

        I was just talking about a comment made by a Chinese netizen.

        • Chom

          I know. My only point is I agree with that guy. I don’t think he mwans China doesn’t keep its currency down, he meant that it would be unfair to do so given other countries do the same.

      • Alphy

        I really don’t get why so many people complain about China keeping their currency stable. They are actually buying USD to do that. It’s smart on their end, and yes it does help Chinese companies but not the way you think.

        US like Chom points out is printing money like crazy, and if it wasn’t because other countries are buying it up because they have to, USD would not have the value it has today.

        I rather China keep the exchange rate the same as I get paid in USD, my company’s customer pays in USD, and all my expense is in RMB. Everyone have to play adjustment game everytime the exchange rate changes, and thats just not good for business.

  • Xiu

    “Win or not has nothing to do with China, they will all be against China, containing our development.”….. ummmm…. containing? Don’t you mean Fueling? What with Europe the way it is, who else is going to support the export-driven economy?

    • El Puma R.

      no, no… sorry, China itself puts everyone against it… not our fault for China choosing to be extremely capitalist and exporting poisoned baby milk….

  • linette lee

    Easy win for Obama. Majority of the folks support him over Mormon. And without a doubt the population of black and chinese more or less support him 100%. :)

    The ninth photo what a beautiful family picture . Beautiful wife and daughters. Kodak moment. Obama should keep it as family photo.

    and Fauna I’ve never complained to you, but that 3rd photo of obama is making him look bad. Obama is a handsome man. He should have more handsome photos post here.

    • El Puma R.

      you sound like my mother talking abut football: “I want him to win, he is so handsome”

      • linette lee

        el puma…I think you need a freaking spanking…..don’t be shy now.

        Nothing wrong having a president that’s good looking and competent running a nation that my family pays tax dollars to.

        • El Puma R.

          It’s like bitch, please!

          those 3 thumbs up you got are surely from chinese dissident women living in the US just like you.
          Really… good looking has nothing to do with good politics.. and good luck paying taxes, girl ! ‘Cause Obama won’t do anything except raising the taxes even worse than he’s done it already. And that tax money will go to 16 yr old pregnant kardashian watching – no child left behind – unemployed girls and the also unemployed father(s) of their children… who won’t do anything with that money.

          Yes yes , welfare is very important but I come from south America where this story has been going on for years and you never see a real change except for governments getting more votes since they give people more reasons to do nothing with their lives living off the taxes middle class workers pay. Go talk about beauty, you surely do better than when you talk about politics.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      I like the 7th photo (sort of). It is so reminiscent of a ‘modern family’ gay moment.

      • linette lee

        yes yes yes….lol. I like that photo too. Also it was wonderful when they finally legalized gay marriages in NY. Hope more states will follow. Now gay couples can enjoy tax benefits like any other married couples.

    • cc

      That photo depicts exactly what he is, a smarmy, smug cunt.

      • mr.wiener

        Spoken like a fine labia majora

      • SuperHappyCow

        Reminds me of his wife who was trying to beat voters over the head with the idea of how “lucky” we were to have Romney running for president,
        or Romney himself who talked about how 47% of us(who are mostly the elderly, military, students, disabled) just want “stuff” and would vote for Obama anyway.

        Heh. Weird how the “smarmy, smug cunt” got elected anyway.

        P.s. eat a dick, idiot.

  • Ruaraidh

    Meanwhile in Washington and Colorado: http://youtu.be/NzEemp1SLOM

  • wacky

    too bad i was hoping for a new era under romney.

  • Getrealson

    What the fuck would Chinese people know about democratic elections? It’s like asking them about the first round draft pick in the NFL.

    Interviewer: “so who do you think is favourite for this years draft pick?”
    Chinamen: “Do they like China?”


    • Chom

      Judging from their comments many of them know a great deal about the issues in the U.S at the moment actually……….

      • Charliedog1

        No, They are just as brainwashed on what narrative to believe- by Our socialist State Run Media.

        • Chom

          If they are brainwashed to believe a narrative, then it looks like they’ve been brainwashed by different countries because there are quiet a few differing narratives up their:

          1. Democracy is good, why can’t we have it. Feel disappointed.
          2. I’m happy Obama won, Romney would be tougher on China
          3. Obama won but U.S will still try to contain China
          4. Obama won but he faces many challenges
          5. Why do you all care about it? We are Chinese, should only care about China right?

          More likely they are not brainwashed and just have differing points of view.

          If your tinted glasses have prevented you from seeing the differing points of view, let me help by putting some of them right in front of your eyes..

          “How come China doesn’t have this kind of hair-raising election?????”

          “Long live democracy.”
          “Faint, they cast votes, but what about our country!!”
          “Presidents and company workers both needing to compete for their positions, this is a good system. Only by immediately having a sense of danger/crisis upon immediately taking office can one wholeheartedly work for the people, because there will be people poking you in the back if you don’t do well, and you can’t use attacks, reprisals, or secretly take them out.”

          Do you call the people who made the comments above brainwashed by the Chinese media, or did you miss those and other similar comments?

          The two comments below show that some netizens are also fairly knowledgeable about U.S politics:

          “Although reelected, they lost the House of Representatives, so the path forward will be challenging.”

          “From the black civil rights movement of the 60s in the 20th century to Obama being elected the first black present in the 21st century, to today, where Obama has been reelected for a second term, Americans have used only 50 years of time. On this kind of incredible ability to correct/change its society, who can still say that capitalism is decadent and degenerate? With one foot in its grave? Instead, all of those people who have said capitalism is dying have one by one passed away in history like smoke!”

          If anything the last comment a a rosy-eyed view of the U.S, certainly not brainwashed by China, and quite possible over-influenced by U.S MSM.

          • Rick in China

            You have to read between the lines of Charlie’s post. He’s a hard right republican who thinks anything that is not exactly in line with *his* brain-washed views is a brain washed view. Republicans, kings of projection and ignorance. I love the fact the first thing most Republican’s argue for is taxes – but Obama’s tax plan is actually better for people making under 250k USD/year than Romneys, even though the majority of them are busted-ass white people scraping together nickles and dimes to put spam ketchup and sketti on their plates..the irony is heart-warming.

          • Charliedog1

            The irony is when a Liberal imbecile such as yourself continuously touts tax policies that are at odds with monetary policy which has done nothing but inflate the value of food and gas- it completely offsets any bullshit tax savings you attempt to regurgitate in your blind defense of Santa Claus. Its even more depressing that you really believe it- despite 4 years of evidence to the contrary. Forward, over the cliff!

            “hes a hard right republican who thinks anything that is not exactly in line with his brain washed view, is brainwashed”

            Right, so when I explain we are a culture in decline for legitimate reasons- Your “accepting, open, not brainwashed mind” responds with “you want to live in the past!” Heart-Warming you would respond with such a cliche liberal talking point…. painting me as holding society back from progress, rather than the suicide it is actually committing.

          • El Puma R.

            The people above are no more than 50 netizens in a nation of 1.4 billion, that added to the fact that they care about it, even some of them seem to have traveled abroad. How about the rest? Your statistics are correct but far from satisfactory, bro.

      • El Puma R.

        They don’t know, they just repeat. Don’t forget this is China. lol

        • Chom

          I don’t think so. maybe some of them are just repeating but there are many that seem far more knowledgeable.

          • El Puma R.

            These are just a few netizens out of a nation of 1.4 billion. What are you talking about? At least if they reach the 1%.. but they don’t. these netizens are just kids with political ideas or those who have been living abroad.

        • Chom

          and if you ever wanted an example of something that is reaped just for the sake of repeating it, look no further than “T.I.C. this is China”

        • Alphy

          Many does know, like what is Electoral college or swing state, as it is highly covered in the Chinese Media. Of course they don’t argue over policies like we Americans do, they mostly have Envy and contempt that they don’t have these rights. The Chinese I talk to daily mostly have similar attitude as this netizens:

          “Why do Chinese people pay attention to the United States election? It’s because of media hype, because of market attention, but at the bottom of their hearts there is also a political longing. In the face of the wave of democracy, one country cannot integrate in the world economically, and stands apart from the world system politically. With only those few friends in the entire world, whether it be dying Syria or unreliable North Korea or Castro, who often faints during his speeches.”

    • s3ppo

      The smart people know that it’s only a popularity contest.

      How much does it cost to fund a presidential campaign? Where does that money come from? For this reason, do you think the people with the most money to donate decide who is going to run? Just like in Iran where there religious leaders decide who the candidates will be.

      • Rick in China

        It’s not a popularity contest, and answers to your own questions tell you why:

        Money right now comes, in large, from enormously rich and/or corporate donors. Shelden Adelson for example, donated at least $47 million USD to Romney this time around…but, during primaries, he also gave $20 million to Gengrich to *attack* Romney. Does he give a shit which one is in power? No, he only cares about which of the seedy gremlins has the tax plan that benefits him most. In Romney’s win scenario, he’d (and his family, due to estate tax…he’ll die soon) would have saved between $2 billion (if he lived) and $11 billion (if he died) in taxes alone. So, invest $47mil, get $11bil in return? Good investment. Does he give a shit about anything else..social policies, “the economy”? Fuck no. $11 billion can buy a lot of whatever you want to buy.

        Why do these donations matter so much? Because, statistically, it’s something like a 90 or 95% victory for which ever candidate spends more on a campaign (state level, anyways).

      • SuperHappyCow

        That almost sounded clever, except that, ideally, it would in fact be a popularity contest, where you become popular based on ideas.


    • s3ppo

      And unfortunately I need to keep my abuse separate because your seppo freedom of speech doesn’t extend to online:

      Every sentence you try to string together is embarrassing. Did you even pass year 10? GED? Community College? You’re a fucking retard. To put it into perspective: you criticizing someone on this website is like a down syndrome kid kid swearing at a Cambridge Lecturer.
      Give up. Wise up, or fuck off

    • Rainer

      But what the fuck would you know about real “Chinamen”s opinions on US election?
      For instance for me, it is only about two salesmen selling used trucks to salivating debt-ridden rednecks.

      • El Puma R.

        I want to make this clear for you Rainer: In china people don’t talk about politics, mostly when it is about China itself… So whatever they might say is as meaningful as “Gangnam style”

        • Alphy

          Of course they do. People is people, they all care VERY much what policies politician will put in place. They are just disappointed that they can’t get their voice or opinion heard. It’s like being in a school, where the work load and how good the lunch menu is all decided for you, it affects you, but mostly you can’t do a thing about.

          In fact I would argue Chinese are super sensitive to political changes, as many people have lived through drastically different times. Chinese Government is HUGE, a big portion of their pillar industries are government run enterprise,from utilities, steel, communication, financial, and energy production. With that said, just because they pay a lot of attention to the changes, when they talk about it (people are talking about it right now about the 17+1 as I type this), they basically just state whats going as yep they can’t do anything about it.

          • El Puma R.

            If you are a foreigner in China you might be going through the same as me, once we’ve found Chinese friends who are open to political debate and have certain knowledge about what goes on in reality, we tend to have high hopes on other Chinese people…Yes Alphy, many people here are starting to worry about such matters but remember normally it’s is those who have opened up to us and not the rest, which is everyone else in China.

            If Chinese people were like you said, they would be trying to change so many things as we speak… but no they don’t… when it comes to talk about the US they sure will “know a lot” since you got hours of news broadcasting talking as much shit as they can about the west. But that doesn’t mean they know… critical thinking and political debate is definitely NOT a habit of Mainland Chinese.

          • GiannaFox

            And you think it is a Westerners’ trait? Most people here in the West are clueless about real Chinese events, too. We also get flooded with false/erronated anti-China propaganda here. Don’t be a hypocrite.

          • El Puma R.

            I live in China, Gianna… and you’re right.. my friends in the west still think China is communist… anyway, most of the information we get, we get it from the media which is irremediably managed by governments or power. We have to stop believing them and find the truth on our own, in our own convenience… as long as we know most of the time the media will lie to its own benefit, we can at least find something barely close to the truth.

            Something I know for sure is that both in the east and west people talk way more than they know. I am not a hypocrite, Gianna, and looks like you DO believe everything the media tells you, or at least a little. I’ve seen both sides and there is nothing good about any of them, however we in the west are (or used to be) raised to use rhetoric and critical thinking, which is something you won’t see in china these days. Do you live in China? because if you don’t then stop defending something you don’t know or have never seen.

          • Chom

            She wasn’t defending anything. She asked if you thought critical thinking and political debate are westerners’ traits, and pointed out that many people in the West are clueless about China.

            You acknowledged that your friends are indeed clueless about China, and also said that people in the west “used to be” raised to use rhetoric and critical thinking. The fact that you used the words “used to be” acknowledges to a significant degree that they can’t be described as western traits any more.

            Therefore if they can’t be described as western traits any more, and you are blaming Chinese people for not engaging is critical thinking, then that is indeed a type of hypocrisy, so I see no problem with what she said.

      • Getrealson

        The fact I live in China and speak to average chinese people, secondly My father in-laws best friend is the top government man in this county and constantly being invited to dinner as the tolken White man and probed about western politics gives me even more insight. Its called total immersion! On the other hand you know nothing of me or have never spoken to me so how would you know what the fuck i know? In a rush to the defense of the ignorant you have joined them!

        • Rainer

          Have to admit I “know nothing of you” and thanks for helping me know you better by your “father in-laws best friend is the top government man in this county” as I know county sheriffs are always the most credible and respectable ones in US, especially when they are on duty with revolvers. lol!

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Yea the comments seriously do undermine all those years they spend doing homework and going to school on Sundays.

    • Duke

      What the fuck do Americans know about democratic elections?! American “elections” are a joke! Or were you not paying attention in the primaries when people were getting beaten and arrested for trying to vote for their candidate? Or the RNC changing their own rules to make sure their bought and payed for rich asshole would win. American elections are for the retards in America that dont pay attention to whats really happening. American elections are a travesty.

      • ScottLoar

        No, I wasn’t “paying attention in the primaries when people were getting beaten and arrested for trying to vote”. Please quote the reputable source. However, I did note that a federal judge required the portrait of President Obama covered at one polling place so as not to unduly influence voters. I have voted in many local and national elections in the US and have never been “beaten, arrested”, intimidated, coerced, bribed, threatened, strong-armed, or in any way bullied or impeded in exercising the right to vote as a registered voter. No, I’m not mean, angry, a leper, or have that straight-out-of-prison-don’t-fuck-with-me walk, just an ordinary voting citizen.

        “The RNC changing their own rules to make sure their (sic) bought and payed (sic) for rich asshole would win”. I take it you mean Romney; but, say, didn’t he lose? Obama was re-elected you know. You do know?

        “American elections are a travesty”. Please, elaborate, especially because if a travesty the winners at every level should be known before the election, yeah? Can you follow that line of logic?

        I’m also keen to learn who you think controls elections. The rich and powerful you imagine some to be? The Military-Industrial Complex? The CIA? The Illuminati?

        • Duke

          Just check out what happened when they were trying to vote for delegates in Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon etc. there is even video of the Louisiana elected chairman getting his hand broken and arrested on YouTube. Just one of many such videos. in oregon they tried to leave with the ballots so that they wouldnt be counted. In Michigan they just shut off the power on the people trying to vote. Videos are on youtube just look for them. Romney should not have gotten the nomination. Did you know that the delegates in Massachusetts had to sign a paper saying they would vote for Romney or lose their spot and be replaced by someone that would. Which is exactly what happened. Regarding who did all this, just follow the money.

          • ScottLoar

            “Videos are on youtube just look for them.” It’s hard to argue with a man who volunteers YouTube sources.

            “Regarding who did all this, just follow the money.” You mean, you don’t want to tell me? I should “just follow the money” trail and it’s all crystal clear, huh? C’mon, please give me a hint, just between me and you, who’s rigging the US presidential elections?

          • Duke

            The uber rich assholes that run and own the “federal” reserve, IMF or banking cartels.

          • ScottLoar

            There are 12 Federal Reserve Banks together comprising the majority of the Federal Reserve System which controls the money supply of the USA and audited by theGovernment Accountability Office (GOA). No one runs and owns the Federal Reserve.

            The International Monetary Fund founded in 1944 comprises 185 global members and chiefly tries to ensure a stable worldwide financial system. Again, it like the Fed is owned by no one and run by an appointee responsible to the member countries.

            Banking cartels? In 2012 the ten largest banks in the world in reverse order are Commonwealth Bank, Australia; Citigroup, USA; Itau Unibanco, Brazil; Bank of China, China; JP Morgan Chase, USA; Agricultural Bank of China, China; HSBC Holdings, UK; Wells Fargo & Co., USA; China Construction Bank, China; Industrial and Commercial Bank, China. Look to each and see that no one really
            owns any of these banks, except shareholders (I’m one!) and in the case of China you could argue the Chinese government. You are seriously suggesting the heads of these banks meet to manipulate US presidential elections? Really? And how would they manipulate elections?

            As for “uber rich assholes” look, for example, to Hollywood where the richest and most influential plowed money, time and influence into the Democratic Party twice trying to defeat G. W. Bush. And twice failed.

            I suggest you read and learn more, opine and assume less. You have strong opinion but really don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Excellent. Within a year, the chickenhawk would’ve had us in a draft to fight Iran on behalf of private oil/saudis/Israel. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • BlackOut

    The two last photos really made my day ;)

  • tosh

    Weed is legal!

  • BallsOnFire

    I’m glad Obama won, and many of the netizens seem pleased with the outcome as well.

  • S3ppo

    Chinasmack: you should all be proud of yourselves; constantly complain about restrictions on free speech; delete comments that you don’t like.


    • mr.wiener

      If you don’t want to be deleted I suggest you try to be a little more civil and stop punctuating the end of sentence with “fucktard seppo”.

  • S3ppo

    It doesn’t matter either way: same bus, same destination, different driver.

    Or for you retarded seppos in China: Black cat or white cat; the mouse pays the wages for both

  • ThinkBlue

    “California has too many votes.”

    Actually California has the least number of electoral votes per person. 1 Person in Wyoming has 3.5 times the voting power as someone in California. A state can’t have less than 3 electoral votes though.

  • redgirls
  • Rainer

    –“You are probably thinking— America at its best, China at its worst — the absence of democracy. China’s Achilles heel is its governance. This will be China’s downfall.”
    But Martin Jacques will tell quite the contrary.


  • MrT

    Why don’t they just toss a coin to see who”s in power this time. (only ever a choice of two, that’s democracy for ya)
    Save all them billions…

    Also I don’t get how the the masses of stupid people get to select who;s in power, surely its very easy to con these people.
    Better fewer clever people choose the boss.

    • Germandude

      Yeah, I totally agree. I mean, the clever people of the ccp are selecting the leader who’s best for country and people here. The masses of stupid poor people surely can trust that they benefit from what the leaders are doing. I mean, human rights and shit like that are so worthless, imagine those poor idiots would be voting for that. And the few clever people are also samatarians that will not work for own benefits but focusing on the benefits for the masses first.

      Long live communism in which the poor con the rich.

      /irony off

      • MrT

        Glad you agree.

        I is always been to stupid vote.

        Do you choose the one you think is telling the least lies?

  • El Puma R.

    It will be always funny to see how many people talk and how little they know about anything. All these chinese netizens made my day with their political comments, as if they knew what the fuck they are talking about, same with some foreigners here in this website… yeah keep depending on governments to find a solution to your meaningless life… be sure you will die before they do that for you.

  • ddd

    These idiots actually think that China doesn’t manipulate the RMB?

    • MrT

      What does manipulate mean?

  • Jennster

    those chinese netizens that want to vote, the majority of those are waidiren. no shanghainese would care or want to have american like systems.

    • MrT

      or any one else with a brain…

  • China will capitalize on Obama’s military weakness and willingness to throw Japan under the bus by seizing the Sankaku/Diaoyu islands.

  • thetruthhurts

    Chinese people are fools if they support Mitt Romney. Get a damn clue, white america does not support asians so stop trying to be like them. Obama is the only hope for real change in America.

    • The only change Barry will bring is more sorrow, more layoffs and less freedom.

  • nolly fletcher

    That durex ad pretty much sums up my thoughts about a perverted society.

  • Duke

    There is no difference between Obama and Romney. Just look at the people who payed for their presidential runs. Same people for both. Obama takes big money from the big boys, just like Romney. Which means no matter who won the American government would continue to do what it always does. Take care of the people with the most money and not give two shits about everyone else. Most Americans are sheep to busy trying to pay ever increasing bills and taxes to notice the truly horrible things the American government does on a daily basis. The fact that yet again Americans held an election with only two candidates is a travesty. What the average American truly needs(true freedom and representation in the government) has nothing to do with either party. America was a good idea while it lasted, however as every other great civilization in history has shown, once a group of “elites” are allowed to take over a country, the people suffer and the country starts to rot from within. America was great when it had a thriving middle class population(like China), now the middle class of America gets smaller every year.

  • El Puma R.

    I feel the desperate need to quote the great late George Carlin:


  • patko

    Americans are very good at making everything a big show. The elections were nothing but a show. Its incredible how many people are sucked into it and see it as reality. Truely these are the end times for people are deluded beyond recognition.

  • This is the Chinasmack article I’ve been waiting for, and it is not nearly as disappointing as I expected. Many Chinese netizens seem to know more about both candidates and their positions than many Americans do. I’m impressed, and entertained. Fuck Obama.

  • alright for obama

  • dim mak

    Voted in on social issues, what a travesty
    Murka is just lucky he’s not as dumb as the repubs

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  • Curious–this is OT, but whatever happened to that “petition for a less racist Chinasmack?” The irony of that was amazing. A bunch of Western cultural marxists telling the Chinese (who live in a de facto Marxist nation) that they have too much freedom of speech and that it offends them because the Chinese people aren’t always “politically correct” like good little Westerners and simply tend to call things as they see them. The posts were picked for translation simply bc they were very popular on Chinese boards. Should the moderators instead give a false picture of Chinese netizen culture to satisfy the Western cultural marxists?
    That one REALLY blew me away and I hope the mods stuck to their principles.

    • Kai

      That petition wasn’t about the translated Chinese netizen comments. It was about the comments by cS readers in our own comments section. They weren’t complaining about our translators’ selection of Chinese comments, but about what they saw as purposefully racist comments affecting the discussion environment on cS itself.

      We installed Disqus to give you guys some new self-moderating features, give ourselves some more moderating tools, and revised our comment policy and internal moderating procedures. For some, our changes aren’t enough. For others, our changes are too much. Can’t make everyone happy. You know how it is.

      In the future, if you have a question for us, please use the contact form instead of posting the same comment on multiple posts trying to get us to read and respond to it. It needlessly clutters up the comments section.

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  • ‘罗姆尼比奥巴马多100多万选民仍然输了选举人票。’

    I have no fucking idea where the math from this came from.

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