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Chinese Netizen Questions For Obama During His Visit

obamao-01US President Obama will arrive in Shanghai on Sunday to start his four-day visit in China. The meeting between Hu and Obama will not likely solve all major problems on this planet at once but many people still hold high hopes that the meeting will promote mutual understanding between the two countries. Obama’s schedule includes a Q&A session with young Chinese in Shanghai on Monday and some Chinese websites are calling Chinese netizens to give their questions. Some English websites translated a few of them and the following are what I find interesting.

Dear President Obama, if you are reading this blog, please GO SIGN UP FOR CHINASMACK PERSONALS don’t feel pissed off by Chinese people’s frankness, and take these questions with a spoonful of soy sauce :)

Questions from


I want to ask President Obama, how do you deserve the Nobel Prize? —– Please be honest!



Is America becoming a Socialist society?



If exchange rate caused trade imbalance, then Korean won and Australian dollar should be depreciated since the two countries had trade surplus for a long time. Based on this, I want to know, as US President why don’t you think more about how much US plundered from the world’s laboring people with depreciation of its dollar? Even with appreciated Chinese RMB we can’t buy Unocal!

American soldiers are not welcome in Afghanistan so why are you still there killing their civilians? Why are you going there to ‘provoke’ them to become human bombs? Right, it’s your anti-terrorism business but it’s innocent civilians who died. Before you were there, they had a better life.

Facing a united European Union with rival power in military, technology, economy and its superior culture, what’s your idea? Chinese Hong Kong will probably introduce EU dollars to its financial system. What do you think?

Have you read the Chinese classical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms? Do you know how Sima Yi and his two sons won in the final? If you wish that European countries follow you to have a trade war with China, many Chinese foresee that the history will repeat itself. What do you think?


Mr. President [The commenter used 总桶 instead of 总统 for sarcasm], you just signed the tariff on Chinese tires and started a trade war against us. Don’t you think this is not the right time to visit?



Have you eaten yet? [A common Chinese greeting]


What is your ideal image of Sino-American relations?

Questions from


Obama, your mom is calling you to stop protectionism and go home to eat! [a recent internet meme]



Obama, for your soldiers and all the peace-loving people around the globe, please stop your invasion of the world!


Don’t interfere in our internal affairs ~~ take care of your country’s own business ~~



What instructions have you got from your Wall-street bosses? What do they think that the financial crisis didn’t weigh us down?



How can you sleep on America’s high unemployment rate?


Questions from (more than 2000 so far)


Why is the United States always conducting spy activities around China? I want to ask Mr. President, is it OK for the PLA to spy near American border?


Japan’s Prime Minister proposed a East Asian Community. Does the US want to join?


America always advocates itself as a model of free trade. So, are the protectionist measures that your country conducted a betrayal of what you aired? How do you explain it?


Your country always complain about the trade imbalance with us. Then why don’t you lift the embargo of high technology products on us? We can make all low tech goods so tell me why/what we should buy from you?


If someday Hawaii wants to separate from America, will your government and people support it? If one country uses the excuse of helping Hawaii to protect its people to sell them weapons, in order to keep balance between Hawaii and US, will you still support the ‘friendly’ relationship with that country?


Almost every US president waged a war, will you do that during your term of office?



It was proven that Iraq did not have WMD, can you represent the US government in apologizing to the Iraqi people and make war reparations?


What do you want to sell in China and what are you going to grab back? [Python: This is a direct one :)]



Mr. Obama, I want to congratulate you on the Nobel Prize. Please answer me, how much has the great victory of the American army in Iraq and Afghanistan helped in winning you the prize?


Mr.President, what did you think when Chicago was kicked out of the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games in the first round?


What do you think is the biggest common interest between the two countries?


What do you think of the integration process of Europe? What character does your country want to play in the process?


Howdy Mr. President! My name is Guo Jianwei and I’m planning to produce a movie. The principal character will be a president so can you come play it? I believe you will win an Oscar. Best wishes to Sino-American relationship!


Mr. President, I’m a Chinese businessman and I have to go to the United States frequently on business trips. However I often have to wait a long time at the US embassy and sometimes I am rejected for a visa. Can you take care of the problem?


Chinese people have a saying, “With a good wife, you will have half [of life’s] happiness”. Every successful man has a excellent women behind him, what do you think about your wife? Tell us some stories about your wife.


What is the American people’s attitude towards China’s rapid rising? Do you think it is more about opportunities or challenges? What will America’s strategy be after China becomes a global superpower?


Dear Mr. Obama, can you tell me what’s your belief? What do you think is the meaning of happiness? If it’s convenient, can you come to my wedding? Thank you! Wish you have a good trip in China.


Hi Mr. President! Have you received my mail/email? I sincerely wish you every success in visiting our country! Hope one day you will come to Sichuan. I wish you have a good journey!

obamao-products-china also has an unofficial poll on “US President will soon visit China, what do you most want to chat with him about?”

  1. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize after just taking office, how did you get it?
    1487 votes (10.19%)
  2. Discuss the Chinese human rights problem that Obama cares most about, how about it?
    620 votes (4.25%)
  3. About the issue of whether Taiwan is a province of China.
    3322 votes (22.76%)
  4. What will America use to secure China’s investment of American government bonds?
    2903 votes (19.89%)
  5. How to promote denuclearizing of the world?
    614 votes (4.21%)
  6. How does America plan to promote its relations with China?
    1670 votes (11.44%)
  7. How can China and America cooperate in denuclearizing the North Korean peninsula?
    439 votes (3.01%)
  8. What role does American want to play in the future East Asian Community?
    545 votes (3.73%)
  9. When will America lift its embargo of high-tech products and weapons on China?
    2490 votes (17.06%)
  10. How can China and America cooperate on anti-terrorism?
    503 votes (3.45%)

Update: live broadcast of Obama’s meeting with Chinese youth

The meeting between President Obama and young Chinese will begin in minutes. The Chinese online live broadcasting can be found here.

11:56 am Beijing time: Young Chinese arrived in the speaker’s hall.

12:36 pm. About 520 young Chinese are waiting for Obama.

12:42 pm, Obama will enter the meeting place soon.

12:58 pm. Obama entered the meeting place. People will ask questions in either Chinese or English.

12:59. Head of Fudan University, Yang Yuliang is today’s host.

13:04. Yang introduced President Obama to the audience.

13:04. Obama begins his speech. Pity Xinhua doesn’t provide an English transcript.


13:07. Obama is praising Shanghai and China. Blah blah blah.

13:09. He’s talking about the bond (纽带, don’t know the original English) between two countries. US’ aid to China in WWII. The ping-pong diplomacy.

13:13. Obama talks how mutual trade influenced people’s lives in the two countries.

Xinhua is quick :)

13:32. Obama’s talk was boring but, fortunately, short. Finally the question time!

Question #1:


My name is Cheng Xi, I’m a Fudan student. Shanghai and Chicago became sister cities since 1985 and the two cities had all kinds of trade, cultural and political communications. By what measure will you enhance relation between American and Chinese cities. The world expo will be hold in Shanghai next year, have you prepared to come to the expo?

Question #2:


Mr. President, I’m a student in Shanghai Jiaotong University. My quesiton is, what’s your first impression [of China] after your arrival? What have your brought to China? What are you going to bring away?

Question #3:

我是同济大学黄立赫(音)。首先我想引用“有朋自 远方来不亦乐乎”这句话来欢迎您,在《论语•子路》中有一句话叫和而不同,我们中国人民的理想就是在世界构建一个文化多元化的和谐世界。我们知道美国文化 本身是在历史沉淀当中由不同的文化元素所积淀而成的多元混合型文化,请问在您的这届政府中会采取哪些措施来共同构建这个世界向着文化多元化发展?在您的外 交政策中会有哪些措施去尊重各国的不同的历史文化?我们中美两国在此方面会有哪些合作?谢谢您。

It’s a question about multiculturalism and how America should respect other country’s culture and history. How should the two country cooperate in this area.

Question #4:

总统先生,您好。我们非常荣幸来到这儿,我叫张新 (音),来自于上海外国语大学。我想找一个网上的问题,这个问题是来自于台湾的一位同胞。他说我来自于台湾,现在我在大陆做生意,现在两岸关系在近年来不 断地改善,我现在在大陆的生意做得很好。当有人在美国说,美国想向台湾售武的时候我们非常担心,因为这样的话会破坏两岸关系。总统先生,我想知道您是否支 持改善两岸关系。当然,这个问题是来自于一位商人。但是其实对于所有的年轻中国人来说,其实都非常关心这个问题,所以我们特别希望听下您的看法。谢谢

About Taiwan issue. Asking Obama if he supports China and Taiwan strengthen their ties.

Question #5:


Another student from Shanghai Jiaotong University. She/he asked how Obama thinks of the Nobel Prize. Is the Prize a pressing power or a burden?

Question #6:


[This is an online question selected by US embassy.] First, in a country where 60 million people are writing blogs, do you know about GFW? Second, should we have free access to twitter?

[Python: It’s nice that someone mentioned this but the question has grammar errors if it’s written in Chinese. Did Huntsman write it up or was the Chinese question translated from English?]

Obama said he never used twitter before. He believes the Internet should be open but sometimes he hopes information doesn’t flow freely so he wouldn’t hear criticism against him, and it’s nature to think so. Obama said free Internet is a double-bladed sword since it allows technology innovation while extremists and terrorists use Internet to mobilize. However, there are much more advantages than disadvantages and he’s happy that Internet can be used as a part of the dialogue [between him and the students].

Question #7:

我想说我非常荣幸,站在这里向您提问,我认为我很幸运,我也感谢 这个机会,您的演讲非常清楚。我是周元天(音),复旦大学管理学院的学生,我想问一问,现在已经有人问您得诺贝尔奖的问题了,那么我不会以同样的角度问 您,我想问的是从另外一个角度来看,因为您很难才能得到这个奖,所以我在想您是怎么得到这个奖的?还有您的大学教育怎么样使您得到这个奖项?我们很好奇, 想请您给我们分享一下您的校园经历,如何才能走上成功的道路?

[A live question].  He wants Obama to share his experience on how his college education helped him in winning the Nobel Prize. [Crap. Even asking him if he knows chinaSMACK personals is better than a REPEATED question. Are you a White House two-quarters?]

Question #8:


[Another selected online question by US embassy.] Is terrorism still America’s biggest threat? Will [US army’s] operations in Afghanistan upgrade to another full-scale war?

14:03 pm. It’s over. Quite boring. No adidas exchange. And [12:30pm] Xinhua is being smacking down by too many disappointed netizen.



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