Occupy Wall Street Protesters Cleared Out, Chinese Reactions

A physical confrontation between Occupy Wall Street protesters and New York City police forces.

New York City police with a loud speaker clearing out Zuccotti Park of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

From NetEase, QQ (1 & 2), and ifeng:

New York police force out “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators

November 15th morning local time, New York police forcefully cleared out “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators. Clashes occurred between police and demonstrators in a scene of chaos with many people being arrested. At present, it is not clear whether or not there have been any injuries and casualties. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a statement that day claiming that the demonstrations have already affected the public interest. He also expressed gratitude to the police on duty that day.

[Above] photo is of New York City police ordering Occupy Wall Street movement demonstrators to leave the Zuccotti Park, saying that the sanitation in the park has become a problem, has become a fire hazard, and must be cleared.

New York City police and Occupy protesters.

An Occupy protester arguing with New York City policemen.

An Occupy Wall Street protester pressed to the ground under arrest by New York City police.

A New York City police officer tears down an Occupy Wall Street banner.

New York City police dismantling the Occupy Wall Street headquarters.

A physical confrontation between Occupy Wall Street protesters and New York City police forces.

In the early hours of November 15th, New York City police initiated its raid, thoroughly clearing out the headquarters of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in Zuccotti Park in Manhattan. This was the first time the protesters of the nearly 2-month long “Occupy Wall Street” movement have been forcibly removed. During the clearing, about 200 protesters were arrested by police.

Occupy Wall Street protesters and New York City police separated by a railing.

During the clearing, several protesters had physical confrontations with police due to their refusal to leave. New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said after the clearing that about 200 people were arrested during the clearing for not cooperating with the police.

Zuccotti Park afterbeing cleared out by NYC police.

After the clearing, demonstrators were allowed to return to Zuccotti Park, but were not allowed to pitch tents or sleep out in the open.

Occupy Wall Street protesters gather in Zuccotti Park.

Hundreds of demonstrators again gathered in Zuccotti Park.

An Occupy protester carrying a People's Republic of China national flag and a copy of the China Daily newspaper.

A young female Occupy Wall Street protester sits on the ground arrested by police.

An Occupy Wall Street protester gives emergency aid to a pepper spray victim.

An “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrator providing emergency treatment for a fellow demonstrator who was attacked with pepper spray.

Police clearing our Zuccotti Park.

Sanitation department workers clean up the site of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

An "Occupy Wall Street" protester carrying his belongings in a bag.

Around 1am in the early hours of November 15th local time, over a thousand police officers wearing helmets and armor carrying shields raided the “Occupy Wall Street” movement’s headquarters in Zuccotti Park, successfully forcing out all of the protesters.

Comments from NetEase:

非著名假象 [网易山东省济南市网友]:

Poor people are poor people, always poor people wherever they are.

地球不要污染 [网易加拿大网友]: (responding to above)

I don’t agree on this point. Don’t use this opportunity to defame the United States. Even so-called poor people are not necessarily the same wherever they are. The United States really takes care of the disabled who are unable to work. When it comes to the disabled, city public transportation, long-distance buses, etc. all take care of the very considerately. Therefore, it is simply impossible for someone to become a “poor person” simply by losing their ability to work. Rich and poor are relative here. In certain places, it is however absolute. For example, not having food to eat. Furthermore, the society here is not so snobby like in China, a bunch of Chinese people with only money in their eyes, where “poor people” is a derogatory term that hangs on people’s lips, and where there is no concept of treating people equally, only class thinking and insulting others as one wishes. In history, because the goal in life of certain great artists, thinkers, etc. was not the pursuit of money, they didn’t have much money and were also considered “poor people”, but does that mean their lives had no meaning? With regards to this “Occupy” movement, it isn’t that they don’t allow protest, the main reason is because these protesting people have set up a lot of tents continuously living there taking up public space preventing other people who want to use that park from doing so, because sanitation is bad, and because there can easily be a fire hazard. If you didn’t erect tents and live there like this, I think [the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations] would still be allowed. And there is indeed a number of drug-users who are amongst them. And the method of protest is also not one that everyone supports, and gradually those who don’t support it have already become the majority. Finally, the protestors also aren’t saying they are the poor opposing the rich. They are saying they belong to the vast majority 99% of society, opposing the wrong manipulation of the extreme small minority 1% “elite” that has taken the world in the wrong direction.

小贴土 [网易四川省德阳市网友]:

Americans are so incredible, where even forcefully clearing out people is called democracy and freedom!

ykjccz [网易山东省济宁市网友]:

These so-called “Occupy-ers” don’t have their own political agenda, are occupying only to occupy, clearly just a bunch of ordinary people who have nothing better to do than to make trouble. What more, there has been drug-use, rape, and other crimes. What more, there hasn’t been any shooting of demonstrators, nor has there been anyone sentenced to jail.

霉立贱狗希望 [网易河北省沧州市网友]:

The daily post commenting guidelines for American running dogs and Japanese-loving scum: 1. Exaggerate without limits the conflicts and ills of Chinese society, then attack the government and lower its credibility; 2. Make the most of China’s social problems to provoke netizens’ emotions, the more intense, the better, and direct it towards the political system; 3. Incite netizens to oppose any decisions, actions, and policies of the Chinese government, increasing the difficulty of governance; 4. Play down to the utmost any achievement by China, even if it is the tiniest amount of progress, and strike to the maximum extent against netizens’ confidence in their country; 5. Belittle the Chinese people as much as possible, striking against the people’s self-respect, to avoid the formation of nationalistic sentiment; 6. Use a negative, hopeless despairing attitude to influence Chinese netizens, making it so that they cannot see any hope; 7. On the foundation of depriving Chinese netizens of hope, strongly talk up America and Japan, making Chinese netizens gradually entrust their hope in America and Japan, to achieve the goals of influence and penetration; 8. Anything positive and any positive comments must be attacked and labeled as “wumao” to separate and divide them from ordinary netizens, weakening the influence of those comments. Finally, we must remember one thing, a China with confidence and hope is unconquerable!!!

此心光明亦复何言 [网易四川省内江市网友]: (responding to above)

10086: 5 mao has already been transferred to your account, please confirm… [This commenter is imitating an automated text message sent by a bank to an account holder.]

此心光明亦复何言 [网易四川省内江市网友]:

Sitting here waiting for the wumao wave [could also be “orgasm”] ^_^

汤伯虎 [网易上海市网友]:

I countries where human rights are fully respected, the people have the courage to express their demands and, even in the face of police, have no fear. Because they know the result. Whereas if the results cannot be predicted, no one would dare go “occupy”.

运输大队长 [网易上海市网友]:

The operation begins!

COMNAZIZIM [网易湖南省怀化市网友]:

Why are those homeless people without work or party-affiliation all dressed so handsomely? Aren’t they supposed to be poor, hungry, and have no other choice, and that’s why they’re protesting?!

武林歪传 [网易四川省宜宾市网友]:

No matter how much the media smears the United States, it is still better than China. After all, they can still protest, whereas we can only cheer.

不死葬舞 [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

The first person [on the left] in the first photo is clearly a member of China’s chengguan who has gone over to guide the work of forced evictions and demolitions, something America’s police have been longing for and now they finally dare to take action!

我就是中国龍 [网易浙江省网友]:

Obama and Condoleezza Rice are simply the lowest black dogs amongst humans. And yet there are still so many Chinese slaves who like to go lick and slurp the shit of these two black dogs. Slurping happily. Euphemistically calling it American foreign food. In the past when Grandpa Mao was still around, I was proud of being Chinese. Today, instead I feel embarrassed to be Chinese.

网易广西南宁市网友 [叫兽半仙]:

Whenever Americans want to borrow money they can borrow Chinese people’s money. This is too ridiculous, would you lend money to an opponent you want to strangle every day? So wrong, actually taking our money to go fight wars. Hurry and have the government take back our money.

大陆公民 [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

I trust there is no country in this world whose citizens would believe: That a privileged class that lives in high-end residences, drives cars with special privileges, eats specially provided products, sits in luxury office buildings, spends up to a billion in food and drink, has retinue/entourages wherever they go, whose speech is rigid and stiff, whose sons and daughters are all sent abroad, whose assets are not transparent, who are not subject to supervision and accountability, whose powers are not restricted, all day day residing at the top of society, would serve the people. Yet in this country there are indeed so many stupid cunts who believe this, who even support them, truly so foolish as to be unbelievable!

跟往事干杯0 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

America only supports 300 million people. If it were 1.4 billion people, who knows what life would be like there.


Should’ve been cleared away long ago, this bunch of Democrats are stupid cunts.

juliazhao920 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

American officials always say China doesn’t have human rights, but them arresting people like this means they have human rights?? Americans are complete liars.

What do you think?


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