Oceanic Bureau Says Tianjin Sea Cyanide Inconsequential

Oceanic Bureau Says Tianjin Sea Cyanide InconsequentialThe State Oceanic Administration has declared that cyanide found in the sea close to the site of the Tianjin explosions won’t affect the marine ecosystem. Since the August 12 chemical explosions, the SOA has set up 13 testing stations in Tianjin and Dongjiang Ports and has taken 194 samples. The results showed that although Cyanide was present with a maximum reading of 0.00156mg/l, it met the seawater quality standard of 0.005mg/l. Annual readings of most other chemicals remained unchanged. Netizens doubted the survey, with one saying officials who say things are fine usually end up being proved wrong.


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  • Fdom

    Everyone is waiting for the first rain after the explosion, then when the trees start dying….

  • Ajeje Brazov

    700 tons of sodium cynaide…. hard to belive there will be no consequences

  • Jahar

    The sea has enough water that that amount shouldn’t affect the sea, at least not beyond the point it entered. But it’s not the sea people are worried about.