Official Apologizes To Dead Man’s Wife Over Demolition Case

Official Apologizes To Dead Man’s Wife Over Demolition Case

The wife of Houdonggu villager Zhang Jimin who died in his home after it was set alight has received an apology from Linyi Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary Zhang Hongwei after he visited her in the hospital. The official said he felt much grievance over the incident and wanted to express his sincere apologies to Pan Jinhui and her family, and that she could rest assured that the truth will be found and that any lawbreakers would be severely dealt with. Pan was beaten up returning to the burnt house, which was disrupting plans for a new residential area. Netizens also want to know who the culprits truly are.

Source: Netease

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  • jin

    What an act! It’s pretty obvious that without someone higher up giving the order, they wouldn’t do it.

  • mr.wiener

    this one is turning into a soap opera.

    • David

      Very rarely see ANY follow up on stories but this is like the fourth story in a week.

  • Foreign Devil

    Really hard to figure. . obviously the main culprit is the one who benefits most from the removal and destruction him and his home. THe land developer. . The hired goons are secondary to the matter.