Officials Cause Death of Boatman by Dragging Him With Rope

Officials Cause Death of Boatman by Dragging Him With Rope
Three Changzhou Maritime Bureau law enforcers are currently being investigated by police after causing the death of a boatman. The officials were on patrol when they noticed a boat unloading sand at a canal wharf. On confiscating the vessel’s communication equipment after inspection, crewman Mr. Zhang requested the men wait for the boat’s proprietor to return before dealing with the matter. In order to stop them leaving, Zhang tied a rope to his neck and the patrol boat. After a long deadlock, the enforcers drove their boat away, dragging and killing him. Many netizens agreed the men’s conduct constituted murder.


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  • Necrogodomega

    Why would you tie a rope around anyone’s neck unless you wanted to kill them? Also, they were like police officers right? So they should have plenty of mean of holding a guy without killing him. Handcuff or something yeah?

  • vonskippy

    Plenty of stupid to go around on this one. Stupid of the guy for tying a rope around his own neck. Stupid on the Maritime jerks for driving off. What did either side think would happen.

    • Vance

      It’s called a knife. If they want to leave an some guy insists on tying himself to their boat. Cut the rope. But I’m just stating the obvious.

      • Foreign Devil

        Yeah but why would they want to ruin a perfectly good rope? That was their logic.

        • Vance

          Oh…yea…I should have been thinking.

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