Old Chinese Couple Play Claw Crane Arcade Machine, Reactions

The below microblog post was the #1 hottest of the day until noon today, after rising to #2 yesterday, on leading social network Sina Weibo…

From Sina Weibo:

@插班生小明明: Even when we are old, we will do young things, pinky promise. [可爱]


Comments from Sina Weibo:


[可爱] (All the comments below are couples [people sharing this post with their significant others], I’m so fashionable being a single dog)


A-ha, [I] have no one I can @ [to forward/reshare with].


A while back, I encountered an old couple where the old man focused on picking up the dolls [in the arcade claw crane machine] and the old lady focused on collecting them [from the machine]. The old man’s skill was exceptionally good, successfully picking up a quite a few of them over just a short time, and then the old lady took the dolls to go sell them, even asking me if I wanted one for 5 kuai each…


@吳彥祖 [@Daniel Wu, a Chinese male celebrity]


@苍井空 [@Sora Aoi, a popular Japanese AV star]


I still remember passing by a Nancheng newsstand that one time, where I heard an old grandpa ask the newsstand auntie if she had any ice cream. The auntie very apologetically indicated she didn’t and then showed her hands [indicating she had nothing]. The old grandma pouted her lips. Then the old grandpa grabbed the old grandma’s hand and said, “let’s go get one at McDonald’s”. [呵呵]


I think I now know why I can’t pick up any dolls [in such arcade machines], I’m still too young.


It’s always so moving when elderly people do romantic young people things. But when us young people do old people things, it’s just silly.


Look at the expression on that little dragon she’s holding.


Indeed I have no one I can @ this.


Although I know my comment is immediately going to be submerged in a sea of people, as I live, I still hope someone will upvote me. [泪流满面] I am a small-time advertising designer, I represent myself. [肥皂]


One day fifty years from now, we will walk into some large supermarket and as we pass several claw crane machines, you’ll say, “Old man, look at how cute that doll is. Get one for our granddaughter to play with.” I’ll say, “Old woman, starting from fifty years ago, every time we’ve entered the supermarket, I’ve had to get dolls for you. Do we not have enough dolls in our home for our granddaughter to play with>” “Nonsense, you’ve never grabbed the one I like the most, and you still have the gall to say anything.” “….[囧]


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