Old Man Attacks Red Light Violators’ Cars With Bricks

From NetEase:

Old man uses brick to smash 30 cars illegally running red lights


The old man swings a brick towards a car driving illegally.

He smashed the car in order to teach a lesson to those immoral drivers. The old man said that the traffic police department installed a traffic light at this pedestrian crosswalk a year ago. The neighborhood residents had applied for it to make it easier for neighborhood residents to come and go. However, quite a few drivers passing by the residents coming and goings. However, many drivers passing by continue driving even when there is a red light, ignoring pedestrian safety.

The old man said, he is already over 70-years old and it is already a little difficult for him to move around, but he has at this pedestrian crossing many times almost been hit by cars, and that day alone an accident nearly happened to him. Since he is unable to make the drivers drive more civilized, he was so angry that he started using a brick to smash cars that run the red light.


The old man runs towards a car driving illegally.


A "declaration of war" posted on a traffic light pole.

Comments from Mop:


Hehe, it sounds a little excessive…


Ding, I support the old man’s actions. Some people simply think having a bit of money means they can disregard others.


You only need to look at the reaction of those who were smashed to know whether or not it is excessive.
I only care about the old man being mindful of his safety while he’s smashing cars.


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If calling the police were of any use, then it wouldn’t need to be this troublesome!


Very good very good!!! When a driver who is breaking the law hits and kills you, you won’t feel this action was excessive!!! Some Chinese people are simply low!!!


People have been forced to this point. If they do not do this, you can suggest this or that but will the government listen to them?
You try it.


To be honest, certain bad habits of Chinese people…

really require harsh/strict punishment…. A fine?~

Just a drizzle..~~~ [no big deal]

If you do not punish harshly…who will listen to you…

Take for example human traffickers, drug traffickers, and other people who harm others and themselves…

Actions that devastate other people’s entire lives…should result in life imprisonment or execution…

What face does the law still have…what should be strict is not strict, and what shouldn’t be strict is ridiculously strict.


I am confused, no one makes the old man pay?
Dammit, I was walking on the street and slightly bumped into an old man.
Fucking old casket, he actually screamed that that he had internal injuries,
saying how this and that felt uncomfortable.
Fucking it was only after I called 110 [ambulance] that he went away.
Social morals degrade each day. There are many old caskets
A bunch of old bones thinking they have nothing to lose.
Run into a gangster and you’ll lose your life.


Sometimes I too have this kind of impulse, heh, have I become old?

Some drivers are really detestable, I have seen several times police cars running red lights, though of course there weren’t many people on the roads.


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The old grandpa probably was in black society when he was young…very valiant.

Comments from NetEase


Oh my god, well smashed!!! Next time there should be more people smashing, so these unscrupulous drivers know what is life!!!


Well smashed, I salute you.


Old grandpa, the citizens of China thank you!


Well done!

This is how it should be!

Let the driver know [learn his lesspn]!

This deserves to be ding‘d, the old man did a good thing. Without smashing him a few times, he would never know there was a red light there!


SB drivers deserve to be smashed,
Smash him to death,
It would be better than him killing himself in a crash.


This is very unsafe also. What is our great traffic department doing? Allowing an old man to go take such a big risk. If one day the old man is run down on the road, then there will be problems!


Those red-light running drivers I also hate the most. If one day one of them pisses me off, I will definitely stab him.


Where is the face of the Lanzhou police???


Pure man, you have done what I have wanted to do for so many years but never dared doing. I support you, our good model.


Faint! ~Those people running red lights are going against traffic law! It is an expression of their low characters, but old grandpa what are you doing? Violating public and private property, and you are violating criminal law, you are committing a crime! ~Wouldn’t everything have been solved if you had just reported to the traffic department to install a traffic camera!~ instead of you violating the law like this??

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  • Rick in China

    Notice how he’s like “oh it’s so hard for me to get around” yet he can literally run after cars with bricks? Hm..seems like grandpa only hobbles when it benefits his argument.

    That being said, while his plight is one that should be heard, swinging bricks at people is _not_ the solution…I have a feeling the old poor peasants are just getting pissed off at being left behind in poverty as the minority rich in China literally drive right on through.

    • jin

      Are you saying that nothing is wrong with crossing red light(breaking the law) and killing innocent people?

    • tigamanter

      Then what is the solution? Asking the police for help? Hahaha. Do you realize this is China? Will smashing these cars up with a brick keep them from running red lights? Nope. Will it make the local residents better anyway? A little. It’s a small but not unimportant moral victory. Bombs away!

      “Reason over emotion is bullshit, absolute bullshit.” Guillermo del Toro

  • Excellent post, Fauna! What an awesome old guy, I wish there were some video clips. Can anyone translate the “declaration of war”?

  • I actually LOL’d when I read the last translated comment:

    “~Wouldn’t everything have been solved if you had just reported to the traffic department to install a traffic camera!~ instead of you violating the law like this??”

    How naive. I’ve seen traffic police in this country do 2 things;
    1) direct traffic poorly
    2) stand and watch cars run into each other

  • ahei

    old man shouldn’t do it like that… use a hammer instead!!

  • Moncho

    Great!!!, they deserve it

  • Sushi

    He is doing exactly what I wished to do in many situations.

    I have always thought that you can understand how well a country respects the rule of law by how the obey the traffic laws.

    For a experiment, start in Sweden and move south through Europe going to Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Spain. Jump on a boat go to Italy and Greece. Cross roads in all these countries at least 30 times. Rank your confidence that the motorists will or did stop.

    Now correlate your results with the Corruption Perceptions Index: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_Perceptions_Index

    China ranks 72 out of 180.

    You can do the same experiment in the USA. The worst drivers are in Miami. I wonder why?

    • malagebi

      There’s a difference between perceived corruption and actual corruption. People don’t exactly speak out about corruption in China, especially when it may benefit them.

    • Rawr

      > the worst drivers are in Miami.
      Ah! Now I know why the GTA cheat for making all drivers ruthless was “MIAMITRAFFIC”.
      Still strange, I thought of Miami more as an old peoples’ residence with golf courses and public parks.

      • Jon

        No, those are the suburban areas of South Florida. Miami proper is a diverse, dynamic city full of asshole drivers, overinflated egos, and hyperinflated breasts.

    • Jon

      From Miami. The reason why is a rich blend of elderly drivers, immigrants from the Caribbean where driving laws are a joke, and ego-heavy idiots who regard their cars as an extension of their dicks. Also, it’s hot and the streets are crowded, and that’s enough to drive most people to the brink.

  • JoeH

    That’s is what happens when the rule of law is not enforced: people take matters of justice into their own hands.

    I think I remember something about a radio show having a contest to see who stopped at a new traffic light in the city. They wanted to give prizes (something like 100 RMB) to those who actually obeyed. I heard they watched for a few hours and only gave out one prize.

  • Why doesn’t he smack the corrupt polices directly? haha

  • Alikese

    I think it’s hilarious that a cranky old codger is chasing around cars and hitting them with bricks because the drivers ignore the traffic laws. But the old man is going to hit the wrong person’s ride and never be heard from again.

  • lesson dont mess aroung with old man :)

  • mike

    when does someone cross the road and not almost get hit by a car/bike/spit in china?

    • Fike2308

      When they actually get hit…

  • now if someone would only get those pesky motorcyclists who drive on the sidewalk.

    • Dude, just tie a rope to a tree and the fence and clothesline the bastards!

  • TheOrz

    Wow this is awesome. That old man has balls. This is what Chinese drivers need to happen to them. Kudos to the old brick wielding man!

  • Super Kong

    I am thinking the old man needs to upgrade to a paintball gun filled with frozen ammo. That would do the trick with out having to run around.

    • M

      Do you know where I can get one of those in China? We all need to stock up and follow this guy’s example.

      • too yellow

        actually BB gun are made illegal during do elementary years in China. (when I had 1 BB hand gun, 1 BB rifle, and one that shot 3 BBs at once.. oh good times) Well, hopefully those will be made legal again just like fireworks did recent years.

  • Beng Nong

    Whoa. This is how selfish people justify anger and hatred as a proper solution.

    Say, what would any of you think the result going to be?
    Would the irresponsible drivers feel sorry and dare not to repeat next time? Or would they grow more hatred toward pedestrians and justify themselves if an accident happen? By common sense, we know the answer.

    • M

      Common sense tells us that if there is a consequence to their gross unwillingness to follow rules, then there will be an improvement.

      Common sense also tells us that his garnering attention has highlighted a problem that needs to be solved, and will therefore aid in hastening a solution.

  • kailing Fan

    Three days ago I was almost run over by a car in beijing. 10 cm from my leg it stopped! with “screeek” sounds… A sunny clear day, 10:00 morning. I wait my turn by the side. The light turns to green for pedestrians I am walking in the zebra cross, then it happened. Even though I can say chinese I did not say anything, just look at him and signaled with my hand the little green man that was supposed to be giving me permission to cross the road… he looked at it like perplexed and continued his way. Respect of traffic regulations shows the level of awareness towards rights in society. Sometimes I need to wait so you can cross, sometimes you need to wait so I can cross. It is not simply a legal matter, it is also a “human deference and respect” issue.
    The same goes for pedestrians that cross the road in whatever way, whatever place whatever time they feel to, without considering the due rights of the drivers. Zongguancun in Beijing (or any Metro station behind the forth ring) is a clear example; 4 or 5 lanes each direction and only 1 or 2 usable due to people (cars, van, tricicles…) encroaching the road. Or the midlle/up families waiting for the kids out of school in double parking… WHERE ARE THE CHENGGUAN WHEN WE REALLY NEED THEM?

    • Fike2308

      To me, the traffic in China is like a microcosm of the mentality of most Chinese people in general….ME ME ME! ME FIRST! ME FIRST! SCREW YOU, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!

  • Terry


    Sounds funny…

    It reminds me an old man in Beijing, he was shouting at the cars when they were honking… guess he had no voice at the end of the day !

    Once I’ve almost been crushed by a car while crossing the street, you have to protect yourself in China, because the big one wins against the small one.
    But the drivers don’t drive so fast, because they fear to pay if they have an accident.

    Well, I guess that the government has to do more campaigns to educate people.
    The driving licence test should be more strict too.

    After, all depends on each people…

  • brickcatcher

    In the first photo isn’t the light green when he’s tossing and why are people crossing on the green light?

  • me

    Good for the old man. I’ve been slapping the back of cars lately that get too close to me when I’m trying to cross the street. When people driving see a red light they don’t think stop they think “do I NEED to stop”.

    Also what’s with turning right without stopping. I’ve seen at least 10 people get smoked by cars because of this. Traffic in China is just like the government that enforces all the law .. corrupt and retarded.

  • jason

    Good job. Old man is good.

  • snicka

    I’ve done some car slapping of my own! I was thinking about using my key on some cars too…less dangerous than bricks, but just as painful for the driver.

    I was also thinking of using eggs. Although I lament wasting food, eggs will not damage the car, but will cause the driver frustration and embarassment. It will also force the driver to consider the consequence of running into something that can break when he/she hits it.

    I think those little squishy toys that guys sell on the street would work too, if you don’t want to waste food.

    • MF

      I thought about carrying a can of spray paint or silly string to spray on cars that got too close to me, but I never had the guts.

    • Fike2308

      I’ve kicked a few cars….

  • krdr

    It is shame that bystanders are just bystanders. This old man protects them too.

    Here, some guys takes a photos of wrong parked cars, they put stickers on it which state: “I park ruggedly/carelessly”. Photos are uploaded on web site.

    Often, people pierce tires on cars parked on grass.

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  • Tom

    I love this old man. I have complained to the local PSB about this same problem. They seem to not care. I use 1RMB coins to throw at the cars. Doesnt cause much (if any) damage, but sure gets their attention.

    • critofur

      That’s a great idea. Throwing small rocks is probably better than a brick. If a brick goes through a window, an innocent passenger could be injured, or even killed. The car should be damaged, not people inside it.

  • Joshua

    I support this man fully! Traffic law enforcement in China is a joke. People get hit everyday, sometimes there are no injuries but many times someone gets badly hurt. It’s the one thing in China I cannot stand. My life is worth more than your car and your time. People need to respect pedestrians and their rights.

  • Asun Joe

    Because the policeman is busy catching humanrights protectors.
    On the other hand, the rich and the officers dare to kill people with their cars without being sent to prison. So this is the only way to protect the young generation.

  • Overseas Chinese

    I support the old man. Even if the police enforce traffic laws, what’s a fine to the errant drivers? Only the threat of physical harm can deter some people.

  • I wonder what the old man with a brick would have done at a certain intersection in Hangzhou 2 months ago?

  • Tommy

    Do you think the way a person drives shows you something about their personality?
    Any he’s an old man, make it easier on yourself and use a big stick.

  • fireworks

    I agree that some drivers are tools and they should be dealt with by the local traffic bureaus. But being a self-styled public order vigilante can be risky and dangerous especially throwing bricks at private cars which could invite road rage and lethal confrontation with the drivers. Hope the old man survives.

    • critofur

      If I was 70 years old and felt I might die soon anyway, then I say it’s valiant to risk my life to teach these drivers to respect the red light!

      • mr.wiener

        …….Aaaaaand the redditors are here.

  • Rick in China

    If the old man is ‘justified’ in his violence because cars are disobeying the lights and causing problems for pedestrians, is it also justifiable for me to get out of my car and smash pedestrians or bicyclists if they disobey the law and cause me problems as a driver?

    • Stephan Larose

      If you’re driving a car a bike can’t hurt you. A car, on the other hand can easily KILL a pedestrian or a cyclist. That’s why in a normal country both the laws and people put the safety of cyclists and pedestrians first.

      That’s why someone would be pissed if you were so callous and disrespectful that you would be willing to gamble with their lives behind the wheel of your car when you decide that a red light is too inconvenient. Get it?

      Violence is not the answer, but I think it’s totally understandable in this context. Any driver of a car running a red light should get beat within an inch of their lives. Unfortunately, us savages won’t see that satisfaction, we’re reduced to lobbying for a traffic officer to fine drivers and take their licenses away… sigh

    • critofur

      Hurting a car is really not the same as hurting a person. It is less serious.

      People who run red lights should lose their cars, whatever way nesc. But they should not be hurt physically, beyond say, maybe a public spanking by government officials to embarrass them and teach them a lesson.

  • Shanghairocks

    Is there any traffic rule in China ??? huh ~~

  • I am so there with that old guy. I was walking in my apartment complex in Wudaokou today, this guy was going like 50, and the bastard almost hit me…DAMN I was pissed, so I punched his car (unfortunately not hard enough). I realize I should add a brick to my Chinese urban “survival” gear. Way to raise the bar old man!

  • yellow master race

    that reminds me some old british champ who hit the bar with his dick to get the atention of the staff…

  • Teacher in China

    This is begging for a joke. I’ll start it, you finish it.

    Q: Why did the old man cross the road?

    • Teacher in China

      A: He heard someone was shitting bricks.

  • bossman

    Every people with a car in China should be smashed with a brick regradless, as they will be breaking the law!! Foreigners make jokes of the Chinese drivers in America, because I am embarassed is true!

    • Fike2308

      To be fair, Americans makes fun of ALL ASIAN DRIVERS, not just Chinese….and we are justified I think.

  • Somethin Somethin

    From someone who’s been hit by a chinese taxi running a red light and left for dead. I gotta Ding the old guy.

  • PRC Fenqing

    Chinese police should catch “human rights” terrorists before catching anyone else of any crime.

    We will build a harmonious society with that as our priority

    • phobe

      Harmonious Society = based on paper money = not worth a dime. Not self-sufficient.

  • I cann’t say it all wrong!I hate the driver who illegally running red lights very much.But the old man should care the consequence,and it may cause some adverse effects.

  • Have to say these scumbags have it coming to them. I’ve literally seen someone running a red light whilst school children were crossing, the motherfucker simply sped up and beeped his horn. If I’d had a brick in my hand it would have gone straight through the SOB’s rear windscreen.

  • Francis McButterpants

    Um, how about installing a traffic light?

    Also, do any Chinese use condoms? Eventually the entire country will have to eat each other to stay alive.

    • krdr

      Traffic lights ARE installed. Drivers don’t obey them

  • Professor Sillypants

    Is this guy sure he’s not American? I understand westerners getting upset after coming to China from countries with actual traffic laws, but for a Chinese to be this upset…?

  • Nancy Fowler

    Is this guy sure he’s not American? I understand westerners getting upset after coming to China from countries with actual traffic laws, but for a Chinese to be this upset…?

    Just a loony old man.

    • Dorothy

      Yesm westerners do get upset at the arrogance and rudenss of Chinese drivers. They buy a car and they think they are king. I am Australian, not American, and I believed that Chinese culture was built on respect before coming here, but now I have learnt different. There is little or no respect shown anywhere. Doesn’t this man, regardless of his age, have the right to cross the street in his neighborhood without being mowed down by some stupid, arrogant driver who can’t wait one second longer? In Wuxi we even get mowed down by disrespectful riders on electric bikes who have taken over the pathways as well as the roads. Where do we walk in China?

  • Lu

    Simply put the traffic law enforcers are not strict enough. This is the reason why Chinese traffic is like hell. Over here in the west, you could lose sleep even passing red lights a second or two after the change! Three points on your license plus a heavy fine is a nightmare.

  • Mr. Potato

    The old man has the right idea, but the wrong methods. In the end, nothing positive will come of it. The real problem exists on a social level and probably won’t be solved in his lifetime. That’s too bad. I can understand his frustration though. That brings out desperate behavior.

    It isn’t just people with money doing what they want on the road. It’s everybody. How much money does a taxi driver make? Obviously, it isn’t much and they’re behind the wheel too. They’re doing the same things.

    • critofur

      Taxi drivers may drive fast and try to pass you when they shouldn’t, but I don’t see them being as dangerous, or, as disrespectful as SUV drivers.

  • limaygolf

    I feel the exact same way the old man does but I think “Mr. Potato” is right when he says “right idea but wrong method”. I too have felt like taking a baseball bat with me next time I cross the street, but that won’t solve the problem and would most defiantly end in a fight. What’s more, those “rich people” will protect their belongings to the death. So even keying their car may very well end up with the “keyer” being stabbed. Not only will this problem not be solved in the old man’s lifetime, it probably won’t be solved in my lifetime either (I’m 31). It will take time to change, but it will change.

  • Jigga Berry

    Respect old guy! Ha ha, way to take the situation on old-school style. A person driving a car is basically wielding a 2 ton steel weapon. In every other country in the world drivers give way to pedestrians and are very careful to avoid them. In Canada, drivers will ALWAYS stop and let you cross no matter if you are at a red light or not. That’s called courtesy, it’s also called respect for human life, you don’t charge your 2-ton car at a bike or a person, you’re going to kill them!

    The old man has done well. Why? Because he’s taken a risk to call attention to the situation there. Now that its in the public light, they’ll probably get a traffic officer there to dispense tickets.
    Just take care that none of those self-important-shit-for-brain-drivers don’t run you down for your trouble. Life is cheap in China.

    • Fike2308

      Chinese people don’t respect life….

    • critofur

      Cars should NOT stop for pedestrians to go if they have a green light. Pedestrians need to let cars have a turn too. I’m not saying they should run into the pedestrian, I’m saying they should not have to worry that the stupid pedestrian will walk against a “Don’t Walk” sign – both dangerous and illegal!

  • Stephan Larose

    He should be hitting the drivers in the face, not the cars!

  • Fike2308

    That old man is awesome! I wish China had more people like this who weren’t willing to tolerate bullshit!

  • Shawn

    I can tell you this was a great idea. I mean if you have ever been to China and watched just how stupid and uneducated MOST of the drivers are here then you would agree too. I ride a bike in Beijing, China and I have been hit a few times by cars and even hit a few myself that did not even look before turning into traffic or the other lane.

    The other day my wife and I were in a taxi and this SUV hit the taxi and when we looked at them as they continued to drive by they smiled and waved, like they were sorry. The damage to the taxi was paint scratched off and the rear drivers side wheel well bent to the point that it needed to be taken in for repairs. We tried to follow them to get them to stop but they sped away and did some illegal driving against on coming traffic so that the taxi could not catch them.

    Oh and a lot of the cars that had the bricks thrown at them did not stop right away for fear that they had hit someone or something and that they would have to own up to it. Also any time I have been hit by a car or hit a car that suddenly was in front of me on my green light, their red has not stopped and only made them speed up after the impact.

    I was thinking of having some bricks in my bike basket the next time I go out.

    • masaru

      full support on the “brick basket” movement!!!

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