Old Man Attacks Red Light Violators’ Cars With Bricks

From NetEase:

Old man uses brick to smash 30 cars illegally running red lights

The old man swings a brick towards a car driving illegally.

He smashed the car in order to teach a lesson to those immoral drivers. The old man said that the traffic police department installed a traffic light at this pedestrian crosswalk a year ago. The neighborhood residents had applied for it to make it easier for neighborhood residents to come and go. However, quite a few drivers passing by the residents coming and goings. However, many drivers passing by continue driving even when there is a red light, ignoring pedestrian safety.

The old man said, he is already over 70-years old and it is already a little difficult for him to move around, but he has at this pedestrian crossing many times almost been hit by cars, and that day alone an accident nearly happened to him. Since he is unable to make the drivers drive more civilized, he was so angry that he started using a brick to smash cars that run the red light.

The old man runs towards a car driving illegally.

A "declaration of war" posted on a traffic light pole.

Comments from Mop:


Hehe, it sounds a little excessive…


Ding, I support the old man’s actions. Some people simply think having a bit of money means they can disregard others.


You only need to look at the reaction of those who were smashed to know whether or not it is excessive.
I only care about the old man being mindful of his safety while he’s smashing cars.


If calling the police were of any use, then it wouldn’t need to be this troublesome!


Very good very good!!! When a driver who is breaking the law hits and kills you, you won’t feel this action was excessive!!! Some Chinese people are simply low!!!


People have been forced to this point. If they do not do this, you can suggest this or that but will the government listen to them?
You try it.


To be honest, certain bad habits of Chinese people…

really require harsh/strict punishment…. A fine?~

Just a drizzle..~~~ [no big deal]

If you do not punish harshly…who will listen to you…

Take for example human traffickers, drug traffickers, and other people who harm others and themselves…

Actions that devastate other people’s entire lives…should result in life imprisonment or execution…

What face does the law still have…what should be strict is not strict, and what shouldn’t be strict is ridiculously strict.


I am confused, no one makes the old man pay?
Dammit, I was walking on the street and slightly bumped into an old man.
Fucking old casket, he actually screamed that that he had internal injuries,
saying how this and that felt uncomfortable.
Fucking it was only after I called 110 [ambulance] that he went away.
Social morals degrade each day. There are many old caskets
A bunch of old bones thinking they have nothing to lose.
Run into a gangster and you’ll lose your life.


Sometimes I too have this kind of impulse, heh, have I become old?

Some drivers are really detestable, I have seen several times police cars running red lights, though of course there weren’t many people on the roads.


The old grandpa probably was in black society when he was young…very valiant.

Comments from NetEase


Oh my god, well smashed!!! Next time there should be more people smashing, so these unscrupulous drivers know what is life!!!


Well smashed, I salute you.


Old grandpa, the citizens of China thank you!


Well done!

This is how it should be!

Let the driver know [learn his lesspn]!

This deserves to be ding‘d, the old man did a good thing. Without smashing him a few times, he would never know there was a red light there!


SB drivers deserve to be smashed,
Smash him to death,
It would be better than him killing himself in a crash.


This is very unsafe also. What is our great traffic department doing? Allowing an old man to go take such a big risk. If one day the old man is run down on the road, then there will be problems!


Those red-light running drivers I also hate the most. If one day one of them pisses me off, I will definitely stab him.


Where is the face of the Lanzhou police???


Pure man, you have done what I have wanted to do for so many years but never dared doing. I support you, our good model.


Faint! ~Those people running red lights are going against traffic law! It is an expression of their low characters, but old grandpa what are you doing? Violating public and private property, and you are violating criminal law, you are committing a crime! ~Wouldn’t everything have been solved if you had just reported to the traffic department to install a traffic camera!~ instead of you violating the law like this??


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