Old Man Drowns Trying to Rescue Pet Dog That Fell in River

Yan's family members are grieve at the scene of the accident

Yan's family members are grieve at the scene of the incident.

From Sina:

Little Dog Falls into Moat While Playing; 59-Year-Old Master Drowns in Rescue

The Beijing News – “To Save a Dog, He Sacrificed His Life.” Yesterday morning at around 11:30am, along the bank of Zuoanmen Bridge Moat, accompanied with a heartrending lung-splitting cry, multiple passers-by shook their heads and sighed.

A 59-year-old man took a walk with his little dogs. The little dog fell into the moat while frolicking. The man was so eager to save his little dog that he jumped into the river. The firefighters who rushed to the scene pulled the man and the little dog ashore, the little dog was rescued, but the dog owner drowned.

The teddy dog [a type of “designer dog”] fell into the water while playing by the river.

An elderly man who was playing the Hulusi by the moat witnessed the drowning.

He recalled, at around 10am that morning, a man over 50 years old arrived at the moat riding a motor tricycle, with two small dogs on the back seat. The man carried the two teddy dogs out, one grey, one brown. “The two little dogs were playing happily, barking.”

The two little dogs were playing right by the guardrails, and just beyond the guardrails was the over 2-meter deep moat.

“The dark grey little dog fell into the river.” According to the elderly witness, the little dog fell through a gap between the guardrails, and was pitter-pattering in the water.

Dog owner went into the water holding onto his belt and sank

Seeing the dog fall into the river, the dog owner took off his clothes in a hurry, and with only his underpants on, he went into the water to save the dog.

“While in the river, he even said the water was not deep…” The witness says the man tied one side of his belt to the guardrails and held onto the other side of it while going into the water. The water came up to the man’s chest as he held onto the belt with one hand and reached for the little dog about one meter away with his other hand.

The little dog in the water swam further away upon seeing someone come down.

The man moved further into the river. At that moment, the belt tied to the guardrail suddenly broke off and he slipped towards the center of the river.

“Only when I saw him choking on the water did I scream ‘Oh no, you don’t know how to swim?” said to the eyewitness.

Firefighters recovering the body of an elderly man who had drowned trying to save his dog who had fallen into the water.

Firefighters tied ropes on their waists to recover body

None of the few people on the bank could swim, and someone ran to the nearby fire station for help.

20 meters away from the scene of the incident was the Longtanhu Fire Station Detachment.

According to squadron commander Fan Haohao, at about 10:30am in the morning, a city resident came looking for help. 9 firefighters with life jackets and life buoys rushed to the scene. “When we arrived there, the man had already sunk into the water. All we could see from the surface were tiny air bubbles.

A firefighter with his waist tied to a rescue rope jumped into the water to search and rescue. He first grabbed the drowning man’s foot, but due to his heavy weight, he was unable to complete the recovery of the body. Immediately, another firefighter with a rescue rope tied [to his waist] went into the water and tied the man’s ankle with the rescue rope. The firefighters on the bank held the rope, and the two firefighters in the water raised the man, together carrying him ashore.

After recovering the man, the firefighters in the water then rescued the pitter-pattering little dog ashore.

The teddy dog was rescued but the dog owner drowned

Fan Haohao said when the man was recovered ashore, “his neck was purple, his belly had swollen up, and was no longer breathing.”

Firefighters quickly gave the man manual cardiopulmonary resuscitation [CPR], but they still unable to save his life. Subsequently, the police who arrived were also on the scene conducting an investigation.

Yesterday [July 31] morning at about 11:30am, family members of the drowned man arrived at the scene. Upon seeing the man’s body wrapped in a white cloth and a broken brown belt, they fell to the ground painfully crying.

Next to the dead body was a motor tricycle with two teddy dogs sitting on the back seat, staring at their master’s body lying on the ground in silence. Amongst which, the gray little dog was still wet.

According to the drowned man’s family members, the deceased was surnamed Yan, 59 years old, “normally loved dogs as much as his own life.”

The deceased

The little dog that cost him his life was his favorite

“Loved dogs as much as his own life” is his family members’ comment on Mr. Yan.

At the age of 59 years old, he was still single; and his left arm was slightly disabled.

According to his younger sister, Yan was 1.8 meter in height, didn’t have any grey hair on his head, and lived alone in a low-rent apartment in Songjia Village.

He had no children, and in order to divert himself from loneliness, he kept a brown and a grey teddy dogs as his companions.


His life was happy because of the little dogs

Between “Zai’er” and “Nini” [names of his two dogs], Yan liked “Nini”more.

Dark grey “Nini” is small and delicate, and would often run and jump about in front of Mr. Yan. According to [Yan’s] younger sister, every time Yan saw the little pet frolic about, her brother’s face would also reveal a smile. “Zai’er is very well-behaved and obedient, but Nini is especially naughty, but my brother never hit or scolded it.”

The two teddy dogs brought Mr. Yan great happiness.

He [Yan] often put “Zai’er” and “Nini” on the back seat of his motor tricycle. And then, like carrying children, he would ride his motor tricycle around, taking them for rides.

According to the younger sister, before the incident happened, her brother and several relatives were supposed to get together for lunch, but some relatives were otherwise engaged and couldn’t make it, so the family gathering was cancelled. Yesterday [July 31] morning at about 11:00am, Ms. Yan suddenly received a call from the police, “informing me that my big brother went into water to save his dog… that something had happened. They wanted us come immediately.”

“I immediately guessed it was Nini who caused this, my brother spoiled Nini too much,” the younger sister said in tears.


Little dogs rarely drown when they fall into the water

According to a staff member at a pet hospital in Beijing, most dogs are born swimmers. If a little dog is being naughty and jumps into the river to swim, there’s no need to worry about it drowning. Normally in water 2-4 meters deep, a puppy can by itself swim ashore. In the situation where the little dog is unable to get ashore, the dog owner still shouldn’t rashly go into the water. If the condition on the scene allow, just extend a stick into the river, and the puppy will grab the stick to come ashore.

According to Fan Haohao of Longtanhu Fire Station Detachment, the vertical height between the riverbed of Zuoanmen Moat and the bank was more than 3 meters. From the water surface to the shore, there are some openings in the walls where one can step out but the place where Mr. Yan was didn’t happened to have anywhere for him to step onto.

Firefighters suggest that if a puppy falls into the water and can’t be rescued, one can call 119 [fire department] or 110 [police department] for help. Those who can’t swim but rashly go into the water will greatly endanger themselves.

A sketch of Yan trying to save his puppy.

Comments from Sina :

坦白的笨鸟 [广西南宁]:

Does this count as sacrificing oneself to rescue others? Should we give him some praise? He loved dogs more than he loved himself, so selfless. In the future, we should raise dogs to the same political level as humans, to enjoy the protection of the law. Those who kill dogs should executed, and stray dogs should be given welfare. Dogs that bite [maul] people to death should enjoy the same treatment as mental patients, while the people who were bitten to death deserved it, because you are neither a mental patient nor a dog.

坦白的笨鸟 [广西南宁]:

Dogs are nothing more than animals on the same level as pigs, cows, and horses. We should care more about the parents who raised you, care more about the brothers and sisters who grew up together with you, care more about the relatives and friends who helped you… Aren’t they more important than your dogs? Birds of a feather flock together, hope you don’t turn yourself into a dog.

猫之杯具 [北京]:

He is not worth our sympathy. What I hate the most is uncivilized dog owners who walk their dogs without leashes, letting their dogs shit wherever they please!

手机用户 [北京]:

Beijingers who keep dogs are strange. Dog shit can be seen everywhere on the streets. What are the dog owners thinking? No matter what pets you keep, morality comes first.

rhz01090 [广西桂林]:

A pathetic man. Dogs won’t drown (even a pig naturally knows how to swim). This kind of person dying isn’t worth pity.

泡椒炖豆腐 [安徽六安]:

You don’t have to believe, but you can respect other people’s beliefs. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with kindheartedness, what do you think?

虚拟山 [北京]:

A pitiful man must have something that other people detest.

啊立1号 [香港]:

Dogs and people are equal? I really doubt his state of mind!

用户3684272020 [黑龙江七台河]:

Risked his life for a dog, truly stupid.

没有医保卡的老人 [山东菏泽]: (responding to above)

Dogs compete with humans for food, non-staple foods, threaten people’s safety, pollute the environment, and spread diseases… Our country should introduce policies and restrictions, such as heavy taxes…

动物代言人 [江苏徐州]: (responding to above)

The world belongs to all species, not only humans. What you said is an expression of human selfishness. Besides, dog owners spend their own money buying food to feed their dogs, they don’t steal or rob. What’s it got to do with you?

泽能普润清洁水处理技术 [山东济南]:

Having lived for so many years, you didn’t know dogs are natural-born swimmers?

矮一寸 [湖北荆门]:

I’m reminded of a 2B piece of news from the past. A family was walking a dog but unluckily, the dog fell into a gutter/ditch. To save it, three people died, they didn’t even manage to rescue the dog!!! Such fucking unbelievable people.


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