Old Man Falls and Is Run Over Because No One Helped Him Up


From NetEase:

Elderly Person Falls and is Run Over and Killed Because No one Helped Him Up, Village Head Claims He’s a Drunk Who Extorts People

The Beijing News report — At 4:30pm on February 1st, an elderly man in Zhejiang province Yuhuan county fell in the middle of the road, and over the next 8 minutes, 4 vehicles and 23 pedestrians passed by. With the exception of one elderly woman who went forward to inquire, everyone else only looked but did not lend an hand. In the end, the elderly man was run over by a white car, and even dragged a short distance.

This morning [February 4th] at 11pm, this Beijing News reporter learned from a representative of the Yuhuan county Party Committee Publicity Department that the fallen old man is a local drunk, and died on the spot after being run over. The village head of the old man’s village also confirmed this. The village head explained that the reason no one helped him up was because the old man is a well-known local drunk, who normally becomes unruly and rascally after drinking.

Surveillance footage: 8 minutes with no one helping

According to what is shown in surveillance footage of the incident, at 4:30pm on February 1st, while an old man wearing pajamas staggered across an intersection, he suddenly tilted over and landed heavily on the ground. Over the next eight minutes, a total of 4 vehicles and 23 pedestrians passed by, but the all only looked, with none lending a hand to help him up.

Five minutes after the old man collapsed, a passing motorist noticed the old man lying on the ground, got out to investigate the road conditions and then drove on. During this time, a woman who appears to know the old man passed by, called his name, but the old man did not respond. According to Zhejiang TV’s report, this woman then headed to the old man’s home to find someone to help.

At 4:38pm, a white automobile suddenly made a right turn at the intersection, running over the old man’s waist, and even dragged him a short distance, stopping only when pedestrians informed the driver. The driver got out and investigated, then immediately called the police.

This morning at around 11, a representative for the Yuhuan county Publicity Department stated that preliminary investigation revealed that this old man had fallen from excessive drinking. At present, the local traffic police are still investigating further.


Village head: No one dared to help

“He’s a well-known local drunk, and although he’s dead, we still need to make this clear.” This morning, the village head of the village where this incident occurred explained to this Beijing News reporter that there is a reason why no one helped up the fallen old man.

According to his explanation, the old man is named Chen Xiwen, and was 57 years old this year. The village head claims the old man was a bricklayer when he was young, but later because of his heavy drinking, even his wife had left him.

The village head claims that after heavy drinking, the old man often becomes unruly and scoundrelly, quarreling with other villagers. He has fallen many times before as well. “After helping him up, he’ll claim the other person pushed him down, that they must compensate him money, and has even urinated and defecated in other people’s homes.”

The village head says that before the fall that day, the old man was drinking in a small shop not 20 meters away. “Blood filled his nose and ear from the fall itself.”

(Original title: Zhejiang Old Man Falls and is Run Over and Killed Because No One Helped Him Up, Village Head Claims Old Man Is a Drunk Who Extorts People)

A white car moments before running over a fallen old man in Zhejiang, China.

Comments from NetEase:

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网易广东省广州市手机网友 ip:113.119.*.*

Screwed over that driver.

宰执 [内涵大师]:

“after heavy drinking, the old man often becomes unruly and scoundrelly, quarreling with other villagers. He has fallen many times before as well. ‘After helping him up, he’ll claim the other person pushed him down, that they must compensate him money, and has even urinated and defecated in other people’s homes.'”
—————-Heh, the old man brought it upon himself, by having turned people against him, a classic example of a bad person getting old and getting his just deserts.

阿邦莫坤 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

If it is like this, then one really mustn’t help him/people up!!!

Sammya [网易江苏省南京市手机网友]:

I admit I do not dare help people up.

网易河南省郑州市手机网友 ip:182.127.*.*

Let’s thank the Nanjing Judge.

不正常人类研究所主任 [内涵大师]:

NZND, classic “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” story.

网易天津市网友 ip:117.11.*.*

Doesn’t the government media spend a lot of money every year calling on people to learn from Lei Feng?

老校長 [内涵大师]:

Hello, everyone, I am a keyboard warrior!
These people truly have no conscience. If it were me who saw him…

一江春水梦里游 [网易河北省邢台市手机网友]:

A conscience that cannot afford to help someone up.

拙政居士 [网易江苏省南京市手机网友]:

Good, claps 👏, there is hope!

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  • David

    Honestly, there is nothing new to say here. It keeps happening. I think the interesting thing is that it is still story that people post and so many read. Whether from the point of view that he is faking it (or is the drunk the elder says he is) or that he is a helpless old man. Both stories have been done so much.

  • FYIADragoon

    Wonder what will happen to the driver. With the way people drive here, I’m willing to bet he could still be held liable.

    • Stefan

      In what way do Chinese drive any different to westerners?

      • jaded

        LMAO Are you serious? I don’t know if that’s a rhetorical question, or a genuine one. The drivers here are among the worst in the world. Drive through red lights, don’t give way, don’t look before pulling out, generally drive recklessly an without due care and attention.

        The funny thing is that the Chinese theory driving test is similar to the Western regarding road safety. However…

        • Markoff

          I read somewhere it has something to do with non-existing tradition of driving cars, since most of the owners own/drive car for first time in their life, so they behave like they are pedestrians and not drivers. I guess it was sort of similar in west like 50-60 years ago before wide spread of car ownership, but I guess the approach as still different.

          • the warden

            To me, Chinese driving habits just seem like an analogy of how they act in general. Needless discourtesy, complete lack of care for the safety of others and lack of awareness even in situations which require it. These are common in general in China, but more obvious in traffic.

          • jaded


          • Ryo Saeba

            Those true as that may be, there are less road rage as well. I’ve my fair share of people cutting me off, but I also do that to them. In the states, people would be furious, pulling up next to you and giving you the finger! Here, it’s pretty normal and most, including myself, don’t even give it a second thought.

            With so many cars here, if you don’t cut them off, they’ll just cut you off. When there’s half a car length available, it’s fair game for anyone to dive in there and no one will get mad about it.

          • the warden

            Yes I know what driving in China is like; I’ve seen it. I understand all that you say and that’s my point: Chinese drivers are utterly devoid of any manners or refinement.

          • jaded

            I would respectfully disagree. Living in such densely populated areas as inner city China, one should have even more acute awareness than in a more rural lower populated environment. Or at least, you would have thought..(another ominous comment:)

            Stefan just embodies the Chinese trait of Denial, in the same vein as “there are no hookers in China” and “Chinese people are really friendly (snigger) and all the other bullshit that many-however not all) like to come out with.

          • don mario

            i would say it has more to do with lack of awareness of others. chinese will do the same when walking on the streets, not observing others, only careing about themself ect. thats fine if you are walking..behind a deadly machine then no it is unacceptable. awareness is number 1.

        • Ryo Saeba

          Those people aren’t better drivers. They are only obeying the law only because they have to and are afraid of getting caught.

          I drove in the states for more then 15 years and I’ve seen my fair share of people running “yellow” lights and not stopping at stop signs. Not to mention the speeding that happens everywhere. The main reason there aren’t many accidents is only because there are less cars and people on the road. But when accidents do happen, it’s usually pretty serious. Most accidents here are fender benders or a bump of pedestrians here and there. It’s rare to see accidents here that requires a tow truck and an ambulance.

          In the bigger cities where traffic cameras are everywhere, no one dares to run red lights. Most don’t even make right turns on red (non red arrow) even though it’s totally legal. Those cameras are getting installed in many smaller cities as well. So it’s only a matter of time when it gets installed in those 3rd tier cities where people don’t follow the rules only because they could, just like anywhere else.

          • jaded

            Well I live in an upper 2nd tier city and believe me they are bad enough. Thus I don’t think socioeconomic development-or lack of is the contributory factor.

            They just installed the cameras them here on Jan 1 this year I heard. But old habits seem to be dying hard.

            However, as you and TIC say the pedestrians are just as bad:

            -Walking on the ebike lane like they’re the only people on it,and even in a line of 6 so no one can get past, and probably worse:

            -not even bothering to look before crossing an ebike lane. What is wrong with their head? Are they that lacking in common sense, cocooned inside their own plane, or is it because they don’t give a fuck? Will never get it, personally speaking.

            So in summary I echo TIC and the warden. They are totally lacking in manners, and scruples or regard about anyone else full stop!

          • Ryo Saeba

            It will take some time. China has been flying through industrialization. There are too many people and too many cities. But when they go to renew their car’s registrations (done yearly), they’ll find out they have a few thousand yuans worth of tickets they have to clear first. When enough people get fines, they will eventually know they have to follow the rules. This is something that can’t be done over night. But it has gotten much much better in the last few years alone. Isolated incidents like this article can happen anywhere in the world. We just see the China ones because this is ‘China’Smack.

          • jaded

            Actually ‘isolated incidents like this article are actually not so isolated. Similar incidents happen all the time here because of the nihilistic mindset prevalent here.

            It is not, because of overpopulation, and because they are still developing etc. Those are the typical excuses used. I agree that more fines dished out will result in some changes.

      • Honibaz

        I currently live in Mississauga (next to Toronto), where less than 10% of the population is Chinese. I can say with clear memory that at least 60% of the time that I witness a driver not caring about pedestrians crossing, the driver was Chinese.

      • Chris McKenna

        Driving down the wrong side of the street, down the bicycle lane, or just driving along the pavement (sidewalk) would probably raid a few eyebrows back home.

        • jaded

          Some of the parking attempts I’ve witnessed, were like they were driving a tank! 3 point turn? Ha more like 8! Complete lack of spatial awareness

          • jaded

            Furthermore I don’t buy that ‘they’re still a developing country’ or ‘they have a 1.3 billion people’ apologist bullshit

          • SzMach5

            “they have 1.3 billion people”
            Agree, not a really strong argument.
            “they’re still a developing country”
            Well, wasn’t China filled with bicycles in the 1990s and most of them didn’t switch to cars until the 2000s? To them I guess it’s just a completely new thing that they haven’t gotten down. I don’t know, but I agree that the driving in China is bad though.

      • FYIADragoon

        I’d probably start with the fact that the driver didn’t even bother to give more than a glance before massively cutting the turn. Otherwise, anyone with a brain would have noticed the drunk. I rarely see Chinese do a proper stop before taking right turns and I very rarely see them actually do a proper turn instead of these cut up ones they take aligned with the curb.

        • Ryo Saeba

          Driver skills aside, part of the problem are the pediatricians themselves. Most hardly follow simple pediatricians rules. They cross the street anywhere they please, and never wait for the green lights. They walk on the road even though there is a sidewalk. Bikes can zoom across an intersection even though they have a red light.

          In densely populated areas such as wholesale districts, you’ll get waves of pediatricians crossing the street even though I have a green light. I am forced to wait for them while my green turns red. I have to slowly creep into the “mob” inching my way across.

          • Teacher in China

            Yeah, as much as I love to hate on Chinese drivers, the pedestrians need to take a significant portion of the blame. I so often see people just wander out into traffic here without a care in the world. Mind you, I am in a farming town, which makes a big difference, but even in bigger cities, they have to practically out up walls in the middle of major roads to stop the jaywalking. It’s a symptom of a larger problem in Chinese society of people just being unwilling to care enough to follow rules.

          • Ryo Saeba

            The sad fact is that pedestrians always have the right of way here, even if they are doing something illegal. If you hit them with a car, the car owner is responsible. Doesn’t matter if the guy is walking in the middle of the street. The only exception I know of is toll ways which is off limits to pedestrians.

            Add that to the fact that a lot of these people have the mentality of having “nothing to lose,” I do think some do hope that they get hit so they can get a big pay day.

      • Lei Feng’s Hat

        First world technology in third world hands.

      • Teacher in China

        Trolling for sure, but I can’t resist….
        They’re impatient and selfish. The way most people drive here is like they are in their own little world, completely oblivious that there are laws, other traffic, and people all around them. They want to do what they want to do when they want to do it, fuck the consequences. I have seen so many examples of impatient, selfish driving here that I can’t even begin to relate them to you.

      • don mario

        they do not have any awareness of others. they don’t give a fuck basically. the fact that this guy got KILL in only 10 minutes of laying on the floor should tell you exactly whats up.

        this was a country road with shit parked all over the place. you should be driving slow and observing every little thing. yea it was on a bit of a corner but there is really no excuse for what this driver did.

  • Ken Morgan

    This happens in the UK too. Less them grabbing you and extorting you of money, but more ten of their mates hiding nearby and beating the crap out of you and robbing you:

    One story (of many) in Norfolk last year:


    • Markus P

      Norfolk eh? Does the story also say that the mugger was both the victims boyfriend and brother/dad?

    • firebert5

      It’s a pretty common thing in the UK to read or hear about a mugging story on the news that ends with “and they kicked the victim’s head around like a football.”

    • Mihel

      This happens everywhere to be honest, but I too have heard this type of incident is slightly more common in the UK.

      On a sidenote, I knew before looking that it, that Stefan was the one upvoting this comment.

    • namepen

      I like how all your comments start with “This happens in the UK too”.

  • Mighty曹

    The old man’s family should pay compensation to the driver.
    * Was someone zooming in on the approaching car knowing it’s about to run over the old man?

    • Markoff

      I don’t think so, he didn’t really jump in front of the car, so it’s really fault of the driver he run him over despite going uphill so that would explain I guess why he didn’t saw him because of angle. And after all I don’t think he damaged his car really since he was already lying on the road, now if he jumped in front of the car and damaged bumper, lights, windshield etc. then I would understand asking money from family of deceased (I was working in insurance in west and it’s happening sometimes when the accident is fault of pedestrian).

      • Mighty曹

        Obviously, he has a history off being drunk in the hood. I think many measures could have been put in place to prevent this tragedy. The family should exercised more responsibility but failed. The car may not have been damaged but I’m sure the emotional toll on the driver is great.

      • don mario

        he didn’t see him because he was not looking for hazards.. because he is a typical chinese driver that doesnt give a shit about anyone else while he is behind the wheel.

        seriously, didn’t this take 10 minutes for the guy to get killed?

    • the warden

      What the f is wrong with you? Only a Chinese person could think that a driver is not responsible and deserving of punishment when they drive over a person. You don’t seem to understand that a driver must be watching the f***ing road! If you run someone over who is lying unconscious, you are to blame.
      Had the body been that of a child who’d fallen and was injured, the driver still would have run them over and killed them because he wasn’t watching where he was driving. Would the victim’s family owe the poor driver money then. Effin moron.

      • Mighty曹

        You must be the village idiot to be so defensive of a village drunk. Do you even drive? If you do you’d realize how the car was negotiating a slight uphill at the left turn, which makes it difficult for the driver to see the ground to his left. It wasn’t like he knowingly ran him over.

        And yes, a known drunk and unruly rascal, had it coming. Now imagine the mental anguish he’s caused the innocent driver. That’s right he should be compensated.
        Who’s the fucking moron now? YOU

        • the warden

          I’ve driven enough to know that you can ALWAYS see the road in front of the car… even when you’re turning a corner on a slight incline.
          You actually don’t know if the driver killed him on purpose. I doubt it, but he might have. And that’s why we ALWAYS make drivers responsible. If drivers were allowed to just say they didn’t see someone, there might be more deaths. Make drivers responsible and they will take more care. Get it? Idiot.

          • Mighty曹

            “I’ve driven enough…” means you don’t drive regularly on a daily basis. So STFU already. Freeze the video at 1:13 and notice the angle to the left plus the incline creates a blind spot coming out of a narrow road. At worst, he was a bad driver who may have been going a little too fast under those settings but he was in no way to be blamed as you so pointedly stated.
            I don’t know where your ignorant ass is living but here in Calif drivers are either 1) ‘not charged’ due to a scenario such as this; 2) ‘Vehicular Manslaughter’, meaning you unintentionally killed someone while driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs or speeding; and 3) ‘Vehicular Homicide’, using the car to kill someone premeditated.
            If drivers are to be blamed for everything that goes wrong more people would be pedaling a bicycle like you, Dumb Ass.

          • the warden

            Man, I get into the stupidest debates on these forums, but anyway: I wonder if you drive, since you seem to think I have to do it regularly to understand visibility. Also, I don’t have to have ever driven to know that an incline actually makes things more visible. Seriously, how can you not know that?
            I just watched the video, and there’s absolutely no way in hell you can seriously say the driver couldn’t have seen the drunk. The driver comes slowly around the corner, drives over a large object on the road, and keeps driving! Why are you trying to defend him? He wasn’t watching and he killed someone.
            I seriously doubt that a scenario like this would result in ‘not charged’ in any country. ‘Not charged’ is for situations where the driver couldn’t have avoided the collision, like if someone runs out in front of you. In this case, a driver slowly rolled over a collapsed human, clearly visible in the middle of the road. The driver is at fault.
            And btw, I don’t have a bike, and what’s that got to do with anything anyway?

          • Mighty曹

            Don’t flatter yourself. You are not up to par to be engaged in a debate with me. But… I shall further point out your stupidity. 1) “an incline actually makes things more visible”. True. If you were descending. Obviously you were not able to discern the fact that the video clearly shows the car approaching the turn from a upward angle (Note the roof lines of the cars ), which makes it difficult to see over the dashboard. 2) “He wasn’t watching and he killed someone”. You’re missing the point here. How can someone watch something he cannot see? Get it? (I bet not). Think about it.
            Btw, I live in San Francisco, the city of hills. I know about visibility when it comes to inclines.

          • the warden

            Okay, I’m quite convinced now that you’re simply trolling. Saying that I’m not up to par, and then rambling on with points like “…if you were descending.” If you’re descending it’s a decline, not an incline. To combine such arrogance with such stupidity makes you either a troll or a total dipsh*t. Which is it?
            If you’re car’s tires are all on the ground, then it actually make no difference whether there’s a decline or incline. But.. go out to one of your SF hills and note that from the bottom of a hill, the ground ahead curves up, so you can see BETTER. From the bottom, you can see all the way up. But from the top, you have to be right at the edge of the decline to see all the way down.
            Whether or not you live in SF make not a pinch of sh*t of difference. I’ve no idea why you would even mention that.
            You’re nitpicking on the second point. Obviously he can’t watch what he can’t see. I meant that he wasn’t watching what he should have been watching. You know I didn’t mean that he wasn’t watching the northern lights, or anything else that he couldn’t see, so I shouldn’t have to specify.
            There’s no point trying to defend it dude. Cars’ dashboards are designed so that visibility over them is high, and drivers are responsible for making sure they can see the road they are driving on. In all my years of driving up hills, down hills, around corners, at night, in the fog, etc, I’ve never not been able to see something the size of a person right in front of my car. The driver in this video clearly was not looking where he should have been looking, and is at fault. End of story.

          • Mighty曹

            Holy fuck! I’m dumbfounded by the continual display of not only your utter stupidity but also your dismal reading comprehension.

            You said, “an incline actually makes things more visible”. I said “True. If you were descending.”. Get it? It meant your statement is true only if you were descending. Yes, that means moving from higher to lower ground, which agrees with your statement of ” If you’re descending it’s a decline”.

            Still with me? Also, an incline can be either up or down. (Who’s the dipshit???) And, do you know what a ‘blind spot’ is? I bet not. So let this tragedy serve as a lesson on blind spot.

            Arrogance? You first called me a fucking moron. SMH.

            I can continue with other points but I’m starting to feel that I’m wasting my time with a fucking idiot who’s so fixated on a driver’s fault.

            LMAO@” Cars’ dashboards are designed so that visibility over them is high, and drivers are responsible for making sure they can see the road they are driving on.” Wiki ‘blind spot’ and you’ll see Height of the driver in relation to the dashboard as one of many causes.

            Keep riding your bicycle, dumb ass!

          • the warden

            1. After watching the video, you believe that at no stage could the driver have seen the large object on the ground.
            2. You’re not a complete fucking moron.

            I just can’t reconcile these two points. They don’t fit together; they can’t both be true.
            I’ve been in some idiotic debates online, but you sir are the most excruciatingly fuck-witted fanatic of nonsense that I’ve ever encountered. I have to wonder if you’re like this in real life…
            Have the last word coz I’m done with this shit. But again, what the fuck does me having a bike (which I don’t) have to do with anything!!??

          • mr.wiener

            @MightyChow:disqus and @disqus_cGNuojl7yJ:disqus
            Girls you are both pretty.Let’s end this one here shall we?

          • Mighty曹

            Just as well. I’m observing CNY and must behave.

          • Mighty曹

            A tricycle, perhaps?

          • don mario

            come to uk and i will laugh at how many times you fail the driving test.

          • Mighty曹

            I would laugh only once at how easily I can pass. It’s always amusing to hear people say, “Come to so-and-so and (fill in the task)… blah blah… ” and really believe in themselves. This I can laugh many times.

          • don mario

            No chance mate, roundabouts would do you in for a start. Not observing the people laying in the road would be your second serious and you would fail right there.

          • Mighty曹

            I’m starting to believe you. With drunk football hooligans strewn about at every corner it would be impossible me to negotiate a simple turn.

          • don mario

            Pretty much. No liscense and your car would get keyed up by chavs as soon as you left it unatended. Uk is a cold blooded place that you probably couldn’t survive in. Hey its ok, i prefer asia too. But you have to respect the uks level of driving.

          • Mighty曹

            You seem to think I’m in Asia. FYI: I’m in the States, home of the ‘road rage’. Respect that.

          • don mario

            You still cant drive on a roumdabout..

          • Mighty曹

            I admit that takes some getting used to with timing and coordination. One time in Bangkok I drove around the damn roundabout twice before I got my bearing. LOL Hey, Thailand being left hand driving didn’t help matter much.

        • don mario

          do YOU even drive? if you are driving around a slow built up area it is YOUR job to be aware of any potential hazards. look at all the parked cars.. there are many things that could of gone wrong here. sure its not normal for a guy to be laying in the road but there is no excuse to not notice it.

          • Mighty曹

            As a matter of fact, I do. If you see that car parked outside your mom’s home at night, that’s me.

          • don mario

            Block my mums driveway at your own risk. People have been merked for less.

          • Mighty曹

            And the world thought you Brits lack a sense of humor. Or, in your case, humour.

          • don mario

            your the one lacking a sense of humour mate.. i would find it hiliarious to see you get murked by my mum!!

          • Mighty曹

            That’s hilarious!

    • FYIADragoon

      That is pretty obvious CCTV footage. Remember that the government is constantly monitoring most areas electronically, even if their actual staff aren’t paying attention to the cameras.

      • Mighty曹

        It just seems like they knew or expect the inevitable yet neglected to send ‘help’. A lot could have been done in 8 minutes.

  • Playing Dead on the road in China = 100% chance of being dead for real

  • SimpsonsGoldenAge

    Yep…still never going back.

  • Markoff

    Recently I saw woman driving ebike on red light in junction, who was not hit by huge cargo truck only by centimetres. At the moment I was thinking how retarded she is without any self-preservation instinct, that if she would be hit by truck I would probably not give a Fck and continue on my way to work, does this make me bad person? I am big fan of survival of the fittest and cleaning genetic pool, especially in China.

    • the warden

      I hope it doesn’t make you bad, because I’ve had the very same experiences and the very same reactions. Actually, I have seen people get hit through their own stupidity on several occasions. It does make you feel bad, but not as much as it would if the victim was being even slightly careful.
      Not long ago, a saw an old man sitting on the road with a crowd around him. He’d been riding one of those three-wheeled cargo trikes, and had been taken out by a car. My first reaction was to fume at that A-hole driver who’d hit the poor old man. But I soon realized that the old boy had almost certainly just ridden out into traffic without looking, as he had a million times before, except this time one particular driver just happened to be looking away. I felt less sorry for him when I considered that this was likely.

    • FYIADragoon

      The last time I saw an article where one of those moped drivers got blown away by a truck at an intersection, I think most of the Chinese netizens lacked any sympathy for the moped driver. Its well known that the idiots on mopeds rarely obey any traffic laws at all. I certainly don’t feel bad for them.

    • mistertibbs4u

      Every day I drive to work, most pedestrians are fairly aware. However, at least four times a week, I have to veer out of the way of some random chick with headphones on, watching Running Man on her mobile.

      • Markoff

        what is Running Man?

    • Teacher in China

      If it makes you a bad person, then there must be a hell of a lot of bad people in the world, including myself. If you’re going to fuck around with traffic laws, you’re eventually going to get fucked up, and you have no one to blame but yourself. See it every single day, multiple times per day here.

  • Markoff

    you would look at it different way if he would try to scam you before by blaming you that you caused his fall/accident, the guy just got what he deserved, the retarded driver should be punished of course, but I don’t feel any pity for that old guy after learning backstory

    • wondering

      How do we know that the backstory is true ?

  • Markoff

    if it’s known scammer scamming people by pretending accidents, why not? these people are the worst scum in China

    • wondering

      Maybe the victim is not a known scammer.
      How do we know that what the “village head” said about him is true ?

  • mr.wiener

    Old boy who cried wolf or playing blame the victim? You decide…

  • Zen my Ass

    As usual, truth is in the middle: he was probably a local drunk and people grew weary of him, but I’m still baffled by how people here can be so unaware of what’s going around them… like living underwater. You hit something with your car and don’t stop to check that out??? Where else on earth that could happen?

    • the warden

      “Where else on earth that could happen?”

      I’m glad I’m not the only one finding myself asking questions like that. People get hit by cars everywhere, but it’s the lack of awareness that baffles me too.

  • the warden

    Meh, what would be more surprising: drunken moron falling down, being ignored and eventually dying; or village head lying about the man in order to save face for the village?
    In my time in China, a LOT of people have spoken bare-faced lies to me in order to avoid their own responsibility. To me, neither explanation seems more likely than the other.

  • Mihel

    Probably everybody in the village is thinking that the place will be better off with this guy dead.

  • Karze

    What that driver is blind?

    • mistertibbs4u

      As a driver in China, I can safely tell you that people drive with an almost subconscious understanding that if they make a mistake, the universe will give them a break: turning into corners, veering into traffic. Hitting something and assuming it wasn’t human. Most accidents here are two-tiered; the first tier being the initial offense (slightly hitting something, slightly running over something) and then the actual actual offense (brushing it off and ACTUALLY hitting something at increased speed, brushing it off and fully running over something). Every single day, dude…

  • The More Dead Scammers the Better

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