Old Men Call for Seniors to Give Up Seats for Young People

Elderly men holding a sign saying "The old should give up seats to the young".

Elderly men holding a sign saying "The old should give up seats to the young".

From Sohu:

Elderly in Their 80s Go to the Streets Exhorting: Give the Young Your Seats

2014 September 11, at the bus stop between Jianshe Road and Tongbai Road in Henan Province Zhengzhou City, 3 elderly men over the age of 80 with a sign in their hands appealed that: ”The old should give up their seats to the young.”

Elderly men holding a sign saying "The old should give up seats to the young".

Recently, an incident happened on Bus 919 in Zhengzhou, in which an old man suddenly died from a heart attack after he had an argument with a young man who refused to give up his seat to him. Whether young people should give up their seats to the elderly when riding the public bus immediately triggered heated debate among a great number of city residents and netizens.

Elderly men holding a sign saying "The old should give up seats to the young".

According to 81-year old Liang Yongxiang who participated in this appeal on the street, when young people give up their seats, it’s because they have good manners. When they don’t, it’s also their right not to. Elderly people should look at things from the perspective of being seniors and understand [show empathy for] the heavy pressure that the busy working young people are facing. Everyone gets old, the proactive giving up of seats to the old is a sign of society’s progress, and it requires young people practicing what they preach. But first of all, to give up a seat is a a voluntary gesture, and definitely not something to be demanded.

An elderly man lay dead on a public bus in China after an argment with a youth over giving up a seat for the elderly.

September 9, while a bus in Zhengzhou approached Zhongyuan Road and Qinling Road, an elderly man on the bus suddenly died. According to the passengers, the elderly man had an argument with the young man over a seat. He slapped the young man on the face for 4 times. The young man didn’t fight back. After the young man got off the bus, the elderly man collapsed. The paramedics claimed that the elderly man had a heart condition.

Comments from Sohu:

杰哥 [搜狐湖北省武汉市网友]:

Giving up seats is a nice gesture. Young people work very hard everyday, it’s also understandable if they don’t [give up their seat to the old]! We should respect one another. Hate those old people who take advantage of their seniority.

快乐正在下载 [搜狐河南省郑州市网友]:

There’s no need for the old to give up seats to the young, they are old after all. If they can just avoid going out during rush hour when they don’t have anything important, we’ll be thankful enough!

青儿 [搜狐江苏省苏州市网友]:

Sigh, God is watching. Old grandpa, why did you have to raise your hand? Couldn’t you have let him not giving up his seat go? It’s not like every young person refuses to give up their seat!

搜狐新闻客户端网友 [搜狐河南省新乡市网友]:

Young people suffer heavy pressure from both work and personal relationships. Some old men and old women are more energetic than young people when it comes to confrontations/arguments, so how come they become feeble as soon as they get on the bus? At home, the moment their children come home, they treat them like treasures, so afraid of tiring their children… but similarly, other young people in society are also very tired, their hearts are tired, and their bodies are even more tired… [People should] show understanding for each other, concern for each other…

゛深浅烙印. [搜狐湖南省长沙市网友]:

These elderly men are such nice grandpas. I’ll give up my seat to you no matter how tired I am. I respect you.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯合肥市网友 一 笑 而 过 ,:

For young people to give up seats to the pregnant, the minors, the disabled, and the old is a matter of basic moral ethics, but they don’t have to do so. If I give up my seat, that’s because I have good character. If I don’t, it is also my right, and if you try to make me give up my seat, then sorry, you’re not my parents, you can’t control me, and I’m not going to oblige you!

腾讯网友 66136145:

There was one time where I didn’t give up my seat to a pregnant woman. Everyone please hear me explain. The pregnant woman got on the bus with her husband. There was only one empty seat. She had her husband sit down and hold her bag, then stood right in front of me sticking out her big belly. I was TMD speechless. What kind of person was this? Sister [referring to herself] insisted on sitting in that seat until the bus reached the last stop and made the pregnant woman stand for an hour.

腾讯网友 海洋:

I’m also more than 70 years old, and no matter what it is, we shouldn’t take things to the extreme. It’s not that the elderly can’t give up their seats for the young, nor should young people not giving the elderly their seats be seen as wrong. Every specific situation should be judged individually. If an elderly man gets on the bus and looks really tired or has difficulty moving, a young person voluntarily giving up his seat to him would be worth praising. Sometimes, if a young person boarding the bus looks very tired, a healthy elderly person should also voluntarily give them some rest [by giving them a seat], and it would also be a good choice [a nice gesture]. Some elderly people become angry when young people don’t give up seats to them, sometimes they insist on a seat even for one or two stops. This is also not very good. Because nowadays young people don’t have it easy as well, and we should be understanding [empathetic]. It’s not good to make absolutes about who should give up their seats to who. This will result in an inflexible situation.

腾讯上海市网友 野马:

Many years ago, I went to catch a bus, and because I got on at the start of the route, I got a seat. Later, an old woman over the age of 60 got on the bus. I was young, so I gave my seat to her. She sat down without saying a word of thanks. Then she kept chatting loudly with other passengers, while I stood there tired. I was to get off at the last stop. Then, when we reached some stop and she was getting off, I thought to myself I could finally sit down, only for her to call over a young person she had been chatting with, saying: come sit here. I was angry, but there was nothing I could do, certainly not try to grab the seat first! From then on, I’ve had a different opinion about giving up seats…

腾讯网友 wlw5518:

This is clearly a protest! Protesting against the moral slide in today’s money-worshipping society. Some young people don’t even recognize their own parents, let alone giving up seats to other elderly people?


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