Old Rich Boss Who Married Young Girl Owes Millions In Wages

Old Rich Boss Who Married Young Girl Owes Millions In Wages

Old Rich Boss Who Married Young Girl Owes Millions In Wages

The rich boss who successfully proposed in public to a woman 30 years his junior last month has been revealed to owe his employees tens of millions of RMB in unpaid wages. Dubbed the “Tyrannical CEO”, Mercedes-driving Wang Yunjun handed out money to passersby after hearing “I do” from the 90s girl at a shopping plaza entrance in Huangshi. However, recently five of his employees climbed their 25 story under-construction building to negotiate pay after one of them said he hasn’t been paid in two years. One Netizen said that many so-called successful people often have atrocities to their name.

Source: Netease

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  • WghUk

    When she gets old he’ll propose to another younger girl…

    • she will suck out his money first…then go find a young bf make kid and a happy life.

      • Bman

        Mmm…I love the way you say ‘suck out the money.’

        • what the hell are you thinking?????
          you little bitch!

          • Alex Dương

            @BMan_Eh:disqus @disqus_1kyWnVFUS9:disqus At this point I will just say to relax.

          • Bman

            Life without Super Bunny is boring… Why can’t I play with her?
            CS needs her ilk to keep us on our toes and help us refine not only where we stand on various moral issues, but remind us that even cute little bunnies can be hiding an evil past. This is not pessimism my friend, no no, far from it. This is just reminding us to protect our own, and also to be part of the solution, not the problem. To learn to work with the bunnies of this world by fostering real communication, albeit filled with profanity at times; real fences are being mended and real bridges are being crossed.
            Also she says such cute things it just makes me wanna squeeze her :~D

          • hahaa, this photo is so lovely!

  • Amused

    This is news how?
    Half the rich people I know here have this particular skeleton grinning from the back of their closet. Plus the fact that they’ve somehow accumulated all these possessions but their tax records show they’ve never made a profit. And this guy’s not even one of the real high rollers; woooo a Benz is so expensive.

  • Peninsula

    China old pervert begging.