Old Tree Relocated for Highway, Villagers Clash with Police

A villager is escorted away by police after an old 200-year-old tree is removed to make way for a highway in a Sichuan province village of China.

A villager is escorted away by police after an old 200-year-old tree is removed to make way for a highway in a Sichuan province village of China.

From NetEase:

Sichuan Gulin Country Police Clash with Villagers Over Forced Uprooting of Old Tree

April 13th, Sichuan province Luzhou city Gulin county Jianzhu town Leyuan village, the government mobilized a large number of special police [SWAT/riot police] and People’s Militia to forcibly dig out an old tree over a hundred years old, with over a dozen villagers including a 13-year-old student were beaten and injured in the process.


Villagers say they disagreed when the county government wanted to forcible uproot the over 200-year-old tree, so the county dispatched People’s Militia and police to forcibly cut down the tree, and thus a conflict occurred with the villagers.



The notice posted by the local government. [The notice says the tree will be legally protected given its age but must be relocated for the construction of a highway.]







Comments from NetEase:

zaxwcdvrbgny [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Robbers who rob even trees.

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:61.141.*.*:

Some high-level official likes that tree! It “invites wealth” [a “money tree” that brings fortune]! So…

坐等城楼换照片 [网易河南省郑州市手机网友]:

Experience has proven that all relocated old trees ultimately die tragically.

网易福建省南平市手机网友 ip:220.249.*.*:

Does the highway have to go through there? Like Japan, in order to protect a part of a forest, they’d rather spend more money going around it, unlike us where we’d just go and develop it [clear it for development].

樱桃小嘴鲨 [网易江苏省镇江市手机网友]:

There will be retribution/karma…they better watch themselves…

网易陕西省西安市手机网友 ip:123.138.*.*:

They will face retribution/karma!

网易广东省江门市手机网友 ip:59.36.*.*: (responding to zaxwcdvrbgny)

Haven’t we already told you that we won’t take a needle and a piece of thread!!!? [meaning the government will take everything and leave you with almost nothing]

网易河南省郑州市手机网友 ip:219.156.*.*:

Legendary grass mud horse.

网易上海市手机网友 ip:117.184.*.*:

This is our country, hehe…

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:211.140.*.*:

Hehe! This tree should belong to the villagers.


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