Old Woman’s Vending Cart Confiscated, Begs for Leniency

Old Woman’s Vending Cart Confiscated, Begs for Leniency

An old woman’s livelihood was left in jeopardy after city management made a sudden on-the-spot inspection on illegal peddlers, confiscating her mobile canteen. The woman, who was trading in the vicinity of Fuzhou University, wasn’t able to flee as fast as the other younger vendors, leaving her behind alone to face the chengguan and beg for tolerance. Netizens were divided, some saying the chengguan should let off such people trying to make a livelihood as much as possible, with others saying if the chengguan didn’t do this people would complain about them being slack.

Source: Netease

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  • Edward Kay

    conundrum without a panacea pill.

  • David

    Crap story with no information, no resolution and simple hearsay. I have not recommended CS for months now (and will never recommend it again to anybody). Sorry, I simply come here to see how bad it is getting. Why are Koreabang and Japancrush able to stay they way they were but CS could not? Since we will nto be answered I will provide my own answer. Has to be greed and nothing else. I feel very bad for the mods here.

    • Jahar

      I feel bad for us.

  • Jahar

    Old people should be allowed to break the law, because it’s harder for them to earn a living in an honest manner.

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