One-Armed Delivery Man Has “Almost No Negative Reviews”

One Armed Deliver Man Has “Almost No Negative Revi

33-year-old Changchun resident Xing Liangtian was born with one arm that only goes to the elbow as the result of a natural birth defect. Surprisingly, he chose to work as an Express Mail delivery man, and in his 6-years of work he has almost no negative feedback about his performance. At his busiest, he delivered 315 packages in 1 day, working from the morning until after midnight. Mr. Xing described his work, saying “When I deliver a package safely into the hands of a customer I feel a sense of accomplishment, which is satisfying. I think it is really valuable.”

Source: Tencent

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  • David

    Unless he came from a family with money I think his employment options were pretty limited. Good for him for making the best of a bad start. Hopefully someday he will be rewarded for his diligence by being promoted to manager.

  • he is respectable.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Good comment, I guess you’re not pure evil after all. A small glimmer of light in that deep, dark, empty persona of yours.

      • Alex Dương

        C’mon, when she’s right, keep it simple.

      • then you are full person? full of sh8t?

        • KamikaziPilot

          Take it easy okay, I was only joking, well kind of, haha.

    • KamikaziPilot

      You are right about that. I was just trying to be funny in my comment below to you. Don’t scream okay.

  • DC

    those who are given less often make a lot more out of it. props to him.

    • tomoe723

      Not really. If that were the case, a lot of people wouldn’t still be in poverty.

      • DC

        try to think proportionally….i know it’s a tough concept..

        • tomoe723

          I don’t understand your reply. In the first comment, you generalized that those who are given less often make a lot more out of it. But that’s not true. A lot of people are given less but still stay in poverty. A few of them do make the most out of it, and get the opportunity to break through the class barrier.

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