‘One Beijinger in Beijing’ by Lao Lang

Beijing with blue skies.

Beijing with blue skies.

Song and Music Video:

A copy on YouTube:

Composer: Gao Xiaosong
Lyrics: Gao Xiaosong
Singer: Lao Lang/Wang Yang

The above music video features scenes of Beijing and snapshots of Beijing residents and their lives, including a…

  • 38-year-old Carpenter originally from Henan who arrived in Beijing in 1991 and has lived in Beijing for 16 years;
  • 28-year-old Photographer from Tianjin who arrived in Beijing in 2006 and has lived in Beijing for 1 year;
  • 27-year-old Make-up Artist from Henan who arrived in Beijing in 2007 and has lived in Beijing for 3 years;
  • 21-year-old Bartender from Chongqing who arrived in Beijing in 2005 and has lived in Beijing for 5 years;
  • 37-year-old Cook originally from Shandong who arrived in Beijing in 1991 and has lived in Beijing for 19 years;
  • 39-year-old Hutong Tour Guide originally from Anhui who arrived in Beijing in 1990 and has lived in Beijing for 20 years;
  • 34-year-old IT Project Manager originally from Gansu who arrived in Beijing in 2000 and has lived in Beijing for 10 years.

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

德胜门灰色城楼 大栅栏灰色路口
de2 sheng4 men2 hui1 se4 cheng2 lou2 da4 zha4 lan2 hui1 se4 lu4 kou3
Deshengmen‘s grey gate tower, Dashilan‘s grey intersection

一模一样灰色的楼 门牌号都生了锈
yi4 mu2 yi2 yang4 de lou2 men2 pai2 hao4 dou1 sheng1 le xiu4
The equally grey apartments, the doorplates having all grown rusty

麦当劳刚刚开门 肯德基还在打盹
mai4 dang1 lao2 gang1 gang1 kai1 men2 ken3 de2 ji1 hai2 zai4 da3 dun3
McDonald’s has just opened, while KFC’s still dozing (closed)

deng4 zhe ban3 che1 de nan2 cheng2 lao3 tou2 ye3 ren4 shi2 zhe4 ji3 ge4 ying1 wen2 zi4 er
Even the Southern Beijing old man riding the flatbed tricycle recognizes these English words

北京是个站牌 人们上车就登上舞台
bei3 jing1 shi4 ge4 zhan4 pai2 ren2 men shang4 che1 jiu4 deng1 shang4 wu3 tai2
Beijing is a bus stop sign; people getting on the bus are getting on stage

北京多么精彩 南城老头硬没看出来
bei3 jing1 duo1 me jing1 cai3 nan2 cheng2 lao3 tou2 ying4 mei2 kan4 chu1 lai2
Beijing is so amazing–the Southern Beijing old man just doesn’t see it

有一个人刚发财 有两个人在恋爱
you3 yi2 ge1 ren2 gang1 fa1 cai2 you3 liang2 ge4 ren2 zai4 lian4 ai4
A person just made a fortune; two people are in love

mei3 ge4 zao3 chen2 xing3 lai2 dou1 xiang1 xin4 jin1 tian1 hui4 bei4 gui3 shi3 shen2 chai1
waking up every morning believing something unexpected will happen today

有一个人刚失业 有两个人刚失恋
you3 yi2 ge4 ren2 gang1 shi1 ye4 you3 liang3 ge4 ren2 gang1 shi1 lian4
A person just lost his job, two people just split up

mei3 ge4 ye4 li3 dou1 you3 ren2 zai4 shou1 shi xing2 li3 jue2 ding4 li2 kai1
and every night there is someone packing up deciding to leave.

北京是个课堂 中了状元就衣锦还乡
bei3 jing1 shi4 ge4 ke4 tang2 zhong4 le zhuang4 yuan2 jiu4 yi1 jin3 huan2 xiang1
Beijing is a classroom; those who get the highest score will go home with fame and fortune

北京是个战场 有人拚的黯然神伤
bei3 jing1 shi4 ge4 zhan4 chang3 you3 de ren2 pin1 de an4 ran2 shen2 shang1
Beijing is a battlefield; some people fight so hard only to find dejection

我衣锦没处还乡 我失恋没处疗伤
wo3 yi1 jin2 mei2 chu4 huan2 xiang1 wo3 shi1 lian4 mei2 chu4 liao2 shang1
I got rich and have no home to return to, I’ve lost love and have no shoulder to cry on

wo3 shi4 ge4 bei3 jing1 ren2 jiu4 sheng1 zai4 zhang3 zai4 zhan4 chang3 shang4
I’m a Beijinger, born and raised on the battlefield

过春节你们走了 说家乡话快乐吧
guo4 chun1 jie2 ni3 men zou3 le shuo1 jia1 xiang1 hua4 kuai4 le4 ba
During Spring Festival you’ve all left, speaking your hometown dialects, are you happy?

ke3 mei2 le ni3 men zhe4 er hai2 shi4 na4 ge4 meng4 yi2 yang4 de cheng2 shi4 ma
But without you, is this still that dreamlike city?


北京我的故乡 风沙红叶是我的成长
bei3 jing1 wo3 de gu4 xiang1 feng1 sha1 hong2 ye4 shi4 wo3 de cheng2 zhang3
Beijing, the land of my hometown; sandstorms and red autumn leaves marked my years

北京我的梦乡 在梦里你蔚蓝金黄
bei3 jing1 wo3 de meng4 xiang1 zai4 meng4 li3 ni3 wei4 lan2 jin1 huang2
Beiing, the land of my dreams, in my dreams you’re golden with blue skies


Gao Xiaosong's 2010 album "Alive" features Lao Lang's "A Beijing Native in Beijing".
Gao Xiaosong's 2010 album "Alive" features Lao Lang's "A Beijing Native in Beijing".
Lao Lang
Lao Lang

Gao Xiaosong
Gao Xiaosong


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