Only CCP Members Can Question Government Officials

zui-niu-guan-qiang“Are you a member of Communist party?” This is a very normal question, but it has become an incredibly popular internet meme on the Chinese language internet.

From Mop:

A Journalist was inquired if he is a Communist Party member.

On November 4, 2009, a newspaper in Zhengzhou city published a post, “‘Animal Control Office’ took money from people, but did not do anything”. In the post, the journalist asked how the “animal control fee” was used and where the money went. The journalist interviewed the person in charge of the “animal control office”, Wang Ping. The journalist hoped the office would publish the budget, but Wang asked the journalist to go to the local Bureau of Finance.

The journalist got in touch with the person who was in charge of the fee, Wang Guanqi, through the Zhengzhou Bureau of Finance. However, Wang didn’t answer the journalist’s question. Instead, he asked, “Are you a Communist Party member? If you want to ask for the expenses of the fee, then you must have the permission of the Communist committee and spokesman! It violates the rules that you come and interview me first!”

As soon as the report was published, “Are you a Communist party member?” became a new catchword online. This “stunning sentence” has completely shocked people.

Comment from a netizen: OMG. Is the information of the “Animal Control Office” only open to Communist Party members? Wang Guanqi has no common sense. The money in his hands are taxes, and the taxpayers are not all Communist Party members. People who don’t join the party want to know where their money goes through the journalist. It is proper and also a right based on the law. The right to interview is written in law. None of the power of the Communist committee or spokesmen is bigger than the law.

Extensions: Stunning words appeared frequently on the Internet recently.

In June of this year, a journalist in Zhengzhou City interviewed the deputy director of Zhengzhou Municipal Planning Bureau, Dai Jun. The journalist asked director Dai why villas were built in the place designated for economically affordable housing. The director answered very directly: “Are you prepared to speak for the Communist party, or for the people?” The shocking “official responses” were the rage all over the country.

On October 27 at a Guangzhou traffic remediation conference, when a reporter questioned whether advance publication of road closures is needed, a middle-aged man who was in the meeting suddenly said: “So do I have to tell you whether or not I need to shit or whether my shit smells?” Once the phrase was reported, this person was immediately labeled as a “shit official”, this phrase was known as “the most niu official response.”

Now, including “Are you a Communist Party member?”, there are three niu officials and three shocking phrases. One netizen commented that the officials and the phrases all showed the same “Pride and Prejudice”.

Comments from Mop:


I’m not a Communist party member.


From now on, I’ll work hard, join the party, and be a supervisor!


You are a National party member


The (Communist) party members are awesome!!!


The Communist party is a underworld gang.


I’m not a party member, and I know nothing…


People who live in the area where I live always say that government officials are rascals with credentials.

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