‘Orchid Pavilion’ by Jay Chou

Jay Chou 02

Jay Chou 02

Song and Music Videos:

The Most Widely-Viewed Version (CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2011):

Composer: Jay Chou/Zhou Jielun
Lyrics: Vincent Fang/Fang Wenshan
Singer: Jay Chou/Zhou Jielun

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

兰亭临帖 行书如行云流水
lan2 ting2 lin2 tie3 xing2 shu1 ru2 xing2 yun2 liu2 shui3
Practicing calligraphy at the Orchid Pavilion, the semi-cursive script resembling sailing clouds and flowing water

月下门推 心细如你脚步碎
yue4 xia4 men2 tui1 xin1 xi4 ru2 ni3 jiao3 bu4 sui4
Under the moon the door yielded to a gentle push, your thoughtfulness reflected in your fragile footsteps

忙不迭 千年碑易拓 却难拓你的美
mang2 bu4 die2 qian1 nian2 bei1 yi4 ta4 que4 nan2 ta4 ni3 de mei3
In haste, the one-thousand-year tablet is easy to copy, yet your beauty is not

真迹绝 真心能给谁
zhen1 ji1 jue2 zhen1 xin1 neng2 gei3 shui2
If the original script were gone, to whom would I give my heart?

牧笛横吹 黄酒小菜又几碟
mu4 di2 heng2 chui1 huang2 jiu3 xiao3 cai4 you4 ji2 die2
I was playing the flute over the rice wine and several dishes

夕阳余晖 如你的羞怯似醉
xi1 yang2 yu2 hui1 ru2 ni3 de xiu1 qie4 si4 zui4
The sun’s setting rays were like your blushes as if drunk

摹本易写 而墨香不退与你共留余味
mo4 ben3 yi3 xie3 er2 mo4 xiang1 bu2 tui4 yu3 ni3 gong4 liu2 yu2 wei4
A copy is easy to make, and the fragrance of the ink did not fade away, like the remnants of your scent

一行朱砂 到底圈了谁
yi4 hang2 zhu1 sha1 dao4 di3 quan1 le shui2
A stripe of cinnabar, whose name after all did it circle?


无关风月 我题序等你回
wu2 guan1 feng1 yue4 wo3 ti2 xu4 deng3 ni3 hui2
No matter when, I write the preface while awaiting your return

悬笔一绝 那岸边浪千叠
xuan2 bi3 yi4 jue2 na4 an4 bian1 lang4 qian1 die2
Holding the brush with my arm in mid-air, I completed the character, the waves piled up against the shore

情字何解 怎落笔都不对
qing2 zi4 he2 jie33 zen3 luo4 bi3 dou1 bu2 dui4
But how could I understand the character “love”? Whatever stroke I started with always seemed wrong

而我独缺 你一生的了解
er2 wo3 du2 que1 ni3 yi4 sheng1 de liao3 jie3
because the one thing I lack, is the understanding of your life


弹指岁月 倾城顷刻间烟灭
tan2 zhi3 sui4 yue4 qing1 cheng2 qin3 ke4 jian1 yan1 mie4
Years passed in a snap of fingers, beauty vanished in an instant

青石板街 回眸一笑你婉约
qing1 shi2 ban3 jie1 hui2 mou2 yi2 xiao4 ni3 wan3 yue1
On the bluestone alley, you glanced back and smiled with grace and restraint

恨了没 你摇头轻叹谁让你蹙着眉
hen4 le mei2 ni3 yao2 tou2 qing1 tan4 shui2 rang4 ni3 cu4 zhe mei2
Have you regretted or not? You shook your head and sighed. Who put a frown on your face?

而深闺 徒留胭脂味
er2 shen1 gui1 tu2 liu2 yan1 zhi1 wei4
And deep in the lady’s chamber, the smell of the rouge lingered in vain

人雁南飞 转身一瞥你噙泪
ren2 yan4 nan2 fei1 zhuan3 shen1 yi4 pie3 ni3 qin2 lei4
As geese flew south in a v-pattern, I turned around and caught a glimpse of your tears

掬一把月 手揽回忆怎么睡
ju1 yi4 ba3 yue4 shou3 lan3 hui2 yi4 zen3 me shui4
Holding a handful of moonlight in my hands, how could I sleep with those memories?

又怎么会 心事密缝绣花鞋针针怨对
you4 zen3 me hui4 xin1 shi4 mi4 feng2 xiu4 hua1 xie2 zhen1 zhen1 yuan4 dui4
And how could the matters of your heart be so tightly sewn into the embroidered shoes, with every pair of stitches so filled with resentment?

若花怨蝶 你会怨着谁
ruo4 hua1 yuan4 die2 ni3 hui4 yuan4 zhe shui2
If the flower resented the butterfly, whom would you resent?


无关风月 我题序等你回
wu2 guan1 feng1 yue4 wo3 ti2 xu4 deng3 ni3 hui2
No matter when, I write the preface while awaiting your return

手书无愧 无惧人间是非
shou3 shu1 wu2 kui4 wu2 ju4 ren2 jian1 shi4 fei1
These handwritten words have no qualms, not afraid of the rights and wrongs of the human world

雨打蕉叶 又潇潇了几夜
yu3 da3 jiao1 ye4 you4 xiao1 xiao1 le ji3 ye4
The rain has been striking the banana leaves, the whistling and pattering having lasted for several nights

我等春雷 来提醒你爱谁
wo3 deng3 chun1 lei2 lai2 ti2 xing3 ni3 ai4 shui2
I await the spring thunder to remind you who you really love

Jay Chou 01

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • Justin Thyme (aka Dan Danger)

    Yea, this pretty much sucks. Limp dick Asian pop music. Is this guy a fag or what?

    • donscarletti

      Jay Chow is truly an excellent song writer, which is where the money is anyway. His songs are best suited for a female singer though, like in Daodai (Rewind) he sings “才知道我可爱” and plenty of other lyrics a man should not sing, like, ever (he did not write the lyrics, but he sure sung them).

      However, I think he sings for the same reason that some men flash their dicks at random women on the street. It’s not really performing for the enjoyment of the audience per se. It’s just he’s pretty much the Chinese speaking world’s top tier songwriter and the entertainment industry pretty much has to put up with this sort of behaviour.

      • anon

        What behavior are you specifically referring to?

        I’m not a big fan of Jay Chou as a person (all the jokes about his slurred Chinese aside) but then again, Steve Jobs wasn’t very likable either.

        • donscarletti

          Singing his own songs.

          • linette


            If Jay Chou has the ability to compose 50 to 60 hit songs, why should he give them away to other singers so they can make the money? You think he is dumb? Jay Chou should keep and sing all his songs so he will make the money. He is now estimated net worth US$340 millions with a bat mobile parked outside his mansion as one of his collection of luxury cars.

            Who cares if he can sing or not. His piano and cello performance alone in the concert is worth the price of the admission ticket.

          • donscarletti

            In Taiwan, just like most of the rest of the world, the writer of a hit song gets far more money from it than the singer. His money is not from his singing.

          • linette

            But the fact he is in the spotlight because of singing hit songs he composed…leads him to make money in the concerts, movies, commercials…etc….$$$$$$$
            There are so many good singers in the world,(I just saw one today singing at the train station getting coins..probably sings better than Beyonce) only very few has the ability and knowledge, skills, or talent to compose hit songs after hit songs. I don’t care if Jay Chou can’t really sing. His talent and the level of his knowledge of music is undeniable.

      • dim mak

        He is sorta cute though :3

    • Hua

      He knows where the money is in Asain, and you dont, butch guy

  • Jeff

    not worth a sofa chase for this story

  • HarryH

    What the hell are those girls with the instruments sitting on? Nothing? How do they do that!?

    • nothing

      its like the michael jackson lean forward trick. theres some sort of flexible rod-like material hidden in their dresses thats connected to one shoe. they stick the rod into the stage and then they can lean on it however they please

  • wacky

    i like jay chou, his songs are quite poetic unlike the fuck fuck bitch bitch blinging bitch fuck pussy long dong killia mudha fucka american music

  • jeffli

    Another stoopid song by a silly “boof-head”!

  • Cleo

    I can’t believe those sentiments came from such a funny looking dude.

  • andy

    may i request 筷子兄弟-《父亲》? I’m lost at word how to translate it’s lyric.
    Thank you

  • Young Man

    It’s funny how Chinese pop music gets even worse if you understand the lyrics.

    I teach in a boarding school in Beijing and none of the kids I teach like this guy- he’s too old.

  • linette

    Jay Chou is more than just a pop idol. He is a musician. A composer. He is a very talented composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is an outstanding pianist. He graduated with a degree in University major in music and studied instrument cello which he plays very well. He also plays guitar, violin, drum, flute, traditional Chinese instrument (Gu Zheng), and er hu another Chinese instrument. That is the reason why Jay Chou is able to fuse Chinese music with Western music together because of his knowledge in instruments. He composed all his music and produced all his albums. In 2010 he was even listed as the world third most downloaded musician after michael Jackson and Lady gaga.

    He also directed most of his music videos. He is a director. Very creative.

    That is why Jay Chou is not your ordinary pop idol. He is a very talented composer.

    I think these are from 2000 to 2005, not sure. His songs are very different from one another with different style.

    Herbalist’s Manual

    snack dance


    • donscarletti

      It is just like how Mozart liked to title his music “Leck mich im Arsch” and similar names.

      Have you ever read the original lyrics to Dao Dai? I’ll paste them for you.


      As I said, talented degenerate.

      • linette


        never heard of this version

  • UncleSamsBest

    I am glad that China has to suffer pop singers too!

  • eattot

    rensi: you always do this kinda nonsense post….
    his music is not my type,i dislike any singer even can not say the lyc clearly…
    and his skill is not that good either…fuck it up!

  • MrT

    I feel wonderful after that…. (reaches for a Metallica CD to counter act the sickness)

  • rightthen

    he is a talent

  • Admin,

    These Chinese music reviews don’t seem to be too popular with your readers here as the number of comments are significantly less.

    A little suggestion…If there is not enough happening or if nothing strange has happened in China worth reporting, I would suggest doing some write-ups on places of interest in China. It could be a scenic spot, a night-club, a KTV parlour or any place worth writing about.

    What say you?


    • Brett Hunan

      I havent really been following these music posts, but I believe that they are for people who want to learn some Chinese songs or brush up on the language.

      While I think you made some good suggestions as to what other people would find interesting, I wouldn’t immediately brush these music posts off. Just because they dont get as many posts as the more racy stories doesnt mean people dont read them or find them interesting and useful.

    • Bouz

      I do like those posts, it’s interesting to listen to popular songs here. Gives us some conversation starters with chinese people, and maybe with some practice another song in our repertoire of chinese songs for the KTV.

      In the CCTV Gala video, I did not find Jay’s singing very good, am I the only one?

      • Yes, I translate the songs that you can find in the KTV.

        Jay’s singing was OK in the CCTV Gala video. At least I could tell what he was singing about. CCTV has a tendency to make singers articulate (great that he corrected himself on CCTV about 拓ta4). He might look a little nervous on the stage because he had to sing and perform magic tricks at the same time.

        I don’t like the way he looked in that CCTV Gala video though. He might have eaten too much junk food in the U.S. when making the movie The Green Hornet in 2010.

        I also wondered why he said “新年快乐” (Happy New Year) in that video as it’s not a typically “Chinese” greeting for the Spring Festival. Maybe he wanted to indicate that he is not a mainland singer.

        • linette

          Everybody say 新年快樂 happy new year. In Taiwan or Hong Kong. What do you mean it’s not a typical Chinese greeting for Spring Festival?

          • I regard 新年快乐 as a translation of “Happy New Year”, while the typical Chinese greeting for the Spring Festival is: 拜年.

    • Muay Thai guy

      I can’t say I like these pop music reviews either. I would much prefer reading about some interesting, real music I haven’t heard about. Something slightly subversive, interesting, stupid (well, this is stupid too but in a very shallow way), just something with a little bit more substance to it.

      • zns0804

        Admins, I agree with this poster. Frankly this song came out like 2 years ago. You should be writing about songs like 伤不起 最轩民族风 爱情买卖 忐忑 Etc..