Over 70% of Chinese Have Had Premarital Sex, Research Shows

Scene from Hong Kong Movie 'Marriage with a Liar'.

Scene from Hong Kong Movie 'Marriage with a Liar'.

From NetEase:

Survey shows 70% of Chinese have had premarital sex

71.4% of respondents have had their first sexual experience before marriage; Only 20% of respondents do not approve of premarital sex. The internet is the primary channel for Chinese people to learn about sex. On the 7th, the Xiaokang magazine produced directly under the Qiushi central government political periodical released a “Chinese sexual health survey” report. The report showed that in comparison to 1994, the ratio of Chinese citizens who have had premarital sexual activity in 2012 has increased 30%, reaching 71.4%.

Experts say, with later marriages, it is very difficult to wait until 23 or 25 years old before engaging in sexual activity.

Li Yinhe
Li Yinhe

Incidents of premarital sex increased 30%

After obtaining a doctorate in America in 1998, Li Yinhe began research on marriages and the two sexes. In 1989, the percentage of Chinese people who have had premarital sex was 15%, and by 1994, that number “leaped” to over 40%. This kind of change would probably have taken one to two hundred years in other countries.

This most recent survey, in comparison to 1994, shows that the ratio of Chinese citizens who have had premarital sexual activity in 2012 has increased 30%, reaching 71.4%.

“These numbers very realistically reflect current social phenomena,” said Peking University medical psychology doctor Zhen Hongli. The legal age for marriage in China for men is no earlier than 22 years old, and no earlier than 20 years old for women. Those who work in universities, government organs, and other similar work organizations generally marry later. If those who marry 3 years or more after the legal age for marriage are defined as having married late, waiting until after 23 or 25 years old before having sex is very difficult.

The internet is the leading channel of obtaining knowledge about sex

This most-recent survey also showed that only 1.5% of respondents learned about sex through “parental education”, placing very last amongst the “channels for Chinese people to learn about sex rankings”. On the “channels for [Chinese] men to learn about sex rankings”, just 0.6% responded “parental education”.

In addition, 53.5% of participants responded that they “have never received” sex education.

The survey revealed that of the three major channels for Chinese people to obtain sex information, first is “the internet”, reaching 24.5%; Second is “gradually learned through experience”, with “experience” just 0.3% lower than “the internet”.

The difference between males and females is that males primarily rely on “the internet” to learn about sex, and secondarily through “experience” and “books”, with “pornographic films”–widely believed to be particularly attractive to males–in 4th place. Females however emphasize “gradually learned through experiences” and “books”, with “the internet” and “school education” in 3rd and 4th place, and “pornographic films” all the way in 6th place.

“These results show the influence of morality and reputation on female choices. In fact, selecting ‘gradually learned through experience’ shows that females still assign the task of sexual knowledge on the man, while one remains passive, believing this is the man’s duty. Another aspect is that this shows that females are indeed relatively less inclined towards curiosity and proactively exploring/learning,” analyzed Zhen Hongli.

Scene from Hong Kong Movie 'Marriage with a Liar'.

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Comments from NetEase:

另一个中国 [网易广东省网友]:

Those who have had premarital sex, click the lower right corner, I guarantee it is over 95%.

[Note: The lower right is where the “upvote” button for a comment is. This comment had over 25k upvotes at time of translation, making it the most popular comment of the article.]

万法空相 [网易北京市网友]:

70%, isn’t that a bit too conservative?

chenxianpinghi [网易广东省梅州市网友]:

And that 20% were all “stroking pipes” [masturbating] before marriage~~~

跟帖局村长 [网易浙江省网友]:

Experts discover: Must not eat breakfast on an empty stomach, don’t forget.

hitup [网易广东省河源市网友]:

These days, just how many middle school students are still [virgins]?!

sunk2 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Sola Aoi is a good teacher!

空亦空 [网易广西桂林市网友]:

Haha, I personally gradually learned through experience.

落地生根发芽 [网易北京市海淀区网友]:

How is “gradually learned through experience” supposed to be interpreted?

[Note: There are several ways to find the answer “自己在实践中逐渐摸索” humorous. I’ll let you figure it out for yourselves.]


The island country’s pornographic films became the chicken country’s best tools of sex education.

[Note: “Island country” refers to Japan and “chicken country” refers to China, because the shape of China geographically resembles a chicken.]

弄个昵称发帖 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Sigh! I’m one of those stupid cunts in the 30%.

蛐蛐0蟀哥 [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

Even 13-year-old little girls have to use pigeon blood to pretend to be…[virgins]

glancewalk [网易四川省成都市网友]:

I want to know, what’s the fucking reason the remaining 30% have for not yet having had sex?

梅花桩庄主 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

70%, this number should be far more, I suspect at least 90%.

传奇2 [网易上海市网友]:

The post-80s-generation is 70%, while the post-90s generation is 100%!!!

睡狮中虱 [网易安徽省芜湖市网友]:

I admit, my first time was given to my right-hand…

莫大仙 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

At present…of the women I know that are 23 years old and older, only 2 are virgins…


Woo woo woo~ Mine was taken by the ayi next door when I was 15 years old.

麦兜是个猪 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

When we graduated last year, of the 23 male classmates in the entire class, 3 were not virgins, but of the 48 female classmates…I know at least 15 weren’t. One year after graduation, the several guys I often hang out with are still virgins…

网易总编 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

Come on, 70% is too high, I’m already 30 and a lot of my female colleagues are still virgins.

大勒个海 [网易四川省网友]:

Males a little less, at most 50%. Females at least 98%. As long as they don’t have “the back of a tiger and waist of a bear” [stocky appearance], they’ve all been broken [referring to hymen and virginity], and are completely willing to be broken. This society… sigh…

ksswkj [网易四川省德阳市网友]:

As long as it is healthy sexual activity then there’s nothing wrong, [but I] BS those retarded post-90s generation kids who don’t wear condoms, get pregnant, and then give birth in the toilets.

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Scene from Hong Kong Movie 'Marriage with a Liar'.

Over 70% chance of not being chaste. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Fauna

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  • Dr. Dust Cell

    This sofa sure stinks of something..

  • jiayi

    I think Chinese college students are sluttier than US kids. I know every weekend hoards of them get away to those dingy love hotels for a quick fumble and a bit of the rumpy pumpy. The most innocent looking ones are the worst! Go to any campus and you’ll see rubber johnnies all over the joint. They just throw them out of the window. As with everything, even Chinese sex is very un eco-friendly.

  • 30% hadn’t????

  • Gay Azn Boi

    OMG people are having sex before marriage!!

    But seriously. Who the fuck cares? Did they really have to conduct a “research” on this topic? People are delaying marriage because many live a busy lifestyle and are putting their careers first. And who wants to wait till they’re 30 or 40 to have sex?

    Also, if you’re gay like me, then you’re WAY more likely to have sex before marriage. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a gay person who haven’t had sex before marriage. Unfortunately, the stereotype that gay guys are slutty and promiscuous is all too true. Personally, I lost my virginity when I was 15 to a much older man (my friend lost his at 12), and I’ve had many sexual encounters after that. If that makes me a slut then so be it :)

    • I love your posts!

    • mr. wiener

      You’re not a slut, you’re a himbo :)

      • Actually, I think the technical term is man-whore.

        Fucking love the Boi’s posts.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          I don’t know why, but when people call me a slut or a whore I see it more as a compliment than an insult.

          • Boris

            And so you should, you gay super-hero!

    • JAYJAY

      I am all for gay rights and everything. But is your reference to sex before marriage because you are pissed at the fact that not a lot of country let gays to get married?

      • Gay Azn Boi

        “I am all for gay rights and everything.”

        Lol. Can you be more obsequious? Seriously. Why does everyone feel the need to say that whenever the topic is gay-related, so as not to “offend” us gay guys? You could still make your comment even if you’re not for gay rights. I wouldn’t be the least bit offended.

        But anyways, to answer your question, I guess you’re part right. Many gay guys I know (myself included) feel the need to “rebel” against society, and not just sexually but in other areas of life. However, that being said, I live in Canada where gay marriage has been legal nationwide since 2005 :)


        • coala banana

          self righteous people which in their true nature just care about themselves do it that way. It their intolerance withing their self proclaimed tolerance. The only thing they really care about is the own personal habitat. They just claim that they want to save the whales, snails and trees of this world, and along the way they are also for gay rights. All as long as it doesn’t touch their personal habitat at home…i don’t know any gays, but if they wish to marry, then i would say: let them, they should have the right to suffer like the rest of the heterosexuals….:-)

    • dim mak

      Dude you are just like me, minus the nationalism

      We should get together, dress up, and I’ll hire 2 large guys to slam us side by side while we hold hands ;~;

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Are you really gay or was that a joke?

        And that sounds hot :p

      • jeffli

        I’m a large guy if one of you do CD!

    • Foreign Devil

      “I lost my virginity when I was 15 to a much older man” In our country we would call that pedophilia and sex abuse.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        And what country would that be?

        Btw, I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as there is mutual consent. The last thing I want is a nanny state telling me what age I’m old enough to have sex.

        • fabulous

          It is as easy to find justification for one’s actions as it is to elicit consent from a teenager. Which is why governments set legal limits. Because there are adults who feel it is their civic duty to expand your horizons as long as it benefits their genitals. Like yourself and Jeff’s 17 year old, teenagers don’t need an adult preying on them to help them understand their sexuality. Ideas of mutual consent and the “nanny state” may help the victim and the perpetrator to justify/accept what has happened but the adult in these cases is still scum.

  • notorious

    that man in the picture is really tan. it makes him look more masculine.

    • staylost

      Yeah, he looks like a fourth flip or something. Definitely the darker skin adds to his sex appeal.

    • Boris

      When I first saw the picture I thought the caption was going to be:

      • donscarletti

        Have a look at the girl. With such women it is best to rub a quick one out in the bathroom beforehand otherwise one’s chances of lasting 5 minutes in her would be close to zero. I sympathise with him, but he should have known this and been prepared.

        • coala banana

          another thing i differ from all others….i could never come too quick. Actually never happened, not even the first time i had sex. Don’t know how, but i can come whenever i want to and can do it as long as i like. I get always sure the girl comes first, just when i see she has enough, then i come. It can be 15 minutes or 5 hours, doesn’t matter…..then after that, when she is gone and i am alone, i rub another 1-2 quick ones out to have a better sleep….

          • notorious

            Oh Coala! Please stop! You are too much.

          • mr. wiener

            How do you make a woman scream twice?
            Wipe your cock on the curtains afterwards.

        • chinamark

          She’s quite the babe.

  • FYIADragoon

    lol it still makes me laugh my ass off how they say American girls are slutty, when they don’t even lose it until late in high school, early in college. Chinese students barely make it to high school. Looks like Korea’s the last Asian country left full of virgins.

    • Jay K.

      1 koreans are an interesting breed..if u arent korean your chances of dating a korean chick has just gone down. banging a korean chick, you have a higher chance in investing on penny stocks.

      2. i used to be into k girls but realizing the majority do surgery. i abstained from the thought

      3. let the japanese and chinese de-homogenize that country, seriously your HYUNDAI/KIA sucks.

      4. i still like pusan playa, best poster on this site

      5.stop walking around toronto like you own the place, cuz you don’t

      • FYIADragoon

        Toronto? Isn’t that a city in America’s northern territory?

        • notorious

          Toronto is in north american but is canadian territory. americans like toronto so we’ll eventually invade canada and take it for ourselves ;o/

          • Brett Hunan

            Lol notorious he was making a joke….. Canada is just Americas “northern territory”. Canadians get butthurt bad when they hear stuff like that.

          • Sunshine

            I’m Torontonian and I approve of this message ^

          • notorious

            lol I know, I was also kidding lol

          • staylost

            “Oh Canada, my home and native land…”
            “Hoards of seals and polar bears!”
            “We clu-ub thee, and ta-ame thee…”
            “With a beaver in each hand!”

          • Sean

            It’s simple, really… just move the border a few feet north every year. We’ll have it in no time, and no one will notice.

      • coala banana

        i was a couple of time in korea, mostly for just a week or less. Its definitely much harder to get them to fuck then in china and other countries. I just had a handful successes in korea.

        What i found interesting, was that its not a problem to get hooked up with a korean girl or even to date her. Usually a korean “friend” has no problems to introduce you to a nice girl…BUT, right after that he will do ANYTHING within his power that you will never fuck her….this folks HATE to see one of their “sisters” hanging out with a foreigner…..nice people, but most of them are extremely nationalistic.

        Japan is similar, but easier then korea. Japan, my country and people of choice ! best in the world together with germany !

    • american girls are just raped more often or shouting rape. while all those chinese girls and boys claim consensual sex.

      • notorious

        1 out of 4 american women have been raped. A rape occurs every 3 seconds in america (I believe that’s the statistic). I live in a college town filled with mostly white and international students. It’s not a black or white thing. So I don’t kn ow why you keep posting that stupid video. Do you know how many girls are raped by white males over here at athe University? Many of the girls drunk or given roofies? It’s a topic that is completely serious and unsuitable for your ridiculous racial arguments.


        • whichone

          Not trying to minimize the issue, but 1 in 4 sounds extremely high. Where are you getting this number? The Justice Department says that 8 percent of all American women will be victims of rape or attempted rape in their lifetime.

          • notorious

            I actually just looked it up, the actual stat is “one out of four college women are raped”. Which is somewhat true. I live in a college town and stuff like this happens all the time.

            Here’s a rape fact web site:

          • notorious

            Actually, it does say one out of four. Here’s the stats:

            Facts About Sexual Assault
            • One out of four women is sexually assaulted at some point in her life.
            • One out of six men is sexually assaulted at some point in his life.
            • Every 15 seconds, a woman is beaten by her husband or boyfriend. (FBI Uniform Crime Report, 1991)
            • Two to four million women are abused every year. (American Medical Association)
            • 95 to 98 percent of victims of domestic violence are women. (Bureau of Statistics)
            • Approximately 25 percent of all women in the U.S. will be abused by current or former partners some time during their lives. (American Medical Association)
            • 82.8 percent of sexual assaults occur before the victim reaches the age of 25.
            • 78 percent of sexual assault victims were assaulted by someone they knew.
            • Up to 57 percent of rapes happened on a date.
            • More than 66 percent of sexual assault victims reported NO visible physical injuries.
            • More than 50 percent of victims and 70 percent of assailants had used drugs or alcohol prior to the assault.
            • Fewer than 20 percent of crimes of sexual violence are reported to the police.
            • Approximately 2 percent of acquaintance rapes are reported to the police.
            • Only 2 percent of reported sexual assaults have been determined to be false reports.
            • One in eight college women is the victim of rape during her college years. One in four is the victim of attempted rape.
            • 95 percent of these rape victims did not report the rape to officials.
            • 25 percent of women were raped and/or physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, partner or date during their lifetime.
            • 84 percent of the women knew the men who raped them; 57 percent were on dates.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Holy fucking shit, women have it so bad, so often.

        • dim mak

          Sweetie, themig isn’t here to talk about black or white, he just uses those examples to show why he thinks Chinese girls shouldn’t have sex with foreigners

          • notorious

            okay Dim Mak. Kinda makes sense. But there are of course fewer pros than cons so nobody’s going to listen. They want out of whatever they’re in now and that’s it. They a better life (or so they believe) beyond the horizon.

          • notorious

            oops, meant more pros than cons…

      • hanyucha

        And the Oscar for best performance…

        • Jeff

          This 17 yr old high school girl who asked me to teach her about sex and promptly lost her virginity to me soon after..

  • “And that 20% were all “stroking pipes” [masturbating] before marriage~~~”

    100-70 = 30

    • The commenter is not wrong. 7成 is 70% or more so 2成 is 20% or more. Since the exact figure is 71.4%, using 2成 is correct but maybe my translation of “20%” is confusing if you do not check or are not familiar with the original Chinese. The commenter is referring to the “20% or more”. 100-71.4 = 20 or more or 2成.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    I think 70% is far too conservative. Who actually waits for marriage to have sex? Give me a break.

    • DRaY

      Maybe the 30% were fugly dufusses? Because I dont know one average and above CHinese chick that’s a virgin.. They all taking that dick!!!! Chinese girls either give it up willingly, sell it, or get tricked out of it. They more innocent the look the more likely the are to suck the skin off a cock. I have had hundreds of girls working at my office in china and they were all fucking. My GM and managers fucked 80% of the girls that worked under them. I work in a company of over 300 ppl now and I dont think any of these girls are virgins except for the fatties…. maybe!!!! haha….. GET YOUR FUCK ON.

      • Patrick

        Trust me it’s completely possible to get one at over the age of 27.

    • Pollster

      Recent poll finds that about 30% of males in China are Beta as fuck.

      Same poll finds that about 30% of females in China lie when taking poles. Yeah, I said it!

  • Sunshine

    I think the fact that Chinese hospitals offer legit hymen reconstruction surgeries tell a lot about the sexual mentality of the country. Why is losing your virginity before marriage still something to be ashamed of/to give a fuck about? Not losing your virginity before marriage is also irrelevant. It’s merely a personal choice, or, sometimes, it just doesn’t happen!

    • andywattbulb

      The whole hymen myth is ridiculous since the hymen isn’t supossed to break or rip at all. It is a piece on skin that loosens up over time through exposure to estrogen. The reason why some girl bleed is because they are too nervous, leading to not enough natural lubrication. Or because they are way to young to begin with and the hymen hasn’t had enough estrogen exposure.

      • Jeff

        legit hymen reconstruction doesn’t exist and is just a way to make money from dumbass’d girls to foll their possible husbands into thinking they are pure and chaste when in fact they were sluts before.

        I had a Chinese girlfriend who did me for over 1 1/2 years they when she decided it was time to get married (not to me of course) she spent all this money do have this dune. Of course she told me I should pay as some sort of fee for doing her for the 1 1/2 years and I just laughed at her and asked her to do me for ol times sake. Of course she did…

        • donscarletti

          Most women have hymens, they are just like any other membrane and are known to gradually recover and tighten when left undisturbed in young women, though when the skin loses its collagen with age, it loses the ability to tighten itself.

          Basically, if you stopped nailing her for a few months, it would most likely return to what it would have been without any sexual contact.

  • Brett Hunan

    Lol cSMACK really is feeding the coala. think he can resist the bait?

    • mankouzanghua

      I hope not! Real or fake, his postings are colorful, the more extreme the more hilarious. I’m anticipating a story about how he once leap-frogged 6 late bloomers, taking the virginity of each with one swift thrust of his 8 incher, all of which he caught on camera and turned into a viral video for promoting one of his 6 companies. Later on the data were analyzed and a project submitted for his PhD in anatomy and cell biology.

      • DRaY

        I would love to see a Coala Banana vs Hongjian showdown!!

  • White Thrash

    I like the way they said “incidents of premarital sex”.

    Olala !

    • staylost

      Would you prefer prevalence? They’d have to do a whole extra study though to report on that. Incidence is the statistical term for something like “occurrences during a specific time period”. She is the one with a PdD…

      • mankouzanghua

        I think it is prevalence, if I understand that word correctly. The Chinese says “premarital sex proportion,” suggesting it means the percent of the total sample who reported having premarital sex. The idea of “incidents” just came in with the translation.

        • staylost

          Yeah, I think you are right now that I think about it. They are measuring virginity as if it were a chronic illness in this study. You either have it or you don’t. So the prevalence of virgins at marriage in China is 20+%. It is of nearly epidemic proportion. I’m glad China is being open about this problem rather than trying to hide it like they did with SARS.

  • andywattbulb

    The 30% are the men who can’t get a girl because of the uneven sex ratio. Ho ho

    • Brett Hunan

      There are still plenty of bath houses and brothels so I dont think thats the reason. Probably people are just waiting… or lying.

  • Brett Hunan

    And again I agree with the netizens. Most post-90s kids are a bunch of rtards.

    • SuperHappyCow

      I wonder why that is. They’ve always been called this, but I’ve never read any cohesive reasons why.

  • mankouzanghua

    They should have measured outcomes like STD and pregnancy history to see if the source of sex info was a predictor holding constant other variables. Fumbling around by yourself (nice language there BTW) is obviously a bad source, but how do the others compare, e.g., is the rare sex ed experience any better than pornos? Does it predict for men but not for women or vice versa? (i.e., who is saying what goes in the bedroom… or bathroom, bridge overpass, etc?)

  • Rod

    What was your primary channel or source for learning about sex?

    *Your Mom*

  • Jeff

    Thank god for premarital sex – it’s the only reason I come to China. My door’s always ready for some knockin

    • Gia

      Is that because you can’t get any girls to sleep with you in your own country? lol

  • Johnny Basic

    % of unmarried Chinese who have had sex: 71.4

    % of umarried Chinese who have had sex which lasted for 3 minutes: 1.3%

    • Jeff

      sex lasts less than 3 minutes because the Chinese boy is more worried about getting back to his World of Warcraft game or some NBA rerun.

      • Gia

        Stereotype much?

        • Chris

          Lol, this site seems to be filled with foreign men who have confidence issues.

          • Joseph

            Change “foreign men” to “people” and I agree.

            You check it out to see if there’s anything interesting. You see something appalling, and decide to comment, then you see all the insane comments and realize the news wasn’t the most disturbing part.

            China’s a lot more “livable” when you stay away from sites like this and most of the people that comment.

            Insult away, I won’t be back for a few months. I’ve had my fix.

    • Harland

      LOL. I used to know this fat British girl in Ningbo. She’d stay at the clubs, then pick up 30s-40s Chinese dudes. I know this because she told me, unasked, and it’s burned into my brain. My comeback was, “five minutes of pure pleasure, eh?” She shot back with, “oh, I WISH they lasted five minutes!”

      I just thought I would share that.

  • Johnny Basic

    % of unmarried Chinese who have had sex: 71.4

    % of unmarried Chinese who have had sex which lasted for longer than 3 minutes: 1.3

  • jiayi

    I think Chinese girls learn about sex through abortions.

  • [email protected]

    I only just learned recently that here in China, girls don’t need a prescription to buy birth control pills. (I’m not talking about the day after pill either). Unless I am mistaken, this medication is prescription only in the west. And, due to being too embarrassed to buy these pills in-store, most of these girls just go online and buy it from taobao. There is probably no talking about it with their parents, apparently no doctor’s reference, this all seems really dangerous and irresponsible to me, especially with all the fake pharmaceuticals people sell in China.

    • Bunny99

      Yes – and I believe that Taobao delivers the morning after :)

  • eattot

    not all young people are crazy at sex…
    go to good university, then the rate is much higher, mainly those young people in rubbish schools or not in schools already.

    • Beluga

      Wait… what? So good university have a higher rate of sex crazy students than people from “rubbish” schools or those who never completed?? Also careful with the classism.

  • coala banana

    guess i am the only one her who has made his own survey during the last 7 years. Questioning people is a good start, but you never know if they tell you the truth. Some girls might feel shame to say they had xxx before marriage and answer NO, while there could a few girls which even feel shame when they had NO xxx at all, so they could answer yes, as absurd as it sounds, and judging by the overwhelming majority of 70% which had xxx before marriage, the pressure could become bigger on the ones who hadn’t.

    However, I think that the numbers are roughly correct, even I would have guessed that it would be in the 80-85% range. We should also put into account (what i have learned from some girls all over the world AND in china), that some go through surgery before marriage to recondition the thing, which makes them technically speaking a virgin. Even the number might be not significant, it should still count. Same goes for the girls which put a chicken heart into their puxxy before the first night, or just squeeze it out in the right moment between their legs while the husband is busy working his way to an orgasm with his tiny dick. I will not go into other things i have heard, that some cocks are so small, its questionable if they could take away a women’s virginity during intercourse. Again that’s what i have heard from chinese girls and women, I am not an expert on chinese dicks, except the few males i see when visiting the sauna of our estate, it could be true since some of the cooks are either not visible cause they all have disgusting bushes down there, or they truly look not bigger then the cup of my thumb. Again, I just like to observe, so please spare me the “why you look at other penises…blabla…”

    However, my own “survey” is of course on a much smaller basis then the one in the article, and i can’t claim that i had thousands of chinese girls, BUT my “survey” is based on first hand experience, where one can’t lie….its of course also just an experience of a foreigner (good looking one BTW:-)..), so we might argue that not ALL chinese girls would go so far to hump into the bed with a foreigner. But I think that i really had all kind of women from all different social backgrounds, a good mix of normal studying or working chinese females, from the waitress to the doctor and university professor. From the (i don’t really know how many, so its just a rough guess), maybe 200-250 i had xxx with, I of course haven’t questioned all, and sometimes i am not interested what she has to say, but in around 100 cases i was curious about….but to make a long story short, 10% were virgins (even just 2-3 were real virgins, but 10 claimed to be one, it could be true, since some girls loose their virginity during sport exercise in schools, happens, but i rather stick to the things i can see, even i prefer that someone else made the messy job before me, cause i am not into this bloody shit…) , 45 % were married women, and the other 45% were girls between 18-28, not yet married. I don’t know how many of the married women had pre marriage xxx, but that doesn’t matter i guess….so i think, yes, the survey in the article is ok, +/- 10%….

    if the haters, which never get puxxy, like to come out from bellow their stone, or all the women which think they understand all other women….I am open for discussion….or even the ones which like to tell me that i am just masturbating….I am fine with all, but don’t expect me to answer BS which leads to nowhere….

    • [email protected]

      Man, at first I actually thought you were going to give us some kind of valuable insights, I actually read this whole fucking post of yours and all you seem capable of writing is how you have bedded hundreds of women, how much larger your genitals are compared to every other man, how you survey women after sleeping with them, and how you somehow seem to know women who put chicken hearts inside themselves to fake virginity.
      I don’t know what institution let you out into society with the rest of us but shame on them because you clearly are a lunatic who shouldn’t be operating a computer.

      • coala banana

        …and then i saw them in front of me, both naked, the greatest and the smallest man, they are still all too human to each other. And let me tell you my brothers, even the greatest I found all too human….

        • [email protected]

          …and they both tasted the same in my mouth, though the greatest man had a saltier aftertaste….

    • Brett Hunan

      “I am open for discussion….or even the ones which like to tell me that i am just masturbating….I am fine with all, but don’t expect me to answer BS which leads to nowhere….”

      So many people are jumping at the opportunity to discuss with you.

      Pretty ridiculous of you to say “but don’t expect me to answer BS which leads to nowhere….”. Everything you write is a black hole leading to nowhere.

      • coala banana

        ….Dein wortloser Stolz geht immer wider ihren Geschmack; sie frohlocken, wenn du einmal bescheiden genug bist, eitel zu sein.
        Das, was wir an einem Menschen erkennen, das entzünden wir an ihm auch. Also hüte dich vor den Kleinen!
        Vor dir fühlen sie sich klein, und ihre Niedrigkeit glimmt und glüht gegen dich in unsichtbarer Rache…..

        • Brett Hunan

          Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche…. In some sort of deep philosophical mood are we?

          • Jeffli

            cut and paste from Wiki?

    • notorious

      Coala, this is the silliest of every post you have written. Women placing chicken hearts inside of their vaginas? I’m sorry but that’s not possible due to the shape of a woman’s vaginal canal and pressure. Not to mention how utterly disgusting and germy that would be. Women would die from all kinds of diseases if they did that.

      I won’t even address the parts about the men and their penises. It’s just all too much. wow.

      • coala banana

        Жеља за реципрочне љубави није жеља за љубав, али од сујете. Лудило је нешто ретко у појединца – али у групама, странака, народа, времена норма. Они који дубоко знам, настоји да разјасни, који изгледа као у износу од дубоко, тежи у таму.

        • notorious

          Stop quoting things about love you don’t even know. You have never loved anyone, not even yourself.

    • FYIADragoon

      Chinabounder, don’t they still have a restriction against your emigration to China?

  • MonkeyMouth

    China Rising….

  • Castro

    I can read minds, just a special gift I have….

    First Photograph:

    Girls thoughts- geez, I always thought they told me that males had penises… I wonder why this guy doesn’t ?

    Boys thoughts- if I can destroy Necromancer on WoW I’ll move up into Golden Diamond OverLord status !

    • DRaY

      Whats wrong with a little recreational gaming after sex? Actually the best is getting a blow job while gaming……….WIN!!! A good game is harder to come by nowadays than good sex.

  • A gawd-dang Mongolian

    So people just doing what comes natural before engaging in some ritual totally invented later on to cope with the guilt is…a bad thing?

    • FYIADragoon

      I’d say the problem is there are still idiots who engage in the ritual. If she’s giving it for free as is, why would you pay for it? That’s just stupid.

  • dim mak

    Unless you’re super ugly I usually assume anyone who hasn’t had sex before marriage has some kind of awful psychological problem and/or is religious (often the same thing)

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  • LeBateauPolice

    When I wrote my Bachelor thesis, the sexual behaviour of Chinese was partially content of it, so I actually have some knowledge about it.
    I dont want to go into detailed numbers, I also dont remember them exactly anymore (you may want to search yourselves, most relevant studies have been conducted by sexual researchers “Pan Suiming” and “Liu Dalin”).
    Just some facts: of course every survey shows different results, but i remember that already in the late 80s (also the point of time when this kind of research got more popular) ~70% have had premarital sex. as far as i know this number is now about ~90% . But what i feel had been neglected in this discussion is the fact, that still the vast majority of this premarital sex is happening with the future spouse (~70%). Means people with multiple sex partners is a minority in Chinese society.
    Of course also this number will be higher in the future, but I think it is a rather unscientific way to judge the situation by one’s own experience. Sure, as a foreigner it is easy to get girls when you go out and this might give you the impression Chinese girls in general are like that, but if we are honest, Chinese girls who go clubbing is also a minority (even more when you look apart from Beijing,Shanghai etc.) So i might guess the majority of Chinese girls do not cross normal foreigner’s life in China, so that we dont realise their existence in the way of we dont perceive them as potential sex partners.
    Anyway, in my opinion Chinese in general still have to find a healthy attitude towards sex and i dont mean this in a conservative way, but more that they should reflect it more and receive education about it…
    well, lost my point, fucks…

    • Charlotte

      i totally agree! quite of my friends still have the idea that sex before marriage is immoral, even with your future husband! the idea is why don’t you wait until you get married! i don’t know if it will change when they get into a relationship or get older, but still, the unfair sex related expectation of the society towards girls still produces huge presure on them, but not on the guys. most of them can’t care less, but openly hope that their future wife is a virgin! i hate when they say that Chinese girls are sluttier than boys! that’s just irresponsible comments from men who are not able to get laid!

  • Trayvon

    But what percentage of Chinese women have had an orgasm during sex? I think it is more like 10 percent.

    • Gia

      Why are you worried about that? Do you think white women in the Western countries have it better? The Internet is filled of western women who complain about the fact that they never had an orgasm. Before you guys go about dissing males of other cultures, look at yourselves. You don’t stack up any higher.

  • [email protected]

    Just noticed that these pictures show three different bed sets. That means this guy slept with her at least three times. Or… he wet the bed at least twice…. either way.. wuwuwuweeeee

  • Charlotte

    Hi! interesting post! but i’m afraid that you’ve mistranslated the word “阿姨” here (Woo woo woo~ Mine was taken by the ayi next door when I was 15 years old.) the word 阿姨 generally mean “aunt”, or some female of your mother’s age whom you are not related to. so i think the 阿姨 here means an elder woman next door. with “ayi”, most people will take it as the housekeeper hired…

  • Charlotte

    i totally agree! quite of my friends still have the idea that sex before marriage is immoral, even with your future husband! the idea is why don’t you wait until you get married! i don’t know if it will change when they get into a relationship or get older, but still, the unfair sex related expectation of the society towards girls still produces huge presure on them, but not on the guys. most of them can’t care less, but openly hope that their future wife is a virgin! i hate when they say that Chinese girls are sluttier than boys! that’s just irresponsible comments from men who are not able to get laid!

  • kenny

    Chinese woman already woke up and now choosing foreigners.Why chinese girl choose foreigners because of , love , romantic , respect, well educated, handsome, care body (good smell body and theets) , well sexual activity(size), socıal effects(know how to eat, drink and speak), if maryy can birth more than one babies and babies can speak 2 language is mother language, can go another country live to another culture and lifestyle, less stress from parents, freedom, not need to spend life for empty things(buy home or car by credits)…well many of reasons for these