Overachieving Chinese Boy Looks Like Party Boss, Ridiculed

Huang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

Huang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

From NetEase: (no longer available)

Youth started watching Xinwen Lianbo at age 2, parents says he cares about the life of the country’s people

Huang Yibo with parents.

Summary: Media reports that 12-year-old youth Huang Yibo started watching “Xinwen Lianbo” when he was 2-years-old, began reading “People’s Daily” and “Reference News” daily since he was 7-years-old, and has already published over 100 essays. His parents say that these habits and interests are innate and not intentionally fostered in him. His father says that Huang Yibo cares about the people’s livelihoods and his dream is “to allow everyone to live an even better life”.

12-year-old Huang Yibo is a "five stripe" Young Pioneer of China.

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

Hang Yibo, with fellow Chinese Young Pioneers.

Hang Yibo, with fellow Chinese Young Pioneer.Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

Comments from NetEase: (no longer available)


Yet another stupid cunt genius has been born.


Oh, and listen to red songs as much as possible, listen every day.


I haven’t commented in a long time. This kind of child already has no future, nor will he have any creativity, only the ability to suck up, and this affects society’s development. Hope the author approves my comment. Everything I’m saying is the truth.


A two to three year old child should be watching cartoons, this kind of parents must’ve drank too much too much Sanlu milk powder.


Wu mao too must be trained from when they’re babies!


Even wearing his red scarf and armband/badge when on vacation, that’s enough to to see how stupid this child is.


This kind of little 5 mao should be immediately killed in elementary school, otherwise if he’s allowed to grow up and really become a government official, he’ll kill a bunch of ordinary common people.


I’ve never heard of five stripes before, I only know that having stripes all over your body is the outfit of mental patients!


Poor child, another one wasted…


Watching Xinwen Lianbo is no different from watching commercials at 2-years-old, what’s there to show off?
China indeed has many talented children, but they’ve all been ruined by the media and parents like you!


What news can one understand at 2-years-old? What politics do they know?


The effects of drinking too much Sanlu.

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer making donations.

From NetEase:

Wuhan “5 Star Young Pioneer” becomes famous, his father says people shouldn’t vent their dissatisfaction on the child

Summary: Recently, a set of “Wuhan City Young Pioneers Head Leaders” photos have become popular on the internet. In the photos, the main subject wears a red scarf and a “five stripe” badge, a calm expression, attracting netizen’s attention. […]

Huang Yibo writes in his “Reason for Starting a Blog” blog post that he “wants to express his own beliefs, attitudes, ideals, and ambitions for self-cultivation and improvement of the nation and world in pursuit of the ‘Chinese nation’s revival and continuation of the Han and Tang Golden Age’. With regards to this, netizen “月下茶靡” said: “A young and pure and wholesome youth raised to become like this, to imitate the tone of adults when writing, I don’t know whether to blame society or blame the parents and teachers.” There were also netizens who felt the content of his writing to be shallow, suspecting that it was written by his parents and teachers. Of the netizens that have previously visited Huang Yibo’s blog, there have also been those who have supported and approved of Huang Yibo, praising Huang Yibo’s far-reaching ambition, but many people expressed it was difficult to accept an “little adult who acts like a government official”. A netizen uncovered old news reports about Huang Yibo: Starting to watch “Xinwen Lianbo” when aged 2-3, publishing a 20,000 record of his own growth and development, taking care of the elderly in nursing homes twice every month… netizens believe from beginning to end [throughout it all] there are traces of the parents or a third party packaging and promoting or publicizing [the child Huang Yibo].

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer, visiting an elderly woman in a hospital.

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer, posing like a Communist Party official.

Yesterday afternoon at 1 o’clock, this reporter managed to contact Huang Yibo’s father Huang Hongzhang by telephone. However, after learning of comments on the internet saying his son was “bureaucratic, fake/pretentious”, Father Huang was both angry and helpless, and said that he needs to discuss with Huang Yibo’s mother Ma Xiaoli before deciding whether or not to agree to an interview. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, this reporter once again contacted Huang Hongzhang and he agreed to an interview.

“His mother and I really don’t know what we should do,” Huang Hongzhang agitatedly said. In order to stop even more “nosy people” from making careless comments about his son, he wants to cancel his blog, but he doesn’t know how he should cancel his blog, and when he learned that there is no clear-cut function for cancelling, he was a little bewildered: “I just want to quiet down this matter as soon as possible, I really don’t want my son to be hurt, he is only a child. Why do some people want to vent their dissatisfaction with society on my son?”

Huang Yibo’s mother Ma Xiaoli also expressed that her son has already seen the negative comments about him on the internet, and fearing her child thinking too much of it, Ma Xiaoli told her son that this is a normal phenomenon, “what other people say isn’t important, what is important is one having a clear conscience.”

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

What do you think? Do you think Chinese netizens are being too hard on the child?


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