Overachieving Chinese Boy Looks Like Party Boss, Ridiculed

Huang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

Huang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

From NetEase: (no longer available)

Youth started watching Xinwen Lianbo at age 2, parents says he cares about the life of the country’s people

Huang Yibo with parents.

Summary: Media reports that 12-year-old youth Huang Yibo started watching “Xinwen Lianbo” when he was 2-years-old, began reading “People’s Daily” and “Reference News” daily since he was 7-years-old, and has already published over 100 essays. His parents say that these habits and interests are innate and not intentionally fostered in him. His father says that Huang Yibo cares about the people’s livelihoods and his dream is “to allow everyone to live an even better life”.

12-year-old Huang Yibo is a "five stripe" Young Pioneer of China.

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

Hang Yibo, with fellow Chinese Young Pioneers.

Hang Yibo, with fellow Chinese Young Pioneer.Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

Comments from NetEase: (no longer available)


Yet another stupid cunt genius has been born.


Oh, and listen to red songs as much as possible, listen every day.


I haven’t commented in a long time. This kind of child already has no future, nor will he have any creativity, only the ability to suck up, and this affects society’s development. Hope the author approves my comment. Everything I’m saying is the truth.


A two to three year old child should be watching cartoons, this kind of parents must’ve drank too much too much Sanlu milk powder.


Wu mao too must be trained from when they’re babies!


Even wearing his red scarf and armband/badge when on vacation, that’s enough to to see how stupid this child is.


This kind of little 5 mao should be immediately killed in elementary school, otherwise if he’s allowed to grow up and really become a government official, he’ll kill a bunch of ordinary common people.


I’ve never heard of five stripes before, I only know that having stripes all over your body is the outfit of mental patients!


Poor child, another one wasted…


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Watching Xinwen Lianbo is no different from watching commercials at 2-years-old, what’s there to show off?
China indeed has many talented children, but they’ve all been ruined by the media and parents like you!


What news can one understand at 2-years-old? What politics do they know?


The effects of drinking too much Sanlu.

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer making donations.

From NetEase:

Wuhan “5 Star Young Pioneer” becomes famous, his father says people shouldn’t vent their dissatisfaction on the child

Summary: Recently, a set of “Wuhan City Young Pioneers Head Leaders” photos have become popular on the internet. In the photos, the main subject wears a red scarf and a “five stripe” badge, a calm expression, attracting netizen’s attention. […]

Huang Yibo writes in his “Reason for Starting a Blog” blog post that he “wants to express his own beliefs, attitudes, ideals, and ambitions for self-cultivation and improvement of the nation and world in pursuit of the ‘Chinese nation’s revival and continuation of the Han and Tang Golden Age’. With regards to this, netizen “月下茶靡” said: “A young and pure and wholesome youth raised to become like this, to imitate the tone of adults when writing, I don’t know whether to blame society or blame the parents and teachers.” There were also netizens who felt the content of his writing to be shallow, suspecting that it was written by his parents and teachers. Of the netizens that have previously visited Huang Yibo’s blog, there have also been those who have supported and approved of Huang Yibo, praising Huang Yibo’s far-reaching ambition, but many people expressed it was difficult to accept an “little adult who acts like a government official”. A netizen uncovered old news reports about Huang Yibo: Starting to watch “Xinwen Lianbo” when aged 2-3, publishing a 20,000 record of his own growth and development, taking care of the elderly in nursing homes twice every month… netizens believe from beginning to end [throughout it all] there are traces of the parents or a third party packaging and promoting or publicizing [the child Huang Yibo].

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer, visiting an elderly woman in a hospital.

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer, posing like a Communist Party official.

Yesterday afternoon at 1 o’clock, this reporter managed to contact Huang Yibo’s father Huang Hongzhang by telephone. However, after learning of comments on the internet saying his son was “bureaucratic, fake/pretentious”, Father Huang was both angry and helpless, and said that he needs to discuss with Huang Yibo’s mother Ma Xiaoli before deciding whether or not to agree to an interview. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, this reporter once again contacted Huang Hongzhang and he agreed to an interview.

“His mother and I really don’t know what we should do,” Huang Hongzhang agitatedly said. In order to stop even more “nosy people” from making careless comments about his son, he wants to cancel his blog, but he doesn’t know how he should cancel his blog, and when he learned that there is no clear-cut function for cancelling, he was a little bewildered: “I just want to quiet down this matter as soon as possible, I really don’t want my son to be hurt, he is only a child. Why do some people want to vent their dissatisfaction with society on my son?”

Huang Yibo’s mother Ma Xiaoli also expressed that her son has already seen the negative comments about him on the internet, and fearing her child thinking too much of it, Ma Xiaoli told her son that this is a normal phenomenon, “what other people say isn’t important, what is important is one having a clear conscience.”

Hang Yibo, Chinese Young Pioneer.

What do you think? Do you think Chinese netizens are being too hard on the child?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • LOL

    sofa……….. :)

    • Chris N.

      Hey looks like the Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Blog has linked to this article.


      Check the last link in the ‘Just Because’ section at the bottom.

      • anon

        WSJ has been linking to chinaSMACK for quite some time now. They’ve also (especially Josh Chin) been copying the whole Chinese netizen comments thing for some time as well.

        • Chris N.

          Thats not because Josh Chin is lazy, its because Fauna picks such good comments that represent the mindset of the Chinese netizen. In the realm of representative comment picking Fauna deserves 5 red bars.

          If the site ever had a rating system for articles or comments then it would be awesome if everything was measured from 1 to 5 red bars, haha!

  • cdn icehole

    It’s not the first time parents live vicariously through their children. However, IF these actions are really from the kid then it would be a good thing.

  • mp

    You guys in China are lucky. Here in America we have Chinese kids raised by Tiger Moms The only difference is that they have no red stripes, but can play Chopin etudes before the age of six. And you never want to be in math class with one of them, either. Even if you get all the answers on the test correct, you still get a bad grade since these tiger cubs push the grading “curve” so high.

    • Tell me about it. They’re so one-dimensional too and I’ve seen these guys struggle later in life to fit in. It’s such a selfish way of parenting and suppresses a child’s compulsions.

      • Anonanon

        Second. He’s going to get bullied and if there’s no ceiling for him, then when it goes down, it comes down in a big way.

      • efil4pcc

        OTOH, guys like this can also be your kid(s) future boss.

      • Chad

        I didn’t have a tiger mom but I know a lot of other kids who did, and the vast majority of them turned out to be pretty successful- very hard working, smart and active professionally and outside of work/school as well. I think people just focus on the social failures, but really most of them turn out pretty good.

        • Jones

          I’m not a robotic money-making apparatus for my parents, so my social life does actually matter quite a bit.

          • Alikese

            If my parents were hoping to live vicariously through me they’re going to be very dissapointed.

          • Capt. WED

            why do you assume that the reason parents do this is for them and not for the betterment of the kid’s future? The side-effect of a successful kid may well be that. But I don’t think if your parent is loving they would put themselves before their children.

          • Jones

            Plenty of successful people out there that are able to socialize and didn’t have ridiculously strict “Tiger Moms”. My mom wasn’t strict with me and now look at me: I have a million doll hairs.

      • Capt. WED

        WTF generalizing much?

        Let’s just say I wasn’t raised by a tiger mom (WTF???), but my mom always was like oh look at so and so they’re doing this and that. Gues what, after all these years, they’re still doing it.

        I think tiger mom is exaggerated. Most of the high achieving kid push themselves–are successful because they’re hard working. Sure, their parents may have drilled it into them from and early age, but only as the catalyst (for successful people). Without internal resolve I say they wouldn’t be where they’re at–no way. Also, an array of different circumstances comes together to make a person who he is. So if some one failed, do you really think it’s because of their parents pushing them too hard? Or do you think there may be other psychological or environmental factors involved. I don’t think it’s so clear cut like you make it to be: fucked up parents means social problems at later stage. Exactly what is fucked parents?

        Parents like these are putting their kids ahead of everything else, they’re actually doing a great service to their kids by pushing them hard. Bla bha blah.. Society today can be fucked up so you may need a push. Tough love. Tough luck.

    • Jaze

      In my family there was no tiger mom. My mom was the sweetest Chinese Lady. It was the dragon father that put the fear of god in me by either belt or feather duster.

      • Mansu Musa

        Same my father beat the shit out of me all the time and was super strict, but my mom never even yelled at me.
        I think for myself the balance of the two parents worked out well.

        I personally believe truly great people can endure any upbringing, but the best kind of parenting spark creativity in their children, all non-creative human work will be outsourced by machines and this is a undeniable fact, those who cannot harness their creativity will be obsolete in the modern society.

    • DRaY

      There are a lot of dumb Chinese kids in America as well, stop spreading the bullshit!!

  • vince

    lol sorry fauna i just noticed. my sincere apologies. :P

  • sneezinglaowai

    Gotta be a publicity stunt from the parents.

  • Rick in China

    Why do people care to spend their time talking shit about this *kid*. Who cares! He’s putting effort into progress, whether it’s manipulated via parents or not, which is more than most net/game-addicted kids are up to.

    No reason to bag on ’em or his parents.

    • anon

      People care to spend time talking shit about about this person just like many people here care to spend time talking shit about this or that person or this or that incident.

      What is interesting is that the mother’s comment is actually quite appropriate. People on the internet griefing whoever is at the center of attention really is a normal phenomenon.

      That said, the kid looks disturbingly like a smaller version of Hu Jintao but with extra smugness.


      I knew that picture reminded me of another one I’ve seen here…

      • Rick in China

        RE: “People on the internet griefing whoever is at the center of attention really is a normal phenomenon.”

        Of course it is. It doesn’t make it any more appropriate in this situation because it’s normal.

        • anon

          Not saying it is appropriate or inappropriate. Just saying its funny to ask since we’re guilty of doing the same thing all the time.

    • efil4pcc

      Yep, exactly.

      He’s just taking old school style pics. Such a non-issue..

  • Song of the Article

    Be a Gentleman


    • Boris

      Beastie Boys
      -‘Fight for your right to party!’

  • Mercator

    even suspecting that …what? Don’t keep us in suspense chinaSMACK.

  • Jack

    Reminds me of ‘Tory boy’…

  • Irvin

    Never believe anything you read on a chinese news paper.

  • Sunshine

    Wait what the fuck 5 red stripes what does that even mean? Back when I was in elementary school we only had up to three… What have I missed LOL.

    • Kong

      Lol, I was thinking the same thing. I first found out about this tool when I was reading this comic about 中国少先队员: http://www.huaren.us/dispbbs.asp?boardid=331&Id=939346&page=2

    • Golden Bollox

      …big deal – I was always getting 5 red stripes at school …across my ass for dissin’ authority. Now, when I reflect on my worthless, wasted life …I just blame my parents & the 1960s!

      • Sunshine

        Why blame the 1960s? I know plenty of people around me born in the 60s who made something of themselves. The first step away from success is the constant need to make excuses for yourself.

        But then again, you might just be trolling.

  • If it’s his own choice, it’s fine. That’s democracy on a small level.

  • dilladonuts

    Even the old lady from 3rd to last photo was like ” WTF IS THIS 5 STRIPE THING? ” lol

    SMUG is the word, stop it.

    • john digmeme

      I hear that. 5 stripes? Looks like a piece of the US flag. I’m confused…

  • ooooooo can i touch it?

    now i think one of the reasons why people talk SMACK about the kid is because they themselves a slightly jealous of the fact that a 12 year old have already developed the mental capacity to express ideas of “improving the lives of others” or be conscious enough to work towards his ideals, beliefs, ambitions and whatnot. obviously i have my doubts as well, but i’d like to leave things open. but if you really want to make a judgement on the kid, then meet him personally. invite him to tea and talk. Ask him he really knows the stuff he talk about. maybe he really knows his stuff. i’d like to read some of his 100 essays to at least to see what he thinks. besides, kids are growing up faster than the generation before. also now that the interwebs just shat all over him……thanks for ruining my talk+tea interwebs……..

    • Alikese

      I don’t think it’s jealousy, I think that people are turned off by how disingenuous this whole thing is. Mom and dad send him off to spend 20 minutes at a retirement home (and pose for pictures), mom and dad give him 100 yuan to donate (and pose for pictures), mom and dad make him write essays about cheesy sounding ideals like helping everyone in the world (and post it online), have students come up and ask him to sign papers (and pose for pictures), etc., etc.

      They’re turning their son into some fake, smiling, baby-kissing, politician at ten years old, and pretending like it’s natural. If this kid is really Mitt Romney reincarnated in a 12 year old Chinese kid, then more power to him. But, it seems more like the parents are playing dress-up with their kid and praying that he will be the next Grandpa Wen.

      • Ray

        I know what you mean eh, for me, I dunno if this is all a publicity stunt of not. If is was a stunt then it would feel like the parents are trying to get some attention on him from the media or government so that he has a better chance in becoming some kind of official.

      • CHNinUSA

        Alikese totally get it, while many others are confused why Chinese ppl care this kid so much. Basically, it’s because people really hate how hypocritical and smug the current politicians are in China, those ppl feel they are higher class of human in the society and actually they do possess real power and money that there is almost no constrain from the people.So when ppl see a 12-years-old who should play games or do kids things already grow like those hypocrite and do all the pose that can be seen fake and smug, they feel so worried about the future of China and feel angry how his parent educate this kid.

        Everybody know the Xin-Wen-Lian-Bo(the News) from CCTV is brainwashing propaganda of CCP, what will you say when you know the parent ask their kid to watch it since 2 years old?

      • Ethan JRT

        Not necessarily. I know a guy like this in the U.S. – parents are average-apolitical, but he himself somehow absorbed political ambition in epic proportions (maybe watched too much West Wing at too young and age?), and it turned him into a huge fake at an early age.

        It’s tempting to blame the parents, but kids have a lot of factors influencing their development and in a case like this it’s hard to know for sure.

        I would mention the possibility that he’s genuine, but everything about the photos and description screams “phony!”

  • Jones

    He doesn’t look as cool as Lei Feng did.

  • So, if this boy is “Hu Jintao” – who are the other two boys standing at his sides? :)

  • Here’s the possible scenarios people:

    1) He’s a total fake that’s been propped up by propaganda, with his teachers and parents feeding him his lines. Hell, the government might even be fueling and funding this little side-show. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time that the CCP has uncovered some “pure hearted patriot” to sing the praises of the system.

    2)He’s actually really sincere about helping people and naive believes that being a good little “commie” is the best way to go about it. In which case, he’ll work hard, be honest and then get stuck in a small-time position and have the corrupt pass him by on the ladder of success. In the end he’ll become disillusioned by the mass corruption and either join it or sink into a depression.

    3) His parents noticed one night that his eyes were focussed on the tv while a news report happened to be on at the same time, so they funneled his interested into Party interests (wouldn’t be the first overly-controlling Asian parent…) Then by the time he understood the system well enough, he started to realize that his life could be a real cushy one if he kissed ass, played the part and took the (future)bribes. In which case you have a sociopath, not too far a stretch (look at his smiles in those photos, can you say emotionally dead?).

    4) It’s a publicity stunt by the media to try and foster an image of legitimacy over their blatant bullcrap and propaganda

    In any of these cases, his life has either peaked right now or he’s going to become a poster-child of a false government.

  • Capt. WED

    About this kid though, he looks like he needs a good beat down. By masked Ninjas of course, does not look like you want to fuck with his parents.

  • Zach Williams

    you negative people are so foolish and low. This looks happy. The faces around him look happy. My eyes see a kid doing what he thinks is right. Just look at all the happy faces around him. so what if his brand of caring looks similar to that of Chinese party officials, which you obviously have a problem with…the kids lives in china, after all.

    stop saying such horrible things about his passions — moreover, stop putting down his attempts to inspire. If anything, you should be worrying about how such hurtful things can turn a happy and altruistic young boy into a suspicious and bitter young adult…a turn of character that wont at all be in the interest of anyone in the future.

    i mean…for christ sake, words hurt…and if those hurtful words come in a flood (as they often do on blogs…not to mention your own blog)…they can really hurt.

    I’m not a pansy who is above criticizing people, but this kid has done nothing to deserve this at all and all of you who think otherwise ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    (and if you are accusing the parents of indoctrinating the boy, just for a moment imagine if your wrong)

  • Xiao en

    You have a child doing good in school, social activities and even thinks of others. In America kids this age barely have time to think about anything other than what video game to play next. This child should be praised for standing out above others as any child should.

    • Jent

      Oh, really? What studies can you cite as evidence, f***tard or are you just pulling it all our of your a-hole?

  • Jent

    He looks like a huge cunt.

    • Boris

      The pics got me thinking about ‘The Omen’. But take time out for a moment; who would you want as your neighbour, this kid or some transexual crack-whore called Veronica?

  • DRaY

    Best comment………………
    This kind of child already has no future, nor will he have any creativity, only the ability to suck up, and this affects society’s development. Hope the author approves my comment. Everything I’m saying is the truth.

    …….. Play some Xbox kid and have a life!!!! A kid that spend his childhood doing this shit, will have no respect for others that slacked off a bit during their younger days. Sad, another asshole Chinese man in the making.

    • cdn icehole


      Boy / Girl Scouts are government shills. Why would we need kids to build character, train them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develop personal fitness.

    • Rick in China

      That’s the most idiotic statement, ever. You’re saying by playing games and fucking around you turn out to be a better person than one who grows up learning positive values and working hard or educating themselves with the notion of better improvement for society as a whole?

      If everyone thought and lived like that, our species would still be eating scraps of shit in the forest and living in caves.

  • Chris N.

    He watched xinwen lianbo since he was 2? Well the sum of 10 years of watching the same 30 minutes of glorifying the leaders, 30 minutes of announcing the great progress of China, and 30 minutes of reporting the disasters and denouncing the poor decisions of foreigner countries is still only an hour and a half.

  • Josephus Flavius

    His dream is to be a politician, so be it. Why are people scolding him?

  • k

    I don’t get the hate towards this kid…..I mean he’s a successful, caring kid, I would love to have a kid like him in my classroom, at least he gives a damn about things. Seriously, he’s 12 too and any man that is running down a 12 year for trying to be something is just an idiot….grow up.

    • Tengebaev

      cant agree with you more

      p.s.: clips :3

  • justmega

    Looks like propaganda, North Korean style.

    • diverdude

      …….Fatty Kim’s missing Love Child~

  • Edward

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he became the 2nd Mao.

  • Alexander

    Wait till they kick him out of the party for being a closet homosexual…..

  • b. prichard

    Anybody reading DFW’s The Pale King? This kid is highly similar to Leonard whose childhood is described in Chapter 5. Super nice do-gooder that no one can stand.

    Also the best chapter of that book so far.

  • staylost

    Sorry kid, we measure your success by how many mistresses you have, not by your leadership abilities and education. Please instead take pictures of all the art college girls you keep in your stable with documents proving how much you pay to keep them.

    Seriously, though. The parents seem a bit pretentious, but he is just a kid trying to perform well. Give him a break. Lord knows we need more leaders that really care.

  • Cardaver

    His head shape and size, he looks like a Chinese version of Dwight Shrute, or maybe Hank Hill

  • masaru

    let the haters hate, genuine achievement or not, at least he’s doing something with his life, more than a shit load of lethargic,whiny, micro-blog obsessed chinese students that i deal with everyday!

  • KopyKatKiller

    What a little dickhead eh?

  • Do not blame the CHILD, blame the ADULTS that dress him up this way and used him as a political tool.

  • Eddie

    He is an innocent boy, and is ruined by the his parent’s subjective awareness.

  • PRC

    yea i had sanlu for 3-5 years back then thank god i’m ok

  • Fordbane

    Man, that kid should enjoy being a kid … he’ll be sorry later …
    Life is a playground. As kids we all knew that, but somewhere along the way we’ve lost it.

  • nancy

    Those critical comments are really hurting the heart of such a young boy.Having an determined ambition to be a great leader is not that bad.Huang doesn’t even know what ‘bueacratic’ means ,but he does try his best to do what he can at his age in ordor to achive his goal.Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with “sanlu” thing.So just stop those teasing words!

  • Hongjian

    Nothing wrong being a characterless, boring, would-be mandarin.
    China has a need for those, sitting in the giant machinery of beaurocracy as small cog-wheels.
    The only shit thing is just; it is guaranteed that these characterless, boring cog-wheels will become corrupt nepotists the moment they have just a remotely powerful position in the party.

    So, they should have completely brainwashed him, erased his personality and implanted chips in his brain, so that he may feel no personal desires anymore and becomes a complete machine. He wouldnt have lost anything, and the CCP-dynasty would also be happy to have a honest official for once.

  • Vertigo112

    If you want to bash, bash the parents, whether It’s pretentious/make up or bad education on their own child, they have a reason to be bashed and bashing is what they fucking deserve, let that be a lesson to those parents.

    That child is innocent, by the time passing by and growing up, these “virtues” he’s proud of won’t be much of a big deal for him later on.

  • 0311

    Look Everyone. Its HongJian!

  • Andy Best

    Last weekend, all my students from a wide range of ages (9-18) from 6 different classes were joking about this. I asked the what they were on about and then found the English version here.

    My students all focused on sudden appearance of the 5-stripe badge. It seems that no one knew it existed at all until this story came out, which in their minds makes it a big joke/faked story.

    So there’s some more local perspective.

    And by the way, none of them seemed to harbour ill will to the lad himself.

  • Rod

    Yeah, this kid was going to be just another drone, but now that this has hit the media, I’m sure it’s going to make him rethink what he’s doing – It’s put him on a different path.

    I’m teaching in China and it’s terrible what these parents are doing to some of these children – not all of them, but some.

    There’s a mother at our school who’s pushing for English conversation lessons for her 5 year old.

    She’s already taking grammar lessons from Chinese teachers.

  • GeeGee

    Want to be a politician? Got to be ridiculed like one. Can’t take the pressure, there a cantonese saying “go back to the village to work the fields”.

  • Peter

    Interesting how some of these photos are still employing the same photographic “tropes” as those used in the 1960s. Sad, in a way.

  • fireworks

    LOL, grooming to be a princeling.

  • brizmat

    What a good boy!
    leadership is born within some body(patriotism).those one accusing the young boy should stop because he is a special one.

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  • Liz K.

    reminds me of the all-American Boy Scout, but younger and more conscientious.

  • Strangerland

    I don’t like his smile. His smile is adult-smile pasted on a child’s face and that’s what people detects when they see his pictures.
    Adults rarely have open expression the way kids do, maybe it’s something related to childhood innocence- and when adults have that open expression you can certainly say that they don’t go around with that expression all the time. In other words, we adult mask our true feelings and most of the time we have this “polite face” we use to keep appearances.
    I think this child’s expression is way way too similar with most adult’s “polite face”, that’s why we’re creeped out by it.
    I don’t know if he looks like Mao, but I dread to think that he is used by adults around him to fulfil a role. Maybe they think they can somehow, create another Mao? Or maybe he is just a really calm child, what they label as “ancient soul in a child’s body”?
    I don’t know. I sincerely hope that he wouldn’t grow up to be another Mao. China would tumbled down if he is, and I don’t think it would survive the second cultural revolution without worse damage than the first time around.