Overloaded Rural ‘School Bus’ Rolls Over Into Water, 11 Dead

Villagers are gathering at the scene of the incident.

From Sina:

Jiangxi School Bus Accident Driver was the Kindergarten’s Principal, Names of Injured & Dead Made Public

December 24 morning about 9, an accident happened in Jiangxi Guixi Binjiang County Hongtang Village Hepan Shitongjia Unit, in which a kindergarten minibus rolled over and fell into a pool of water. The 7-seat minibus was carrying 17 people, resulting in 11 children killed. This reporter learned through interviews at the scene that the school bus driver was the kindergarten principal.

As it is understood, the kindergarten involved in the accident is called Spring Bud Kindergarten, located in Binjiang County Jinfa Village Committee Pengjia Unit, with 4 classes and 126 students. Villager Xu Youzhen told this reporter that this minibus without any markings to indicate itself to be a school bus had ordinarily been driven by the kindergarten’s principal Peng Chune herself, picking up and transporting the children to and from school everyday at 9am and 5pm. Although the vehicle was limited to only 7 seats, in order to save on costs, she had more than 10 children squeeze into the vehicle. Sobbing, Xu Youzhen told this reporter that the 4 children from the next village would’ve originally escaped the accident, but had gotten onto the minibus ahead of time just so they could get a seat.

As it turns out, every morning, kindergarten principal Peng Chune would drive a Changan minibus with license plate number “赣LP2689” to pick up children in Liuling Village for school. There were 4 children in Liuling Village—which is right next to the kindergarten—who attended this kindergarten. Originally, they were the nearest to the kindergarten, and could head out for school a little later, waiting until after the school bus was on its way back from picking up the children in the two other villages before getting aboard. But every time the school bus arrived, it was packed with people and they could only be squeezed in to stand next to the vehicle’s door. The parents were unhappy about this and raised complaints to the kindergarten many times, “but the village only has one kindergarten, and in order to save on costs, the kindergarten resorted to overloading [the minibus].” For lack of a better option, the parents could only have their children get up early every day so they could get on the school bus first before kindergarten principal Peng Chune set off [to pick up the children in the other villages], as this way they could get a seat.

December 24 morning at 8am, these 4 children got on the school bus early as usual. When the school bus had finished picking up the other children from nearby villages and was on its way back to the kindergarten passing through Shitongjia Unit, misfortune struck. Because the vehicle was going a little too fast, the driver Peng Chune drove into a pile of sand in an effort to avoid a farming vehicle parked on the roadside, and then slid into a pond. 17 people on the minibus—the driver, a female teacher, and 15 children—all fell into the water with the vehicle.

“Because the 4 children from Liuling Village were sitting furthest inside, they were blocked in by the other children who got on later and couldn’t get out.” A parent who participated in the rescue on the scene named Tong Huibing had jumped out of bed and rushed to the scene the moment he heard that the school bus had an accident. “I saw that the body of the vehicle about to disappear into the water and immediately jumped into the water. At the time, there was only 10cm of the bus still above the surface of the water. There was a female teacher dragging children out from the vehicle and I was desperately pulling them out.” In the 2 minute before the minibus was completely submerged, Tong Huibing and some other nearly residents dragged out 6 children from the water, including his own daughter Tong Beiying. “It was only because my daughter was the last one to get on the minibus that she could be rescued. There was nothing we could do to save the children who were crammed inside.”

Through the joint rescue efforts of the nearby villagers, 1 driver, 1 female teacher, and 4 children narrowly and luckily escaped.

Casualty list of the 12.24 Minibus Rollover Into Pool Incident

Died instantly at the scene:

Tong Yuxiang, male, age 4, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Peng Bingyu, male, age 4, Liuling Village Committee.
Hu Simin, female, age 4, Liuling Village Committee.
Luo Qinxin, female, age 4, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Tong Qianlong, male, age 6, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Tong Fangqiang, male, age 6, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Tong Chenxi, male, age 6, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Hu Siqi, female, age 5, Liuling Village Committee.
Tong Quanbing male, age 5, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Tong Jiawei, male, age 4, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Lu Yu, male, age 5, Liuing Village Committee Zhanshan Unit.

Hospitalized in ICU:

Tong Yongjie, male, age 5, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Tong Guowei, male, age 5, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Tong Longhao male, age 6, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.
Tong Beiying, female, age 4, Hepanshi Tongjia Unit.

A child’s school bag is floating on the surface of the pool.

A child’s school bag floats on the surface of the pool where the minibus rolled over and fell in.

Rescuers are drawing water with a pump.

December 24, rescuers using a water pump in their rescue efforts.

A man is salvaging items left in the pool after the rescue.

Dredging up the remaining items.

These are the fences set up at the scene where the incident happened.

These are the fences set up at the scene where the accident happened.

An injured child of the incident is receiving medical treatment.

An injured child of the incident is receiving medical treatment.

An injured child of the incident is receiving medical treatment.

Children injured in the accident receiving medical care at Guixi City People’s Hospital.

Comments from Sina:

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Government departments need to stop building their own office buildings, buy fewer cars, spend less public funds on eating and drinking, and spend more money on education. If it were like what Sichuan requested in the 1930s where “any county magistrate whose county office is better than the schools shall be executed on the spot”, then tragedies like this will greatly decrease.

浪漫临海男 [江苏苏州]:

Naive, it is precisely because China’s school buses will never produce a future government leader that importance will never be attached to them. The only reason Americans attach importance to school buses is because the future president is in those school buses.

手机用户 [广东广州]:

Sigh! What has the government been doing all this time? What’s the use of the government paying attention now? Always too slow to implement and every implementation too poorly done, everything done half-heartedly, done just to trick the masses. Harming the flowers of the future, cheating the powerless people!


Can’t blame everything on the rabble. It’s true that the kindergarten principal did wrong in some regards, but where is the government supervision and education funds?? Could a rural kindergarten afford to keep 4 or 5 school buses relying only on its own profits? Or afford school buses built to American standards? These are all things the ZF are supposed to do! So don’t stand on the moral high ground, you ZF are the ones who first failed these children!

goldcks [广东广州]:

The government has money to build office buildings, eat, drink, and other “Three Public Expenses” [using public money for travel, personal transportation, and entertaining guests], and at the end of the year, they even set up various kinds of projects in order to quickly spend whatever is left; they just aren’t able to spend money on basic education. People, stop making things difficult for the government.

手机用户 [陕西西安]:

Chinese officials’ dereliction of duty and shamelessness are the main causes of this accident.


When even going to school has become so risky, how can the country talk about being prosperous and strong?! It’s all empty words! It’s just allowing a group of people who eat [foodstuff grown and produced exclusively for government officials] and have children who are foreign nationals to study the people’s livelihood in China. This itself is a big joke!


When schools in rural areas are combined and children have to go so far, they have no choice but to take the bus. Is school bus safety really that difficult? All you have to do is lower the grade/quality of government officials’ cars to save a bit and there would be money for this.


Government officials’ cars are always safe, school buses are always dangerous. The government leaders always go first, while the ordinary common people are always last.

手机用户 [上海]:

Don’t always blame things on overloading, what son of a bitch would want to overload if there’s enough funds? I myself don’t think there was really anything wrong with what the principal did. After an accident, it’s more important to adopt appropriate improvement measures than to just criticize.

手机用户 [广东广州]:

Angry!!! The head of the Education Department, the mayor, the county magistrate, and the head of Education Bureau should all be arrested and executed by firing squad!

手机用户 [北京丰台]:

Could our hearts not tremble? Our hearts are bleeding! Children, rest in peace, you won’t be lonely in heaven. Leaders, you also have your babies! Deal with this appropriately, and do more practical things!

东门的李栋 [山东济南]:

I seldom comment, usually just read. Today, I want to say something on behalf of the principal driver. She definitely wouldn’t have wanted this accident to happen. Therefore, we need to analyze at a deeper level why she would overload. People from poor areas wouldn’t feel indifferent toward life, they would only passively take it lightly. Because there’s nothing they can do. May the deceased rest in peace!

手机用户 [安徽巢湖]:

Dammit, officials doing things for the people is just like the wind, every thing is still the same after it passes. Those poor children, may you all be little angels in heaven.

手机用户 [广东广州]:

This can only be blamed on the government not supervising this normally. This is a widespread phenomenon. Nowadays, many school leaders have cars, but they won’t even buy one school bus for the school. Any money is embezzled by the school and government officials. With this incident, the this party secretary, mayor, etc. of the county, city, and town must all be fired for it to be right. They are too irresponsible.

手机用户 [山西太原]:

Never heard of school buses in the past, because the schools were nearby, and children could walk to school on their own. Why merge and combine schools, allowing tragedies like this to happen all the time? So lamentable, so frustrating, so pitiful.


Poor children, be sure to choose the right place when reincarnating next time.

江南小镇一介布衣 [浙江嘉兴]:

Truly heartbreaking that so many adorable children are gone just like that! For a kindergarten to operate for 6 years without a license, just what the hell was the self-proclaimed everything-for-the-people government doing throughout these past 6 years? What were all those government leaders and experts of the Education Bureau doing? The government failing to do its duty is a crime, because it is the people who are feeding you.

手机用户 [江苏南京]:

The 30 years since the reform [and opening up of China] has been 30 years of moral degeneration of society.


Have the parents all been controlled [dealt with, silenced]? The government is a bastard!

What do you think? Who is the most responsible for this incident?

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  • Destinyslotus

    I was in tears reading the names on that list. These children are not much more than babies and are close in age to my eldest son.

    How dare china call itself a developed nation. Just because they have a few vanity skyscrapers and Audis does not mean it has developed. I love china but it cA make me really despair.

    RIP little angels x


      I don’t think anyone in China mistakes themselves for a developed nation. Well they may on the surface but deep down they know they are still developing with many deep ingrained problems with their society. Love China huh? Heard that many times. I’ll be the first to say I don’t love or hate China or any other country for that matter. I love and hate individual people, not countries.

      • ” I’ll be the first to say I don’t love or hate China or any other country for that matter. I love and hate individual people, not countries.”

        顶’d for that comment.

    • are u gay?

      • Gay Azn Boi

        No, but I am.

        • Kate

          That made me lol.

        • This is the worst game of “Twenty Questions” ever.

          My turn: are you smaller than a bread box?

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Ugh terroir stop with your nonsensical comments. I don’t know what that means.

          • Now that you’re avoiding the question, I really want to know.

            TELL ME. NOW.

          • mr.wiener

            I think the question we need to ask Antirassist is:…”No, but do you want me to be?”


    A story that has been repeated over and over. I remember reading about something like this on mainstream American news but I can’t remember if it was this incident or another as after a while they all start to sound the same. It just seems like many (not all) drivers in China treat driving as kind of like a ride at Disneyland where seatbelts are a nuisance, where no matter how risky you drive they don’t believe anything bad will happen. Too bad for the poor kids. There are just too many stupid people the world over.

    • hess

      But there is hope! I got told by a taxi driver to put on my seat belt today (he was wearing his as well). And he also, unlike most other drivers here, didnt drive like a monkey on crack

      • LOL

      • Man, expats nowadays will take any job.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Yeah, probably can’t find English teaching positions anymore.

          • …because Chinese are now taught English by robots?

            JAPANESE ROBOTS?

      • That happened to me today too! Though he still drove like a monkey on crack.

      • Germandude

        Jeez, where are you? In Shanghai nothing has changed. At least I haven’t noticed anything yet. Just the usual, taxi drivers that don’t put on the seat belts, crossing traffic lights while they are flipping from orange to red, while talking with their wives on the phone.
        Honestly, I am scared that this changes. It wouldn’t be the habits anymore that I came to love…

        • hess

          Shijiazhuang mate. only happened to me once though

        • TROGG

          Come to the US where guns are plentiful and massacres of babies quite common.

          • Germandude

            Yes. Luckily it never happens in China because while the gunman is already there, the kids are still stuck in a bus.

            And massacres of babies are quite common in the US? Damn those influenced media that either don’t report at all or that report about it happening right here, right now, all the time.

            Thanks for wasting my time reading your shit and even feeling the need of replying.

  • Germandude

    “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”
    Mahatma Ghandi


      If you go by that standard the US isn’t too great, although still better than China IMO. Even Obama hasn’t done much to help the poor African-American inner city communities. I’d really hate to be a poor farmer in China. I’d feel borderline hopeless.

      • Let’s quit it with the perpetual “Oh yeah, US bad too” bit as seen in the Chinese comments.

        I’m sure Germandude has used that line on several non-Sino-centric sites as well.

        • Germandude

          In fact, I haven’t used that quote on non-Sino-centric sites as well. But that has more to do with me not posting on other sites except 1 German news site. I am very critical about my own country, the EU, US, China and others. However, I feel that without criticism and pointing out the shortcomings of societies/countries/politicians, there is no change. Only in a world full of rainbows, where people behave as if all was perfect, criticism is not needed and ridiculed in order not to disturb the party.
          Imagine you would go to a gay party that’s boring and saying: “You guys are too tight”… Or opposite “You guys are too open”.

          • x1sfg

            At least you’ve got breweries, or the piss they call 烧酒. I can’t stand 青岛.

          • China’s very existence depends upon “celestial rainbows”, but you already know that. I just wanted to say “celestial rainbows” and get away with it.

            Gays are fun. What’s more, they’re always surrounded by pretty women that the gays simply refuse to have sex with.

          • Germandude

            Yeah, gays are surrounded by pretty women just to attract hetero men as well to their parties. Some notice the other side of their personality/sexual preferences. It’s often becoming a win-win situation then.
            You know, gays getting fresh blood through flipping heteros around, heteros that widen there horizon and pretty women that can do sth for their self-confidence, “protecting hetero men from becoming gays”.

            Ah, I am happily married and with 30 years of age, probably too old. The shame, the shame….

          • “Teh gays” are cats that talk back for straight women.


          Just wanted to point out that despite being the richest in the world and the so-called beacon of freedom, the US has a long way to go when it comes to prosperity for all, or even most. I still hate Obama for many reasons though I do give him credit for going back to Washington to deal with the “fiscal cliff”. Okay I’ll stop now I think you get my point.

          • Dude, I just mean that argument is a given and you don’t have to bring it up.

            It’s like “SNLTR E” on Wheel of Fortune.

      • Kate

        In terms of quality of life, the number one country to be born in is Sweden. USA came in #16, South Korea #19, Japan #25, China #49. And there is no point in helping inner city black communities, they won’t even help themselves. They choose to live like that.



          Yes I’ve seen similar stories before. The Scandanavian countries consistently come out on top in all these “quality of life” measurements. Makes me want to at least visit those countries to see what all the fuss is about.

          White people forcibly brought blacks to America, now they have to live with them. Agree many won’t even help themselves but something needs to be done. Sooner or later it will come back to bite the country in the butt if this inequality is allowed to persist.

          • Kate

            Whites brought blacks to the usa forcibly after blacks sold them forcibly in Africa. People who live in the “ghetto” very much tend to revel in their way of life. They like to pretend they are big bad gangstas with their guns. They don’t want to change. More often then not, they feel entitled to everything, housing, food, welfare checks and they don’t want to work for any of it legitimately. They sale drugs, shoot each other up, collect welfare, do nothing to better themselves like go to college, and teach their kids to live like this. The ones who are smart, who want a better life, do not stay in the inner city neighborhoods. They move. I recommend “Snow on da bluff” documentary about life in The Bluff, Atlanta’s worst neighborhood. Its on netflix!

          • starsky

            they been talking this issue since the 1970s


            intersting film I myself actually worked as a assistant fetching coffee or Henesy for DMX’s Manager back in the 1990s when i was a foreign-exchange student. kinda know what these celebrity ganstas are like


            And Africans were forced or coerced into selling other Africans to the Europeans. If they didn’t sell, they themselves would be enslaved or destroyed. Bottom line is that the European slave traders were solely responsible for bringing enslaved Africans to the New World, no one else.

            Of course many blacks have the attitude you describe. But did you ever wonder why they have that attitude. It’s a vicious cycle with it’s roots in slavery. Granted everyone is responsible for their own actions and I’m not giving blacks a free pass in any way but you gotta admit the odds are stacked against them from the day they are born. Those odds can be overcome though. Well it’s an endless argument but let me just say there’s a lot of blame to go around.

            Thanks for the video title, I also found it on Youtube. Looks interesting.

          • Elijah

            Sorry, dude. I agree in principle, but historical records show that the slave trade in Africa (especially Northern Africa) was alive and well before there was a Europe to speak of.

            You want proof? Egyptian Pyramids.


            I never stated or even implied that slavery didn’t exist in Africa before the Europeans came. I just said that Europeans alone were responsible for bringing slaves over to the New World (aka the Americas). So if anyone says blacks in the US causing problems are a racial issue, just remember who brought them forcibly here in the first place.

          • Elijah

            They brought slaves over to the New World, only because they were available to be bought. If they weren’t on the market, I doubt that it would have happened the same way.

            In any case, it’s a case of “what if” which is moot anyways.

            As for the “gangsta ghettos”, while a large number of people live there due to socio-economic status, it’s still possible for them to elevate themselves. Especially in a Western country where they have a number of boosts that others don’t. Evidence shows that people follow their mentality no matter what their race. So if they think they will be successful, then chances are they will raise themselves up. If they buy into the “gangsta” ‘culture’ (or un-culture) perpetrated by rap and BET, then guess where they will stay.


            You’re kidding yourself. They NEEDED slaves to work. They were going to get slaves any way they could. The African slavers couldn’t just say “no”. As I said before, Europeans were solely responsible for bringing slaves to the New World. Without them, there would be no slaves in America and who knows how America would turn out or if it would even exist today.

            Of course it’s possible to elevate yourself no matter what your position, almost anything’s possible. Someone who’s 5’8″ could play in the NBA but if you’re 7’0″ you’re chances are much better. I’m not saying people think differently according to race, I’m saying that a number of factors affect the position of African-Americans in society. These factors include prejudice, historical and economic factors, and of course the behavior of black people themselves. In other words, it’s complicated.

        • Germandude

          Kate, Sweden is 4th. Switzerland is 1st ;-)

          Interesting to see that 3 of the TOP 5 country’s are nordic European states. I am getting jealous with “hess” now. Well, at least GER scores better during the world cup than Sweden does.
          Eat that hess ;-)

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Wait a minute……..what “greatness” are you talking about here? Social? Economic? Political? Military? What is it? If a country spends 80% of its GDP (hypothetically speaking) on social services and welfare to ensure that no one is poor, but at the same time lacking a well-armed military force leaving the country vulnerable to attack, would you say that’s a great nation? All I’m saying is that “greatness” can be measured in many ways. Since Ghandi was a humanitarian, he obviously viewed greatness in a social sense, but if you were to ask someone who was pro-military, for example, he might say that a great nation is one with great military capabilities.

      I hate it how people as yourself blindly copying and pasting quotes without even knowing what it truly means or whether it is even appropriate to use at all. Just because it’s a popular quote by a well-known figure doesn’t mean it’s right. Stop being a sheep and think for yourself.

      Now thumbs down my comment.

      • Brett

        I wont give you a thumbs down, but I will say you sure do act like an ass sometimes… This is one.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Translation: I’m not going to bother to offer any valid counter-arguments to refute GAB’s points so I’m just going to put him down by calling him names.

          • mr.wiener

            Like I said, it’s a little too formulaic. Hankie?

          • I think we’re experiencing a lull in which GAB has occupied the point position. When the trolls come back, I think we can then all sign in relief as things go back to normal.

            I say: enjoy it as the episodic content for this week, and just use your catchphrase to help better shape your contribution.

            Mine is “Boobs…. for me?”

          • Germandude

            “Boobs…. for me?”

            Dude, don’t even try getting me started. I could write a book about that topic that makes you feel the bible was a lecture that you can quickly read in-between your toiletry.

          • Don’t take my catchphrase. I imagine week after week my sitcom character “terroir” would be dressed up in various costumes and blunder into one embarrassing, awkward situation after another.

            Just wait until the trolls come back and a flame war erupts. I’ll be there, with my bee suit on and my catchphrase locked and loaded.

          • Germandude

            I would watch your sitcom regularly if it’s outclassing the famous sitcom from the 80’s and 90’s where the main actor is a shoesalesman, married to a red-haired woman, having a dumb blonde daughter and a horny son that can’t score.

            Then again, I need to warn you prior to trying: it’s impossible to top that!

          • Kai

            Married with Children was epic.

          • Germandude

            Married with Children taught me more about life than school did! And no, I didn’t become a shoe salesman…

          • linette lee

            You mean this. They are funny. Youtube have the episodes. The mother’s hair is so funny.


          • Germandude

            I mean “Married with children”. If the mother’s hair is so funny to you, let me tell you: the character of Peggy Bundy is awesome. Just like ALL characters of that show. I am probably going to watch some episodes again tonight. Have seen them multiple times but they still make me laugh.

          • linette lee

            I watched it before on youtube and it is a very funny tv show. The father he is a loser. The mother is a lazy ass sitting on the sofa all day long. The son couldn’t get laid. The daughter she is a dumb blonde. So funny.

          • Germandude

            The father is the messiah who shares the sense of life and enlightens the people that haven’t found it yet.

          • How do you say “dollar” in Gernman? “Deutchemarke”?

            Because you should buy it for one of them.

          • Germandude

            Deutschmark. I don’t understand your meaning though?

          • mr.wiener

            “I’d buy that for a dollar”…..quote/catchline from some sitcom that cropped up in the movie “Robocop”.

          • “Dead or alive… you’re coming with me, creep!”

            Also: co-ed change-room, a Verhoveen staple

          • Germandude

            Yeah, you see, catch phrases from movies, no matter how famous usually don’t work with non-native English speakers. Main reason is that through language difference/barrier and cultural difference many people catch another phrase than an English native speaker.

            I am watching 90% of the movies in English. Sentences like “I’ll be back” or “I’ll make you an offer that you can’t refuse” stick to mind of course, but wiener. Robocop? Are you kidding me?

          • mr.wiener

            ’tis true, I kid thee not.
            Terroir was raised by a wild tribe of TVs and often communicates in the pop culture sound bites he was raised in, it’s part of his charm. You can use tag lines from old “Derrick” tv shows to confound this tendency.
            Robocop was a great movie even if its director was Dutch.

          • Germandude

            Lol. I am not against using quotes. I just wanted to point out that for non-native English speakers, they often just don’t sound familiar. Robocop still sucked despite havinga Dutch director.

          • Anonymal

            in Spanish terminator says “YO REGRESO”

          • mr.wiener

            …..*wheeze*…….*wheeze*….”Luke, soy tu padre”.

          • mr.wiener

            I do have a T-shirt reading: “Ask me about my sausage”. My wife has one that reads:” Ask me about my husband’s sausage” which she never wears.
            I sometimes think I got started in the smallgoods trade just for the Benny Hill opportunities.
            Cue “Yakkity Sax” sound track…..

          • Germandude

            Oh no wiener… You aren’t seriously wearing these shirts when you are together, huh?
            Those kind of t-shirts were “in” in the 90’s when the working class of Europe (especially Germans) went to the little Island of Mallorca for beer, sex & party and the opportunity to make an idiot of oneself.

          • mr.wiener

            Whilst I revel in the opportunity of making an idiot of myself there are levels even I will not stoop to.
            My wife has never worn the aformentioned Tshirt and holds on to it only for the purposes of blackmailing.

      • Gay Azn Y-chromozone, thou art wrong. You’re just being difficult; stop splitting hairs and gay up, will ya? “Rainbow” is the new “cowbell”.

        “Great” is an adjective that gets thrown around a lot: “Cocaine is great”, “Anal sex is great”, “Hot Pockets are great”. But true greatness transcends categories like economic and military hulabaloo to concern itself with being something other than just king of any one hill.

        To answer your question (that you didn’t ask), a great country would never require a huge military to defends its interests or to project its influence because no one would attack it, and it could just get things done by asking nicely. And so the forth for the other hairs of your splitting.

        Remember: more rainbow.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          “…a great country would never require a huge military to defends its interests or to project its influence because no one would attack it, and it could just get things done by asking nicely.”

          Sorry, I actually had to lol. The 18th and 19th century were dominated by France and Britain, the 20th century dominated by the USA, and some say the 21st century will belong to China. Guess what they all had/have in common? A mighty military.

          • You said before there were many ways to be “great”, but now you’re basically saying there’s only one: military power through which power can be used to dominate other countries.

            When you go on dates, do you guys talk at all? Is there even dinner and a movie? Do you ever get to see their faces, or is your nose always in the carpet?

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Lol what the hell does that have to do with anything?!

          • I just pointed out a flaw in your argument, and also brought up a character trait that links the two together.

            So what it has to do with is me whipping your ass. Uh. Metaphorically.

          • starsky

            hay gay, its my dream to build a biological weapon for china’s military that changes all white males into white females or white trannys at best. would that be an inconveneince for you???


      • Roihu

        You haven’t disproved Ghandi’s quote at all. You haven’t said it was wrong. That’s because it can’t be wrong. It’s his opinion. Greatness is nothing but an opinion.

        I can say my home country Peru is great and I’d have many people that agree with me but that is neither wrong nor right. It’s simply our opinion.

        Clearly his opinion is that a country should treat its lowest citizens as well as it does its highest, which isn’t a bad sentiment. Now for you to make it into such a big deal…

      • Kate

        “Those who never retract their opinion love themselves more then they love the truth”

        Joseph Jourbert

      • Germandude

        That reading isn’t your strength is clear to me for a
        long time already. I used a quote of Mahatma Ghandi. Not difficult to spot
        since the quotation marks were there and the name of who said it was written
        under it. You sure went to school and learned about quoting someone, or am I
        wrong? I used that quote because it pretty much fits quite well into this

        I am not sure if you are a native English speaker or
        not. The word “greatness” however should be in your vocabulary. Of course it
        can be defined or interpreted differently, but when talking about a country, I’d
        say that all factors you brought up are relevant. Maybe I would put it in the
        following order: Social, Political, Economical and then Military.

        Your example for spending 80% of a country’s GDP on
        social services on welfare is way off, even for a hypothesis. On average in Europe, spendings on social services is approx. 25% of
        the GDP. Military spendings are far below that and rightfully so. A military
        conflict on the scale that a single European country needs to have a fully
        developed army for protecting itself from, let’s just say Russia, is low.
        Through the alliance of the EU, countries are specializing on parts of an army
        and in case there was a war the EU as a whole would have a functioning army on
        top level. So why wasting money on it? It’s very unlikely that GER was to
        attack FRA again…

        Anyways, we are getting off topic here. The quote of
        Ghandi that I brought fits perfectly here to the story. I am surprised you don’t
        get it, probably because in your eyes, and I am quoting you from the Chinese
        billionaire drowns… report “Chinese lives are cheap and expendable, and
        assuming the guy who fell into the river drowned, he can easily be replaced”,
        the kids were “expendable” and “replacable” as well. So rather than telling me to “blindly copying and pasting quotes”, how about asking yourself if your mind is clear at all? But that’s probably asking too much from a sheep to a sheep.

      • x1sfg

        You and everyone else are all wrong.

        A country’s greatness depends on the quantity of high quality women per capita, or in GAB’s case, men, and the abundance of good alcohol. I gotta go with the Czechs on that one.

        • Chinkicide

          “Czech Police Make Arrests in Tainted-Alcohol Case”
          “Czechs ease alcohol ban, hunt for deadly booze goes on”
          Sep 2012



          Czech women and alcohol? :)
          Read more news, rethink your attitude and rather visit Hungary, if I may suggest. :)

          • x1sfg

            You may have a point with Hungary, but I’m not acquainted with the beer from that area.

            Actually, I prefer American microbrewery IPAs and pale ales, and some English/Irish ales over Czech, or even German. All I remember from Eastern Europe and my short stint in Germany back in the day was that beer was cheaper than water.

          • Germandude

            “All I remember from Eastern Europe and my short stint in Germany back in the day was that beer was cheaper than water.”

            uh huh. And then some smart-ass politicans come with that insane sentence of “Don’t drink and drive”.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Lol @ your screen name.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Haha love it.

    • trogg

      Gandhi’s tactics were never adopted by the West. hmmm

  • A Lu

    Ignoring the most basic traffic rules is common thing in China, problem is the police does nothing to solve the problem. No wonder everybody just does whatever he wants. And of course the ones to suffer the most are always the weakest and powerless, in this case children


      Yeah many drivers there just put blinders on their common sense, drive like lunatics and hope for the best.

    • Actually, the biggest news this week is the implementation of the new “amber light” traffic rule.

      I don’t think it will make the roads safer so much as make a new set of problems.

      • Gerhana

        to speed up or slow down dilemma? a well known cause for mental and emotional breakdown on the road. A silent killer.

        • I have trouble understanding it. I thought at first it was a “charging an amber light” is an offence, but then it was “blocking an intersection” but is still called the “amber light rule”.

          This is such big news I thought it would be here. Alas, no death or sex or Weibo rumors. Of course, the real big news is the orphanage fire of the old poor lady. I’m sure she was a cS story one time.

      • I had a taxi driver put my seat-belt on for me today. He told me if he didn’t then he might get fined.

        • Yes. He “cares” for your safety, civilian commuter.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Oh really? Where was this??

        • [email protected]

          Yeah, and for the first time ever, it seems, taxis keep their seatbelts above the seat, instead of trapped down within the seat, it is a good place to start. Developing nation remember, people.

      • A Lu

        After my first year riding a bike in China I was mentally exhausted of trying to avoid death. Then, you know, “when in Rome”….Now I just ride straight from point A to point B expecting death to avoid me. And it works just fine.

        • Go back and edit the word “enjoy” into your comment. You may not add “not” nor rearrange the letters.

      • But the new rule is totally shitty. I think it is great that you get your drivers licence revoked, if you drive over a red light. If police in Germany would notice such thing, you also arent allowed to drive for 1 month.

        The problem with the “amber light” rule is, that a lot of time, there is no time to brake and its much more safer to pass the amber light, than to make a sudden “big” break.
        Besides, as far as I know chinese traffic-laws, no police would ever care about any new rule they make.

        I am still wondering why Chinese do not fine people for driving too fast with the help of speed cameras. You can hit two birds with one stone. First people will drive slower if they know they need to pay a hefty fine if they drive to fast (security-reason), and second the government gets money like this. I really wondered why there are so few speed-cameras there.

        • Don’t know why you’re so upset. It’s just a law. It’s not like it means anything.

        • WoRPt

          Save money. Remove all the lights. They’ll adjust.

        • If Only

          Dont the lights blink before they go amber? So you have time to notice in the first place.

  • Brett

    In communist China, the bus on the wheels go round and round.

    • Brett

      Apparently only 2 people got the Fraser Stewart reference.

    • Rain

      You’re so going to hell for that…and I am too for laughing at it, lol…

  • Brett

    Its just unsafe driving. Obviously the bus shouldnt be over packed, but you should never lose control avoiding a parked car. Damnit these stories make me so angry sometimes.

    • Dude, maybe you should take a break from Chinese news. The happiest thing I can think of that is Chinese-related at the moment is that “爱你一生一世” crap for today.

      You know you’ll get angry just by coming here. I hear this is the method besides anabolic steroirds used by professional wrestlers to get riled up before the big fight.

      • Brett

        Hah, I don’t genuinely get angry. I think I just frustrate myself thinking about how people of the same species could be so inconsiderate and/or retarded sometimes. Same feelings after viewing Fox or Yahoo news. Who knows maybe people have the same feelings after reading my comments…

        Actually, I heard that people use steroids to ween themselves off of chinaSMACK.

        • It’s the Matrix: people become so accustomed to the very system that imprisons them that they depend upon it for their very survival.

          And: bullet time/wire-fu.

          As for weaning off cS and some of the net’s worst trolls, I suppose Xbox Live is the suitable methadone in this instance.

          • mr.wiener

            Reddit is like trying to get off heroin by taking up crack

          • Reddit is a glue factory for people who can’t afford crack.

        • WoRPt

          What’s really scary is when you become desensitized to these stories


      Same here. One vehicle accidents are almost entirely driver error, unless there’s a mechanical defect. With few exceptions, most roads can be safely navigated if following the rules and paying attention. Drunk drivers, reckless drivers, inattentive drivers, they all make me angry too. Whenever I see one of them I seriously hope they get into a one-car crash and die. It may sound harsh but it’ll make the roads that much safer for me and my loved ones. Driving is a serious responsibility, too many people are stupid and don’t take it seriously.

  • Gerhana

    Hm, water theme week. The result of saving on cost at any cost. Tax the rich and give it to the poor, those in rural area needs it. Development will be slow. At least every region will have necessary function for everyone. The rich complain? remind them of the Chinese spirit and honor in helping fellow Chinese. If they refuse, perhaps a re-education at a rural area? The leader who helps the weak doesnt last long, but they are remembered for eternity… In case of uprising, you’ll have the numbers on your side and their Fiery passion against the injustice. It will be poetic.

    • Germandude

      Well, let me counter that with: “To get rich is glorious!”

      • Gerhana

        A quote worthy of a condescending sigh

      • starsky

        China needs to bar all weatlhy people from moving their assets to canada and western nations. but accidents like this will continue to happen because cheap buses are so common on earth not just china

    • The Acidic Hasidic

      Thanks for your opinion on taxes heir marx

      re-education? lolololol

      if thats the life for you ill buy you a one way plane ticket to north korea

      • Gerhana

        You are welcome. My re-education sense is flattered. I accept no gift, your tribulation and heroic journey towards the betterment of mankind is the only heavenly gift the world will accept. Its time for we all to ascend, as human.

  • While some drown on money and luxuries innocent kids drown in a dirty pond of water due lack infrastructure and resources. This is communism in the most capitalist country in the world.

  • carmouflagger

    Its the government’s fault, this will never happen in America! – Chinese comments summarised.

    • Kate

      Well that’s about right. Ultimately its because local governments or even the national government do not want to spend $$$ on safe buses and trained drivers. And no these kinds of bus accident have never and would never happen in the usa, the american school bus is right behind tanks in terms of safety. They are one of the most safe vehicles in existence.

      • Blars

        Yes, the kids in the US gets safe to school just so they can be shot to death by some lunatic with guns. Good thing is driving can be taught and I think it will get better but will take time. Now, for kids being shot to death in their schools in the USA what to do about that? Can that be solved by something as simple as teaching.

        • Kate

          School shooting kills 20 american kids and last year in china, 18 children killed in horrific bus accident. The bus accidents happen more frequently then school shootings. But ether way, whether these children die by gun or bus, the end result is the same. Get off your high horse.

          • Blars

            Miss “….would never happen in the USA”, who’s sitting on a high horse? If you want to use other countries as a comparison why not use a country that is actually safe for kids like most European countries or some South American countries. Maybe use a Scandinavian country like some one mentioned earlier. Why compare at all? Different countries different situations. “Get of your high horse” me or you?

          • Kate

            First of all, these kinds of bus accidents have NEVER HAPPENED IN THE USA, EVER. Second of all of all, I never once started comparing gun shootings to the bus accidents, you did. My point still stands, 18 dead children by bus or 20 dead children by bus is still DEAD CHILDREN. All I said was this has never happened in the USA and it hasn’t because the USA has invested in safe buses for it’s children. This is about buses, not guns. This has never been about guns. You’re an idiot.

          • Feisty. In any case, you’re absolutely right Kate, about the two being incomparable. But as you know, critics of the Second Amendment will use any tragedy, no matter how horrific or unrelated to their point, on their quixotic quest to ban guns in America. Political point notwithstanding.

          • Kate

            I was drinking while writing that….I can get a bit fiesty with a few mikes hard pink lemonades…….

          • WoRPt

            I hear El Salvador is nice

        • linette lee

          kids get shot to death in school is not the norm in USA. China rural schools have no funds for safe bus operation for China kids is the norm. It’s like that everywhere in the china rural areas. You don’t believe these rural kids deserve a better and safer learning environment? You don’t believe what the china gov’t is doing is not good enough for these rural kids? They need to improve the environment and school safety guidelines and operation for china rural children. They need to provide safe building structures and enough buses for them. Not a 7 seats van jam packed with 25 people driven by teachers and principal. China gov’t needs to pour money into the rural areas to help these people.

          Stop the poor excuses. Every time you see news like this in China don’t be afraid to point your finger at the corrupt china officials and say “you are fxcked up!”

  • the ace of books

    God damn. I just can’t say anything else there. Just … god damn.


  • the ace of books

    Actually, no, maybe I can add something. The comment from 东门的李栋 in 山东济南 —
    “we need to analyze at a deeper level why she would overload. People from poor areas wouldn’t feel indifferent toward life, they would only passively take it lightly. Because there’s nothing they can do.”

    While “analyse at a deeper level” might sound a bit silly, it’s true – people shouldn’t blame the principle for overcrowding the bus. Why not? Because this is the kind of thing that happens when people don’t have the money to cover costs: they cut every corner they can get away with. Doesn’t make them bad, only makes them human.

    So this? This of 11 children dying because they were driven to school in an overcrowded bread van? basically the trickled-down result of poor allocation of funds, directly resulting from corruption and poor organization.

    Finally, I want to agree with the Shandong commenter on the not-feeling-indifferent-to-life bit, because I see people spouting that shit about China all the time. No, no, and no. It’s not “don’t care”, it’s “what can I do?” — if you can’t do anything about a situation, it just hurts more to get riled up about it.

  • afs

    what a horrible way to die. being stuck behind some other person due to overcrowding as water engulfs your body, no way to wiggle out and escape.

  • Kate

    Those poor babies….i couldn’t imagine losing my little one especially like this, something completely preventable. Chinese parents should demand strict bus rules followed, I read too many of these bus accidents happening in China. In the USA, only 6 children on average are fatally injured and that usually occurs at loading and unloading (kids walking infront of buses). Usa school buses have a 0.01% accident rate per 100 million miles. China needs to institute buses and drivers like the usa has (the best in the world). There is no good reason to keep putting babies on dangerous, unsafe buses with bad drivers.


    • Charlie

      I will also say ban the guns in the states because that will prevent a lot of killing in schoolchildren also, very easy to say but hard to get done right. Worst thing in this world is like the states that give freedom to guns to its fellowmen.

    • Charlie

      But i do agree that demanding strict bus rules should be done. Because we want the children to be safe ofcourse like the states. It is just too many bullshit o n this forum that it seems like chinabashing while most people don’t know any shit about what’s happening like that so called asian gay boy.

  • peye

    To Acidic Hacidic Re: Herr Marx: Your comment makes me wonder if you ever read a word Karl Marx wrote. If you did perhaps you can let us know what he wrote about taxes and where one can find it iin his writings.

  • [email protected]

    As a dad, I am absolutely heartbroken for these families. It is a horrible tragedy. Poor children, poor parents. So sad. :(

  • vincent

    This happens so often it’s something I’ve come to expect to read every other week, if an extended period of time goes by without a school bus being overloaded not ending up in a body of water then I’ll be surprised. They decided to put up a simple fence around the area after the accident…
    This article is just another example of China’s ‘Forgotten’ rural areas, will this effect any change? I would like to think so but being realistic probably not, RIP little ones.

  • linette lee

    Oh my God!! Poor babies. The China gov’t can go to hell. All the corrupt officials. they should die and burn in hell. They have money for 3 or 4 mistresses and condos stealing money from the china people but no money to improve the living condition environment in the rural areas. Why there is not enough school buses for all the kids? Why the principal and teachers have to be the bus driver? what?????

    • THONG

      Blame Obama!

  • trogg

    Sounds just like these nuts who blame Obama for everything.

  • Chinahater

    less Chinese to pollute the world

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