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  • Chinese Woman Swallows Diamond In Bangkok

    A Chinese woman at a jewelry exhibition in Bangkok Thailand swallowed a 2 million RMB 6 carat diamond and unexpectedly apologized to the police officer in Japanese, the police used x-ray to locate the diamond in her large intestine and asked a doctor to take the diamond out using surgery. The interesting part is that […]

  • Street Performer Is A True Humanitarian

    One news article has given rise to much netizen discussion, on Yangjiaping street there is usually one man with obvious burn marks singing. This Shanxi youngster saved 13 people from a fire in 2006 and was badly burned in the process, but a pretty woman was moved to pity by his singing, and despite her […]

  • Woman Uses Husband’s Insurance

    Mrs. Zou, who has high blood pressure, gave her daughter her husband’s insurance card to buy medicine for her totaling 11376.64 RMB, leading in the punishment of Mrs. Zouand her daughter. Mrs. Zou has already suffered from high blood pressure for more than 30 years, and because she only has basic health insurance the percent […]

  • Chinese Passenger Asks To Disembark For Cigarette

    One netizen posted on Weibo: “Was just riding China Eastern Airlines from Bangkok to Phuket, when the plane changed its course to Surat Thani international airport due to weather. While waiting for the plane to refuel, one Chinese passenger tried making the flight attendants open the cabin so he could get off the plane to […]

  • Extinguishing A Hopeless Romantic’s Flames Of Love

    A picture album on Weibo account has lead to much netizen discussion. A man in Xi’an at the entrance to his school arranged candles in order to make the girl he desired express her feelings for him but unfortunately the girl didn’t arrive before an elderly woman took a fire extinguisher and sprayed out his […]

  • Chinese Real Estate Tycoon Buys Home In England

    A China’s real-estate superstar and richest man Jianlin Wang bought a 80000000 British Pound (77200000000 RMB) mansion on “Rich Man’s Street” in London. The London evening standard says that Jianlin Wang’s grand mansion was first sold at 7000 pounds in 1856. Jianlin Wang’s real estate purchase has lead to the British government taking in 9500000 […]

  • Drug Users Caught Because Of Suspicious Straw Use

    4 Men in Shunde bought drugs but found themselves lacking in smoking instruments, so they went to a milk tea place to find straws. After buying one milk tea they clearly indicated that they wanted four straws, specifically the slender curvy ones. This abnormal action gave rise to the attention of plainclothes civil police. The […]

  • Guinness Record For Most People Wrapping Dumplings

    Approximately ten thousand people from cities all over Heilongjiang have come together “to challenge the Guinness World Record for most people wrapping dumplings.” The oldest participant was 89 years old, and the youngest only 5. After 40 minutes of the challenge, 50000 dumplings were wrapped, and officials confirmed that while the dumplings were being wrapped […]

  • Porsche Vs School Bus: Netizen Reactions

    One piece of American news has instigated heated discussion among netizens. In Flushing New York a black Porsche hit a school bus, pushing it over ten feet. The Porsche was completely totaled but the bus didn’t even have the slightest damage. A female in the passenger seat died, and the critically injured male driver (who […]

  • Truck Falls Through Road

    One steel plate carrying truck halfway to its destination suddenly broke through the pavement and became stuck in the middle of the road, the truck’s right side about one meter below ground. The load limit on the road was found out to be 12 tons, but the truck was carrying 40 tons. Municipal construction workers […]

  • Man Robbed At Hospital

    After a problematic child-bearing process, Mr. Gao’s daughter-in-law passed away, leaving behind a newborn child, hospitalized in Xi’An TangDu Hospital, so his relatives borrowed 25000 RMB and deposited it in his bank account. However, while in front of the hospital front door his card was stolen by two men, who also tricked him into giving […]

  • Child Trafficker Beat Senseless And Arrested

    One middle aged man on the road in Chengdu grabbed a little girl and ran. He was discovered while on route to the getaway vehicle driven by a co-conspirator, and was caught at the scene. The man was then beat beyond recognition. The suspect is at present time already in police custody. Netizens expressed indignance […]

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