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  • Dead Boy Fished Out Of River For A Fee

    A man in Sichuan killed himself by jumping in a river. When his parents went to identify the body, fishermen asked 180,000 RMB for dredging it up, but eventually negotiated down to 8000 RMB. However, his parents couldn’t pay the fee, so they had to just let the corpse swell. Three days later the civil […]

  • Villager Pulls Massive Bag Of Natural Gas

    A villager in a Shandong village driving an electric scooter was pulling a 6 meter-long “giant plastic bag” of natural gas home to cook food, making passersby on the road very nervous. One netizen replied that Shandong is truly very poor. But a lot of netizens also said “what’s weird about that? Every one of […]

  • Leukemia Patient Gets Surgery In Dubai, Studies, Pays Debt

    Because a female suffering from leukemia in Hubei has “panda blood” (Rh factor), it is extremely hard to find a bone marrow transplant partner. After receiving many different kinds of help, she finally found the secretary of a Sheik in Dubai who was a successful match and flew to Dubai for surgery. Because she was […]

  • Students Imprisoned 10 Years For Selling Found Birds

    One college student in Henan found a bird’s nest outside of his front door, and while a friend supported a ladder managed to fish out 12 birds, raise them for a time and then sell them. After that he found 4 more birds, but was arrested by the forest security police. This student and his […]

  • Medical University Dog Experiments Uncovered

    According to an announcement from the Weibo of the “Xi’An Altruistic Aid Team”, the Xi’An Medical School North campus is suspected to have a large amount of dog “experimentation” underway. Abandoned dogs’ mouths were found tied shut using bandages or adhesive plaster, and their bodies are covered in bruises, the majority of their bellies have […]

  • Japanese AIDS Charity Lets Donors Touch Breasts

    A Japanese TV channel skyperfectv held the 2015 STOP!AIDS charity event. The content most paid attention to was “feel breasts for donations”. 7 Japanese porn stars born after 1990 make up the “beautiful breast gold collection girls” fearlessly “offering their bosoms”, who will let people who donate 52 RMB or more one by one “touch […]

  • Girl In Sichuan Abandoned In Store

    A three-year-old girl in Sichuan was on a walk with her parents when she dropped and broke a cup from a store. When the store requested that her parents pay 25 RMB as compensation, they believed that the store was “forcing them to buy it”. Soon after, the father spanked his daughter, said “I don’t […]

  • PSA On Beijing Subway Enrages Netizens

    BJTale (A Public Welfare Organization) has released news on Weibo that has lead to much internet discussion. The picture has a woman breastfeeding in the subway, and said “take notice of your actions in public, don’t bare your sexual organs, this woman is treating the Beijing subway like her village’s bus”. Several hours after this […]

  • Dog Dragged Behind Truck, Netizens React

    One internet user has released pictures of a pickup truck dragging a dog behind it. One can see that at first that the dog is running, but the more the dog runs the more effort it is exerting until finally it can’t keep up. Eyewitnesses say that the dog was dragged to death. One netizen […]

  • Man Steals Truck, Drives Against Traffic Killing 3

    A man stole a truck and fled against traffic in Guangdong, knocking into multiple electric cars along the way, coming to a stop in the entrance of Kuantien elementary school when he hit a car. The suspect was subdued on the spot because a city resident beat him with a stick until the civil police […]

  • Woman Receives Mother’s Transplanted Womb

    One 22 year old woman has never menstruated. She went to West Beijing Hospital department of gynecology to see a doctor, and ended up finding out that she had no womb and no vagina. The woman would like to have her own child, and the only feasible method is to have a womb transplant, so […]

  • Woman Literally Dies For A Cigarette

    The host of a wedding in Jiangsu has distributed candy and cigarettes to the attendees according to local custom. When the wedding party formed a motorcade a 70-year-old lady suddenly stepped forward and demanded a cigarette for her husband. But the driver didn’t realize the woman was hanging on the car window, and as the […]

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