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    Largest Ivory Smuggler In Tanzania Apprehended

    According to The Daily Mail, a 66-year-old Chinese woman was arrested in Tanzania. The woman had the name of “Ivory Queen”, because of her illegal ivory smuggling. She is accused of smuggling about 760 tusks weighing about 1900 kilograms from 2000 to 2014, earning over 2,000,000 USD. The American Ivory Operation Coalition has said: “she […]

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    Prawn Restaurant Punished For Misrepresenting Prices

    In Qingdao’s “sky-high priced prawn” restaurant, customers ordered a seasonal meal with a superscript of 38 RMB, when they paid the bill the restaurant owner charged 38 RMB per prawn, so one dish was more than 2000 RMB. Currently the restaurant has been inspected by Qingdao tourism office, fined 90,000 RMB, closed down, and had […]

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    What’s the Best China SIM Card for Tourists?

    Staying connected with data and cellular / SMS services on your smartphone is relatively cheap and easy in China. Having 4G data is very useful for tourists who want to use translation apps, maps, messaging apps, and social media or email. This guide will explain how to get a pre-paid SIM card as a tourist in […]

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    Frantic Wuxi Organ Transplant Hits Delay

    Early in the morning around 3 AM, deputy chair Jingsu Chen at Wuxi people’s hospital in Jiangsu acquired a lung donor, several thousand miles away, but they had a maximum of 9 hours to make the transplant. China Southern Airlines shift manager claims that because the flight was going to take off in 15 minutes […]

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    Japanese Stores Create Special Counter For Chinese Tourists

    According to the “Japan Economic News” website news report, every well known Japanese shopping mall put out a notice to Chinese tourists about a new limited commodity counter. They especially hope to attract Chinese tourists traveling on “PRC National Day” and enjoying their long holiday. In 2014, Chinese tourists visiting Japan bought an average of […]

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    Traffic Accident Rescue Blocked By Other Cars

    A traffic accident occurred today on a highway in Zhejiang Yongtaiwen, one box-style pickup truck was tailgating and ended up hitting the car in front of it. The rescue department hurried to the scene of the accident and was in the middle of helping when they discovered that the highway’s shoulder was entirely stopped up […]

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    Chinese Protest Botched Plastic Surgeries In Korea

    Many Chinese tourists who in the past engaged in failed plastic surgery in Korea went to Mingdong in Seoul to collectively protest. The victims lifted posters with pictures of the unsuccessful surgeries, and blamed the consultants who told them about these hospitals. They hope that by holding up these posters society will pay attention, which […]

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    Delayed Abe Rushes Over To Greet Putin, Netizens React

    The September 28 United Nations General Assembly in New York saw Japanese prime minister Shinzō Abe break into a light sprint before greeting Russian president Vladimir Putin. Abe had arrived slightly late due to being led elsewhere beforehand, and upon seeing Putin awaiting him, hastened himself to shake hands with him. Sitting down, Putin proceeded […]

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    China and Japan Have Different Take On Store Assault Case

    Chinese Internet company NetEase has reported that Japanese media have an entirely different take on the recent incident of a Chinese couple assaulting a convenience store clerk in Hokkaido, Japan. The original headline of Japan’s Kyodo News read, “Chinese Couple Arrested For Beating-Up Sapporo Shop Assistant After Being Advised Against Eating Ice Cream Before Paying”. […]

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