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  • Video of Chinese Couple Fighting In Holland

    A few days ago a video has brought about mass dissemination. On the morning of the 18th in Rotterdam The Netherlands a Chinese people argued about powdered milk until they began fighting on the floor, with a white person attempting and failing to pull them apart. Netizens responded that if China’s powdered milk was on […]

  • Driver Blocks Ambulance, Begs Forgiveness

    Mr. Wang heard an ambulance behind his jeep while driving through town, he tried pulling over to his left but the ambulance at the same time tried to overtake him on the left. He saw the ambulance driver gesticulating and believed the driver was scolding him, so he repeatedly prevented the ambulance from overtaking him. […]

  • Guangzhou Bank Loses Woman’s Deposit

    66-year-old lady Tang in Haizhu district Guangzhou deposited 5000 RMB in a bank in 2001 for her retirement. Last month when taking her bankbook to withdraw the money was greeted with a messaging stating that her money was nowhere to be found, and not able to be withdrawn. After Tang’s bank’s manager Mr. Li inspected […]

  • Aviation Institute Teaching Sex Ed

    Sichuan Southwestern Airlines Vocational Institute has begun classifying the sensitive subjects of “AIDS prevention”, “pre-marital sex”, and “condoms” as core subject content. Teacher Zhaoyan planned on opening a small class of 50-60 people but it has become popular far beyond forecasted. When the academic program finished, the students had a competition of putting condoms on […]

  • Girl Mistreated By Foster Parents

    After 11-year-old XiaoQi was mistreated by her foster parents, so her Aunt reported the incident to the local police. XiaoQi’s butt and legs had many scars from knife wounds, all of which XiaoQi claim were made by her foster parents, who hit her wherever and whenever they please. She also claims that when her foster […]

  • The Chinese Custom Of Disturbing The Bridal Room

    Recently in Shandong the best man at a wedding was “disturbing the bridal room” (as is customary at Chinese weddings) and threw the bride into the air but didn’t catch her, causing the back of her head to hit the ground and knock her unconscious. Fortunately she has already been released from the hospital. China […]

  • China Surpasses Japan to Become World’s 2nd Richest Nation

    Foreign Media: China Has Passed Japan to Become World’s 2nd Richest Country, Middle Class Reaches 100,000,000 Citizens On October 14th, the Reference News Network reported that on the 13th, foreign media claimed the investment bank Credit Suisse published an international wealth report which showed that China had superseded Japan to become the world’s 2nd wealthiest […]

  • High School Student Finds Condom in School Cafeteria Lunch

    From Netease: High School Student Finds Condom in Cafeteria Food, Officials: Case is Under Investigation. Kunming (People’s Daily) 10 October -On the afternoon of October 9th, a netizen posted a comment saying “Alarming, awkward, disgusting. Yesterday a student from class 212 at the vocational high school in Jinghong, Yunnan, found a condom in her cafeteria […]

  • Backpackers Lost In Rain Found And Fined

    17 backpacking tourists entered Guangxi Long Beach River Nature Preserve to explore with no official leader, no contingency plan in case of difficulty, and no detailed maps. As a result they were met with torrential rain and became lost, so a local government organization gathered 100 people and at the expense of over 100,000 RMB […]

  • Woman Seriously Maims Small Child

    One 6-year-old boy in Hunan woke up Ms. Liu with his noisy playing, so she grabbed a kitchen knife and scissors and wounded him, cutting off his genitals and three fingers and causing permanent damage. Liu’s family members say that she is sick with schizophrenia, but the boy’s family don’t acknowledge this version of events. […]

  • Hong Kong Luxury Stores See Worst “Golden Week” Ever

    From Ladymax: Hong Kong Fashion Retailers Hit Hard During National Holiday“Golden Week”, Pearl Stores Have More Employees Than Customers On the second day of the October 1st “Golden Week” Hong Kong had lost the splendor of past years. The magnificent scenes of previous years had disappeared as tourists vanished from usually bustling areas like Mong […]

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