Pair Of Older Men Pour Acid On Pair Of Young Siblings

Pair Of Older Men Pour Acid On Pair Of Young Siblings

n Hunan a pair of siblings was forced by two older people to drink sulfuric acid, causing one to die and one to be wounded. An over 60 man named Liu Lin argued with the family of the two siblings, and afterwards remembered the hate in his heart. Liu Lin and his brother caught the six year old little girl and her brother, poured the acid on their heads, and forced them to drink it, burning the top half of their bodies black. At present the girl has already died and her brother is seriously injured. Chiense Netizens’ response is to let the boy go, as keeping him alive seems too cruel a punishment


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  • lacompacida

    Peace loving and compassionate Chinese.

    • James

      fuck you only you would find a way to make this political you piece of shit.

  • helsic

    so how about the two olders? how about get those scum to drink the acid themselves?

    • Necrogodomega

      It’s not important to the story I guess

      I can guess they were caught by the police? Will be executed? The argument was over money. The parents of the kids will execute the old folks themselves.

      I mean, come on, don’t expect this CS to give you any kind of real story.

  • Boxed_Sushi

    How petty do you have to be at 60 years old to mess with some children?

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