Pakistan Athletes Also Caught Staring At Asian Games Hostess

An update to our earlier post, “Korean Baseball Team Gawks At Guangzhou Asian Games Hostess“…

From Tiexue:

Pakistani athletes drool looking at the flowing gowns of the Asian Games ceremonial hostesses

Pakistan's field hockey team admiring a Guangzhou Asian Games ceremonial hostess.
The Pakistan men's field hockey team before the awards ceremony also make remarks about the "flowing" outfits before them.
A ceremonial hostess girl passes by the Pakistani field hockey players during the awards ceremony.
A Pakistani player strikes up a conversation with a awards ceremony hostess.
North Korean athletes eyeing a Guangzhou ceremonial hostess as she passes by.
North Korean athletes with reserved expression as the ceremonial hostess girls passed before them.
The Chinese men's table tennis team awkwardly steals glances at a ceremonial hostess girl passing by.
During the awards ceremony, the men's ping-pong team "stole looks" at the ceremonial hostess girls.

Comments from Tiexue:


Where are they drooling? The gaze of the Pakistani athletes are all fixed on the upper half of her body, with respect. Don’t interpret other people’s thoughts as being so abnormal.


Normal male reaction.


The lines and whatever are because the clothes are too tight, haha.


This outfit’s design is embarrassing/shameful.


Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Our Pakistani brothers are even more exaggerated than the [South] Koreans!


To be honest, whenever I see the Asian Games ceremonial hostesses, my eyes will unconsciously go to the butts, and I’ll drool.


If the male athletes don’t even care to look, then it would mean this ceremonial gown and these ceremonial hostesses are huge failures. The ceremonial gown is meant to highlight what is beautiful, don’t think so vulgarly.


My god…I’m hard.


The designer and the people who decided on this outfit are not your normal stupid, the ceremonial hostess girls’ good figures all ruined [by this outfit], each and every one of them looking as if their hips are too wide and their legs short.


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Wide hips and short legs. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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