A Very Touching Deaf Violinist Commercial From Thailand


This video from Thailand has been spreading on Kaixin001 (a popular Chinese social network):

Comments from Youku:


As a big man, I have to honestly say that I was really moved. I was not moved by the story, but rather completely moved by the commercial. You cannot see any business intent whatsoever, because the commercial was made to the highest level. Just this point alone is worth of admiration. One word ~~ awesome/great!!


This was just a commercial? If all commercials were like this, I would no longer watch tv shows.


Canon is a good song ~ the commercial is also a good commercial ~
But from an economic benefit angle, this commercial is actually not a good commercial, because no one will remember Pantene and will only remember this story. Moreover, the commercial is too long, and very expensive!



Why is the commercial for China such trash??

It is also a commercial for Pantene!

But in China it is just a pretty girl standing their throwing her hair,

but in Thailand it is such a moving and deep commercial?

I used to think only commercials in the West were good.


This is the difference, if you are making an advertisement for shampoo in China, you will only see a pretty girl throwing her hair around, while this commercial reflects life. I most liked the exchange between the deaf girl and that old street performer: “Why am I different from others?” “Why do you have to be like others?”


Because I am a healthy [not handicapped] person, it did not resonate very strong with me. However, it truly shook me. Because at the climax, the hair blown by the wind was very beautiful…I had goosebumps.


So fake, like watching a Korean drama, anyway I was not moved.


Good video, completely ruined by the advertisement at the end.


There is one thing I am certain of, the cost of advertisements in Thailand are definitely not as expensive as China.

Did you like this commercial? Did you expect it to be a commercial for Pantene shampoo?


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