Parents Commit Suicide 100 Days after Child’s Death

Parents Commit Suicide 100 Days after Child’s Death
A pair of mourning parents committed suicide in their home in Hangzhou 100 days after their daughter died of Leukemia.The father jumped from the 12th story of their apartment building, while the mother overdosed on pills. After the man’s body was found in the residential complex by a neighbor, his wife’s body was found lying in their unlocked apartment.The top rated netizen comment said “It looks like many gains and losses can’t be understood within a short period of time. Who would have guessed that the 1 Child Policy, which had good intentions, would actually turn out to be a venomous plot to destroy our race!”
Source: Sina

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  • I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering they went through before deciding to kill themselves

  • mr.wiener

    Why is everything a “plot”?

    • bujiebuke


      看来很多事情的得失并不是一时可以看出来的。 谁知道初衷很好的计划生育政策,居然是灭我种族的毒计啊!

      Seems like mostly sarcasm to me…

      • 十月码

        Yep, agree with you, it’s a sarcasm.

  • DD Bear!

    it’s so sad!
    i think every family should allow to have two kids ,but more than 2, then fine them well, especially in village.

    • 十月码

      Agree, the gov shouldn’t decide how many kids a family could have, and it’s all up to the family themselves.

      • DD Bear!

        in china, gov should control well. coz chinese famers like to make too many useless kids so much.
        but should allow to have 2, more than that, fine well, take back fileds or whatever.

        • 十月码

          “Useless kids”? How do you define useless?

          • DD Bear!

            jobless lazy ass, thief…uneducated hike…whore…

          • Bman

            I think she means to say: kids that the parents don’t have the means nor the education to raise properly. Which is true; many people would have dozens of kids if they could.
            DD Bear just doesn’t have a pretty mouth; the words that come out can be quite ugly.

          • DD Bear!

            you know me better???

          • Bman

            I know childish behavior when I see it. I know you speak rude mean words.

  • Jahar

    They love the drama. Why wait 100 days?

  • Foreign Devil

    Make sure you always have a life and purpose outside of your children.

  • WghUk

    Very sad, rest in peace.