Brain Dead Girls’s Organs Donated by Parents After Car Accident

Doctors are paying a silent tribute to Wu Huajing.

From NetEase:

Guangzhou 17-Year-Old Girl Brain Dead After Car Accident, Parents Donate Her Organs

November 22, 4:10pm, 17-year-old Wu Huajing of Yingde in Guangdong province was rolled into an operating room, where the medical devices attached to her were removed one by one, relying only on an artificial oxygenator to maintain her basic internal organs’ functions, as her heart stopped beating. At 9:30pm, Vice-Minister of Health Huang Jiefu and the other doctors to perform the organ transplant surgery circled around the body of the girl, lowering their heads to pay a silent tribute to the youth who has faded away [pictured above]. Wu Huajing, who is studying Nursing, was a victim of a car accident on November 9, and was confirmed to be brain dead after over ten days of deep coma. After her father Wu Wenrui learned about his daughter’s wish, he reached a consensus with rest of the family, and agreed to donate her organs to people in need. Wu Wenrui says: “My child is gone, but life goes on.”

Wu Huajing is departing with her family members in the rain.

A car accident late at night on November 9th left 17-year-old Yingde girl Wu Huajing completely unable to breath on her own and her life in grave danger. After over ten days in a deep coma, a short-term cardiac arrest gave her father the idea of donating her organs, and he signed and confirmed this on the afternoon of November 20, fulfilling his daughter’s wish for her. November 21 afternoon, Guangzhou Military Guangzhou Central Hospital sent a designated ambulance for Huajing. This picture is of Wu Huajing and her family members departing in the rain.

The mother is carrying a picture of Wu Huajing.

The mother holding a souvenir photo Wu Huajing took during a trip. 17-year-old Wu Huajing was a vocational student at Shaoguan School of Medicine. Late at night on November 9, while heading home as a passenger on her friend’s motorcycle, an agricultural vehicle crashed into them at Yingde Bridge, sending them flying. Through diagnosis, the accident caused 17 severe injuries on her body, including severe brain damage. Ever since the surgery, Huajing has exhibited no neurological reactions or consciousness. November 20 afternoon at 4, multiple Guangzhou neurosurgery experts conducted evaluations to determine brain death according to regulations, and confirmed that Huajing was brain dead.

Wu Huajing is lying in the Yingde People’s Hospital ICU ward.

17-year-old Wu Huajing lying in the Yingde People’s Hospital ICU ward. Because she was studying Nursing, Wu Huajing has long had the idea of donating her organs to people in need after dying of old age or suffering an accident.

The parents are quietly looking at Wu Huajing.

In the Yingde People’s hospital ICU ward, the parents quietly look at Wu Huajing lying on the bed. After Huajing’s father Wu Wenrui learned about his daughter’s desire [to donate her organs], he reached a consensus with rest of the family. “The doctors tell me that my child’s organs can save the lives of many other children. I’ve experienced deeply the pain of losing a child and loved one. I hope other families (after receiving Huajing’s organs) can be spared such agony.”

Medical staffs are preparing for the hospital transfer.

Medical personnel preparing for the hospital transfer.

Doctors are paying a silent tribute to Wu Huajing.

Wu Huaying’s mother saying goodbye to her daughter in tears.

Medical personnel rolling Wu Huajing towards the operating room. Right outside the elevator, Wu Huajing’s mother said goodbye to her daughter in tears.

Wu Huajing's father is leaning to the wall and crying.

Coming out of the hospital ward, Wu Huajing’s parents were a little emotional, leaning against the wall crying. The father, Wu Wenrui, said he felt a little regret, regretting that he didn’t agree to donate her daughter’s organs a few days earlier, otherwise even more people could have been saved.

Wu Huajing’s cousin is crouching on the floor and sobbing.

Wu Huajing’s cousin, after seeing Huajing for the very last time, broke down, crouched on the floor sobbing.

In the Yingde People’s Hospital ICU ward.

In the Yingde People’s Hospital ICU ward, Wu Huajing’s mother would cover her face and cry from time to time. According to Guangzhou Military Guangzhou Central Hospital Organ Obtaining Organization doctor Li Peng, after a group consultation for Huajing, and when her brain death was confirmed, her family signed on the Organ Donating Agreement and agreed to donate all of Huajing’s usable organs.

Wu Huajing's family is in deep sorrow.

Wu Huajing's family is in deep sorrow.

When medical personnel rolled Wu Huajing out of the ICU ward, her family was in deep sorrow. November 22, the hospital again reexamined her brain death. If her family agrees, Huajing’s heart, kidneys, liver, and other organs could all be used for transplants.

The medical staff is rolling Wu Huajing into the ambulance for hospital transfer.

The medical staff is rolling Wu Huajing into the ambulance for hospital transfer.

Medical personnel rolling Wu Huajing towards the ambulance to be transferred to another hospital.

Huajing’s mother Zhang Qiaoling is carrying her daughter’s photo.

Huajing’s mother Zhang Qiaoling holding her daughter’s photo, crying silently. The girl in the photo was all smiles, her face pretty. “She always loved to smile. Whenever she saw familiar adults or children, she was always smiling like this.”

Comments from NetEase:

网易广东省河源市手机网友 ip:121.14.*.*:

Rest in peace. May everyone who is alive be safe and sound.

巭孬嫑莪巭孬嫑夯昆 [网易上海市网友]:

A good person, I’m just afraid of [her organs] being used for profit by the [hospital/government] leaders. For each ding, a leader dies.

民族英雄陈冠希 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Hope [her organs] won’t find their way to the black market! And actually helps those people in need! Just as the mother of the deceased said! To help similar families who have suffered a tragedy!

yangshijin0518 [网易山东省日照市网友]: (responding to above)

I’ll never donate! Organ transplant receivers in China are either rich or powerful, and these rich and powerful people are all bad people.

操场哥 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

Touched. Girl, rest in peace. I hope the parents will earnestly follow where the organs go, and prevent them from being used by bad people, otherwise it would be letting your daughter down.

网易云南省昆明市网友 ip:14.205.*.*:


Comments from QQ:

腾讯宁夏网友 张旭:

This can also be a splendid life, rest in peace, girl.

腾讯网友 唯 一:

Jing, hello, seeing this news report, my heart is filled with emotion. Heaven is where you belong, whether it is now from dying of an accident or later from old age. Though you’re gone, your spirit remains, and we will remember you forever. A poor kid, yet a lovely kid, how could I not love you? You’re parents are also inspiring, and I admire them as well. I’ll cut it short, rest in peace, may you live happily in heaven, and that you parents also have a better life here as well.

腾讯网友 石精玉:

She can donate for free, but can the hospital perform the transplant for free!??? Nobody knows!

腾讯烟台市网友 悟:

To see their own daughter still breathing and with a heartbeat yet being informed that her brain is dead, to see with their own eyes their “living” daughter being pushed into the operating room to have her organs plucked out, the pain of that moment is simply too cruel to her parents and loved ones.

腾讯网友 简單的々筷樂:

Girl, you’re the most beautiful person in the world, may you have happiness in heaven!

腾讯黑龙江省网友 蜡笔童心:

I think the country or the people who receive donated organs should pay the family of the donor suitable compensation. After all, those who are alive must go on living, so we should look at this issue rationally and realistically.


The girl’s desire is touching, her parents’ righteousness admirable!

腾讯常州市网友 猪哥:

Those donated organs will be sold at high prices, and only rich people can afford them!

腾讯网友 清风:

A 17-year-old girl having such a big heart is indeed admirable, and her parents are especially even even more touching. Huajing, rest in peace, you’ll live in people’s hearts forever!

腾讯仙桃市网友 那些过往:

A deep bow to you as well as your enlightened parents. Rest in peace, girl!

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  • Aituo

    Well, it would be a shame if the hospital were just selling her organs to turn a profit.

  • SaCa

    The poor girl and her parents but yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if the hospital would sell the organs for a high price.

  • Cynic

    All the bodies in china are burnt anyways. Organ donation should be mandatory.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Regardless of disposal methods, a completely intact body is super important to the Chinese people.

      • Said who?

        • YourSupremeCommander

          Go educate yourself before asking stupid questions.

          • Germandude

            Yes, Chinese don’t like to donate because they think they can only be reborn or find peace if the body is in tact. At least that’s what I heard from several Chinese before.

          • Damn….in that case…my dad is in big trouble.

          • mr.wiener

            Only if he was Chinese.
            What nation was he again? and what was their traditional method of disposal of the dead?

          • Creek, pretty much assimilated but turned more and more native as he got older. If you look close to that video I sent you awhile back you’ll notice all the piercings and that he’s skydiving in his moccasins. Otherwise….most modern Creeks are, in fact, Christians and have a more or less Christian-type burial but they’ll put on some face paint and some ornaments. In the past, they were put in burial houses or mounds….not in graves. Anyway, it was his wish to be cremated. Always the rebel :)

          • Setesh

            oh creek indian? are you a pure blooded indian? do you follow the creek culture? do you have creek name? i thought you are just American, not the original American. Suppose thats where the nick name Little Wolf comes from? how interesting, I never thought i would meet one :)

          • Not a pure blood. My Grandmother was. I have an Indian name but it’s not easy to pronounce.

        • mr.wiener

          It’s true unfortunately. There is a real reluctance to donate organs or even give blood within Chinese society. Things are changing, but it takes time.

          • Cheong

            As an old Taoist/Buddhist;

            Your statement = “there is a real reluctance to donate organs” , well, I have to agree with you whole-hearty as I have explained earlier as it has to do with belief & religion.

            But reluctant to donate bloody?, well, I am not so sure and it has nothing to do with belief or religion.

            But from the scientific point of view, it is good to donate blood.

            When a person donate blood, our body will automatically replenish/regenerate with new blood to replace those that were taken out henceforth a healthier body.

            But then again, me as an old Taoist/Buddhist, I have never donated blood even I am more of a scientific minded person than a religious person.

            Please have a nice day.

          • mr.wiener

            Thanks for the info Cheong. I was told about the blood thing here in Taiwan. Apparently [could have got this wrong] according to the ideas of Chinese medicine your body uses a lot of its Chi energy in producing your blood and it should not be given up readily.
            If that is the case women have definitely got the short end of the stick.I’m of the scientific mind myself and believe a bit of bleeding now and then is a good thing or your system stagnates. This is why I give blood and play rugby haha!
            You have a great day yourself bro.

          • Cheong

            Thanks for your reply.

            The chi energy you talked about is correct too. I agree with you. Basically, it is something that is in-built inside all Chinese, sub conscientiously.

            In the “Chi theory”, a healthy body is like a well lubricated machine & if the blood is “drained” then we will not function well just like a machine if you drain or a leak in the lubrication.

            That is why we Chinese feel that a healthy body is one that is “when the chi is well balanced in harmony”

            Ying & Yang

            When one donates blood, the balanced harmony is disrupted henceforth leading a unhealthy body > sick.

            Unfortunately many Chinese do not consider this “sickness” as a very trivial matter instead as a “bad thing”.

            It is something very difficult for the Chinese to get over with & not take in consideration that donating blood can & will benefit many others who need a blood transfusion.

            This is a very very very old Chinese school of thought because most Chinese’ life is based on the old school of thought > Taoism, Confucianism & Buddhism.

            Hopefully, the younger generation will see otherwise & discard this old school of thought & see thing via scientifically & logically.

            That was why when communism took over the governing of China under the chairmanship of Mao, he “discard” all religions for better or worse.

            Because many beliefs in all religions tend to get in the “way of progress”

            We must progress scientifically & logically as Mr Spock would have said.

            Anyway, i cannot go to full details otherwise I will go on “all night long” > Lionel Richie, ah well cant remember, anyway as I am trying to say, you need to be a Chinese to understand chinese.

            No matter how hard you try, you will not fully understand chinese & its school of thought

            and if it is that simple then China will not be what it is today.

            With few thousands years of civilization, China & her people learned through experiences.

            As Confucius said: Wisdom comes from experiences.

            As it is the weekend,

            have a great weekend.

        • Cheong

          As an old Taoist/Buddhist, these two religions share many similarities, but not totally the same.

          I am more of a Taoist than a Buddhist.

          Buddhism come to us, Chinese, at a later stage in our Chinese history.

          We, Taoist, accepted Buddhism, whole-hearty because of many similarities & most of all we embraced it, so we are Buddhist , too.

          But as an old Taoist, I can tell you this, we Taoist do not accept cremation.

          We must be buried as “a whole” & we do not even accept autopsy unless otherwise.

          We, as Taoist, believe that we will “return” one way or another & we cannot be “a complete” if our body is “disturbed”

          This is our belief, please respect that as I would respect yours, that is, if you are of any religion.

          Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt

          May our goddess of Mercy (Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha give you guidance to a better life filled with compassion.

          Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt

          ps: FYI, I have already bought my burial plot more than a decade ago.
          I am contemplating on the purchase of my coffin.
          This is a very, very, very old practice in Taoism.

          Please have a nice day, will you??

  • Matt Smith

    How about a story that’s not from Guangzhou? Or are Guangzhou the only folk who can post on the internet these days?

    • Rick in China

      Guangzhou is like America’s Florida – all the interesting stories end up being from or related to these places for some reason..

      • MrT

        is true the rest of China is boring, Beijing being the most boring place in China.

        • 404nameNotFound

          Someone has never been to Nanjing. I’ve been here for 3 years and i don’t know anybody’s name (ok maybe 1 or 2 people). Was in Beijing for 2 Months, made like 20+ friends.

  • Elijah

    Good girl for being that socially conscious. Good family for following her wishes instead of their own.

    I don’t think they’ve been paid off for the organs, that would definitely kill the meaning of the story.

    On the other hand as numerous people commented, the hospital will definitely profit from it and the only ones who will get an organ are either rich enough to but their way to the top of the waiting list or have enough guangxi to circumvent it.

    Either way, they’re right. I’ve yet to see a rich person or well-connected person who wasn’t corrupt as a cavity after Halloween.

  • MidniteOwl

    The family of the person donating and those receiving the organ donation should be made aware of each other. So they know who to thank and what kind of difference they have really made.

  • xiaopengyou

    Lucky family. Each kidney is worth an IPhone and an IPad. Heart will bring a Macbook Pro. Liver will bring an IPod Classic and a $50 ITunes gift card.

    • thmswhnr

      The prices of human organs on the black market have been pretty low ever since it was discovered that Uyghur organs are compatible with Han bodies. With a new system of executing and harvesting alleged criminals in Xinjiang, the market is facing oversupply.

      Unfortunately because of this, the poor girl’s family might only be able to afford an iPod Shuffle.

      • xiaopengyou

        They can still get a retina display for two good retinas.

  • A Lu

    Nice. But people should start wearing proper helmets when riding a motorbike. She’d probably be still alive

    • MrT

      Is a good point. lack of safety Education here.

    • No shit. Saving my life is just 1 reason I wear a helmet. Ever try to comb out your hair after a motorcycle ride? (course, my hair isn’t so long these days so now if I just ride around the block I get the “Eraserhead” hair) Ever hit a fucking bee? Feels like you hit a rock. Rocks (ok, gravel) that get shot up at you from people’s tires or you get stuck behind a construction truck feel like bullets. Ever have your eyelid bubble up from hauling ass and the wind gets under your eye? (this also happened once while skydiving) It hurts. Or even to keep your eyes from getting teared up. And this isn’t even considering the “China Factor”.
      Also, I was trying to find a twist to this story that would make it newsworthy or even chat-worthy. I mean, I’m sorry for the family and for the girl and as a motorcycle rider, I feel extra bad. But is donating organs so rare here that it makes the news? Is it because she was 17 and need a variance from the law for the family to donate? Maybe the family had to donate to cover the hospital bills since it’s not likely they’ll get 1 kuai from the truck driver or the motorbike driver(who ever was at fault)?

  • vincent

    It sure is a tragedy that a young person in their prime suffers such a cruel twist of fate, RIP and hopefully the wishes of the young lady lead to saving the lives of others. Organ donation should be more prevalent, a lot of lives could be saved.

    • Thor

      Actually, Steve Jobs was donated a liver from a young man who also died in a car crash. Unfortunately it allowed Jobs to live only a few years afterwards as it wasn’t enough to fix his health problems.

  • Kate

    Well that’s really tragic and horrible…..I was in a car accident today but this story puts what happened to me today in perspective…

    • MrT

      In China?

  • Slob

    “And so shines a good deed in a weary world…”

  • DavidisDawei

    It is unfortunate for that family they must feel such pain.

    Having traveled to many parts of China, I have witnessed one death and many near death events. With all of the chaos on the roads, I’m surprised these accidents are not more common.

    • MrT

      I only seen one fatal and few small smack ups. I seen less here then I did in the UK per day, that said its a big country and plenty going on else where.

      One of the biggest failures here regards the roads is response time to accidents and useless ambulance crews.

      China if it wants to prove to the world its a big player and cares about its people should make a showcase emergency response system for the people, for free.

      They could take the money from Kong Bong to fund it, just tax every one more.

      Time they coughed up to the motherland.

      UK taxpayer propped them up for 100 years.

      • It is not only that. I remember when I was in a bus and an ambulance wanted to get through traffic with its sirens on. No car, not even one, just tried to open a way for the ambulance even though there would be enough space to just drive to the right side to open a way for them. The drivers did not move an inch. They just “stood” there, like having no care in the world.

        Here if you hear sirens, everyone is opening a way for the ambulance, because it can be a matter of life and death and because (of course) you can be fined if you dont.

        • charles

          Kevin, great point. The level of selfishness (often self destructive) of the average Chinese person is astounding. If it’s somebody else’s problem people just don’t give a damn.

  • Roihu

    Stories like this make me feel like crying.

    Makes me feel like I need to do something to make a change in someone’s life.

  • linette lee

    This is so heart breaking for the parents. The worst thing in the world is watching your own child died. so hard. :( RIP.

    白頭人送黑頭人. :(

    • MrT

      Can I be your child?

      • MrT

        I need feeding…

        • mr.wiener

          With your luck she’d give you formula :P

          • MrT

            enough to go around I’m sure

  • Brett

    I took myself off the organ donors list after the way the hospital hounded me for my dad’s insides only 15 minutes after he died. Show a little sympathy for a grieving kid… Yea yea theres a time limit.. If he wanted to donate them he would have been on the list himself.

    Its illegal for common people to sell their own organs but if you donate them to the hospital, the man gets a 200K paycheck for a liver, 400K for a heart… bastards.

  • donkeykong

    So many cameras.
    Why is this a media event ?

  • Jahar

    not to be insensitive, but is organ donation so uncommon her as to warrant a story of this length?

  • MrT

    They can still use her brain in China.

  • vincent

    This article is hilarious, guess the People’s Daily has egg on it’s face now trololol

  • Dear Chinese people— Stop driving like fucking 16 year olds everywhere you go. If you don’t run red lights, swerve from lane to lane, speed, or pull out of parking spots or back alleys without looking both ways…. YOU’LL STILL GET WHERE YOU’RE GOING. PROMISE. Love, Waiguoren

  • Gerhana

    its the good ones that have short life. A pity…

  • Cheong

    As an old Taoist/Buddhist:

    May our Goddess of Mercy, (Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha bless her soul.

    Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt.

    She did not died in vain & even in dead she have had taught us, the living, alot about selfless act & her family must also be commended for their selfless decision.

    Most of all, may our Goddess of Mercy (Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha

    take kindly to this selfless action whereby good karma will be bestow on her family
    and a safe journey for her to heaven

    Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt.

  • where is the news?

    The woman YichunXu killed last month also donated her organs to others (KIRO 7 did a story on it last week). on Dec 6 he will be in court to face charges of vehicular homicide. YichunXu is a chinese student in seattle who driving 70 in a 30 zone slammed into another car killing the driver and injuring the passengers.

  • Mop

    $profit$ for the hospital. Aw yeah~

  • Amit

    RIP little Angel…..Now you will live in many lives, which they owe to you….You Cannot die…..

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