Parents go overboard praying for children’s high exam scores

Parents go overboard praying for children’s high exam scores

The parents of many high school seniors have been constantly visiting “god-trees” located in the middle of narrow alleys to pray so their children will receive high marks on their college entrance exams. They’ve also been burning so much incense that it has in one instance almost started a fire. Chinese netizens believe that taking an exam isn’t their parents’ business and should be treated scientifically, not superstitiously. They also wonder why their parents aren’t praying to Jesus. How are the Chinese gods going to understand Physics, Chemistry, and English?

Source: Tencent

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  • Edward Kay

    We burn joss for the officials and money to our ancestors. Should have done it the other way round. No wonder I still flunked.

  • David

    What a strange last sentence. Jesus did not speak English. He was a carpenter who lived 2000 years ago. He did not understand math or physics either. Algebra was not invented by the Arabs until a thousand years later and calculus by Sir Isaac Newton 1700 years later. However, he was a wiz at division (see fish and bread).

    • ytuque

      Algebra was not invented by the Arabs.

      • David

        Algebra is a general term to describe many mathematical functions that developed over millennium. The one most people learned in High school, the one where you solve equations to learn relationships between numbers (and variables) was absolutely invented by the Arabs. Of course more modern branches such as differential equations were not. Now, their work was based on earlier work done (as almost everything is) by Indian mathematicians. But the work they based Algebra on was lost in the west during the Dark Ages. The Arabs (who were having a intellectual awaking at this time) took the earlier works and expounded on them. They translated it into Latin in the 12th century and it was brought back to Europe after the crusades. On of the most important of these books was Al-jabar and its author showed how linear and quadratic equations (the Algebra most of us are familiar with) were solved.

        • ytuque

          No, the Hindus, Chinese, Greeks, Babylonians, and Egyptians had various forms of algebra long before the Arabs. And the man who produced the text from which the term algebra is derived was Persian not Arab. The text was ” Al-jabr wa’l muqabalah” and the Persian’s name was al-Kwarizmi.

          And you might notice, the peoples who developed algebra before the Arabs all had the misfortune of being attacked by the Arabs during the Islamic Conquest.

          • David

            As I said in my post, there were some forms in earlier cultures but that is not the same as having a complete system for defining and solving relationships. We say the Greeks invented geometry but they certainly were not the first people to notice the relationship between angles and shapes. But they codified it, studied it and refined it in a systematic way which none of the other cultures did. The same with Algebra. Also, historically enough is not known about al-Kwarizmi to be sure about much of his life at all except that his book was recopied in the 12th century by another writer and he was given credit for it. Certainly there is no way of knowing for certain where he was born. His birthplace may have been Bagdad, or even a place in modern Uzbekistan. Al-jabr is an Aribic word, therefore historians generally call it an Arab accomplishment. If you want to split hairs from something you read in wikipedia that is fine. There were many other cultures in the ‘Arab’ word of the ninth century. Unless we are doing a treatise here on Islamic hegemony is silly to try and define it to any real extent. Especially considering my original remarks. It seems almost certain that he would refer to himself in many different ways (including possibly Persian) depending on the circumstances and what he was trying to do.

          • ytuque

            You wrote in your original remark that “Algebra was not invented by the Arabs until a thousand years later.” Clearly that is wrong as the man credited with being the ‘father of algebra’ was a Greek who lived centuries before al-Kwarizmi wrote his book. And there is no controversy about al-Kwarizmi being a Persian and not an Arab.

          • David is just a white-hater who loves to pimp for non-whites. He gets off on it.

          • Alex Dương

            I believe you’ll find another community more welcoming of your views.

        • Idiot. Arabs just copied Indians.

  • Jahar

    Don’t they know that sacrificing animals is a much more effective way to appease the gods?

  • helsic

    LOL I thought Chinese people didn’t believe in any god.

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