Parked BMW Blocking Road Gets Vandalized, Netizens Delighted


From NetEase:

Man Who Smashed BMW Leaves Note: You Were Blocking The Road

Windshields smashed, doors kicked in.

Yesterday morning, Xi’an resident Mr. Sun called the China Business News hotline and reported that a vehicle had been vandalized in front of the Ziyouji neighborhood on Tieta Street. The front and back windshields had been smashed, but it didn’t look like a robbery because the words “You’re blocking the road” were written on the hood. Maybe it was because the car was blocking the road.

At noon, a reporter from China Business News found the silver BMW parked on Tieta Street. It was heavily damaged, the entire back windshield on the ground in one piece and the front windshield smashed by a blunt object into two pieces, there was glass scattered all around, the drivers side mirror was smashed, there was a long scratch, and the passenger door kicked in leaving a muddy footprint on the door. A message was written in the thick dust on the hood: “You were blocking the road.”

Many residents had gathered around the BMW. Because of the leopard skin steering wheel cover, they guessed the owner of the vehicle was a woman. One elderly person said “Its been so long since anybody has moved this car, the owner might not even know yet. They will be so heartbroken when they find out. Goodness, all of this just because they picked a bad parking spot.

The vehicle was blocking a thoroughfare

This China Business News reporter noticed that the BMW was parked in front of a row of stores and that there were no parking spots outlined on the ground. Many cars were parked in the area, but all of the others were parked facing East-West, leaving room for other cars to pass between them. The BMW was parked on the far West end, facing North-South, blocking other cars from getting through.

A telecommunications worker from an office in the area said the vehicle was there on the morning of March 15th, and the owner has yet to come back. “On the morning of the 15th, the car was fine, but at 7 that night when I got off work, I noticed that the passenger door was kicked in and there was something written on the hood. Somebody must have come back and smashed the front and rear windshields after that.” The employee who asked to remain anonymous stated that on the 15th at least 20 people came into the office to ask who the car belonged to. “We don’t know, but I’m certain the car has never parked here before. All of the car owners here know that you should park facing East-West and leave a gap so that other cars can get through. I’ve never seen a car parked here as arrogantly as this BMW.”

A student at a local high school said “When I passed it on my way to school at 7:10 this morning, it was all smashed up like this.” Mr. Zhao, a local resident said “This car isn’t in a parking spot. On the weekends, a lot of cars come here but now they can’t get through. The owner of the car didn’t even leave a phone number to contact them to move the car. It was definitely somebody who was angry about how the car was parked that smashed it up.”

This China Business News reporter also noticed that aside from the BMW, there was a red Mazda nearby that had “Nice Parking” and “If you can’t drive, take a taxi” written in permanent marker on the trunk. Lucky for the car owner, it didn’t get smashed.

The smashed BMW is uninsured

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To avoid further damage to the BMW, this China Business News reporter finally managed to contact the female owner of the vehicle through the traffic police yesterday afternoon. On the phone, it was obvious that the owner was unaware that her beloved car had been vandalized. “What? Where was it smashed? My friend borrowed it 2 or 3 days ago. I’ll get a hold of him as soon as possible and ask him to move it. Thank you for letting me know.” Afterwards, reporters learned that the owner’s friend had already reported the incident to the police. Currently the case has been registered for investigation.

“I bought the car 2 or 3 years ago, and didn’t buy insurance. My friend feels terrible about what happened and said he will take care of it, so I figure I won’t press the matter.” The woman said she was very sorry that the car had inconvenienced people. “My friend was wrong to park like that, but the vandal should still be held accountable for his behavior.”

Lianhu District traffic police expressed that when parking your car, it’s best to leave a phone number on the windshield so people can contact you if your car is in the way. If a car is blocking your way and there is no way to contact the owner, contact traffic police. “This incident is a good reminder to park your car properly. Also, if you happen to run into something like this, try and control your emotions. Although it was the vehicle owner’s fault for blocking the road, that’s no excuse for breaking the law, and you will still be held responsible.”

Comments from NetEase:

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不做美勾五猫一一只讲良心 [网易江苏省南京市手机网友]:

All I can say is you deserved it. If you don’t respect others, how can they respect you? Remember it.

我叫小明我叫小明 [网易德国手机网友]:


长城旧主 [网易山东省济宁市手机网友]:

All I want to say is, nice job!!! We should make a law that people don’t have to pay compensation for smashing this kind of car.

路人壬 [网易江西省南昌市手机网友]:

Great job!

网易山东省青岛市手机网友 ip:218.58.*.*

Although its not right to smash cars, it really does make you feel better.

网易宁夏银川市手机网友 ip:222.75.*.*

You deserve to have your car smashed.

lei234 [网易海南省海口市手机网友]:

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but seeing this makes me feel good. Sometimes in this country you just have to do things this way.

盘允话 [网易四川省手机网友]:

You deserve it! I ran into a woman who couldn’t park her car and had blocked my way the day before yesterday. I didn’t know what to do so I went and looked in a nearby teahouse, and as you would expect she was there playing mahjhong.

网易辽宁省大连市手机网友 ip:60.21.*.*

You deserve to get your car smashed!

网易北京市手机网友 ip:118.26.*.*

Vigilante justice.

网易河南省驻马店市网友 ip:222.138.*.*

Let me borrow that gun. I never said it wasn’t useful.

网易安徽省阜阳市手机网友 ip:58.243.*.*

Usually when people borrow a car, they don’t treat it well [like they would if it was their own]. This guy borrowed a car and parked it in a terrible spot for days, not even paying attention to it. You deserve it, scumbag!

vigorx [网易河南省手机网友]:

Driving a BMW without insurance, parking in the road! Classic woman driver. You deserve it!

联盟之冠 [网易山东省青岛市手机网友]:

If it was like it is in America, just one phone call and the car gets towed, who would still smash cars? Punishing the person who was blocked [the vandal] would be encouraging the person who parked blocking the road.

m1385怎么玩 [网易山东省青岛市手机网友]:

Reading so many comments all saying this was deserved, I really can’t read any further! I have to say: It really was deserved!

网易四川省成都市手机网友 ip:119.4.*.*

You deserve it! Just cause you have money you think you can do whatever you want? Who is responsible for blocking all of those people from getting through? Is it their fault? If you park like that again, we’ll smash your car again! You’ll pay for it!

网易泰国手机网友 ip:58.97.*.*

This time I support the car smashing vandal!

网易北京市手机网友 ip:125.34.*.*

So your car was smashed? You were asking for it! The people have the right to use the road!

  • JayJay

    BMW drivers, need I say more?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Yes, you need to add they are better than boring Toyota drivers.

      • Bing

        as a honda car owner, we say you disrespect us alot.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          I had owned Nissans and Hondas… nice cars… but I have been driving BMWs for the past decade or so… there’s no comparison. PERIOD.

          People who detest BMWs on forums are people who secretly really want one but for one reason or another, cannot attain one.

          • Mighty曹

            You really are a prick!

          • Rei Yu Tian

            No one detest BMWs, what we detest are the drivers. If you are going to drive a nice car, drive with some class please.

          • Mighty曹
          • Bing

            have some sense of humor maaaaaaaaaaaaaan

          • He Who Be Free

            Fuck off. I could buy a Beemer, Merc, or Audi today.

            Beemer drivers suck balls.

          • I don’t think people detest BMWs much, just detest a large portion of BMW drivers. The cars themselves are great. :)

          • Krone

            Well to be fair it’s just like say Audi drivers, coincidentally as well as Mercedes drivers have a bad rep. (here the audi drivers are known as absolute morons)

  • Xia

    Petition to make a law that allows smashing of a road blocking car… hmm netizens getting a feel of democracy.

    • firebert5

      That’s as much as they’ll ever have.

  • Nilerafter24

    The truth is, in china, the nouveau riche who drive such cars think that because the cars are fancy and expensive they can get away with minor traffic offenses such as blocking roads, parking on sidewalks, cutting into traffic clumsily etc I see this all the time in Beijing. And the middle/lower class dare not do anything because they can’t know whose car you’re dealing with (CEO, Gov’t official etc). So the unimportant riche bank on this fear and assumption to do as they please.
    I remember some douche-idiot illegally parking his slick white Porsche Carrera right in front of the entry-way to a Jenny Lous with no regard to shoppers entering and exiting. I had three heavy shopping bags and had to somehow maneuver my way between his/her stupid Porsche and a Jenny Lou delivery cart.
    I swear I’d have keyed it if my hands weren’t full.

    • Rei Yu Tian

      From what I can see that is an X1, lowest of the low, LOL for the driver thinking her car is special.

      • Ryo Saeba

        That’s not an X1. That’s a 1 Series. The second lowest of the 1 Series since it says 180i (1.8 Liter engine). There’s a 160i. However, even that, the 180i starts at 292k RMB which is around $46k USD. Start adding options and 10% tax, you’re up to about $55k.

        The lowest X1 with an auto transmission, by comparison, starts at 285k RMB (~$45.6k USD) before taxes and options.

        Giving the income level in China, a “normal” person will never be able to afford this. Hell, most in the US can’t afford this. With that said, did she think she can park like that? Probably not.

        I see cars here gets fucked up all the time. They get keyed and tires slashed from illegal parking all the time. We don’t know their side of the story though. Maybe she had some kind of emergency? One don’t usually knowingly park illegally for that long period of time. It is usually to go have a meal since most restaurants don’t have parking.

        And why isn’t it towed? There are tow trucks in China.

        • vincent_t

          Having the trucks doesn’t mean they know how to use it. Just like they also have public toilet too on the streets but, you know.

          • Ryo Saeba

            I was in my wife’s small home town last CNY and they were towing illegally parked cars near a mall by the dozens. 3 tow trucks, ~12 guys cleaned up a street in about 30 minutes. So they do have them and know how to use them.

            It’s just not normal to leave a car illegally parked for a days at a time. Virtually everyone who drives in China has gotten a parking ticket so they must know it was illegal to park there. Granted they shouldn’t of parked there in the first place, it just seems strange for that car to be there for a few days.

            Edit: I just realized that she claims she let a friend borrowed it. And the car is uninsured. So I guess that “friend” has some explaining to do. Also, I would never let someone borrow a car unless it was absolutely necessary. Even then, it would never be for more then a few hours, let alone days. But why borrow a car if you’re not gonna use it? Very strange story indeed.

        • mike

          I have lived in China for 10 years and have never seen a tow truck.

          • Ryo Saeba

            Don’t know what to tell ya. They do have them. Lots of them. How do
            you suppose they get wrecked cars off the road? Or if a car has broke
            down and can’t move on its own?

            I was actually there sitting in my car waiting when they cleared the street with the 3 tow trucks. If I wasn’t there, my own car would of been towed.

            Also, my own car was towed on a flat bed when it was in a minor front end
            accident about 6 years ago. I live in GZ so I guess I may get more
            exposure to common stuff then rural areas. No idea where you live though.

            They do use flat beds a lot more then your regular 2 wheel towing rig. This is a typical towing rig in China.

          • China Uncensored

            Cars like this are parked illegally all over the city sidewalks here in Qingdao and i’ve never seen a tow truck to remove them but i have seen them randomly ticketed a few times. If i was the mayor, i’d have them towed and make lots more money for the city.

    • Xia

      People are afraid to take liability in an accident, because they can’t afford to pay for the repair of an ultra-expensive car.

    • Vance

      You would still think they’d use some dirt basic common sense. RIch poeple hear with fancy cars often park them in a farther area of the lot where there will be fewer cars so there is less risk of door dings. THe main sin here is double parking. Poeple take up two spots so the next car over is a distance away. That can be annoying. They block traffic, the get towed.

      • Rei Yu Tian

        Agreed, 1st rule of thumb, if you have a nice car. Park it far away from the store entrances. Because that is where most cars are pulling out along with shopping carts flying about.

    • FYIADragoon

      They should just release a public pricing guide on cars so they can make a proper analysis of whether to vandalize or not. Because there are even cheap Audis.

      • Ryo Saeba

        Cheapest Audi (A3 Sportback) starts at 184,900 RMB which is about $30k USD. Start adding options, fees, and 10% tax, you’re look at $35-40k USD minimum. I guess that’s cheap by Chinese luxury car standards, but it’s near mid level luxury car prices in comparison to US.

    • Carsten Wendler

      Still no reason to go old testament on someone’s property. Call the traffic police, have the car removed, done. Just because you and your prejudice towards BMW drivers think it’s right, doesn’t make it just. However, I agree that chinese traffic is full of self centered, aggressive and plain stupid drivers who cut off cars, block intersections and honk as if it were a bodily function (especially Xi’an). But this behavior is not limited to BMW and Porsche drivers. Although, I have to admit, it is all the more funny when it is some 富二代 douche or douchette who can’t properly parallel park their road ship.

      • David

        Come on, this is China. If you live here (or have been to Xi’an where they are worse than most with traffic) you know calling the traffic police does not result in the car being gone.

        • Ryo Saeba

          This is definitely a misconception about current China. Here in GZ, if a car is blocking a road, it will be towed. Someone has to just call it in.

          • David

            No misconception at all. Perhaps things are better enforced in GZ. I am in Wuxi which is generally a pretty nice little city. But even in m own apartment parking lot, with a police station in the building, 50 feet from the front door there will be cars parked all kinds of crazy. The worst consequence I have ever seen is one getting the boot occasionally if it is left in the middle of the driving area overnight. No towing at all. Seeing a car parked on the sidewalk or at a crazy angle on the street (maybe only blocking it 65% of the way) is more common then seeing a child defecating on the same sidewalk.

          • Ryo Saeba

            People need to call it in. Have you ever call it in? You see, in China, every department is separate to handle different situations. There is no one cop fits all thing. The only ones that can give tickets is the traffic police.

            If people get enough tickets, they will stop parking there. If it’s really a problem, perhaps people should come together and have stones placed where people park their cars.

            My guess is that it is not inconveniencing enough to a point where people call it in. Slashing tires works too.

            Have you try calling the traffic police to come out and give them tickets? If you call, they will come. It’s just more money in their pockets.

    • gregblandino

      Was it the 幸福村 jenny lous? If I’m every suffering from “annoying douchebag defiiciency,” I go there to get my fill of ass hattery and dumbassery.

      • Nilerafter24

        hahaha… no it wasn’t but close by…it was at the Jenny Lous next to Chaoyang park west gate… directly opposite park view apartments. It has a small entry ramp and the porsche drove right up onto it basically blocking 3/4ths of the entry.
        It doesn’t help that I had had a terrible day. I was full of rage when I basically couldn’t get out of the store because of the dumbass who parked the car.

        • gregblandino

          Yea I know that one…who knows though, I’ve seen some of our expat betters who’ve become more roman than the romans when it comes to doing as the romans do, though a Porsche sounds like someones mistress’s 21st birthday gift. For bad china days, jingdong has a decent selection of imported foodstuffs, doesn’t require a Chinese ID number to set up, is wicked fast on the service and is COD for those that don’t want to fux with online banking in China.

    • Munkee

      In my experience, virtually every single driver drives like a piece of sh*t in China. The owners of expensive cars are somewhat bolder in their disrespect of traffic regulation and common sense courtesy (if that exists at all in this country), but it is not like others are any better. Cab drivers, bus drivers, although professionals, commit a lot of offenses as well for instance.

  • Rei Yu Tian

    Driving here in NYC, here are my observations:

    BMW drivers- Rarely signal, always speeds, never lets you merge. X5 & 3 series are the worst, mostly young adults & older assholes.

    Benz drivers- E class & S class are mostly driven by older people that obey traffic rules but occasionally road rages . C class and the new CLA are driven by young people that likes to speed, but moderately.

    Audi drivers- Either you run into the classy A6 and above drivers that always signal and stay professional, or you run into the TT & A5 people that cuts you off and flicks you the finger. Audi SUV drivers are alright I suppose.

    Lexus, Acuras, & Infiniti drivers- Lexus & Acura are pretty chill. Infiniti is just a bigger asshole version of Nissan.

    The absolute worst drivers in NYC are….

    The Nissan Altima & Maxima assholes that speed like no tomorrow. Mostly driven by young Hispanics or Blacks, speeds like crazy, and never ever signals.

    Subaru STI & VW golfs, always driven by assholes that goes 80mph on the slow lane.

    Older versions of Ford, Chevy, GMC, and in general American brand SUVs driven by 40-50 year old housewives or husbands that would not hesitate to tailgate you should you fail to go 60mph on a 50mph highway.

    Lets not forget the yellow cabs, Fuck them.

    In my opinion, when you buy a car, part of your personality really do reflect on the overall general image of the car brand. I’ve never met a BMW driver that I liked. What do you guys think of my car brand and driver stereotype?

    • Chris D.

      I drive a Nissan Altima and do speed like crazy although I’m not black and I didn’t set out to buy an Altima for any particular reason other than cheap and easy to maintain. I always use my turn signals though.

      • Rei Yu Tian

        I almost want to virtual hug you for using your signals. I really don’t mind speeders as I always check my rear-view mirror and will move out the way for them, but god-damn those people that speed and cut you off in a split second without any signals.

        Like I said, stereotypes :)

        • Chris D.

          I’m particularly sensitive about turn-signal usage since my primary vehicle is a motorcycle. When people don’t use their turn signals, it literally puts my life in danger.

          • Rei Yu Tian

            Stay safe then, too many people change lanes without even looking.

      • WFH

        Sorry for your poverty.

        • Chris D.

          Feel free to donate money to me!


      • Mighty曹

        Thank you! I can’t stress enough how much I hate drivers who don’t use the turn signals. Especially when I’m waiting to make a left turn and the oncoming cars turn right without signaling.

    • Mighty曹

      For me, here in the Bay Area, it’s the Toyota Corolla. They’re the worst drivers! I’ve come to the conclusion that most driving schools here use Corollas and these freshly licensed drivers tend to buy Corollas when purchasing their new car.

      • Rei Yu Tian

        Corolla’s are the newbie car, most of them are driven by young people or older adults that just got their license. And yeah its the same here in NYC, come to any park and you see all the driving schools lined up in their Corollas or Civics.

        They are bad drivers because they are really slow at reacting since they are new. But I would rather have them turn on their signals longer than not at all, haha.

        • Mighty曹

          Corollas are either overly cautious or reckless. They can be going 10 mph below the speed limit and have the turn signal on for 20 seconds before slowly merging into the lane at a snail pace. They can also just swerved into oncoming traffic in the opposite lane on a 2-lane street just because there’s a car double parked in front of them.

          • Rei Yu Tian

            East & west coast seems the same to me when it comes to traffic then. LOL

          • Mighty曹

            Hahaha… when you see a speeding Corolla there do you also say, “Must be stolen”.

      • Camry drivers in the Bay Area tend to not be very good too.

        • Mighty曹

          They’re the former Corolla drivers who decided to ‘upgrade’ to a bigger car.

    • FYIADragoon

      At least it isn’t DC, home of the infamous quadruple parking.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      you must drive like a fucking 90 year old grandma, if everyone is cutting you off.

      • Rei Yu Tian

        I’m sorry if I am going 75mph on a 65mph road but you still want to go faster.

    • Foreign Devil

      In Canada the worst are pickup truck drivers. . especially souped up pickup trucks in urban areas.

      • Rei Yu Tian

        Pick-ups are pretty bad in NY as well. Anyone that lives in Texas or Southern US will tell you how bad pickup drivers are.

    • That is why I drive a junker when I drive in NYC. The funniest was when I was at a stop light, this taxi came up along the right side (in the parking area) in order to pass me. I would let it go today, but I was younger then, so I hit the gas when the light turned green and these taxis have some good HP, but he had parked cars coming up fast and he tried to nose into my lane and we started rubbing each other for about 30 feet until he hit the brakes. That is why I always drive my war wagon into NYC (if I don’t take the train)

      • Rei Yu Tian

        Taxi drivers are the worst man. If you can drive in the city (Manhattan), you can practically drive anywhere else in the world. (except China of course, haha)

    • otternase

      I’m quite surprised about this notion of personality and car brand being linked (which was stated not only in your post but many other). Since I got my driving licence I was the owner of a number of cars of very different brands (over the last 20 years there was Audi 80 B2, VW Golf Mk1, VW Golf Mk3, Opel Vectra A, Skoda Fabia I, Mercedes W201, Mercedes W124, BMW E46), currently I don’t own a car but regularly rent cars of different brands. Did my personality really change so many times throughout just two decades?

  • Freddi BuBu

    Nothing says “desperate for status” like being an owner of a BMW 180……!

  • bossel

    “Maybe it was because the car was blocking the road.” Sounds reasonable, given that “the words “You’re blocking the road” were written on the hood”.

  • Stefan
    • Vance

      What is more obnoxious than taking up two parking spaces? Taking up two handicap parking spaces. He should get two tickets, but he probably did not because the cops just happened not to be around that day.

      • Rei Yu Tian

        X6 driver is an asshole. But I am just laughing my butt off at the guy taking up 2 spots in his 3 series. My goodness, do these people not realize that their cars are more likely to be fucked with if they park like this?

  • Poodle Tooth

    When I was in Beijing, the worst were Audis, particularly A6 and up; and non-sporting Porsches (so basically Audis again). Of luxury makes I had the fewest incidents with BMWs; though I think the guy who was triple-parked in front of a KTV at rush hour was in a BMW.

    Actually, the worst were Bentleys (so VAG again). Every time I saw a Bentley it was being driven by an asshole driving like an asshole. I just didn’t see Bentleys every day.

    • Rei Yu Tian

      That’s because most of the government officials drive the Audi A6. I think China’s government has contracts with Audi which makes Audi their choice of ride. And you know how Chinese officials are…

      There is a unwritten rule in China, Never piss off a Black Audi A6, because you don’t know who is in the car.

      It’s a bit different here in the US, Bentley’s are not that common in NYC, most of the upper class stick with the big 3 German brands & Lexus.

  • Dark Night

    So its OK to vandalize a car as long as its expensive and is blocking a road?

    • vincent_t

      yes, especially when it comes to BMW, Break My Windows

      • Yes!

        Bonk More Women.

        • He Who Be Free

          Bring Money With.

      • Dark Night

        Ha! That actually is quite funny.

    • Irvin

      You getting SMART!!!

    • 宋易

      In a place where no one enforces the law and large numbers disregard it, yes, it is ok.

      That is what undergird rule of law. Laws are clear and enforced to dissuade mob rule.

    • Chaz


    • David

      I have to go with a big YES.

    • He Who Be Free

      yes, fool.

  • Teacher in China

    People sometimes do this in front of my building entrance, parking right up against the stairs and diagonally across the sidewalk, making it almost impossible to walk past. My wife and I both spit on the cars that do this. Maybe we should start leaving notes instead….

    Also, I saw a dog piss on a parked BMW last night – I felt really sorry i didn’t have any treats to give it. That kind of behaviour needs to be rewarded.

    • Rei Yu Tian

      The people that can afford these cars always seem to come short of buying themselves some class.

    • Yes!

      Carry a small plastic bottle of paint remover with you. You’ll need to refill it pretty often.

  • AbC

    I’m surprised at the unity of Chinese commenters in encouraging the unlawful damage of property. And I must say, good on them.
    Sometimes, two wrongs does make a right. May encourage other drivers to be more courteous to others in the future if more selfish drivers gets punished this way.

    • Vance

      Well, it does show that actions have consequences. If you do things that make others mad at you, they might not be nice to you!

    • firebert5

      Or it may lead to another judge making a ruling against vandals that would discourage people from taking action against wrongly parked cars the way they are discouraged from helping people who fall down. I’ve yet to see an instance where two wrongs have ever objectively made a right.

      • AbC

        What about:
        A rapist being run over by a drink-driver.
        A scammer being robbed of all his wealth.
        Even if it’s not ‘right’, it does brighten your day to know they got what they deserved.

        • firebert5

          Seeing the calls for vengeance and retribution because it makes one “feel good” does not in fact feel good to me. It is a reminder of the state of the world today and that for every step of moral progress made, we take two steps back. Someone wronging another because that person did wrong is not worthy of praise because it is exactly opposite of progress, even if it does tickle one’s vengeful fancy.

  • gregblandino

    This is a recurring fantasy of mine.

  • Markus P

    The person who borrowed it knew and contacted the police but did not tell the person he borrowed it from, she found out about it from a reporter….
    That person won’t be borrowing anything again any time soon…
    Of course smashing it was wrong, could the traffic police not have taken it away and give it back when they have paid a fine?

  • monster

    dislike cars anyway!

  • moop

    i guess some duuuuurty dick getting their windows smashed got more reposts than Burma dropping bombs on Chinese civilians?

    • gregblandino

      Considering China’s waging a proxy war using various proxy armies in Burma, I doubt based on their historical record of campaigning in Burma they want to get actual Han soldiers involved in the mix. A brand new army kind of loses it’s deterrence factor, squeaky new shine and edge if it gets drawn into a complex guerilla war in the jungle that it’s not prepared or trained for.

      Playing down the incident and censoring nationalist outrage is probably keeping the incident from getting more reposts. Burma has given 70,000 kuai renumeration to the families of the casualities. Some people are butthurt on weibo about it, but considering the plane made it over the border and back without being engaged by Chinese air superiority fighters or SAMs, the government probably wants this incident to just go away so it can keep playing the geopolitical game in the Shan and Kachin states it has been playing for the past decades.

      • moop

        I know, i’ve been to burma several times.

        its just that that story was on baidu’s homepage at one point if i remember correctly. just a little surprised that something that was on baidu’s home page at one point wouldnt have generated more of a ruckus online.

        i’m only half-surprised though. better to posture like a big shot over some rocks than actual people’s lives. that’s what i always say

        • gregblandino

          No matter countermeasures the Chinese choose to implement, they won’t happen on the front page and we’ll probably hear about it years from now (if ever). My impression is that the current fracas is a counteroffensive by the Kokang ethnic Chinese MNDAA militia to restore territorial losses from the last 2009 dust up, so this news story A)is too complex and doesn’t have a clear cut good guy/bad guy narrative and B) is happening in a part of the world that most people don’t know/don’t care about.

          That means that like most of the other nasty little wars that happen in the shitholes and forgotten corners of the world, this incidents will flare up as a news story for a day and sink back into the information background noise for 99% of the population, excluding news junkies and war nerds whot pay attention to these type of things.

          I’m a bit torn if the bombing was actually an accident or an “accident” meant to get the Chinese to back off in the Shan state. I lean towards “accident.” Either way, China does not need or want to get involved in a mountainous jungle guerrila war at the moment, so I doubt we’ll here about it either in the media in general or on Chinasmack in particular.

  • Boris

    I dream of doing this plenty of times while here.

  • 宋易


    Didn’t go far enough… should have pissed and spit all inside the interior, and dented the hell out of the body.

    And I don’t care what kind of car it is, anyone who blocks the road or sidewalk should get their car fucked all to hell.

  • Jawollski

    Excuse me, did nobody inform the traffic police? Why was the car not towed and the owner informed? Oh, I forgot, this is China, here we don’t solve problems, we work around them.

  • Clive Rowland

    Chinese people don’t seem to care when its smaller examples of this behaviour, they just drive around it or beep their horn. Until people start getting more aggressive, things aint gonna change

  • Chaz

    And just think…back in the day, I used to slash tires if some douche Chinaman parked like an arrogant a-hole in my residential compound…

  • David

    I have to say, not a fan of the new home page. I prefer it the way it was, the way it still is on KoreaBang. Just my opinion.

    • Kai

      What new homepage?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        LOL, exactly.

      • David

        When I go to the other sites, I get the nine picture/story set up, a few selected comments underneath and finally the links to the stories on the other sites Japan Crush, ChinaSmack etc. . .) It has been this way for the three years I have been coming to ChinaSmack. When I signed on yesterday the home page to ChinaSmack (but not the sister sites) was simply a lit of headlines with short introductions laid out in a horizontal configuration. one after another, no pictures, no links to other sites (sort of like when you go to Google news and the stories are just listed). At first I thought my browser had done something but it remained that way every time I went back to the home page. It did not look like it does when things do not fully load, it looked complete, just different. So I assumed you had decided on a new format. However, I had my doubts because I could not see anybody else complaining and if it is one thing I have learned about CS, no matter what you do, SOMEBODY will complain. After about 6 hours I decided to drop a comment and see if I got a response. This morning while going to CS I see the same old format I have seen for almost 3 years. When added to your question I can only assume it was just my computer screwing with me. Sorry for the trouble.

        • moop

          i’ve had the same screen you’re referring to a couple of times, including yesterday

          • David

            Good to know it was not just me going crazy. Now I realize it most probably has something to do with the browser (Firefox).

        • Kai

          No worries. The most likely possiibilities of what happened was that the CSS file didn’t load or you somehow accessed the mobile version of the site. When things look off, generally a hard refresh (on PC, ctrl+f5) will fix it. Otherwise, always feel free to take a screenshot and then contact us about it so we can look into it. Cheers.

          • David

            Yes, it said something about mobile version, that must have been what happened. I did not understand that at all. Thank you for clearing that up.

    • It’s time to come home David

  • Amused

    I live in Xi’an, and I’ve seen far more arrogant behavior here. I like when you’re on a crowded one way/one lane road and the dude in front of you decides he’s gone far enough, he’s gonna stop his car and order him some noodles AND wait for them right there, and may the devil take the 8 cars behind him.
    It’s one of the rare treats that makes me thankful my wife is far more reasonable than I am and can keep me in the car and out of the news. Ooooooooo but if we were back home…..

  • commander

    Comments that the BMW asked for that trouble and vandals did a god job is a reminder of how much motorists got troubled from the wrongly parked luxury car without a phone number on its windshield.

    But as police said, exasperstion is one thing, taking law into one’s own hands is another.

    If some had made a phone call to the traffic police to say we have problems on the road that needs to be taken care of immediately, luch hassle like this would have been spared.

    • Yes!

      Most Chinese do not have any faith in their police. Much less if it involves a BMW, which owner would most likely turn out to be someone from the rich and well connected class.

      • commander

        That figures, and that may explain why the police, after reported about the BMW destruction from the owner, warned of acts of damaging the car, saying those engaged in the destruction will be held responsible when evidence is found.

        Because the owner may be wealthy and have broad connecions in officialdom.

  • Foreign Devil

    It’s weird they don’t have a big towing business in China. ..You’d make loads and loads of money in it. Every business can clear out all the illegally parked and blocking cars by having them towed. . Pedestrians can call traffic police to have cars blocking sidewalk towed. . The towing retrieval fines would be a huge profit. And we don’t have to resort to smashing up cars.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Now for the grand finale:

    • Wow – What are they worried about? Those cars are shitboxes. That first one looks like it is ready for the Demolition Derby!

      There are so many inconsiderate zombies in the world, I can understand defensive parking measures, but at least do it out of the way (like in the back of the lot and walk) or you will have some schmuck vandalize it.
      BUT, if you are that worried about your car, park in a valet lot or drive a junker like those shown in these photos.

      • hess

        Wait, a prius is considered a “junker” in the states? They aint cheap at all here in Sweden

        • Mighty曹

          No, the first one is a Honda Accord.

          • hess

            I wasnt talking about the first one. “like those shown in these photos” plural

          • Mighty曹

            Oh sorry. I though you were responding to his statement “That first one looks like it is ready for the Demolition Derby!”, which meant it’s a piece of junk.
            I’m curious, how much is the 2014 Avalon Hybrid Limited in Sweden?

          • hess

            I can’t find a single one for sale here actually. But a prius starts at 274400 SEK new, while a BMW 3-series starts at 271000 SEK (in comparison)

          • Mighty曹

            WOW!! That’s over $31k. Well, cars are much cheaper in the US than most parts of the world. Like in Asia, most countries have nearly 100% import tax. I guess I should be happy and not complain about my cars here.

          • I have a Ford Focus Wagon – manual transmission. I paid $13K for it Brand new. I get 28-40MPG depending on how I drive. I have 130K on it. At 30MPG average and $4/gallon, I have spent $17K in gas, a prius would have used $10K in gas.

          • Mighty曹

            If you got the Prius at $30k and have spent $10k in gas the total spent would be $40k. The Focus total is $30k. You’ve basically saved $10k over the same period. That’s a smart buy!

        • If I drove any of those cars, I wouldn’t worry about them in a parking lot. IMO, the Prius is an extremely Ugly car and if you take away the expensive battery/charging system, then it is just a basic econobox. Which is fine, I have one, but I don’t worry about it getting dinged. It’s going to happen in this world now.
          I used to own a couple sports cars and I would park them (in a single space, not parked obnoxiously) far away from the rest of the cars in the lot. Many times, when I would come back to the car, there would be some junk parked next to my car…you just can’t win.

    • Rei Yu Tian

      I guess this just proves that assholes come in all shapes & sizes~

  • Eric Hill

    haha awesome.

  • MonkeyMouth

    my friend had an awesome idea…check it out: get a 1959 Buick Roadmaster, or some other kinda giant car, wrap it in tires and drive around China obeying every traffic law while ignoring cunts who disobey. it would be a game of bumpercars!

  • dgosh343

    Once, I parked in the parking lot on a snowy morning. Couldn’t see the lines. I parked lined up with the cars next to me. When I returned late in the afternoon, the snow was gone and so were all of the cars that I had used to judge where the parking spot was. Yeah, turns out I was taking up 4 spots in a busy lot. Felt like a jackass

  • Dark Night

    Yes, and my comment was in relation to the comments, most of which were for this action.

  • He Who Be Free

    I recall an idiot rear-ending my girlfriend’s Volvo. He did a runner, but she got his plate number.

    Two days later he was eating humble pie. Guess my girlfriend had some decent guanxi..

  • mike921

    ‘law’? China? you must be joking….

  • Fdom

    And this car is parked differently to the other cars in Xian? Some politician won’t be giving his er nai another car!


  • Rotiprata

    Another BMW car. BMW = Barbaric Motor Works. I can afford. But I will buy Audi. Audi drivers have more class.

  • Astral Dansex

    In China their priorities are set by the car you drive, I have seen stupid drivers do worse than just block the way, they deserve to be treated like animals, they show no respect but they demand respect from others, I have also had my share from these idiots, but I have also had my revenge on many, as a foreigner I can get away with it, they won’t challenge me at all.