Parkour Enthusiast Jumps From 40-Meter High Bridge, Dies

Wang Zijian is standing on the bridge.

From QQ:

Sichuan Parkour Enthusiast Jumps off 40-Meter High Tuojiang River Bridge, Disappears

Recently, a post with both pictures and words detailing a deadly game appeared on a Luzhou city of Sichuan province local forum. The post shows: A man jumped off the 40-meter high Tuojiang River Bridge No.1 after a bet with friends, ultimately sinking into the river’s waters and disappearing. On the morning of the 9th, information was obtained from the Luzhou police department, that this diving incident happened on the afternoon of April 6th, an accident when 21-year-old parkour enthusiast Wang Zijian was “conquering” the Tuojiang River. According to the preliminary investigation by Beicheng Police Station, on the afternoon of April 6th, Wang Zijiang and parkour enthusiasts Xiao Zheng (a minor, pseudonyn) and Xiao Jie agreed over the internet to meet for parkour training at the downtown white tower. The three of them walked along Binjiang Road to the area near Tuojiang Bridge No.1. This picture [above] is of Wang Zijian standing on the bridge ready to dive down.

Wang Zijian is diving into the river.

Looking at the expansive Tuojiang River, Wang Zijian excitement suddenly surged, hoping to fulfill a dream he’s had for many years—“conquering” the Tuojiang River. After he handed over his cell phone and other personal belongings to Xiao Zheng, Wang Zijiang climbed over the guardrail of the bridge, and with a whoop dived into the Tuojiang River from a height of roughly 40 meters. This picture is of Wang Zijian diving into the river.

Wang Zijian is struggling in the water.

Multiple witnesses say that after this man dived into the Tuojiang River, he seemed to have been knocked unconscious, showed no obvious movement. Only about 10 seconds later did he begin to move about, but soon slowed, and gradually sank into the river. By the time police and other rescuers were notified and arrived at the scene, the surface of the river showed no traces of him whatsoever. This picture is of Wang Zijian struggling in the water.

Wang Zijian is unconscious.

This incident also triggered heated reactions on the local forum, with one netizen claiming the man jumped into the river because of a wager with his friend, and throughout the man’s diving into the river, that friend was even on the side taking photos with a mobile phone. Some netizens criticized that the onlooking city residents should have stopped the man from diving rather than turning a blind eye to this kind of suicidal act. This picture is of the essentially unconscious Wang Zijian after he dived into the river.

A rescue boat is search for Wang Zijian.

However, according to the police investigation, the friends who were with Wang Zijian didn’t encourage him to dive into the river, and the boy Xiao Zheng is only 14, still a first year middle school student. After the incident had happened, he used Wang Zijian’s cell phone to contact Wang Zijian’s family. A netizen who claims to be Wang Zijian’s good friend also said on a follow-up post that Wang Zijian, nicknamed “The Blade”, studied at Feilong Martial Arts School since he was small, and had the idea of challenging Tuojiang Bridge No.1 last year, hoping to be the first man in Luzhou to accomplish such a feat. This picture is of when the time police and other rescuers were notified and arrived at the scene, the surface of the river showed no traces of him whatsoever.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 为国捐躯:

This is purely nao can, to do this kind of dangerous stunt, without any preparation, without a life jacket, without anyone on the river ready to conduct a rescue! Dived, stopped moving, and the people on the bridge and by the riverside just watching!

腾讯网友 Θ时光鼠王Θ:

When I was in middle school, I jumped from a tree into water, which was probably 6-7 meters high, and even then brother [referring to himself] was a little shaking [nervous]. Then when I entered the water feet first, as a result of not being prepared, I had my legs spread apart by the rush of water and suddenly my JJ was subjected to all sorts of force… If I could feel such a clear impact at 6-7 meters, at 40 meters, falling flat into the water, even if you aren’t knocked unconscious, you’d have bruises all over your body. I forgot which diving event it was, but there was an athlete who entered the water on his back, and after he got out, he had bruises all over his back.

腾讯网友 山哥:

I don’t think he’s brave at all! Even bravery requires wisdom!

腾讯惠州市网友 黄 明:

Parkour! This time he’s gone too far!

腾讯百色市网友 E=Mc□:

There’s a saying that those who zhuang bi will be struck by lightning.

腾讯网友 燕鱼:

Without going through professional training, can one just go ahead and dive? Talk about being ignorant, even athletes only dive from 10-meter platforms!

腾讯网友 じ☆ve璇□烨□:

Diving like this, it’d be a wonder if you don’t die from the impact! With this kind of 2B intelligence, it’s a shame you had learned so many years of martial arts.


It’d be strange if you entered the water horizontally and wasn’t knocked unconscious. Lacking even the most basic common sense.

腾讯大庆市网友 2276126290:

I’m wondering, did his parents crossed his mind at all the moment he decided to jump?

腾讯东莞市网友 相遇是心醉:

Only the winners are the losers!

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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This is my friend’s friend! She even wrote an article yesterday mourning him!


Poor guy, the last image of his life. From the look of it, it was his head or the front of his body that dealt with the impact when he entered the water, and was knocked unconscious. From this height, he probably hit the water at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Professional divers all put their arms together, and break the water’s surface with their hands to lessen the impact. At this height, I bet even they wouldn’t dare recklessly trying such a thing. But what I’m curious about is, if one were to fall in with an upright posture, with both feet hitting the water first, would it cause bone fractures, explosion of the balls, or an anal fissure?


To dive from a 40-meter height, the water depth might be 5 meters or more as a buffer. There are only 2 outcomes to diving down blindly. One is being knocked unconscious by the water’s surface and then drowning. Two is the river not being deep enough, directly hitting the bottom of the river, and then drowning. Both are death.


Some deaths are insignificant, some deaths have a huge impact on the world. What kind of death is this? [可怜]


At least during the few seconds when he was falling, he felt the excitement, and the thrill it brought. Rest in peace. [蜡烛]


There’s something wrong with his head. Jumping down from a height of 40 meters, you think the water surface is is still water? It’ll be like hitting a concrete floor, you’d be crippled even if you were saved.


Impulsiveness is the devil!


It’s so uncommon for my big Luzhou to make the news, and it’s for a shitty thing like this. [黑线]


Parkour, 40 meters high, isn’t this the “Leap of Faith” from Assassin’s Creed?


… Do I light a candle? Or do I say SB? So hard to decide…

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  • Dave

    I fell off my sofa once.

  • Panda Banana

    What a disappointment chinasmack!!!

    Keep the flow real! It should be:

    Parkour enthusiast jumps from 40 meter bridge, survived with all limbs broken, was found by Hunan immigrant workers, which took advantage and raped him. Netizens just stood by and watched in disbelieve…!

    Now that would be something, but a Chinese who overestimat his abilities happens millions of times a day…

    • Eurotrash

      So true about Chinese who overestimate their abilities.

    • Kanny

      Men of other races and nationalities never overestimate their abilities.

    • bert

      You forgot, until a foreigner intervened and was immediately beaten, arrested and put in jail for being nearby.

  • Eurotrash

    Jumping 40 meters into water is possible, but requires training.

  • mr.wiener

    Ah well, a Darwin award to this poor kid, still , I admire his guts if not his judgement.

    A note to “friends” who allow other friends to do this…. If you friend is going to be a reckless fuckknuckle the least you can do is have a few safety precautions ready. A boat, or a guy paddling around in the water waiting to see if he gets into trouble at least…..taking photos of someone’s still body floating face-down and going down stream is not my idea of a friend.

    • Panda Banana

      A boat? Are you sure about that? That’s china after all! The chances are good that he would hit the boat and not the water! We know what would happen afterwards, his relatives would occupy your home demanding an, how they call it,: explanation!!!

    • Reply

      Yeah, I’m going to make sure there’s always a boat nearby whenever I walk around with my friends.

      • PixelPulse

        Except that this was a planned thing and not just walking around.

        • Reply

          Read again: they planned to meet at some tower for Parkour, not to jump off a bridge they just walked over.

  • Panda Banana

    I found this comment very interesting, would like to meet the fella and buy him a drink:

    At least during the few seconds when he was falling, he felt the excitement, and the thrill it brought. Rest in peace

    That was spot on, there is nothing to mourn about or for him to regret…in the few seconds he was falling he experienced more then others in their whole life time…it was a good way to die for him, he died by doing what he loved most….kinda like me, i wish when I have to leave this world, it will either be in a fight or while a nice cute girl lick my balls

    • mr.wiener

      …or in a fight with a nice girl licking your balls I guess.

    • I’ve jumped off a bridge before into a lake. I was sure to pick one where it’s deep enough, and I certainly didn’t dive. I also removed my shoes. Anyway I felt that feeling on the way down and while fun, anyone who’s ever known the carnal pleasures of an at least kind of sort of attractive woman has experienced far more thrill and experience than falling from something into some water.

      Sure, maybe he died doing what he loved most, if what he loved most was head trauma and drowning.

      • Panda Banana

        It’s doubtful that he was expecting a head trauma and that he would have loved that. He did what he had to do, most likely not thinking deep enough about possible negative consequences….that’s BTW what lovers actually do all the time! He died by doing so, nothing wrong with that!

        • No, see, the jumping off the bridge, accomplishing some goal, sensation and thrill of falling…that didn’t kill him. He didn’t die doing that. He died from either the head trauma or drowning.

          • Panda Banana

            Yes, but you said ” if thats what he loved…”, (head trauma…), and i doubt that he expected that to happen.

          • But you said he died doing what he loved. Since he most likely died of head trauma, you would be suggesting he loved severe damage to his head. Which, that might be true if he’s going to attempt a stunt like this.

          • Panda Banana

            good enough, he’s dead anyway. He could have survived with broken limbs and like i said before what if some migrant workers pulled him out of the river to rape him afterwards? or even worse a bunch of drunk foreigners from Danmark?

          • …wat

      • diverdude7

        when we were kids we swam in the bayou all the time… there was a bridge about a mile down from my house we also jumped off quite regularly. I’d say it was about 35′, not sure about meters. jumped feet first, didn’t dive. it was fun,, the impact pretty strong. I heard something one time that at the moment of impact, water is just about like concrete. we used to stand atop this other bridge that was maybe 200′ high, designed for large ships to pass underneath, we all talked of jumping off, but TG, never did. We were maybe 14 – 16 years of age.

        • I’m a terrible judge of distance/height, so I can’t really guess how tall this bridge was, but it was enough that it seriously stung quite a bit if you didn’t go in toe first. We witnessed park rangers ticketing some people jumping off of a ledge into the water just a bit higher…one of the jumpers hit the water on his ass and it tore his swimming trunks. No joke. I only jumped off this bridge once…because, well, it was pretty damn scary haha

          • DavidisDawei

            It definitely took a good deal of courage (or beer consumption) for him to take the leap off that 40M high bridge.

            The longer you stand up there staring down, the higher it starts to look.

        • DavidisDawei

          Yes – you made a wise choice! The Golden Gate is a little more than 200 feet from the road to the water (for those who have walked across).
          They actually set up a camera (and made a short movie) filming the Golden Gate and documented all the jumpers over that time. They said that people usually drown when the water knocks them unconscious; many times, the tide takes them out to see and no one ever knew what happened

      • Jelmer ten Hoeve

        i shood keep my shoes on…and land on it

    • donscarletti

      I first read that as “a nice cute girl kick my balls”.

      I’ve had a cute girl kick my balls before. While it is not generally considered to be lethal, it hurts so much that you’ll wish it was.
      A fatal blow to the crotch I imagine would hurt a lot more, something about testicular fragments ricocheting around the abdominal cavity… nasty.

      • Panda Banana

        Don’t say that, you should google “ball busting”, that’s some serious shit. The guys enjoy each and every kick into the balls. They go down for a moment having a hard time breathing, but right away they are up again asking for more!

        We humans must be the strangest species, and we wonder why UFOs doesn’t just land to say hello:-( ???

        • Eurotrash

          I made a video about guys that like that. Look up Dr. Suzy Block.

      • Was that at the end or beginning of the date? And if at the beginning, did it put a damper on the rest of the night? Postpone the dancing?

    • Foreign Devil

      I experienced that on a rollercoaster ride. . thrill of a lifetime? Please!

    • Anon992

      “it will either be in a fight or while a nice cute girl lick my balls”

  • Bugs Bunny

    so sad! a healthy young boy just died in that several seconds…
    should let kids read some books not just paly kongfu.

    • Panda Banana

      How you know that he was healthy? You just assume he was healthy cause he was still young? He could have been sick, carrying some cancer and shit and planed his death for all we know.

      You and me on the other side ARE young and healthy, not taking your herpes into account of course! There is nothing which speaks against a exciting love affair! The only thing i would require from you is to stop drinking and hanging out with those paki and Arab midgets outside a KFC…other then that, I am all yours baby!

      • Bugs Bunny

        you go die!
        i do not have herpes,go die now!
        stop bullshit about paki or arab,your so fucking mean and totally bullshit.
        guess you think all chinese hang out around KFC, idiot!
        fuck off now!

        • Panda Banana

          Why you chinese always want to kill someone or wish him death? What happened to good old: fuck off??

          • Bugs Bunny

            fuck off!
            do not ever write to me any more, nobody needs this kinda shit, go fuck yourself.

        • BiggJ

          Next on chinasmack…..”Crazy chinese girls kills 2 foriengers she met on website but cramming carrots up their asses and down their throats…..chinese police baffled…autopsy reports say it was suicide.”

      • cc

        Leave her be, she’s mine i tell you.

        • Panda Banana

          ok, you can have her!

        • Bugs Bunny

          you fuck off too!
          or maybe you two should get married, both are old mfkers…
          go die together!

      • Kai

        Dude, you guys, including you @super_bunny:disqus , this e-flirting (the kind where you guys pick on and poke fun of each other hurling obscenities and insults like schoolchildren who think getting any reaction is good enough because it’s some sort of attention) is getting a little out of hand.

        We don’t mind if you guys do it occasionally as regular commenters enjoying an inside joke chatting off-topic to each other, but this seems to be happening consistently on every post, and it’s like dozens of comments in each post.

        Now, this is us giving you guys the benefit of the doubt, because we’re interpreting it as e-flirting instead of interpreting Bugs Bunny’s reactions as this being unwanted harassment. So, guys, please, kindly, refrain from doing this so regularly. Keep it to once every three posts or something.

  • nqk123

    glad i woken up from my stupidity early when i was young. this kid could have been me some years ago.

  • The Enlightened One

    Well then,

    Number one there should have been someone down in the CALM river waters (by the looks of the pictures) to help him if he did get hurt.

    Number two you shouldn’t dive head first into water that CALM from that high because it severely adds to the impact. I heard from some professional divers that if you hit free fall speeds while diving into calm waters, it almost has the same effect as jumping onto cement. So when he dove from a really high height, the other divers would sit at the edge of the pool and hit the water with their hands creating motion.

    This was to lessen the impact and so that he could see where the water was… (he would dive at about the same height at this guy into a small pool).

    Know your science before you do something stupid!

  • cc

    Good job, now we just need the rest of the lemmings to follow suit.

  • Linette lee

    He is a student right. So he must have a computer. Why didn’t he do some research first before he pull this stunt.

    • Panda Banana

      Are you sure he has a PC? Cause based from what i was able to read from you so far, most likely just government officials and raping and murdering company bosses in china can afford computers, the rest of the population is oppressed and don’t have the money to buy themselves something like a computer….please don’t start to contradict yourself after all, that would be a huge disappointment, keep it real! You should say that most likely a gov officials son would have survived cause blablabla….that would be the linette we all know!

      • mr.wiener

        He was a Parkour enthusiast. He must have seen some vids and done some training.

        • linette lee

          He has the bravery. He should use it on something worthy. Like join the gov’t rescue team or maybe firemen. At least make good use of it not do something so stupid like parkour.

          • having a hobby is not stupid. A lot of things can go wrong with hobby that involve physical movement…. even ping pong can appear stupid when dangerous thing happen. Though ping pong does look a little stupid even if dangerous things didnt happen.

          • linette lee

            Table tennis is one of the fastest ball sports in the world. The speed of the ball can reach 100mph coming at you. Good players have fast reflexes.

          • Eurotrash

            LOL! Good one.

          • linette lee

            I don’t see how jumping off a building into water is a sport. More like a stunt. And stunt man they have back up plan in case something goes wrong with the stunt.

          • Panda Banana

            Why you take for granted that he was brave? He jumped off a bridge, the balls it takes to do such thing could have been compensated by stupidity alone, bravery could have but not necessarily did play a part in it. BTW, he would probably make a bad fire fighter, even assuming he WAS brave he would have probably put other people’s lives unnessaraily in danger anyway cause of the intelligence missing which is a pre requirement for anyone to achieve certain positive results executing their jobs on a daily basis….on the other side, Chinese police or fire fighter? Yes!! He would qualify for that…

          • linette lee

            No matter how stupid is the person, takes lots of gut to jump off a building. Fear is a natural instinct.

        • Panda Banana

          No, THEY say he was an enthusiast, that doesn’t make him necessarily an enthusiast. In addition it says nothing about his actual skills….there are poor performing enthusiasts in all genres….however he died while doing what he loved to do, it’s a much better death then what is waiting for most of us when our time has come one day…i for one applaud him!

      • linette lee

        hhahahah…. lol You are retarded. ;)

  • NutellaFlavoredMandingoWarrior

    HARDCORE PARKOUR!!11!1!!1!

    • slob

      For some reason when I first saw the article I thought it read “Planking” and lol’d my ass off. I read the story and still laughed my ass off anyway.

  • Alex

    Been in one of the first “Paoku” groups ever in Beijing. The retard things they do is incredible, sometimes.

    I’m amazed there are not many more accidents.

    • Your comment lacks examples. Elaborate so that we may judge for ourselves.

      • Alex

        Well most people just watch while only one or at most two train.

        But then, when it’s moment to zhuangbi they do freaking dangerous shit without having practiced.

        The typical one is jumping between 2 buildings. If they fell down they’d fall about 7 stories.

        A few have been almost about to fall.

        Other things include jumping from whatever place to a road where there are cars, doing shit in unstable places that could break and fall into the inside of a building, and blabla.

        All to be “niubi” in front of the gang.

        • Thanks for that. So what you’re saying that like most other Chinese activities, many people watch the few people that participate and that the facilities/equipment they use is of typical Chinese quality.

          Pics, dude.

  • moldavidian

    what does parkour have to do with jumping into a river head first with shoes on? This just seems idiotic. Never jump into a river head first wearing shoes.

  • slob

    From the first picture it looks like he’s going for a bellyflop. Epic parkour noob.

  • Note it says “parkour enthusiast” and not “parkour expert”.

  • wafflestomp

    Parkour in itself is idiotic.

    • Kai

      Really? I think it’s kinda cool. I always saw it as free-form gymnastics of a sort.

  • The Enlightened One

    What a minute!

    In the second picture, there is a friend of his taking a picture RIGHT beside the water banks. Why didn’t he swim out and save his buddy?

    He didn’t even try?

    I didn’t notice before because he blends in.

    By the way, on another note. I recently took a trip to the Philippines and whenever we went island hopping ALL the ASIANS tourists in the area wore a life jacket including Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos EVEN (except the sailors). Yet, all the white people swam without them.

    It was kind of strange to see… I knew most Chinese had trouble swimming but I guess it wasn’t just restricted to Chinese. I think most Europeans and North Americans have swimming classes in school and this accounts for it.

  • BiggJ

    Is this even parkour? I thought parkour was like jumping over shit and getting around a city using fucked up spins and flips…..This is just a retard jumping off a bridge. Any fool can do that. Point and case…this guy. And 40m is along way down…that would be like hitting pavement if you don’t do it right. You do a belly flop from 1m and it hurts like a bitch…if he never hit the water just right….game fucking over.

    • Rick in China

      Exactly, it’s not parkour – it’s a stunt…but NOT parkour. I just posted my comment the same time as you posted this or I’da used it as a reply rather than new one..

      • BiggJ

        Yeah, anything could go into the title and it would make just as much sense. “Farmer jumps off 40m high bridge, dies.” “Office worker jumps off 40m high bridge, dies….anything….The title should be” Fucking retard jumps off 40m high bridge without any help in case something went wrong…dies…go”

    • Whether or not this is parkour (okay, it isn’t), the article states this several times. Furthermore, this same article contradicts itself by first saying that his friends dared him to do it, and then states the the police emphatically state that the friends in no way dared him to do it.

      Peter B didn’t put in the pics of the many slackjawed bystanders. One was carrying a toddler.

      • Panda Banana

        the water is wet, sky is blue, women have secrets, a dog licks his own genitals, china is contradicting…

      • Rick in China

        They state about the ‘dare’ and shit like it means something. I guess in China family would fight for responsibility on whomever made the dare – which is a f’in joke. right?

        I mean, lets say someone makes me angry, I tell him to go fuck himself. He tries to actually fuck himself, and kills himself in the process. In China, I guess the family could sue me for telling him to go fuck himself? Crazy.

        • The dare (both contrasting times it was mentioned) appears to be significant because it tries to explain why he did it.

          As for culpability, look at any other story – not long ago a son blamed a toll station who was only following rules because his dad died from lighting a plastic fire inside a enclosed space.

          • Rick in China

            I know – that’s my point.. responsibility gets shifted so recklessly people should be afraid to follow laws or regulations – follow them and you may just end up being responsible for manslaughter without knowing it!

        • bert

          I believe an Australian man was jailed in Dalian for this mans death.

      • Kai

        I wouldn’t say it’s contradictions, just the way the captions were handled. One story is that it was a bet. Another is that it wasn’t. The sources he used didn’t have pictures of slackjawed bystanders.

        • Here’s a source that has more pictures of the incident (even more at original source) including slackjawed bystanders:

          • Kai

            Thanks for the link.

            I like the photo of the massive splash.

          • You are welcome.

            The “splash” is obviously the “parkour” part of this story.

            (spelled “sploosh” in its native francais – or rather, “la sploosh”.)

          • Panda Banana

            still don’t get why all sources report that the height was 40m….its pretty obvious that its far less then 20. Or the buildings flats in the background are each 10 meter in height which i doubt very much…

            I think the reporters knew that too, and someone who jumps from 15 meter into the water and dies is such a bad story, so lets make 40 out if it to give his death at least some dignity. We jumped as kids from 10 meter tower in public swimming pools, even it hurts sometimes a bit, i never heard that anyone died from that. 5 meters more wouldn’t make much of a difference except he did fall belly flat on the water, which i also doubt he did. I think he most likely died from a heart attack or something…

          • Inferencing from your logic:

            “Chinese Hero Dives from 400 Meter High Bridge, Into Hearts of those that Would Cherish His Contribution to the Motherland”

          • Panda Banana

            awesome, sounds good to me! you could make a nice career in the propaganda department.

        • bert

          Great rebutt auntie Kai :)

    • Sean Cauffiel

      I just want to say that I really like your pic, BiggJ.

  • Rick in China

    Jumping off a bridge is to Parkour what Chinasmack comments are to intelligent debate. :D

    • KamJos

      Lol, I was reading this thinking, “Sooo… where does the parkour come in?”

      • The parkour comes into play when trying to find a logical reason for why he did it by running away from the truth – the angular, multi-faceted, multi-storied truth.

      • Kai

        You get the feeling there’s some sort of correlation involves causation being suggested, like when news articles say “avid video gamer goes on rampage” or “six shot in Compton” or “football hooligan involved in bar fight”.

        I’m guessing the circumstances of this kid hanging out with these two other kids who were also parkour enthusiasts and who had met up for “parkour training” ended up defining for the reporter why this kid was inclined to do such a dangerous stunt.

    • filabusta


    • The Enlightened One

      Lol… kinda burying yourself too with that one, aren’t you?

  • al in China

    Idiot! Never learned any thing at school!

    • BiggJ

      lol. They usually don’t have to teach you not to jump of a bridge. This guys chinese…his math skills should been able to come up with a formula that showed this was not really high success rate. lol

  • This isn’t actually parkour related at all. If he’s a parkour enthusiast he should be jumping from rooftop to rooftop or scaling up fire escapes and shit. That’s what parkour is. This is like BASE jumping from a really low level with no parachute.

    • the ace of books

      This, basically. This is just daredevilism. 玩儿命, indeed.

  • the ace of books

    So – let’s say this guy was 70 kg. (Looks like about that.) If the bridge was 40 meters, stick in the appropriate numbers to this convertor and you come out with 274400 Newtons of force. Convert that here and you come out with 61687.57419819192 pounds of force. Now, I know a lot of variables come into play here, such as weight, air resistance, the fact he’s jumping into water instead of a solid object, etc. Nevertheless, it can accurately be said: that is a lot of force.

    (61687.57419819192 pounds = 30.84 Metric Fucktons.)

    …or you could just read about the trauma caused by impact. Here’s a short post on it. Note the sentence: “The median height leading to death is about 49 feet, or about 4 to 5 storeys. 100% of victims die after falling 85 feet, or about 8 storeys.”

    40 meters = 120 feet.

    QED: really, kid? Really?

    • Alphy

      Nice calculations, but one thing you have to take in account is the point of impact. If the decerleration is gentle enough, one could survive a 120feet fall, though it totally depends on the medium. Water does have different density than air, so there will be an impact during that change of medium and its not a small one. There are videos of people jumping as high as 170 feet into water (I think the highest is from Dana Kunze), so it is possible, but it REALLY depends on how you hit the water. If you land feet first, I would think that’s the most survivable situation and could probably get close to height of around 200′ without dying (NOT RECOMMENDING anything here btw).

      For sure if you dive at over 100 feet, you will get hurt no matter how you jump. Next time you see people in movie surivived after jumping something like a Golden Gate bridge, remember to call it BS.

      • 1010

        This is true, there are recorded cases of suicide jumps from the Golden Gate Bridge failing (~220 ft jump) and when interviewed one of the survivors said he impacted the water feet first (interesting note was that this was his decision as he had changed his mind about the suicide mid-jump).

      • Kai

        Then you have Robert Langdon.

  • Chris McKenna

    Only the good die young. I wish I met more people like this when I was in China.

    • [email protected]

      you wish you had met more young foolhardy and stupid people in China? quick, go back to China, because there are literally millions of others whom you can meet right now. clue – they ride scooters.

  • BiggJ


  • Panda Banana

    hmmmm, 40 meters, really ??? when i look at the first picture with the 4 story building in the background its obvious that the height he jumps of is equal to the rooftop of the building behind. Lets say 1 floor is around 3 meter in height, or fuck it make it even 3,50 which is not. That would make the level he jumps from LESS then 15 meter! However add another 2-5 meter from the edge to the water level, like it can be seen in the last pic looking at the other side of the river. Its still less then 20 meter!

    So i think most likely the water wasn’t deep enough like it appears when we look at the last pic. When we were small we jumped regulary from the 10meter tower in our public swimming pool doing all kind of strange dives, even some head forward with hands on the back, sometimes you fall on your side or back, and it hurts yes, but that someone can actually die from that. Of course wouln’t try that from 20 meter, thats a whole new story….but i call the 40 meter bullshit!

    • Jelmer ten Hoeve

      the guy on the background is way to big when hu jumps on 40m he is just a dot. and someone wrote he hit the water with 40 km/h …40 you will survive, 60…oke getting hard, 110 is deadly. (freefall is like 220 km/h)

  • Foreign Devil

    Youtube has tons of videos of regular boys and girls jumping off cliffs into the water. . but this guy didn’t know the basics I guess. . .or never checked the water depth. . Not that you can see anything in that sludge.

  • MrT

    Well you live and learn, oh wait…

  • Alphy

    I didn’t know what Parkour was, so I googled it. How is this guy a Parkour Enthusiast by jumping off a bridge again?

    I’ve seen people jump off cliffs with deep water underneath. Even then, they experienced bruses from the impact. This guy probably landed flat onto the water, which is like getting hit by a moving car. At 40mph that’s pretty deadly if it is hit at a soft spot.

    • [email protected]

      “How is this guy a Parkour Enthusiast by jumping off a bridge again”
      He isn’t. This is nothing like Parkour. Parkour is also called free running.
      This isn’t free running. This is jumping off a bridge and drowning.

  • fsck

    Darwin Awards anybody?

  • Irvin

    these fucking kids should watch more mythbusters, or do more physics and math.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The newest Fail Blog entry.

  • Swagger bro

    Lol big jump more he = died

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    You would think this sort of thing would spark at least a tiny voice saying ‘this seems a bit stupid’…

  • Alex L

    Some people criticized the onlookers for not helping. Sure this happens in China (and other places too) a lot but if someone jumped off a bridge and died how can you blame them for not following? The guys family and the police were notified anyway…

    • mr.wiener

      If my friend told me he was going to jump off a bridge I’d try to talk him out of it. If he was still set on the idea I’d be waiting on the bank with something inflatable, or waiting in the water wearing a life jacket…..or doing anything other than standing on the f*cking bridge taking photos of it.
      I don’t blame anyone except the foolish young man ,but I know what I’d be doing if it was my friend.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        If he considers you his friend, he would not do the jump after you tell him how dangerous it was. But he did it anyways, so he’s not your friend.

      • Alex L

        Unfortunately, that guy’s friend was not as safety-minded as you. I don’t mean it sarcastically. From the article info, the guy was hell bent on jumping and having his big moment. Shunning safety/common sense in the excitement of the moment isn’t a new thing. Whether his friend tried to stop him or offer help or not, we will never know right? He jumped, he died. End of story.

      • linette lee

        If my boyfriend tells me he wants to jump off the bridge I will ask him if he has a will and make sure he puts me as the beneficiary. hahahaha….lol.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          If being your bf is so god damn easy… I do not want to be your bf.

          Nah, just joking Linette.

          • linette lee

            All men need to have a will and put us women as beneficiary.

            We are worth it. ;)

          • Paul Schoe

            yes Linette, i am sure you are. But I wonder what the value is of our life, once we have put you in as our beneficiary?

      • linette lee

        Just kidding. If my boyfriend wants to jump down the bridge I will be very mad and threaten to break up with him before he break his neck down the water. Don’t be stupid now.


          Well if I were your boyfriend I’d definitely jump off the bridge . . .

          Nah, just joking Linette.

          • linette lee

            hahaha….you are so crazy. ;)

            If you were my boyfriend, you’ll need to jump of taipei 101 building. lol.


        These were young kids who were supposedly his “friends”. I’d bet they were ignorant enough to think that he wouldn’t really die or get hurt if he jumped since he was landing in water, not solid ground. What they probably didn’t think of is that hitting water at that height is almost like hitting solid ground. Just speculating on their mindset but I can’t really say anything bad about their actions. At your age I’m sure you try to talk your friend out of it, but when you were say 18 years old would you have done the same instead of just taking a picture?

        • mr.wiener

          We did some mind blowingly stupid things on the farm when I was a kid, with paddock bombs, firearms and home made explosives, but there was always a plan B. Like the time my brother wanted to jump from one shed roof to another and we piled hay bales beneath the gap. What I mean is we still did the stupid stuff, but we tried to make it as safe as we could.

  • So sad. His picture floating in a river shouldn’t be posted online.

    • Paul Schoe

      initially I agreed with you (show some decency to the deceased). But showing that picture is also a good warning for other people. Many people in China are not familiar with the risks of “outdoor activities”.

  • Sean Cauffiel

    Did he think he wouldn’t die?

  • Pingback: Daredevil Dies in China After Drowning in Diving Stunt | HEAVY()


    Part of me says that it’s good this dumbass died, we have too many idiots on this planet as it is. Another, more caring part of me says that it’s a sad story of youth, ignorance and stupidty. After all he was only 21, think back to when you were 21, didn’t you do some stupid things? Also he didn’t put anyone else in danger. Feel bad for the family though.

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    Why is this Kai guy such a neutered chink American fgt?

  • jeffli

    no no I think this is great. NEXT!,
    This is what Darwin was talking about.
    Intelligent people wont dive into a river not knowing the depth of if there are submersed obstacles.
    “Next! Can I help lil bro? I can give you a push if you like? ………..not at all, not at all…no I’m not a LeiFeng …just doing my job…..SPLASH!”

  • This story reminds me of all those moments my father shared his hypothetical question: If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you?! I considered it many times. Glad to see a result of an example…

  • vincent

    He should have learnt how to dive first, if he hit the water flat that would have probably knocked the wind out of him which is why he was only able to struggle for a short while.

  • bert

    Parkour?! Those damn foreigners! Damn them! Damn Them!

  • Jerome

    Wonder if teachers use the old, “If someone told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?” rebuttal over here.

  • fairy tale

    How can anyone fail to notice the risk and consider it???

  • Amanda Shaw

    Assassin’s Creed fail.

  • asfd

    people are stupid. water doesn’t soften the blow of a fall. it has surface tension. falling from that high is like falling on concrete. his body probably broke when he landed in the water. usually people break their arms/legs when they fall into water from that height, which is why they can’t swim and end up drowning.

  • Kensi PHR

    This is not parkour. True traceurs do not jump off rivers.

  • Slenth

    Soooo Did not occur to anyone to try to swim out and save him?

  • Conquering dead? (
    – K&J Fashion)

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