Parkour Enthusiast Jumps From 40-Meter High Bridge, Dies

Wang Zijian is diving into the river.

Wang Zijian is standing on the bridge.

From QQ:

Sichuan Parkour Enthusiast Jumps off 40-Meter High Tuojiang River Bridge, Disappears

Recently, a post with both pictures and words detailing a deadly game appeared on a Luzhou city of Sichuan province local forum. The post shows: A man jumped off the 40-meter high Tuojiang River Bridge No.1 after a bet with friends, ultimately sinking into the river’s waters and disappearing. On the morning of the 9th, information was obtained from the Luzhou police department, that this diving incident happened on the afternoon of April 6th, an accident when 21-year-old parkour enthusiast Wang Zijian was “conquering” the Tuojiang River. According to the preliminary investigation by Beicheng Police Station, on the afternoon of April 6th, Wang Zijiang and parkour enthusiasts Xiao Zheng (a minor, pseudonyn) and Xiao Jie agreed over the internet to meet for parkour training at the downtown white tower. The three of them walked along Binjiang Road to the area near Tuojiang Bridge No.1. This picture [above] is of Wang Zijian standing on the bridge ready to dive down.

Wang Zijian is diving into the river.

Looking at the expansive Tuojiang River, Wang Zijian excitement suddenly surged, hoping to fulfill a dream he’s had for many years—“conquering” the Tuojiang River. After he handed over his cell phone and other personal belongings to Xiao Zheng, Wang Zijiang climbed over the guardrail of the bridge, and with a whoop dived into the Tuojiang River from a height of roughly 40 meters. This picture is of Wang Zijian diving into the river.

Wang Zijian is struggling in the water.

Multiple witnesses say that after this man dived into the Tuojiang River, he seemed to have been knocked unconscious, showed no obvious movement. Only about 10 seconds later did he begin to move about, but soon slowed, and gradually sank into the river. By the time police and other rescuers were notified and arrived at the scene, the surface of the river showed no traces of him whatsoever. This picture is of Wang Zijian struggling in the water.

Wang Zijian is unconscious.

This incident also triggered heated reactions on the local forum, with one netizen claiming the man jumped into the river because of a wager with his friend, and throughout the man’s diving into the river, that friend was even on the side taking photos with a mobile phone. Some netizens criticized that the onlooking city residents should have stopped the man from diving rather than turning a blind eye to this kind of suicidal act. This picture is of the essentially unconscious Wang Zijian after he dived into the river.

A rescue boat is search for Wang Zijian.

However, according to the police investigation, the friends who were with Wang Zijian didn’t encourage him to dive into the river, and the boy Xiao Zheng is only 14, still a first year middle school student. After the incident had happened, he used Wang Zijian’s cell phone to contact Wang Zijian’s family. A netizen who claims to be Wang Zijian’s good friend also said on a follow-up post that Wang Zijian, nicknamed “The Blade”, studied at Feilong Martial Arts School since he was small, and had the idea of challenging Tuojiang Bridge No.1 last year, hoping to be the first man in Luzhou to accomplish such a feat. This picture is of when the time police and other rescuers were notified and arrived at the scene, the surface of the river showed no traces of him whatsoever.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 为国捐躯:

This is purely nao can, to do this kind of dangerous stunt, without any preparation, without a life jacket, without anyone on the river ready to conduct a rescue! Dived, stopped moving, and the people on the bridge and by the riverside just watching!

腾讯网友 Θ时光鼠王Θ:

When I was in middle school, I jumped from a tree into water, which was probably 6-7 meters high, and even then brother [referring to himself] was a little shaking [nervous]. Then when I entered the water feet first, as a result of not being prepared, I had my legs spread apart by the rush of water and suddenly my JJ was subjected to all sorts of force… If I could feel such a clear impact at 6-7 meters, at 40 meters, falling flat into the water, even if you aren’t knocked unconscious, you’d have bruises all over your body. I forgot which diving event it was, but there was an athlete who entered the water on his back, and after he got out, he had bruises all over his back.

腾讯网友 山哥:

I don’t think he’s brave at all! Even bravery requires wisdom!

腾讯惠州市网友 黄 明:

Parkour! This time he’s gone too far!

腾讯百色市网友 E=Mc□:

There’s a saying that those who zhuang bi will be struck by lightning.

腾讯网友 燕鱼:

Without going through professional training, can one just go ahead and dive? Talk about being ignorant, even athletes only dive from 10-meter platforms!

腾讯网友 じ☆ve璇□烨□:

Diving like this, it’d be a wonder if you don’t die from the impact! With this kind of 2B intelligence, it’s a shame you had learned so many years of martial arts.


It’d be strange if you entered the water horizontally and wasn’t knocked unconscious. Lacking even the most basic common sense.

腾讯大庆市网友 2276126290:

I’m wondering, did his parents crossed his mind at all the moment he decided to jump?

腾讯东莞市网友 相遇是心醉:

Only the winners are the losers!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


This is my friend’s friend! She even wrote an article yesterday mourning him!


Poor guy, the last image of his life. From the look of it, it was his head or the front of his body that dealt with the impact when he entered the water, and was knocked unconscious. From this height, he probably hit the water at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Professional divers all put their arms together, and break the water’s surface with their hands to lessen the impact. At this height, I bet even they wouldn’t dare recklessly trying such a thing. But what I’m curious about is, if one were to fall in with an upright posture, with both feet hitting the water first, would it cause bone fractures, explosion of the balls, or an anal fissure?


To dive from a 40-meter height, the water depth might be 5 meters or more as a buffer. There are only 2 outcomes to diving down blindly. One is being knocked unconscious by the water’s surface and then drowning. Two is the river not being deep enough, directly hitting the bottom of the river, and then drowning. Both are death.


Some deaths are insignificant, some deaths have a huge impact on the world. What kind of death is this? [可怜]


At least during the few seconds when he was falling, he felt the excitement, and the thrill it brought. Rest in peace. [蜡烛]


There’s something wrong with his head. Jumping down from a height of 40 meters, you think the water surface is is still water? It’ll be like hitting a concrete floor, you’d be crippled even if you were saved.


Impulsiveness is the devil!


It’s so uncommon for my big Luzhou to make the news, and it’s for a shitty thing like this. [黑线]


Parkour, 40 meters high, isn’t this the “Leap of Faith” from Assassin’s Creed?


… Do I light a candle? Or do I say SB? So hard to decide…


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