Passengers Increasingly Fleeced by Guangzhou Taxi Drivers

Passengers Increasingly Fleeced by Guangzhou Taxi Drivers
Guangzhou residents have expressed their dismay at the rampant fleecing and rejection of passengers by local taxi drivers, saying that it’s giving a bad impression of the place to tourists. Most drivers refuse to turn on their meters, preferring to charge set fees which net them more cash. However, what once amounted to a 10 RMB surcharge has recently become a fee at least double that of the would-be meter price. A Xinkuaibao journalist also reported a taxi giving her a fake 50 RMB note in change. One netizen said that taxi drivers who continued in this way would quickly be rejected by society.

Source: Netease

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  • DC

    yep GZ cabbies are skum. they’ll hang out at crazy busy locations but refuse to take a metered ride. They’ll only take negotiated rides at 3-4 times metered fares for the same distance,

  • Necrogodomega

    Yep, it’s not just GZ either. It’s a growing trend all over China.

    Also, that netizen is wrong in thinking that the drivers would be rejected by society, instead people will just accept it as another corrupt thing in China and just continue on like nothing happened. Like every food safety problem that ever gets to the news.

  • Foreign Devil

    I thought Uber and Uber like services were taking off in CHina. . why deal with taxis . . just get an Uber type ride.

    • Chaz

      Nah…Uber is a nefarious “outside meddler” in the great nation of Zhong Guo. Gotta shut down them furriners!

  • Chaz

    Enforcement? In China? More like plain clothes officer gets in the cab…gets over charged…flashes his ID and demands 500 kuai from the driver in order to NOT be arrested!