Passersby Leave Woman To Die For Fear of Messing Up CPR

Passersby Leave Woman To Die For Fear of Messing Up CPR
A woman with heart disease who passed out by a bus stop during a rainstorm in Guangzhou was effectively left to die by passersby for fear of causing further harm by using improper resuscitation techniques. A crowd of people were happy to put up their umbrellas for the woman and call an ambulance but nothing more. Medical staff said that the woman had already lost her vital signs for about 20 minutes when they got to her, and that prior chest compression could possibly have saved her. Many netizens blamed Nanjing judges for previously making a good Samaritan pay compensation to a fallen old woman.

Source: Netease

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  • Truth8h3

    Cowardly behavior seen time and time again. Who cares about the stupid law. Morals are more important you cowards!

    • KamikaziPilot

      Who cares about the stupid law? The people subject to these so called “stupid laws” of course. I’m sure there were some people who wanted to help but were scared that the person might come back and sue them, a reasonable fear in China from the stories I’ve heard. To try to help would be taking a calculated risk, a risk some might not be willing to take to help a total stranger. If anything blame the judges who awarded monetary damages in the past. Don’t break your neck when you fall off your high horse.

      • Truth8h3

        So you care more about your own skin than doing what’s right. No wonder nothing’s changed. It should be natural instinct to want to help someone in need of help!
        You’re not thinking about the risks, you’re thinking of what need be done! It has nothing to do with being on a high horse. It has to do with doing what’s right NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES.

        If someone lies and tries getting someone in trouble, then they should go to jail! The crooked law should also be in jail!

        • KamikaziPilot

          I care more about myself than some random stranger, that’s for sure. I think almost everyone in the world does. Of course it’s natural instinct to help but you do have to think of the consequences. When you say “NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES” I can tell you either live in some fantasy world or you’re terribly naive. So if someone is robbing someone else on the street should you try to stop it even if it means you’ll most likely be shot and paralyzed for the rest of your life? You’re last paragraph I agree with but that often doesn’t happen from what I’ve heard. Why do you think people are afraid to help?

  • vonskippy

    Why do the Chinese people put up with such stupid laws that make their fellow citizens to afraid to help?

    • guest

      The same reason why I put up with my countries stupid laws, I don’t want it to go deeper into chaos.

      If only I had the money…..

  • Foreign Devil

    One bad judgment or infamous case amongst millions. . they are just looking for an excuse to not get involved.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      It is not just ‘one case’, there are hundreds of cases where ‘good smaritans’ ended up paying dearly for just trying to help.

  • WghUk

    If you have a life threatening illness do not wander around alone in China.

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