Paternity Test Results In 21st Floor Suicide Attempt

Paternity Test Results In 21st Floor Suicide Attempt

Paternity Test Results In 21st Floor Suicide AttemptA man in Zhengzhou tied his 3 or 4 year old child to him by the waist and tried to jump off the 21st floor of a building. The child managed to hold on to the window frame and prevent them from falling. The child needed a paternity test to start school, by which the father found out that the child was not his own. He asked for compensation from his ex-wife, but she didn’t agree to his terms, so he decided to kill himself and the child together. Netizens feel sympathy for the man because of his cheating wife, some say that the child is innocent and that he should jump with his ex-wife instead.


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  • LostLaowai

    The kid has nothing to do with it.

  • KamikaziPilot

    A 3 or 4 year old child would not prevent a fully grown man from jumping out the window if he really wanted to. I suspect the man decided not to jump, not that the child prevented him from doing so. Of course the child is innocent. I get the reasoning behind trying to kill the child too, which is to hurt his wife, but there’s no way you can justify it.

  • Needed a paternity test to start school? What what what?

    • LostLaowai

      It’s typical. Just like you need a “life certificate” to prove you are still alive.

      • guest

        Somehow, I think there a mistranslation/misunderstanding of what a “life certificate” is. Its used in conjugation with other forms of ID to prove that the person in question is still alive (it not uncommon for people to use dead people names and stuff for ID fraud). Its much like a birth certificate is used as a secondary proof of ID. China isn’t the only other country to have used them.

        Can I see your birth certificate, I am standing in front of you so I must of been born!

        As for the paternity test, I am sure there’s something missing from the story but it wouldn’t be too far fetch that someone can say that its my child when its not to get them into a good school if a good enough bribe was applied, or even for the fact of lost the birth certificate etc etc

  • Foreign Devil

    netizens: “well his wife cheated on him so it is OK to murder an innocent child”.

  • Muhammad Nabil

    Zhengzhou(Henan),you never fail to suprise me.