Patient Leaves Will Asking 300,000 RMB from the Hospital

Patient Leaves Will Asking 300,000 RMB from the Hospital

A patient’s will has been found after an operation. He asked that, in the event the surgery was botched and he died, his body mustn’t leave the hospital until the hospital had paid at least 300,000 RMB. 30,000 RMB was to be given to his wife, regardless of whether the payment from the hospital has arrived. What’s left should be divided evenly between his son and daughter. The funeral shouldn’t have performances or a band, it mustn’t be longer than 5 days or more than 30,000 RMB. The operation in question was actually a success and the patient survived.

Source: Tencent

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  • 250

    I don’t get it….it’s a story about a guy’s hypothetical demands if he dies and he didn’t die. Is that a story?
    I would like ChinaSmack to pay me 300,000 RMB if I die trying to figure out what the point of this story is.

    • Hlynb93

      I guess it would be much more interesting with comments

      • Jahar

        I don’t see how anything about this could be more interesting.

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