Patriotic Youth Celebrate National Day With Crazy Haircuts

The title of this video on Youku is “Hair stylist once again creates shocking ‘Great Hall of the People’ National Day hair to celebrate National Day”:

Here are some photos of the Great Hall of the People to compare:



Comments from Youku:


This is what personality/individuality is called, the most niu in the whole world, even more impressive than foreigners!


Too disgusting.


Frankly, this is basically an advertisement.


Special hairstyle for mental retards. Cutting this hairstyle, one could film Journey to the West. 汗


Times are changing, and hair salons are also using uniforms to entice [customers].


This kind of hairstyle is similar to those Brazilian football fans.

There is no disgusting, only deep love!

Here is another video of a haircut that features Tiananmen Square:


These haircuts are...

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Cool. Ghetto fabulous.

  • C&N

    it even ventilates! perfect for summer.

  • Very Kid N Play. I’m glad to see at least that China is past the Grandmaster Flash era, what with not wanting to be pushed around and being so close to the edge and all.

  • Wow, that’s so 80’s.


    Sixty years of Bolshevist tyranny, what better reason to celebrate than with a funky haircut?

    Seriously though I’d stand on this guy’s arms and piss in his mouth if I could


      I meant “better way” to celebrate I’m not stupid I speak very good English

      • C&N

        you’re a retard whether you decide to correct your english or not. as for pissing in guys’ mouths, i assume it’s a fetish thing?

        • Wan

          Korean Gatorade. High in electrolytes.

        • Fike2308

          @ C&N – Haha and gaad! are throwing a dick-sucking party in your honor….be sure to rsvp.

          • C&N

            sure. do i just sign up with your mom?

  • Kage Musha

    You got a complex?

  • pho king4

    You think it’s possible to get a haircut that depicts tanks crushing students?

    • Fike2308

      Or a haircut of the haircut you just described being censored and repressed?

  • Alikese

    “…the most niu in the whole world, even more impressive than foreigners!”

    Inferiority complex, in a Chinese person? I don’t believe it.

    As for the poll:

    “These haircuts are…

    * Really stupid
    * Simply for fun”

    I’ll go with: a little bit of column A, and a little bit of column B.

  • lostinsz

    Forget the hair statements, even if this guy would be a perfect candidate to form a Chinese version of Duran Duran…….

    Post-Games we got the Sanlu milk thingy. Anyone want to guess what type of let-down will follow the National Day chest thumping. Big choice of social issues which concern the average person in the PRC. Okay all you sino-experts, here is an opportunity to display your wisdom and insight. I vote for a power struggle over succession in Beijing, widespread rural riots or a rumour driven run on the banks.

    • Anders

      Sanlu wasn’t a “post”-Games thing. It was pre-Games and during-Games, but the story was suppressed. I wonder how many babies died because the government wanted the Olympics to proceed without scandal?

  • FYIADragoon

    Wow, now if only the Chinese could actually do GOOD LOOKING haircuts. Seriously there isn’t a barber in China who can listen to what you actually want and do it. They lack creativity, they always have to have a picture to copy or a #_ as the idea. At least they can make ugly haircuts well.

    • Fike2308

      I feel the same way…Chinese people know how to cook very well but when it comes to fashion, be it clothing or haircuts, they are totally clueless.

      • Anders

        And they don’t even realise they look like teen gay-bait.

        • Somethin Somethin

          Yeah they either wanna look like Michael Jackson or look like what Michael Jackson liked.

  • Proud chink

    Haters can not be pleased. A good chinese is dead chinese in their eyes no matther what. The final solution is conquering the whole world and geneocide all chink haters. Let us start from pusan which is close.

    • Wan

      I suggest killing all trolls first. You first.

      • Fike2308

        Yeah, the trolls have got to go.

    • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

      Can’t conquer the world if you are Chinese because there is no one to copy except America in that who will JAP slap you back to 1949. Im back bitches!!!

  • tk 4 lyfe

    in that screen capture of the first video, even the barber is saying “fuck yo haircut!”

  • specter

    lol who the hell would walk around with that haircut?

  • the great yellow master race

    COOOOOOOOLL!!! i will it too! i hope my coiffeur can make it. on my head(flag), on my back(the great wall), on my legs(red dragon and tiger) and around my penis too(Maos face)….


    • Anders

      Mao pubes. Great stuff.

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  • hoklodude

    Its quite pompous to have great soviet style parades to show off about progress and development.

    Its another thing to have margaret thatcher’s haircut. This guy is going to get beaten up in the shopping mall man. lol.