Peking University Library “Male God” Goes Viral

A young Chinese man goes viral on the Chinese internet when photos of him studying at Peking University's library are posted online

A young Chinese man goes viral on the Chinese internet when photos of him studying at Peking University's library are posted online

From People’s Daily Online:

Peking University Library Male God Goes Viral, Netizens Scream “Date Me”

In the last few days, pictures of Wei Xiaolong from Binhai district in Yancheng have gone viral. He’s been dubbed “the [male] god of Peking University”, with some female netizens directly saying things like “I’m going to the library, don’t try and stop me” and “be my boyfriend!” Reporters learned that the pictures of Wei Xiaolong were secretly taken by someone while he was studying in the Peking University library, and he wasn’t even aware they had been posted online. Currently, Wei Xiaolong is preparing for his final exams, and his family hopes he won’t be disturbed by the attention.

A young Chinese man goes viral on the Chinese internet when photos of him studying at Peking University's library are posted online

Online sensation “Peking University God” was a top student in Yancheng

“Somebody took a picture of a handsome guy studying in the Peking University library and posted it online, where it immediately went viral. According to information provided by netizens, he is Wei Xiaolong from Binhai, the top scorer on the Gaokao College Entrance Examination in Class 13 of Binhai Experimental High School.” Yesterday, a post titled “Binhai High School Class of ’13 College Entrance Examination Top Scorer Becomes Internet Sensation” was forwarded across popular forums and microblogs. The accompanying pictures of the unusually handsome boy caused an uproar online.

In the pictures, this Modern Express reporter saw a young man wearing a white shirt sitting at the edge of a table, with white headphones in his ears and a peaceful look on his face, completely absorbed by the work on his laptop. The beautiful scenery in the background adds even more allure to his charm. But, because the picture was taken from the side, there’s no way to see his face.

“Peking University Library god”, “I’m buying a plane ticket to Beijing, don’t try to stop me!”, “I’m gonna go to the library every day” are just some of the things being said about him by netizens. This reporter noticed that the post being shared in forums wasn’t the original post, and after searching found a post by Weibo user “Chi Binglun” written on 2014 December 26 saying, “Finals season, and this Peking University Information Technology major god is so hot it’s making me crazy! His white shirt makes him look like he walked out of a soap opera, the kind of study-god that can help you prepare for your test. I’ve got a reliable source that says he’s single annnnd has good grades. I want to be the first to post this, before he takes over the internet.”

At 5:30 on January 5th, this microblog post had 138 comments, and had been forwarded 232 times. Reporters from Modern Express messaged “Chi Binglun” but the user said that the post was forwarded from a forum.

A young Chinese man goes viral on the Chinese internet when photos of him studying at Peking University's library are posted online

“Male God” is preparing for exams and doesn’t want to be disturbed

“My son was the top student in the sciences in 2013, now he is a second year Information Technology major at Peking University.” On the afternoon of the 5th, this reporter was able to contact Wei Xiaolong’s mother, who said her son now knows his pictures have gone viral. He was in the library studying and somebody secretly took his photo. Right now he’s busy with finals, doesn’t want the be disturbed by this, much less add to the hype.”

Soon after, this reporter was able to track down Wei Xiaolong’s high school teacher, Teacher Tang. “He was excellent, an all-around good student.” Teacher Tang said Wei Xiaolong not only studied well, but was also skilled in art, that he had taught Wei Xiaolong the bass, and that his art skills added an additional 65 points to his original College Entrance Examination score of 402 points, ultimately getting him into Peking University.

“He was very popular in high school. There were no lack of girls who ran to the sports field during P.E. class to watch him play football [soccer], and he was an academic tyrant.”  A high school classmate told this reporter that Wei Xiaolong was about 185cm tall and good looking. He liked to play sports and could also play bass. “For him to be seen as a male god at Peking University like this is to be expected.”

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Those who are handsome need only read a book to make headlines, while ugly cunts can eat a book and no one would know [would not make the news]. [拜拜]


He should be thankful for his northern library having central heating, allowing him to be so zhuang bi [in this context, to look so at ease and dashing]. The past few days during finals I’ve been freezing my butt off in the library.


Everyone look at the last sentence [the quote from his mother]. I’ve encountered this kind of parent. If you really end up with him, the pressure will be very high. Trust me.


His Weibo account surprisingly hasn’t been posted in the comments, downvote!


Sunshine, a window, a white shirt, a relaxed posture, simply irresistible!  [doge] The thing is, this is somebody else’s school, somebody else’s library, as well as somebody else’s man god! Forget about finding such a handsome person in our own dilapidated library. My dream is crushed~~~ [伤心][拜拜]


I remembered my roommate is from Binahi, so had her look at this, and she screeched “OMG, he’s my relative!” She said he had a deepness in his eyes ever since he was small, that he got over 400 on his College Entrance Examination.  I’m numb, the two of us in our dorm wildly screaming. Its settled, for [Chinese] new year’s, I’m going with my roommate back to her home to meet the man god!! [呵呵]


Will seeing his face make us feel differently about him? [doge]


He can even play bass! The most handsome boy in high school, shit those girls at his school were lucky. If it were my high school, we would all be climbing over ourselves chasing after him, ok? To the one who said that seeing his fei zhu liu period would make you dislike him, look at the pictures of him playing the bass!!! Shit, he’s Irie Naoki!! Irie Naoki Irie Naoki Irie Naoki ok??? [Naoki Irie is the smartest and most handsome guy in his high school in popular Japanese manga series Itazura na Kiss]


Don’t interrupt the man god as he searches for AV [adult videos, porn].


Guys are so attractive when they are being serious [focusing on something/work/study]…


Fuck! Isn’t this is how I always imagined myself in the library? [拜拜] It’s just that I haven’t entered the library in two years. [呵呵][呵呵]

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