Peking University Library “Male God” Goes Viral

A young Chinese man goes viral on the Chinese internet when photos of him studying at Peking University's library are posted online

A young Chinese man goes viral on the Chinese internet when photos of him studying at Peking University's library are posted online

From People’s Daily Online:

Peking University Library Male God Goes Viral, Netizens Scream “Date Me”

In the last few days, pictures of Wei Xiaolong from Binhai district in Yancheng have gone viral. He’s been dubbed “the [male] god of Peking University”, with some female netizens directly saying things like “I’m going to the library, don’t try and stop me” and “be my boyfriend!” Reporters learned that the pictures of Wei Xiaolong were secretly taken by someone while he was studying in the Peking University library, and he wasn’t even aware they had been posted online. Currently, Wei Xiaolong is preparing for his final exams, and his family hopes he won’t be disturbed by the attention.

A young Chinese man goes viral on the Chinese internet when photos of him studying at Peking University's library are posted online

Online sensation “Peking University God” was a top student in Yancheng

“Somebody took a picture of a handsome guy studying in the Peking University library and posted it online, where it immediately went viral. According to information provided by netizens, he is Wei Xiaolong from Binhai, the top scorer on the Gaokao College Entrance Examination in Class 13 of Binhai Experimental High School.” Yesterday, a post titled “Binhai High School Class of ’13 College Entrance Examination Top Scorer Becomes Internet Sensation” was forwarded across popular forums and microblogs. The accompanying pictures of the unusually handsome boy caused an uproar online.

In the pictures, this Modern Express reporter saw a young man wearing a white shirt sitting at the edge of a table, with white headphones in his ears and a peaceful look on his face, completely absorbed by the work on his laptop. The beautiful scenery in the background adds even more allure to his charm. But, because the picture was taken from the side, there’s no way to see his face.

“Peking University Library god”, “I’m buying a plane ticket to Beijing, don’t try to stop me!”, “I’m gonna go to the library every day” are just some of the things being said about him by netizens. This reporter noticed that the post being shared in forums wasn’t the original post, and after searching found a post by Weibo user “Chi Binglun” written on 2014 December 26 saying, “Finals season, and this Peking University Information Technology major god is so hot it’s making me crazy! His white shirt makes him look like he walked out of a soap opera, the kind of study-god that can help you prepare for your test. I’ve got a reliable source that says he’s single annnnd has good grades. I want to be the first to post this, before he takes over the internet.”

At 5:30 on January 5th, this microblog post had 138 comments, and had been forwarded 232 times. Reporters from Modern Express messaged “Chi Binglun” but the user said that the post was forwarded from a forum.

A young Chinese man goes viral on the Chinese internet when photos of him studying at Peking University's library are posted online

“Male God” is preparing for exams and doesn’t want to be disturbed

“My son was the top student in the sciences in 2013, now he is a second year Information Technology major at Peking University.” On the afternoon of the 5th, this reporter was able to contact Wei Xiaolong’s mother, who said her son now knows his pictures have gone viral. He was in the library studying and somebody secretly took his photo. Right now he’s busy with finals, doesn’t want the be disturbed by this, much less add to the hype.”

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Soon after, this reporter was able to track down Wei Xiaolong’s high school teacher, Teacher Tang. “He was excellent, an all-around good student.” Teacher Tang said Wei Xiaolong not only studied well, but was also skilled in art, that he had taught Wei Xiaolong the bass, and that his art skills added an additional 65 points to his original College Entrance Examination score of 402 points, ultimately getting him into Peking University.

“He was very popular in high school. There were no lack of girls who ran to the sports field during P.E. class to watch him play football [soccer], and he was an academic tyrant.”  A high school classmate told this reporter that Wei Xiaolong was about 185cm tall and good looking. He liked to play sports and could also play bass. “For him to be seen as a male god at Peking University like this is to be expected.”

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Those who are handsome need only read a book to make headlines, while ugly cunts can eat a book and no one would know [would not make the news]. [拜拜]


He should be thankful for his northern library having central heating, allowing him to be so zhuang bi [in this context, to look so at ease and dashing]. The past few days during finals I’ve been freezing my butt off in the library.


Everyone look at the last sentence [the quote from his mother]. I’ve encountered this kind of parent. If you really end up with him, the pressure will be very high. Trust me.


His Weibo account surprisingly hasn’t been posted in the comments, downvote!


Sunshine, a window, a white shirt, a relaxed posture, simply irresistible!  [doge] The thing is, this is somebody else’s school, somebody else’s library, as well as somebody else’s man god! Forget about finding such a handsome person in our own dilapidated library. My dream is crushed~~~ [伤心][拜拜]


I remembered my roommate is from Binahi, so had her look at this, and she screeched “OMG, he’s my relative!” She said he had a deepness in his eyes ever since he was small, that he got over 400 on his College Entrance Examination.  I’m numb, the two of us in our dorm wildly screaming. Its settled, for [Chinese] new year’s, I’m going with my roommate back to her home to meet the man god!! [呵呵]


Will seeing his face make us feel differently about him? [doge]


He can even play bass! The most handsome boy in high school, shit those girls at his school were lucky. If it were my high school, we would all be climbing over ourselves chasing after him, ok? To the one who said that seeing his fei zhu liu period would make you dislike him, look at the pictures of him playing the bass!!! Shit, he’s Irie Naoki!! Irie Naoki Irie Naoki Irie Naoki ok??? [Naoki Irie is the smartest and most handsome guy in his high school in popular Japanese manga series Itazura na Kiss]


Don’t interrupt the man god as he searches for AV [adult videos, porn].


Guys are so attractive when they are being serious [focusing on something/work/study]…


Fuck! Isn’t this is how I always imagined myself in the library? [拜拜] It’s just that I haven’t entered the library in two years. [呵呵][呵呵]

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  • Donald Med

    Ok so he is handsome. Buuuut…For this to be the best looking Chinese guy you can find at a university? A population of thousands of 20 something males. This man is exceptional? Chinese men really are pitiful in the looks department. Poor guys. No wonder it is so easy for us white guys to get hot young Chinese poon.

    • Senble

      May I remind you of Jeremy Meeks.

  • mr.wiener

    Asanine story really.

  • Free Man

    At least it’s a student and not a criminal.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    I guess worse things can go viral, but there really is 0 privacy for some ppl

    • 宋易

      Watch out, man…. you might get deported for your mind reading powers.

    • Boris

      I dislike this thing that happens here. It happens often.
      I’m not a good looking guy, but being a foreigner I do get snaps taken of me. I am not in a bit city, so that could be it. Although, plenty of foreigners come here for business.

      I dislike going to coffee shops for this reason. I have found it is more of the younger people doing it though. Teenagers to Uni students and those that probably just graduated.

      There seems to be 0 privacy here. People don’t even lock the bathroom door or toilet stall door here. No god damn privacy.

    • MyMotto

      In my experience people take timid photos so they can show them off to their friends to prove how hot the guy in question was. Nobody thinks they’ll get a boyfriend by taking timid photos they think they’ll get a restraining order. That’s why they always hide while taking the photos…I have interesting friends…

  • fk this nigga yo

    • Surfeit

      Killer bees rule tha swamp!

  • Guest

    Damn, look at that composition. You see that color palette. *wolf whistle*

    What I’m saying is, get me the Weibo account of that photographer. Boy has a fish face anyway.

    • ClausRasmussen

      Agreed. I am not swayed by his looks but the composition of that photograph… wow! The girl that took it is the one I one I’d like to meet

  • 宋易

    This reaffirms what I already knew about most young Chinese girls…. dumber than dirt, and about as interesting.

    That said, I’m pretty sure every average looking foreign guy on this forum has more than a handful of secretly taken photos circulating on Weibo.

    • FYIADragoon

      You haven’t developed a 6th sense for secret photos yet? I have a disapproving look practiced to discourage it every time it happens.

      • 宋易

        I DO have a 6th sense for it…. I wish I didn’t, though!

    • maggie

      The same can be said about American girls, or girls on the internet in general… “Alex from Target,” anyone?

      • biggj

        It’s just young girls in general….dumb as shit lol

      • 宋易

        i dont know who alex from target is…. but fine, girls are dumber than dirt in every country. ill give you that. ;-)

      • Insomnicide

        Alex doesn’t have to work at Target anymore…

    • NeverMind

      I’m a fugly, non-white guy but I still find a few Chinese girls/boys recording me, staring or shooting photos of me whenever I walk on the street. It’s flattering to say the least.

  • Xia

    Looks like a random dude sitting at table, the Chinese girls probably got swayed away by the name of an Chinese “elite university”.

  • FYIADragoon

    I have to admit he looks rather dashing in that picture taken from the side. His frontal image leaves something to be desired though. Could be worse though, could be another ugly foreign guy getting fawned over by village girls.

    • David


    • Sienna Smith

      I was thinking the same thing, actually. We probably could have done without the front pic.

  • Mighty曹

    Has it occurred to anyone that he may be gay? That photo of his face says so.

    • Guest guest guest

      I knew some insecure guy would make this comment at some point. It’s so common on the Internet nowadays that whenever some guy’s been fawned over by a bunch of girls, there’s always a guy that has to make the comment ‘maybe he’s gay’ or ‘he looks gay’ etc.

      Even if he is, girls will still go gaga over him, and if he isn’t, the chance of any girls that commented meeting him is very slim. Effeminate males attract many girls in Asia so many guys would try to look ‘gay’ in your eyes, some are different ofc. Maybe he just looks like that and probably insecure about it already, or he did it to get girls/guys.

      Either way, a confident man would care less if a bunch of girls go mad over some stranger who’s not his style if he’s gay or not, because he’s already attracting the girls he wanted or wouldn’t be interested in girls who like this type of guy because of a stalker photo.

      • Qiu Shi Sheng

        Look like a potential gay partner for a gay serial killer.
        …. he oozes that feeling

        • Mighty曹

          Takes one to know one?

          • Rayna

            I’m sorry are you trying to insult people by “slyly” insinuating that they’re gay? You need to try harder – you’re not as slick as you think you are.

          • Mighty曹

            I can insult people without having to try. I have a track record here that’s quite slick. See my response to Strangeland for my explanation. (Sorry, forgot how to hyperlink). Now shove your self-righteousness up your rectum.

        • Guest guest guest

          Sorry, buddy. I’m not gay, but I am into guys. ;) Sorry for the rant, but just had enough of others accusing someone with different taste in style (i.e kpop and not gangster) to be gay whenever he’s ‘too’ popular with the ladies.

          • Surfeit

            Nobody accused anybody of anything, until you commented saying so. Effeminate or otherwise, he looks gay in at least one of those photos. It’s not an insult. Get off your high horse.

          • Qiu Shi Sheng

            the last photo reminded me of the Gay canadian porn star who killed his Chinese boyfriend.

      • Mighty曹

        Relax. I merely pointed out a possibility. I didn’t say I was against another man (you) falling for a gay. Don’t need to go into overdrive to be so defensive.

    • Strangerland

      So what- a gay man is not worthy? Because you use “gay” to put this guy down, as if being gay means being “less of a man”. The female version of you would comment on post about a beautiful woman: “has anyone ever thought that she may be lesbian? Her photo seems that way!” And everyone would brand her passive-aggresive not to mention retort that some like to see lesbians in action.
      Look, I’m not picking a fight- but I think comments like yours, using LGBT term to put down someone in passive-aggresive way, has to receive some attention this way. It’s not cool, you know. You’re enforcing the stereotype that being gay makes a man unworthy of some fangirling action, and that’s not okay. What would you say when you post on articles about Russian anti-gay or homophobic society? “Yeah look at these photos these guys are looking gay so I can’t understand why girls find them hot”? That would make you no better than them, mate.

      I think you can use generic trait that everyone, hetero or LGBT, can have- if you really need to poke them. Traits like “he’s not that handsome in my eyes” or “he must be stupid that’s why he’s at the library studying” would still be debatable- but in the end you wouldn’t just throw LGBT image and impression down under the bus for the sake of feeling better. In case you didn’t realize, the female version of you would’ve been labelled insecure, jealous and badmouthing the other woman because she thinks she’s uglier than that woman… What makes you think this won’t apply to you?

      • Surfeit

        You ask a hypothetical question, then go on to make massive assertions. You’re no better than the stereotype you’re trying to impose upon a simple comment.

        • Mighty曹

          Right on!

    • Strangerland

      Look, after re-reading my comment I see I could come accross as a jerk to you so I’m sorry. But I think I snapped because I know firsthand the damage of seemingly innocent comment like yours. Let me give you a peek on my job: I’ve worked closely to some people who are wealthy, infamous, powerful. Or their kids. I know firsthand how some of them hide who they are, stuck in the closet, and it’s simply too sad beyond belief.
      The easiest to see is the ones in entertainment sector. You have these beautiful people, who are tortured daily by their LGBT-ness, and can’t come out from the closet for fear of losing fans(equal to losing revenue, infamy, and self-worth, also putting them on the fastest track to enforced unemployment aka retirement). People say it’s easy for them, these entertainers, to just come out. But then you’d have them being psychologically pressured by everyone to stay as long as possible in the closet, because these belief that no heteros would be fan of gay entertainer, and they’re going to lose the access to major market and stuck in niche market as a has-been. You’d have people telling them, “why would you come out?! No one cares- I’m coming out as hetero too tomorrow!” Eventhough clearly, everyone is assumed heterosexual until they say otherwise- and yet they’re condemned as attention-whore when they say otherwise.
      Then you have smart macho men like you, who would shame and embarassed others, “so that XX is gay! Do you realize that you’re going gagaga over a gay? Are you gay yourself?” Implicating that the crowds should be ashamed for being fans.
      So eventhough in some countries there are people who say it’s ok to come out, in the end it’s still not that ok for these people to come out. They’re still facing prejudice and hatred, it’s just the haters learn to mask their hatred better, blending in with on-the-fence crowd so they can influence the crowds undetected.

      I have had the blessing of meeting with a very famous guy, who is in the closet, and told me he’d never come out even if it kills him. And this is a handsome guy, who has low self-esteem due to his being gay- Hee’s probably one of the gentlest, kindest, nicest human being I’ve ever met… Who claim himself as “glorified worker” so he never has diva attitude even toward his direct employee. This is someone who received indirect damage from those comments like yours.

      If I can change even just one person, that means one less voice condemning the gays and less loud crowds boo-ing them, so I’m not sorry I’ve reminded you the damage of your seemingly innocent remark. But I do feel sorry for lashing out on you, so please don’t take this the wrong way. Have a nice day.

      • Mighty曹

        It’s ok. I grew up and live in San Francisco. I’m exposed to the LGBT lifestyle. I have friends and co-workers who are gay. There’s a level of understanding and respect that we abide by. As long as we don’t cross the line in anyway to offend the others we are just like any dynamic groups. So yes, I know what I’m saying and what I said was merely a ‘possibility’ that this guy may be gay. Nothing insulting.

  • Rozu

    I wouldn’t say he’s a god based on those info alone, but does have a good style and body compared to many of the chubbier guys with kim jong un haircuts that’s getting common nowadays. Fashion and style can make alot of difference to one’s image.

    Based on his performance pic, most average looking guys would look good when flanked by guys looking like that next to them.

  • biggj

    All this says is that chinese girls are easy to impress….maybe too easy. I’m not trying to take anything away from the guy. It’s awesome he’s getting this attention, his pussy getting just went right off the charts. It’s fine to me taking a picture of someone you think is cute and post it online and talk about his looks…but this reporter like digging into his life and shit….that’s a bit odd.

    As a straight male I would rate this guy a 6.5 out of 10. I see nothing special about him. He’s not ugly or anything though….but not “god” like lol.

    This guy looks pretty cool though. I remember this story from a few years back.

    • Mighty曹

      Sup, bitch.

      • biggj
        • Mighty曹

          I guess you’re not happy to see me.

          • biggj

            No one calls me bitch without me crying like a bitch. lol

          • Mighty曹

            I think you’d only cry when you run out of zigzags in the middle of the night. hahaha….

          • biggj

            Man I havent smoke dope in like 6 months. I cant with my job. Few more months I can though. I’ve been sober as a judge. No booze no weed no coke nothing… it sucks lol I mean i could smoke weed….but If fuck something up at work and hurt someone, thats an automatic on the spot drug test…I cant risk it.

          • Mighty曹

            Man, I feel for you. The price you pay for being back in Canada. lol. Hope you don’t go into any withdrawal.

    • Intranet

      Coolest hobo in the world.

    • Surfeit

      He looks like a proper Romeo.

      • Mighty曹

        Or a poverty Romeo.

        Sirfeit, how have you been?

        • Surfeit

          Been good! – I love the festive period. Avoided CS recently due to the essays of opinion. Case in point, the scanty homophobic rhetoric propelled at you!
          All good your end?

          • Mighty曹

            My end has been great. (No pun intended, of course). haha.

            Yeah, it got kinda boring with the same regular dufuses making the same old arguments. it’s good to see a new doofus every now and then, though.

            Well, Sir, good to see you here still.

          • Surfeit

            Back at ya.

  • RaphaeI

    Looks kinda like Light Yagami.

  • 宋易


    • David

      LMAO, that is SO wrong.

  • han

    Looks like average boy

  • Peter

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this guy at Destination before, FYI

  • Guang Xiang

    Don’t understand why guys like to downplay someone deemed attractive. I’ll be honest, he’s a good looking guy, especially in Chinese standards.

    • Alex Dương

      They mirin’; they just can’t admit it.

    • 宋易

      I think many just like to mock the response.

    • Jahar

      I’ve done the “he’s not THAT good looking” thing before, but this guy doesn’t fall into that category.

  • da_shan223

    Good for him.

  • Jahar

    I didn’t get the impression that the OP was implying that gay is a bad thing, just that if he is, then it’s not good for the girls.

  • Jahar

    No, they’re dumb for spending so my time crushing on some dude in a library who they have never even actually seen, and who isn’t particularly attractive.

  • Zen my Ass

    Posting online somebody’s pics without his/her consent shouldn’t be a violation and a crime, should it?

    • Probotector

      Not according to Richard Ford.

  • Surfeit

    It seems you believe the suggestion that someone might be gay is a negative thing.

    Also, Mighty clarified he didn’t say the words in the vain you’re trying to insist upon him.

    Thus, you’re demonstrating the prejudice that you insist he displayed.

    • Strangerland

      Oh pleaseee, he clarified AFTER I posted my essays.
      So relax now I think he’s not a jerk or a homophobe. But when I wrote those stuffs? Yes for those hours I did, so what? You’re pathetic yourself because you know from the timeline he clarified AFTER my post- so it shouldn’t sound as if he made clarification THEN I wrote my postings. You’re a big jerk yourself buddy.
      And Mighty, at the very least I didn’t call you a DUFUS literally- say so much about you. Ph well it’s not like I’m active here anyway, bye.

      • Surfeit

        Shut up, faggot.

    • Strangerland

      FYI, I don’t think being called gay or speculating someone is gay, is an insult- sorry but let’s be honest we have had too much examples of green-eyed men using “you’re gay!” As mockery to other men so naturally, when I read his posting I thought he was one of them. Now, I learned that you and your regular posters are not ony attacking me with namecalls, or yeah “insulting” me to other poster…not okay, but also had made me even retaliated that I was for some minutes be on your level- calling you jerk and such. I’m sorry for that. But anyway I’m going to go on with my own life so whatever, don’t even byer yourself to reply because I won’t even come back to this site again after this. Bye.

      • vincent_t

        LOL. Wow that really escalate huh.

      • Surfeit

        Good, ‘cus I think you’re gay.

  • UserID01

    When I was in college, there was an EXTREMELY good looking gentleman from Hong Kong in one of my classes. I actually asked him straight up if I could snap a picture. He said yes. Much better focus and clarity than sneaky photos from a distance! Stop the long-distance stalk pictures and just ask the guy for a picture. What’s the worst that can happen, he says no?

    I still have the picture. I figure he’s still pretty hot, wherever he is now.

    • biggj

      Yeah I tried asking a girl for a pic and told her she was hot and got slapped in the face and had the cops called on me and charged for indecent exposure. I guess I should not have had an erection at the time and should have been wearing pants.. Oh well, live and learn. lol

      • UserID01

        Were you also peeking into her bathroom window when you asked? That’ll get the cops called on you every time.

        • biggj

          Now you tell me. lol

  • wafflestomp

    The real question is how rich is his family? Chinese women need to know Chinasmack!

  • vonskippy

    Wow, another parrot studying at a Chinese Uni, that is special. He’ll graduate and then ask where’s the study guide for doing something valuable in the real world and which section of the library has those books. Best stock up on crackers.

    • Dr Sun

      reminds me of Clinton, Bush,Obama ..Ivy league studs are you jealous ?

      • vonskippy

        Not in the least.

        First I went to a real Uni, with a worldwide rep for Biomedical research. Second, I’m German, so couldn’t care less about the fops the people in the States allow to get elected.

        Commie mindset pervades Chinese Uni’s where their students have no clue how to be inventive or creative, they can only parrot whatever was in the books.

        We used to give mini-research seminars in China until it became blatantly obvious that the students had no clue how to think for themselves, so we stopped.

        If a Chinese student actually has a brain and knows how to use it, they’ll study in a Western Uni, not the cookie cutter China schools.

        • realist

          Yeap, Germans haven’t been too happy with China since they got put back to 4th place in GDP and lost the title of largest exporting nation and you can feel that here. Alright Skippy, whatever you say. I’m sure you stopped giving seminars cus you thought they weren’t learning just like you started cus you really wanted to benefit some Chinese kids, right? LOL Be real; you didn’t care if they learned or not; you were paid for your services and you stopped when the payments stopped. Why they didn’t want to hire you anymore is up in the air but chances are it’s the generic reason why employers stop paying their employees: your services are sub-par and no longer needed. I don’t know what specific field you’re in but all sciences taken together, China ranks 2nd internationally and Germany ranks 4th (SJR International Science Ranking), and it’s not close either. Careful; those parrots are feisty! Anyway, I don’t know how you do it in Germany but in general, it’s pretty sad to talk trash about people who outperform you.

          • Zappa Frank

            You should not think Germans are childish like you.

          • great

            lmao your comments are great

        • realist

          Biomedical research, you say? Looked up that field in the SJR International Science Ranking and in 2013, China ranked a close second to the US while Germany was 5th. The difference in citable publications between China and Germany was 4 fold in favor of China. Starting to feel like that’s why they terminated your payments and you had to stop…

          • 宋易

            lmao… got any other meaningless rankings to share?

          • real

            You’re confused, buddy. Those are meaningful rankings by the world’s top institutes in their respective fields. A meaningless ranking would be how high your mom ranks in her brothel.

          • 宋易

            lol…. probably why researchers from so many countries are pounding down the doors to get into Chinese research institutions. China…. such a vibrant, scientific nation!!!

          • realist

            A meaningless one? Sure, no problem. In art, Germany ranks above China.

  • realist

    Dude looks way better from the side than front. If I were him, I’d round it all out by going to the gym, pumpin’ some iron; eat lightning, crap thunder, nomsayin’? Then he’ll really reach his max potential. He may be doing well in China, but if you wanna get laid here in the states, you can’t look like playmate of the year in state prison.

  • crimsonarmor

    If this guy is handsome then I’m a movie star. The only thing missing from him is a stack of corn or hay on his back :)

  • redgirls

    He Looks kind of like a young Dev Patel to me.

  • SixAces

    Love all the funny comments, but I’m kinda sick of folks going all nuts about a god/goddess and then posting it online. Only to see they’re not all that amazing. Go take pictures of cute furry animals or something.

  • Jahar

    I don’t know. It’s been a while since I’ve been in junior high. The guy from prison break is gay, and girls loved him, and we would say, “sorry girls, he’s gay.” no insult to him, just laughing at the girls for dreaming about a guy that is forever beyond their reach. Even in the odd situation that they met him, they would still have no chance.

    Now about this guy, he genuinely looks gay, at least to guys that haven’t spent enough time here to realize that what looks gay to us is pretty common to straight guys.

    If you interpret what he said as insulting gay people, then I think you are a little too insecure. Unless he clarifies and says he was, I’ll continue to assume it was making fun of the girls, not the guy.

  • 宋易

    I would just LOVE to see what a state funded lab in China looks like. Should probably give that surplus (::rolling eyes::) to universities. I’ve walked past bio labs without even recognizing them as bio labs. I have toured one at a private company of fairly good quality. But whatever the state of China’s research sector, it sure as hell isn’t home grown.

    • Realist

      Dude, the only thing “sure as hell” is that you don’t know squat about science but you’re so desperate to say something bad about China that you’re just saying random things now. What does “homegrown” even mean? All science stems from Greece. American science is built on enticing smart foreigners and Chinese science took off through bringing accomplished Chinese scientists back to China. You walked past some high school lab and didn’t recognize it was a lab? Nice anecdote; you must know so much LOL. What an idiot. You can roll your lil eyes right outta your head but it’s not gonna help you win an argument you know nothing about.

      • 宋易

        Wow, you are a poisonous individual! And your posts don’t make much sense!

        • Realist

          No, I suppose to someone who doesn’t possess the basic background knowledge, they don’t. “What’s IMF? World Bank? SJR? He must be making these up to make China look good! They don’t make sense! I’m so confused at these rankings!” LOL

  • Marcus Black

    From the side he looks…..normal, however from the front he looks like a minecraft villager with the long nose and all hahahaha.

  • jd

    This dude is super average looking, he would not have ever gotten into a boyband…….

  • Gaytheist

    we certainly have different types eh

  • 宋易

    Ha! What? I don’t they’re dumb because of *who* they are crushing on, or why, I think they’re dumb for going gaga over a couple of photos.

    Although, if you go on any porn site and see the comments viewers leave on videos… Jesus, a lot of those guys seem to think those pornstars are their girlfriends.

  • 宋易

    Eh, don’t take so seriously. This is chinasmack, for fuck’s sake.

  • AiAi

    He is sooo handsome!!!He exceeded my expectations-smart and good-looking!
    Should I buy a ticket to Beijing and study at China instead? Haha, just kidding.
    I like this guy, he is in IT, just like me ;))