People’s Congress Passes Amnesty Bill on Jailed Criminals

People’s Congress Passes Amnesty Bill on Jailed Criminals
The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has voted in favor of an amnesty on certain criminals currently serving time in jail. Four types of prisoner qualify: those who served China in WWII, those who fought outside parties to defend national sovereignty, safety and territorial integrity after the PRC was established (corruption and violent crime convicts excluded), those over 75 who are disabled and can’t look after themselves, and those who were under 18 and sentenced to less than 3 years or have less than 1 year left to serve (violent crimes excluded). Netizens think this amnesty represents national progress.


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  • Bman


    So a random black supremacist harasses me with personal attacks, vowing to never stop, and his comments are left standing.
    When I finally have time to reply to these wretched pieces of hatred my comments are deleted.

    I get that China Smack is pro minorities, and always biased against me because I’m white, but dam it at least give me a chance to defend myself.

    Apparently free speech is only accepted here if its against the site’s target audience? Or are you consciously catering to English speakers who also happen to hate everyone but Chinese?

    Great job~

  • lacompacida

    Good. They are all so obedient to Xi and followed his orders strictly. That’s harmony.

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