People’s Daily: The Difference of Just A Little More Effort

People's Daily inspirational morning message featuring incorrect mathematical analogy.

Currently the #4 hottest microblog post of the hour on Sina Weibo…

From Sina Weibo:

@人民日报: The people who work just a bit harder than you have actually already flung you far away [are actually already far ahead of you]! Good morning!


Comments from Sina Weibo:


Must work a bit harder!!




Why is it multiplication? Not addition?


Actually, it should use multiplication, not exponentiation.


This should be addition, not multiplication, bro.


The author’s intelligence has problems.


Hahaha, everyone has seen through that it should be addition. Was your mathematics taught by a physical education teacher?


This story tells us: No matter how hard diaosi work, they’ll never catch up to the tall, rich, and handsome.


Why is it multiplication and not addition? If it is calculated like this, as long as there is one day where nothing is done–numerical value of 0–then the result of the entire year would be 0? Doesn’t addition (or strictly-speaking weighted algebraic sum) make more sense?


The author’s intelligence series. 1.01 to the 365 power means every day is 101% of the effort of the previous day, which is to say every day is 1% improvement on yesterday. How likely this is everyone can hehe together. As for 0.99 to the 365 power, every day becomes 99% of the previous day. The author believes our brains are all damaged components, each day worse than the previous one. PS: Improving every day would be addition.


Sigh, just looking for trouble, could you be stupider? Even humanities students have gone through middle school, okay?


Bullshit calculation, what should be addition is calculated with multiplication. If so, then 30 years of 0.99 work would be equivalent to not having worked at all…

What do you think? Stupid attempt at inspiration? Or nitpicky netizens?

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