Person in “Ghost” Costume Glues Lock Shut, Caught on Tape

Person in “Ghost” Costume Glues Lock Shut, Caught on Tape

An old man living in Chongqing has been having trouble with someone glueing the locks to his apartment door shut, ruining them and forcing him to replace them. After his locks were glued several times, he installed a security camera in hopes of scaring off the perpetrator. The offender was not put off by the camera, but instead disguised himself as a “ghost”, wearing a bed sheet as he slowly walked up the stairs around 2 am and glued the lock shut once again. The old man suspects that the gluing “ghost” is a disgruntled neighbor, and hopes that the person can find a more civilized manner to settle their grudge with him.

Source: Netease

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  • bujiebuke

    Grumpy Old Men 3

    • Vance

      At least the perp didn’t toss a dead fish into his apartment.

  • the neighbour bitch cut off our veg vines, i throw their things outside away, but my father put them back…he is such a person.
    i can not stand when you see so many fruits so fresh and tiny and lovely got ruined, i even wanna put a mice or snack inside their home.

  • Amused

    That’s not a ghost, its a Klansman with a wilted head piece.

  • helsic

    why they don’t just talk? you know, like human beings?

    • bujiebuke

      Because they probably have a long standing grudge, like human beings.

  • rofl ultimate troll

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