Petition to White House to Deport Zhu Ling Poisoning Suspect

Zhu Ling and parents. Zhu Ling was the victim of thallium poisoning when she was a student at Tsinghua University in 1995. The person who poisoned her remains unknown to this day.

Zhu Ling and parents. Zhu Ling was the victim of thallium poisoning when she was a student at Tsinghua University in 1995. The person who poisoned her remains unknown to this day.

From NetEase:

30,000 People Signed Petition Requesting White House Intervention on Zhu Ling’s Case

Not long ago, [the news on] Fudan University graduate student Huang Yang being poisoned to death by a classmate shocked many people, the incident reminding people of the 1995 Tsinghua University female student Zhu Ling’s thallium poisoning case. Unlike the Fudan poisoning case, just who is the perpetrator in Zhu Ling’s case remains a riddle to this day.

A petition on the White House "We the People" website seeking to deport Jasmine Sun (Sun Wei), the main suspect in the famous Zhu Lin thallium poisoning case in China.

On May 3, a petition regarding Zhu Ling’s case appeared on the White House’s official website. At the moment, already 30,000 people have signed in participation. According to the related regulations in the U.S., once the number of signatures reaches 100,000 people, the White House must provide a response. The person who initiated the petition wrote this on the White House’s website: “In 1995, Zhu Ling as a Tsinghua University Student was found out to be purposely poisoned twice lethal in chemical: Thallium, which leads to her permanent paralysis. It was indicated that Sun, her roommate, had the motive, and access to the deadly chemical … Resources also show that she changed her name and entered USA by marriage fraud. To protect the safety of our citizen, we petite that the government investigate and deport her.”

Looking at the information disclosed on the White House website, the petition initiator is shown as Y.Z., residing in Miami, Florida of the U.S., his/her basic information essentially concealed. Y.Z. represents the petition initiator’s initials. The Obama Administration launched the completely new “We the People” online petitioning system on the White House’s website in 2011, where one needs only register on the White House website with their email address in order to post a petition on the White House’s website. According to a new January 2013 regulation, if a petition obtains 150 signatures in support within 30 days, it will receive search engine support [can be searched for through the search engine] on the White House’s website. If it can collect 100,000 signatures in support within 30 days, then it can get a response from the White House.

Zhu Ling and parents. Zhu Ling was the victim of thallium poisoning when she was a student at Tsinghua University in 1995. The person who poisoned her remains unknown to this day.

At present, this letter of petition has already obtained 30,000 signatures in support. Among the signatories, there are more than a few who users who are Chinese. According to reports, the suspect Sun accused in the White House website petition is a [former] Tsinghua university student, and Zhu Ling’s roommate Sun Wei. Previously there have been reports claiming that the Public Security Bureau already cleared Sun Wei of suspicion in 1998. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post recently reported victim Zhu Ling’s current condition, stating that her current weight is nearly 100 kg, paralyzed in bed, suffers from diabetes, almost completely blind, and her IQ is equivalent to a 6-year-old child.

Comments from NetEase:

我要目田 [网易广东省深圳市网友]

Who wins the people’s trust, it is clear at a glance.

大新帝国 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]

Sign it!

wohaha [网易广东省广州市网友]

[I’ve] quietly supported [this petition]. Hope the truth will be discovered soon. Sun has always said she is innocent, then let’s clear Sun’s name [if that’s the case]. And provide an account for Zhu’s family.

wu5maodang [网易广东省广州市网友]

It’s truly only the Americans who can help her. At least [this] can make her famous in the United States as well. The United States is a country that really pays attention to individual credibility.

网易广东省茂名市高州市手机网友 [Newsen]: (responding to above)


网易天津市网友 [dujinlaoda00]: (responding to above)

You say you demand judicial fairness and justice, but you behavior is precisely using power to intervene in the administration of justice, especially since you believe that the US is like China, where a powerful and influential president can meddle/intervene in the independent administration of justice, and especially meddling/intervening in the administration of justice of a foreign country. It is thus clear that deep in your heart you deem yourself a slave. How severe the Bao Qingtian complex is in your heart. Whether Sun poisoned or not is no longer important in this matter, what matters is that the Public Security Bureau did not put her on file, nor did the court declare her guilty, therefore in terms of the law, she is not guilty. So many people disregarding the facts claiming she is the criminal is what is unfair. Especially when 99% of these people are all going by the information they see online without actually understanding the actual facts themselves rashly going by their own biases to judge a person’s [Sun’s] life or death. Of course, if someone indeed has evidence that points to Sun having poisoned [Zhu] and believes the PSB or court did not enforce the law unfairly and bent the law for personal gain, then who you should be targeting is the PSB or the court, instead of people involved in a case where guilt has not yet been determined.

网易广东省广州市网友 [河蟹满地]: (responding to above)

Fuck your mom, third floor [the above commenter], are you animal? Your heart is black, but are your eyes blind too? The Heavenly Kingdom’s laws are nothing but farts in the face of influential/powerful government officials. Fucking raping the underaged, where [intentionally] running people over is considered an accident and unjustly accused people are imprisoned, the courts sure have rendered a great service……This era where no official is not corrupt is pathetic.

网易江西省九江市网友 [aa371831516数码]: (also responding to dujinlaoda00)

Third floor’s words make sense. If everyone questions whether the courts enforced the law unfairly or bent the law for personal profit, who should be targeted is the PSB or the courts.


First floor [another commenter] is a stupid cunt. [If] Zhu Ling had a solid background [powerful connections], would she have been poisoned stupid with her case remaining unsolved to this day? [If] Zhu Ling’s background was solid, would her father demand to make this case public and ultimately be rejected with some groundless reason? [If] Zhu’s father had a solid background, would he let his daughter’s name become a sensitive [censored] term on Sina Weibo? First floor, you had too much door-cracked-open walnuts, or did water enter your brain? Didn’t Sun Wei say she is innocent, and now that people want to re-investigate, wouldn’t that clear Sun Wei’s name? You TM just want it to be a case of miscarriage of justice, right> You TM just want the murderer to get away with it, right? With such a big China, there fucking being one or two cocks whose conscience have been eaten by dogs is not strange, but did you think you could put what you used your butt to think up on the internet and people would not flame you?


Sigh, if enough evidence had been collected back then, then this case would have been closed long ago. There is motive but you have to have enough evidence too. [I] hope everyone does not rush to a conclusion. If back then Sun was arrested for criminal motive only, it could very well have been yet another case of someone being unjustly charged. Evidence is critical.

狗屁全通了啊 [网易江苏省南京市网友]: (responding to above)

I support your statement, indeed there is a lot of uncertainty and external pressure influencing [the case], which will be an important factor leading to a miscarriage of justice. Imagine if we had arrested someone back then, closing the case in a situation without or with a lack of evidence. Now if the case is reopened, netizens will probably will probably have other excuses. The uncle-nephew miscarriage of justice case is a good example!

网易湖北省荆门市网友 ip:61.184.*.*:

[I] feel sorry for the victim, [we should] have faith in the police. Netizens, please objectively approach and treat this incident.

Zhu Ling and parents. Zhu Ling was the victim of thallium poisoning when she was a student at Tsinghua University in 1995. The person who poisoned her remains unknown to this day.

网易上海市长宁区手机网友 ip:116.236.*.*:

I came here because of Zhu Ling, yet did not come here for Zhu Ling. Actually, I am here for myself…I want to express my grief and indignation for what Zhu Ling has been through, and am also terrified for my own fate. I speak for Zhu Ling, but am actually crying out for myself…

baiseshishi [网易河北省邯郸市网友]:

Have faith in justice.

网易福建省厦门市网友 [道心]:

In the past, I only vaguely felt there weren’t many kind-hearted Chinese people, but only after seeing how Sun Wei is being treated in Zhu Ling’s poisoning case have I come to realize that the level of wickedness and viciousness of Chinese people is beyond human imagination! And what more, this kind of wickedness and viciousness is directed at Chinese people ourselves, and when facing external forces, the majority of Chinese become like dogs and sheep! Nevermind that the so-called evidence on Sun Wei is unable to stand up to scrutiny, even if Sun Wei is the poisoner, the police remained silent, the court did not convict Sun Wei, and you people also don’t have any direct evidence, so what right do you have to declare Sun Wei guilty, as well as maliciously harassing and cursing her? If you people think the case is an injustice, then go find the PSB, find the court! Do you guys not dare to? Through this incident, I now know why in the past century the Chinese people were humiliated and massacred. Not having been humiliated and massacred would actually have been weird!

网易广东省广州市网友 ip:119.33.*.*:

Zhu Ling’s family want the truth, Sun Wei wants to be cleared, while what I want is judicial independence!!

sshaxie [网易广西桂林市网友]:

I want to sign too, who can teach me how to do it?

网易湖北省武汉市网友 ip:27.17.*.*:

China’s judicial problems cannot be solved by itself, begs the White House [for assistance], pathetic.

网易江苏省苏州市太仓市网友 ip:221.224.*.*:


法克2012 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Should we go to the White House [website] and sign [another petition], to investigate the Tianyi’s case [specifically his involvement in a gang rape case soon after being released from jail following his aforementioned road rage case]?

网易天津市网友 ip:111.160.*.*:

Only big America can save the people of Earth!

网易加拿大网友 ip:99.224.*.*:

If Sun Wei was not the perpetrator, then there is only one possibility: She is an angel.
Because for her to suffer in silence all these years being unjustly blamed and not utilize all the resources she has to prove her innocence, or to realize the wish of this case being thoroughly investigated, she must have the Virgin Mary’s tolerance, rationality, and caring (including caring for the real perpetrator).
But, before a real angel has been seen [by anyone], I am unable to be certain she is an angel.


If the U.S. government really finds the true culprit in the Zhu Ling case, I will never again trust China’s government. I am a college student, I feel indignant for Zhu Ling, I have believe in China, but I believe in facts even more.

网易广东省深圳市手机网友(113.91.*.*): (responding to above)

Back then, I was as stupid just like you…hehe.

Zhu Ling and parents. Zhu Ling was the victim of thallium poisoning when she was a student at Tsinghua University in 1995. The person who poisoned her remains unknown to this day.

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