Petitioner Killed By Car, Police Say It Was Traffic Accident

Cartoon graphic of a man being hit by a car.

Cartoon graphic of a man being hit by a car.

From NetEase:

Petitioner in Gansu Ran Down By Car After Submitting Documents, Traffic Police Claim It Was an Accident Qinghai Minhe September 25 report — Recently, the internet has been circulating that a man, Wang Dingjun, was hit and killed by a car while on his way home from submitting complaint documents to an [disciplinary] inspection group [a government department that handles reports of government malfeasance]. The family of the deceased believes there is strong suspicion that the Qinghai native responsible, Zhang X, had deliberately used a vehicle to commit murder.

On the 25th, this reporter learned from the Gansu province Lanzhou city Public Security Bureau Honggu Traffic Division that at around 10am on the 17th of the month, Qinghai province Minhe county police officer Zhang Weiqun had a traffic accident while driving a private car in Honggu district, causing the death of Wang Dingjun, from Gansu Lanzhou, who had just finished submitting complaint documents and was on his way home.

As it is understood, at around 10:10am on September 17th, Qinghai Minhe Hui and Tu autonomous county Machangyuan police station police officer Zhang Weiqun and friend Wu Weixian (vehicle owner) were driving a small SUV. As they passed through Lanzhou Honggu district’s Fangzheng Road, they had a traffic accident, hitting Wang Dingjun, who was on his way home after having just submitted documents for a complaint to the Gansu Provincial Party Committee Fourth [Disciplinary] Inspection Group, before colliding head-on with a cement truck traveling the opposite direction. Wang Dingjun died on the scene, while Zhang Weiqun and his SUV passenger Wu Weixian were both injured, with varying degrees of damage to the two vehicles.

The location of the accident was Gansu province Lanzhou city Honggu district, which borders Qinghai province Haidong city’s Minhe county. Machangyuan town is about 4 kilometers away from the Honggu district government seat in Haishiwan.

Wang Dingjun’s Family: Murder under the guise of of a traffic accident

According to Wang Dingjun’s relative Wang Yingzhi, on September 16th, he himself had submitted documents to the Gansu Province Fourth [Disciplinary] Inspection Group concerning a demolition and relocation dispute and crimes involving a Honggu district government official, and was told he needed to submit additional documents. On the 17th, he along with his son Wang Dingjun and wife Qu X had submitted the additional documentation and were on their way home when the traffic accident occurred, killing Wang Dingjun.

Wang Yingzhi says when the traffic accident occurred, the driver responsible Zhang Weiqun did not brake, did not stop to help, tried to drive away and only stopped after he collided with the cement truck.

“The car responsible did not have a formal license plate, car insurance was only purchased the day before, and to be hit after just submitting complaint documents, there is strong suspicion that the driver responsible Zhang Weiqun deliberately used a car to commit murder,” said Wang Yingzhi. After the accident, the traffic police department had Zhang Weiqun go to the hospital to treat his epilepsy without using any compulsory measures.

Wang Yingzhi says the case should be transferred to the criminal division to be investigated as an intentional homicide case, but it hasn’t been.

Responsible Party: Purely an accident

Minhe county Machangyuan police station chief Luo Chunyan says at around 9am on the 17th, officer Zhang Weiqun verbally asked him for leave to run an errand with a friend, said he would be back soon, and was given permission. Luo Chunyan also confirmed that Zhang Weiqun and the deceased do not know each other and have no animosity, “Zhang Weiqun definitely was not up to any criminal activity.”

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Wu Weixian says on the day of the incident, he and Zhang Weiqun had driven the small SUV that he had recently purchased a week ago to the Honggu district Haishiwan train station to buy tickets. After purchasing the tickets, they were on their way back preparing to go eat breakfast. “Zhang Weiqun didn’t make a turn at an intersection where he was supposed to. I asked him why, only to notice that he looked distracted, with a grave expression, and both eyes staring straight ahead. I even called his name twice, but he didn’t respond.”

“I felt the car was getting faster, called his name a few times, turned my head and saw a large vehicle coming towards us head-on. I tried to grab the steering wheel and only remember hearing a ‘bang’,” Wu Weixian told this reporter. When he came to, he was resting on the airbag. “I checked on Zhang Weiqun who was still out of it, then got out and had a passerby call the police.”

Luo Chunyan says in 2003 winter, Zhang Weiqun had suffered carbon monoxide poisoning at the county’s Manping police station and subsequently suffered epilepsy as an after-effect. “Zhang Weiqun was issued a Level 8 Disability Certificate at the time.” This reporter also saw the 2012 disability certificate issued by the civil administration organ.

Wu Weixian says: “Zhang Weiqun was driving my new car at the time, and we’re both government employees, so it’s impossible that we would go deliberately hit someone. This was purely an accident.”

The Minhe county Public Security Bureau believes Zhang Weiqun had requested leave, went out in civilian clothes to handle personal business, and was driving a private car, so there was no disciplinary violation.

Gansu Honggu district Traffic Police Department: This was a traffic accident

With regards to this, Gansu province Lanzhou city Public Security Bureau Honggu Traffic Division instructor Zhang Yue says an on-scene investigation and obtained evidence determined that this was a traffic accident, not a hit-and-run, that the person responsible Zhang Weiqun was not driving under the influence, and the newly purchased vehicle had a temporary license plate. “If the parties involved disagree with the traffic accident determination, they can submit a written reconsideration application to a higher traffic management department within three days of the determination.”

Zhang Yue says when Zhang Weiqun was summoned by the police on the day of the incident, his mental state was not well, and family members said he had a history of epilepsy. At 5:23pm, Zhang Weiqun was taken to the hospital after exhibiting epileptic symptoms. Zhang Yue confirmed that he has seen Zhang Weiqun’s medical history diagnosing him with epilepsy.

Zhang Yue indicates that Wang Yingzhi’s lawyer Li Shengzhong signed off on the traffic accident determination on the 25th, and if the parties involved believe there is suspicion of murder in this case, they can report it to the criminal police department.

Comments from NetEase:

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网易黑龙江省网友 ip:113.7.*.*

People with epilepsy can be police officers. I want it too.

心自明 [网易湖北省武汉市手机网友]: (responding to above)

This fall-guy was well chosen! So fucking professional!

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:122.233.*.*

The possibility of premeditated murder is big!

网易云南省手机网友 ip:106.60.*.*

Obviously killing someone to silence them…

啊博辞德 [网易山东省烟台市手机网友]:

This is our China.

网易山东省青岛市手机网友 ip:112.224.*.*

So shady!

我把我妈给日了 [网易福建省手机网友]:

Justice can only be late, it will never be absent. The days truly are dark.

刚哥不能再帅了 [网易山西省长治市手机网友]:

If I were his family, I’d definitely hit and kill the entire family of the person responsible!

b01024706e241593c5ba73c1 [网易江苏省盐城市手机网友]:

People with epilepsy are not allowed to drive. Police officers should know this. This actually isn’t murder, but for a member of law enforcement to have epilepsy and still drive, he should be punished for endangering public safety. This death can completely be ruled manslaughter. Those who agree, ding.

网易上海市手机网友 ip:114.81.*.*

If he doesn’t admit to murder, then just carefully look at the documents that were submitted. It’s that simple.

Do you think this is suspicious? Or just a coincidence?

Written by Fauna

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  • firebert5

    Wow. So epileptics are allowed to drive and have government responsibilities here. That explains so much about this place!

    • SonofSpermcube

      Why wouldn’t they be allowed to have positions of responsibility?

      • mr.wiener

        I’m sure people with epilepsy are allowed to habe positions of authority ,but are they allowed to drive?
        Something certainly stinks here and the article wasn’t clear on a number of points… was the victim also driving or a pedestrian?. Did the car try to leave after the acident before hitting the cement truck? Will the petition still be heard?

      • firebert5

        Well, I should have clarified that I meant more “physical” responsibilities.

    • Dr Sun

      James Madison, Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt all suffered from epilepsy so would you care to re-frame your “this place” response ?
      I believe they were all highly respected Presidents with govt responsibilities, but I may be wrong.

  • Ruaraidh

    Despite this being a terrible thing I couldn’t help but laugh. Run over by two government employees after initiating a government malfeasance complaint, of course it was an accident of cooooooooourse. Brings to mind the man who committed ‘suicide’ by stabbing himself multiple times in the face.

    • Dr Sun

      you nailed it.

    • Gord

      A friend was telling me that gun crime has escalated over the past half a year.

      In completely and utterly unrelated news, they’ve been arming the police for the past five months.

  • The comments told everything

  • SongYii

    it dpest stretch the imagination to believe govt officials are just as incompetent driving as they are governing.

  • Repatriated

    And…..OJ is innocent. Haha.

  • Winter 2003 (Officer) Zhang Weiqun (the driver) had suffered carbon monoxide poisoning at the county’s Manping police station and subsequently suffered epilepsy as an after-effect. “Zhang Weiqun was issued a Level 8 Disability Certificate at the time.”
    This is from the article above.
    Epilepsy or brain damage from oxygen depletion while he was sleeping at his desk?
    Does anyone know what a Level 8 Disability Certificate actually mean? In the USA, so many people have handicap parking passes(and most of them could use the extra exercise/walking), who probably are not handicapped – so I wonder if a Level 8 disability actually means anything?
    If he did in fact have a disability, then there is no excuse for him being behind the wheel of a vehicle.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      If there’s a level 8, I’m assuming there are levels 1-7. So I’m gonna go on the assumption that level 8 is “What the hell are you even doing in a car?”

  • Can’t Drive

    Epileptics can have government responsibilities but they certainly can’t drive, unless they’ve gone a number of years without a seizure. Medication does not usually stop seizures completely.

    • Rick in China

      *exactly* true.

      Epilepsy & driving = dead people. Anyone who argues differently is a fool.

  • Markus P

    The police officer must have been a “temp”.

  • Mr. S.

    My fiancee has epilepsy. The description as dead on as far as what her seizures are like. I don’t think this was a hit, but involuntary manslaughter charges should be filed if they are available. I don’t know what the hell this guy was doing behind the wheel.

  • Zen my Ass

    What a unfortunate coincidence, that’s a case of selective incident I reckon.

  • JackYu

    Its not about just responsibility, but suitability for your job. In Germany you can’t work as a policeman if you have epilepsy and I am pretty sure there are similar exclusion criteria in most western countries, too. This has nothing to do with discrimination and applied for a whole number of jobs. Think about armed forces. Pilots, fire brigade, etc…