Philanthropist Gives Japanese Car Owners New Chinese Cars

Chen Guangbiao is waving the red flag and singing indulgently.

Chen Guangbiao is waving the red flag and singing indulgently.

From NetEase:

Chen Guangbiao Hosts “Wear A Green Hat” to Get A New Car Event

October 10th, [celebrity philanthropist] Chen Guangbiao spent 5 million of his own money to buy 43 car owners who had their Japanese brand cars smashed and vandalized during the recent protests over Diaoyu Islands dispute brand new domestic Chinese brand cars worth 125,000 each. At the scene of the event, Chen Guangbiao required of the car owners that wives put green hats on the husbands, to promote “green commuting”. [Note: “To wear a green hat” is a popular Chinese idiom that suggests the wearer’s spouse has been unfaithful to them.]

[Above] Chen Guangbiao waving the red Chinese national flag singing indulgently.

The crowd is enthusiastic, the audience at the scene is passionately interacting with Brother Biao.

The crowd is in high spirits, with spectators on the scene enthusiastically interacting with Brother Biao.

Chen Guangbiao is showing off his bicycle stunt on a car roof.

Chen Guangbiao showing off his bicycle skills on the roof of a car.

Chen Guangbiao is promoting “green commuting”.

Chen Guangbiao promoting “green commuting”.

Chen Guangbiao is wearing green from head to toe, personally hosting the event.

Chen Guangbiao wore green from head to toe and personally hosted the event.

Green coummting, starts from me.

Green commuting begins with me.

Brother Biao is giving a speech amiably.

Brother Biao is giving a speech amiably.

Chen Guangbiao changes cars for those whose Japanese cars were smashed, but needs the car owners to “wear green hats”.

Chen Guangbiao offers new cars to those whose Japanese cars were smashed and vandalized, but requires the car owners to “wear a green hat”.

Husbands wear yellow hats on their wives.

Husbands putting yellow hats on their wives, with a low-carbon lifestyle being everyone’s responsibility. [Note: The Chinese words on the hat say: Yellow warning sign.]

Wives wear green hats on their husbands.

Wives putting green hats on their husbands, with a green lifestyle beginning from the head [mindset].

Chen Guangbiao had presented the car keys to the car owners.

Chen Guangbiao presenting car keys to the car owners.

Car owners who have got a new car, big smiles are on their faces.

Car owners who have gotten a new car, beaming with happiness.

A fashionable couple who have got their new car.

A fashionable couple receiving their new car.

The new cars at the scene.

The new cars at the scene.

There are altogether 43 GEELY EMGRAND EC8 and EC7 at the scene, each one of its market price is 128,000 yuan.

There were altogether 43 Geely Emgrand EC8s and EC7s on site, each with a market value of 128,000 yuan.

Flying red flags and waves of singing at the scene.

There were lots of flying red flags and bursts of singing.

The new cars at the scene has become Brother Biao’s stage.

The new cars at the event became Brother Biao’s stage.

12 mobile exclusive trucks will be put into use for selling fresh air and grains.

A mobile sales truck for fresh air and grains, with 12 scheduled to be put into service.

Comments from NetEase:

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步兵 [网易黑龙江省伊春市网友]:

First of all, Chen hasn’t made a single cent from me, nor has he used a single cent of taxpayers’ money. Second, he is using his own influence, be it positive influence or negative influence, to influence a portion of the people. Although these actions of his are very likely for manufacturing hype and are publicity stunts, I still quite support it. Those who are saying bad things about him, hehe, I won’t comment on that.

城管局执法大队党支部书记 [网易泰国网友]: (responding to above)

This guy is a conman through and through, simply using these publicity stunts to get eyeballs, to then make it easier for himself to do business. Frankly, this guy has no real position/opinion, simply following wherever the wind of society blows. When one day we’re back on good terms with Japan, this bastard will then go to Japan to put on his shows.

网易福建省漳州市网友 ip:120.38.*.*:

Chen Guangbiao is NB

网易广东省广州市天河区网友 ip:218.19.*.*:

Required others to wear green hats… good idea…

寂寞地擦枪 [网易湖南省岳阳市网友]:

Did Geely sponsor this for free? Or did they pay an advertising fee?

网易江西省赣州市网友 ip:115.148.*.*:

Honda and Toyota have already offered zero expenditure compensation, who would make a fool of himself with this stupid cunt?
No Japanese car owners paid attention to him, instead, he has made Chinese cars the laughing stock, and the promotional stunts of domestic cars is still this vulgar.
In other words, those who drives a Geely are all clowns wearing a green hat.

中国湖北省大冶市网友 [网易上海市长宁区网友]:

To get an Emgrand [out of this] is still quite nice.

网易山西省朔州市网友 ip:124.167.*.*:

Even if this is a publicity stunt, he has still donated hundreds of millions of yuan to the country and society. How much have those who don’t engage in manufacturing hype donated?? Why is it that you guys ate shit one day and then suddenly everything you eat afterwards is also shit? A bunch of scumbags.

无耻混蛋O0o [网易辽宁省阜新市网友]:

That Giant bicycle seems to cost more than 50,000 yuan.

巭孬嫑夯昆勥芘 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

He’s simply a fraud.

钢o炮槽o棍 [网易福建省莆田市网友]: (responding to above)

What did he defraud you of? Idiot!

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:58.250.*.*:

Has some stinking money and now does ridiculous things all day long.

内交部发言人 [网易山西省朔州市网友]:

So niubi! A fool and genius at the same time! So harmonious!

淡定的Hold [网易广东省清远市网友]:

Brother Biao, I genuinely like you, but it’s really time for you to take some medicine.

ddd1889 [网易北京市网友]:

The cowards will starve to death, and the daring will be filled to bursting [the bold are rewarded]. The bigger one boasts the better, the more people who are hoodwinked the better, so that even if in the future he can’t carry on, there will still be important/powerful people who will support him simply for the sake of saving face. This is a time of hypocrites and hooligans!

陆廷武 [网易广东省惠州市网友]:

He’s a good man for doing this, using his own money to give you a new car. And people still criticize him for this? Sad.

不要太想我 [网易上海市网友]:

Stop making irresponsible remarks. If you have the balls, why don’t you take out your own money to compensate the car owners for their smashed cars? Yes, he does like creating a stir and being in the limelight, but what’s wrong with that? Did he use your money? Did he use taxpayers’ money? So what if it helps him do business? It’s still better than spending money advertising on CCTV!

飞天梦想家 [网易天津市网友]:

Chen Guangbiao is still a patriot. To benefit his business interests on one side and contribute to society on another, I think that’s rather reasonable, right? Because he’s a businessman.

网易四川省广元市网友 ip:182.147.*.*:

Using a hundred thousand [yuan] to lure people into wearing green hats~~~ is this counted as something to disgust people who buy Japanese cars? And what more, it’s the wives who are putting them on for them. What a fucking BT intention.

songc0 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Brother Biao!!! You’re awesome!!! [I] Support you!

wts1123 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Giant, is the speed control system produced by Japan’s Shimano? Sigh! Japanese products are everywhere, and you don’t have the ability to build it yourself, so better take a bath and go to bed [give it a rest]!

wang8102710 [网易湖北省黄冈市网友]:

Brother Biao takes the lead and wears the green hat, so what more need to be said, ding!

网易广西手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Many of us Chinese people are born by Wang Ba [tortoise, means someone is a gutless asshole], unwilling to put out money ourselves, yet when Boss Chen takes out his own money to compensate those car owners who suffered loss, they talk bullshit behind his back, so shameful!

wsm928915 [网易四川省广元市网友]:

When I saw the green hates, I definitely felt a bit awkward, but seeing Chen also wearing a green hat, I then understood that Chen’s actually just trying to convey the green theme and not that other people’s wives are cheating on them. China has so many rich people and wealthy enterprises, as well as so many state owned enterprises, but which of them have come out to do something patriotic or expressed even a bit of patriotism? Some of them are just waiting, but Chen here has done something that a conscientious entrepreneur does. I think it’s ultimately better than Chen giving money to those corrupted officials to use, right? I support this kind of entrepreneur. If all Chinese entrepreneurs were like this, could China not be powerful?

aiguono1 [网易浙江省宁波市海曙区网友]:

Geely Emgrands are good, and Chen Guangbiao is even better! Support Brother Biao’s patriotic, homeland-loving, and environment-loving behavior!

What do you think? Of Chen Guangbiao? Of him providing free new cars to Chinese car owners who had their Japanese branded cars damaged during the recent nationalistic protests and riots? Does his publicity stunts or business interests detract from his social philanthropy? Is he really selling canned air?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • cooter

    Gonna go buy a used Japanese beater and smash it. Free Chinese car! Yay!

    • BigJ

      I think you’re better off with the Japanese beater…

    • anon

      Better not. His offer was only valid for those who have police documentation evidencing that they were smashed in the riots and were already followers of his weibo before his announcement of this offer.

  • BigJ

    What a tool. This guy looks like someone is after his lucky charms. What’s with the green suit. :)

    • vincent

      haha yeah that is one ugly suit, he sure does look like a giant leprechaun, if the car companies are offering compensation to the car owners that were affected during the riots, what’s the point of him doing this?
      A publicity stunt most definitely. I wish people like him would use their money to worthier causes like improving the level of education in rural areas of China or other such activities that actually benefit society, selling canned air is a retarded concept and anyone who buys into that is doubly retarded.

      • Cynic

        President Skroob buys fresh air in a can. Bet chen guangbiao’s suitcase combo is 1-2-3-4-5

  • BigJ

    Who wants a Chinese made car??? That a pretty big step down from a Japanese to a Chinese car. It’s like going from kobe beef to a bowl of white rice.

    • vincent

      What the heck is an emgrand anyway and who comes up with these names, it sounds similar to ‘ge-li’ which Malaysian Chinese use for the word disgusting.

      • hess

        it’s Geely emgrand, and it will start selling in the EU very soon (if it hasnt already)

        • vincent

          It has started selling in the EU but the interiors are not upto EU standards, the interior dashboard and glove compartment being flimsy along with some other issues that need to be addressed for it to compete with any European standard cars.

          • BigJ

            It might be good for the EU, business will go up ten fold at mechanic shops:)

          • anon

            Not unexpected. A lot of American and Japanese cars have localized their offerings in the EU, and end up costing more than they do domestically as a result. Chinese cars will compete on price as the new entrant, just as Japanese and Korean brands did when they started. If they can establish and build a market, then they’ll go upscale for higher profit products, just as Japanese and Korean brands have.

          • vincent

            Oh I get that and the current economic climate in the EU is anything but favorable so economical cars should see good sales however in the case of the layman that doesn’t know much about the technical aspects of the car, they would think of the car as being inferior to similar cars due to the stereotype that Chinese products have, they will have to work hard to promote the car and convince consumers that they are indeed buying a quality product.
            See this comment for an idea of what I’m talking about, the car still has a ways to go, but seeing as they’re taking big strides in safety and such, I think they’ll get there in time

      • Fire

        ge-li (geli) is also a an expression in Malay which means disgusting. Its a play on word we believe.

      • donscarletti

        My favourite brandname is 荣威 (Roewe), it is pronounced “Róngwēi” in Chinese. I can see the marketing campaign now: “Experience driving the Wrong Way!”

        • vincent

          hahaha yeah I’ve seen that brand never thought of the name in that sense, I’m going to have some fun with this :D

        • anon

          Haha, that’s a great observation, I never noticed that before.

      • Paul

        I’m sure the name is a bad copy of the Nissan “Elgrand”. Which probably is supposed to mean something along the lines of “El Grand” “The Great” or whatever.

      • donscarletti

        Oh, and by the way, “Geely” in Chinese is “吉利” (Pinyin: “Jílì”), it means “auspicious”, or “lucky”. Corny as hell I know, but then again LG stands for “Lucky Goldstar”.

        • Elf Queen

          I always thought it means Life is Good.

    • BigJ

      A buddy of mine just bought one of these cars maybe 3 months ago and the transmittion is already shot. He thought maybe the fluid was leaking and it was just grinding and slipping gears. Turns out it’s just a piece of shit transmittion/car.

      This girl I know bought one of them grey mini van things I see everywhere in china. I don’t know the brand, the symbol looks like the star trek symbol lol. Anyway, same thing happened. The tranny went in it after a few months. Why someone would by a chinese car I will never know. Other then the price. Any chinese I know that can afford something other then Chinese make will buy something else. They are not stupid.

      • anon

        Not unexpected when Chinese cars aren’t exactly known for quality or reliability. Doesn’t rule out user error though, especially if we’re talking about manual transmissions.

        Yeah, it boils down to price. It’s the only thing they can compete on at the moment and there’s still a business in economy cars. What remains to be seen is if they’ll progress out of it like the Japanese and Koreans have. I think they will.

        • BigJ

          The van was a standard but the geely was an automatic.

      • xiaopengyou

        They’re called the “Chang’An Star” (长安星). And yea, it does look like the Star Trek logo :-) . They’re one of the cheapest cars you could buy in China, around 30,000 RMB. It’s a noisy rough riding unsafe bucket of bolts on wheels. But it’s one of the best selling cars in China (if not the).

      • snicker

        Transmission’s the hardest part to design on a car…and the main reason why China is pushing for electric vehicle development here…They just can’t catch up in the transmission game.

    • anon

      If its free…? It’s more like a free bowl of white rice you can still eat versus kobe beef that’s no longer edible. Yes, these people would prefer a Japanese car, but no point in being ungracious. Free is free.

      • BigJ

        True, im sure they are grateful. But do you think he actually gave all these people cars? It looks like a set up stunt to me.

        • anon

          It could be, I don’t know. There are Chinese netizens who think so, but we need proof, right? We know he has the money, has the track record for giving away money and doing publicity stunts, but would he really risk undermining his image and reputation by engaging in fraud? We’d need someone who was following him on Weibo and had their car totaled who then also applied for this offer but was somehow rejected to come out and expose him. The nature of this may make that hard, or maybe he’s legit. We need proof. It’s one thing to dislike his methods and the personality behind it, but I won’t call him a fraud without more substantial proof.

    • elizabeth

      That’s pretty good if the alternative is nothing or a bowl of rice.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Hmmm, he’s the same guy who bought this ad in the NYT to “raise public awareness” about the Diaoyu issue, isn’t it ? Wouldn’t trust the mother fucker. Plus according to a chinese report published on BJcream, some models were planted into the group of supposedly prejudiced drivers. Anyway, one should never trust a guy with a square top.

    • anon

      That’s the speculation, but he’s done that before.

  • TrickyNishidake

    Hmmm, I never knew that Japanese car companies were offering compensation.

    • anon

      I’m confused about that too. Does anyone have any additional information on the “zero-expenditure compensation” claim in that one Chinese netizen’s comment? I can’t imagine the Japanese manufacturers providing compensation for cars damaged by others. That’s for the insurance companies, not the car-makers themselves.

  • Jahar

    A real philanthropist wouldn’t be putting on a show like a clown, and would be helping people who need it.

  • xiaopengyou

    So lets get this straight. A bunch of angry Chinese smash japanese cars owned by 43 fellow Chinese. Instead of tracking down and arresting those responsible, the authorities and insurance companies do nothing to help the victims. So these victims who are fellow Chinese lost their cars (and suffer injuries) for no reason other than misguided hatred.

    Now along comes brother Brother Biao to the rescue and hands out much lower cost/quality Chinese-made cars as compensation. And these people are happy?

    What kind of propaganda is this?

    • Gay_Chevara

      They are happy because they are in the Motherland. All Chinese people are happy, don’t you know that??

    • anon

      Why do you think the authorities and insurance companies aren’t helping the victims? Last I read, the authorities were searching and arresting those responsible, and you can bet the insurance companies would be keen on that because it’s money coming out of their pockets.

      Most people would be happy getting a free car.

      It’s propaganda, but its Chen Guangbiao propaganda, not state-sponsored propaganda.

      • BigJ

        Yeah I don’t think insurance covers acts of nationalism or stupidity. :)

        • anon

          Do you have an insurance contract? Vandalism is vandalism, and I’d be surprised if insurance contracts specifically anticipated and excluded “acts of nationalism”. Other people hitting you could be considered “stupidity” but that’s still covered in insurance policies.

          It’s also possible some people only have liability insurance. I’ve never purchased car insurance in China so I don’t know if they have liability-only insurance.

          • Rick in China

            There is a basic insurance requirement, but it’s extremely basic. Most people I know only purchase basic insurance – the required insurance – and you basically aren’t covered for anything like vandalism or many situations where your car is damaged, but can purchase that type of additional insurance if you want. The basic insurance is also extremely limited in the amount it covers – that may vary depending on the insurance provider, but that’s why some drivers hitting expensive cars are in the hole for hundreds of thousands of RMB they can’t afford to pay out of pocket.

          • BigJ

            In china, you should get full coverage. I do know that insurance companies will try anything to get out of paying you. And im sure it’s way worse in China. They could say something like” since it was a protest, we will not cover that.|” They will pull some fucked up shit like that. Half the reason is because of insurance fraud. For example if I have fire and theft but no colllision and I hit someone and take off before he sees me. Then I just take my car out somewhere and burn it. Tell the police it was stolen. People do that kind of shit all the time. At least around those lines.

          • anon

            @disqus_WSNiMSjDaU:disqus @rickinchina:disqus Thanks for the answers. I suspect a lot of Chinese drivers just have basic insurance, which would mean Chen Guangbiao and his free car offer is even more of a godsend for them. I’d definitely be happy if I was unjustly screwed out of my car and now some rich billionaire is offering me a free one.

          • Cynic

            My wife had her car window smashed, license plates stolen, items stolen from inside the car with no insurance coverage.

            I have driven my car drunk into a wall. No police report and claimed it. Because of relationship (guanxi). I had no problem.

            China is just fucked. No order. I should have had to pay for it on my own. Not having to has just taught me how to cheat better. What a fucking institution.

            I’m pretty sure If they don’t have coverage for basic theft then they don’t have coverage for vandalism, mob violence or acts of Shang di.

          • anon

            This is an example of why many Chinese people don’t take our Western moralizing seriously, because there are too many instances of us doing the same thing when it comes to it.

          • Cynic

            I could deal with a bit more western moralizing. In fact i would say one of my day to day challenges living in china is to retain the part of me that my parents would be proud if. However racist and presumptuous I want to say that Chinese could deal with a bit more western moralization

          • anon

            I agree that the Chinese can learn a lot from us and what we learned over time ourselves, but I don’t think its hard to see that hypocrisy on a large scale and an individual scale erodes the moral high ground that any moralizing depends on.

            We often scoff at the Chinese netizens who moralize by remarking that they would do the same thing if they were in the same situation (ie they were a government official). That sort of suspicion and skepticism I think applies to us all the same.

            Moralizing to the extent that we’re still vocally expressing expectations of things being better is still good. It’s better than people not contributing to the social atmosphere of higher expectations, but I don’t think what I said was wrong nor do I think people should be upset by it. It’s very true that people take someone less seriously when they’re seen as hypocritical. What we should do is avoid hypocrisy as much as we can. That’s a sort of Western moralizing itself, isn’t it?

  • moop
    • moop

      a little more on the story at the link above

      • vincent

        Thanks for the link moop, he should have spent some of that money on hiring decent actors and coming up with a good cover story, but he does have some skill on a bike haha

  • MoralDrift

    amusingly stupid

  • Terrik

    On one hand, it’s great they get a new car. On the other hand…this guy is a total clown and it almost feels like a parody.

  • elizabeth

    This guy is intriguing because he is such a controversial philanthropist. On one hand, he has donation so much directly to the beneficiaries and, on the other hand, he is flamed for his high profile methods.

    As of now, I think he is NB. He practices what he preaches both in business and charity. He is in the recycling business and this green hat requirement can mean many things – ‘go easy on the environment’, ‘don’t betray your country’ (by supporting foreign car makers and not your own) or ‘even forget about face and expose your unfaithful spouse’.

    I think he is a genius publicist on those counts because he draws attention to charity in a country much in need of more philanthropists, is loyal to his country, encourages going green and is not afraid of being ridiculed for sticking to his principles.

    I am very curious as to why he is so unpopular since he is doing so much in many fronts. I have yet to find one criticism of him that is well articulated with good reasons. Granted, I am sceptical when people who show off their donations/charitable acts, but in his case, I am inclined to give him the benefit of doubt because great causes require great publicity…and he does it the hands on way.

    I particularly like his ‘bare donation’ style.

    Way to go Mr Chen!

    • MoralDrift

      I think its just that he looks like a goofball….and who the hell cares what country your car comes from if it runs?

    • Ruffled Feathers

      “He is in the recycling business and this green hat requirement can mean
      many things – ‘go easy on the environment’, ‘don’t betray your country’
      (by supporting foreign car makers and not your own)…”

      Yeah, that about sums it up. Someones else on here drew the comparison of wearing a green hat meaning unfaithful to betraying the country by driving a foreign car. As MoralDrift wrote above, who cares where your car is from? It’s this vehemently nationalist mentality that is so poisonous to the Chinese psyche. Some food for thought: liking foreign things is not treason!

      • Cynic

        Liking foreign things is racist.

      • anon

        So now they’re wearing green hats driving and getting photographed in Chinese-made cars? That doesn’t make sense.

        I know more than a few Chinese netizens got the same wishful thinking notion that Chen Guangbiao is using the green hats to say something about buying or driving Japanese cars but I think that’s a stretch. I think it’s just a silly idea that would easily grab Chinese people’s attention because of the saying and some people are overestimating any nationalistic ulterior motives in symbolism.

        The guy is a patriot. He’s ultimately broadcasting that these people are innocent and they shouldn’t have lost their cars simply because they were Japanese brands. He’s giving away a free car, and as a patriot, why wouldn’t it make sense for him to give away a domestic brand? He’s not asking people to give up their fully-functioning Japanese cars for Chinese cars. He’s offering to give them a free Chinese car because they suffered an injustice. His money, his choice of car. Since he’s a patriot, makes sense for him to promote a Chinese car. Geely or Emgrand may have even given him a wholesale price for all we know. It’d be nice if he replaced their Japanese cars with Japanese cars, but that would only achieve the effect of a Chinese person recognizing that an injustice was done, and lose the patriotic message he’s trying to promote. We know his stance. He doesn’t seem to be telling people to boycott Japanese products, just promoting Chinese products. No harm there, is there? Any more than something like Buy USA?

        • vincent

          It would make a lot more sense for him to visit those who were really affected by those stupid protests such as that fellow who was nearly beaten to death by that SOB, wonder if they caught him yet and whether the other guy is alright, having a possession damaged is not a big thing but what happened to the victim of that attack could put his family through some very hard times, those are the people that really need some help.

          • anon

            There are a lot of things that anyone can say makes a lot more sense for anyone to do. I don’t find him making a statement that it’s wrong to vandalize other people’s property just because they were Japanese brands lacks sense. I think its one thing that is very deserving of attention and promotion in China. Sure, it’d be nice if he went to visit the people who were themselves bodily injured, but there’s always something we can say is more deserving of being done. Should those of us who donate money or supplies in the aftermath of a disaster be criticized by people saying we should instead go visit those people who were injured in the disaster? That’s not realistic.

            This guy does publicity stunts for personal gain too. He’s marrying the two. It’s corporate social responsibility or corporate philanthropy. He’s making himself look good in addition to helping others for free. This completely makes sense.

          • vincent

            He could tone down his self promotion a bit though, he tends to go overboard with it.

          • anon

            On that I completely agree, he’s shameless and over-the-top. I dislike that about him but I still think he’s done some good is all. No profit in not being fair to him.

          • vincent

            I agree with you on that he has done quite a bit of good and he definitely deserves the praise that comes with that.

  • mr.wiener

    Hey Ma, look at me everyone! I’m giving away cars!!. Causes be damned , this guy is an arse clown who cares more for his face than for any of the charities he gives to.

    • elizabeth

      Would you like to elaborate with examples? I’d really like to know why he is detested so much.

      • BigJ

        It’s all theatrics to promote himself.

        • elizabeth

          He could have paid others to blow his horn and look dignified in the process but why be a clown if face is what he wanted?

          • BigJ

            He seem to me like “a center of attention” kind of guy.

      • Bob Loblaw

        The pun with the green hat is unclear to me. The way I understand it, he’s mocking people who chose to buy a japanese product buy making them wear the green hat of shame. Meaning the’ve been unfaithful to their country by choosing 小日本’s products. It seens like a pretty jerky thing to do, patronizing people like that. dui bu dui ?

        • elizabeth

          对, 有可能。可是这只是我们的想发,不一定是真的。如果喔会了他,不等依浪费指持做好事和慈善的机会吗?
          Pardon my Chinese…

        • anon

          The green hat is just a gimmick because of its instant recognition with Chinese people. It just happens to support his eco-environmental promotional messages. If he wanted to make a subversive symbolic mockery of people who chose to drive Japanese cars, it wouldn’t make sense to have them then drive around and be photographed in their new Chinese cars. I think that’s reading too much into it but to be fair, even some Chinese netizens have thought of that. From a marketing perspective, however, that’s too big of a risk. It risks alienating the people you’re supposedly giving a car to, and you just end up looking petty. Chen Guangbiao may be okay with looking stupid and being a clown, but so far reports don’t suggest that he’s a Japanese hater. He’s fashioned himself a patriot, not a hateful nationalist.

    • mr.wiener

      I particularly dislike him because of the time he came to Taiwan and was giving out hongbao to Taiwan’s “poor”. I’m not disputing there are poor people in Taiwan, But this guy is from China ferChrist’s sake. It was all a big publicity stunt with overtones of dumarsed Chinese nationalism that I found kind of offensive.

      • elizabeth

        I see. I will make a U-turn if he enters politics. Until then, freebies are good for those who need it.

  • Aituo

    This is the same man who smashed up scooters to promote his fresh air product. Then he gives back to the people who had their things smashed for being Japanese.

    It seems to me he is saying. “Destruction is OK, as it is something I don’t like.

    • anon

      That’s a stretch. He didn’t advocate the smashing of Japanese cars. He’s not smashing a Japanese car here. He smashed a scooter just like anyone else does a publicity stunt involving destruction, just to get attention. His attention-grabber here is giving away free cars explicitly saying these people who had their Japanese cars smashed suffered an injustice. If he advocates the destruction of Japanese cars, why would he so obviously demonstrate that these people suffered a loss and deserve compensation?

      • BigJ

        well I don’t know man….it almost seems like he putting the idea out there that smashing the japanese cars was not a bad thing. “look, you have your jap car smashed, well that’s ok. i’ll give you a free chinese car.” And what’s up with the 10,000 chinese flags everywhere?? This is nationalism. He doesn’t have to smash Japanese cars, People already did that.

        • anon

          I really don’t see what he’s doing that seems like he’s putting the idea out that smashing Japanese cars was not a bad thing. I don’t see how giving them a Chinese car for free puts that idea out either. If he was giving the people who smashed the Japanese cars a free Chinese car for it, then yeah, but this? It doesn’t connect for me.

          Yeah, he has a lot of Chinese flags everywhere, but how does that cross from patriotism to nationalism or, specifically, destructive nationalism? Simply having a bunch of Chinese flags doesn’t mean you advocate smashing Japanese cars.

          Seeing a person with a Chinese flag and thinking he thinks its okay to smash Japanese cars is as irrational, illogical, and unreasonable as seeing a person with a Japanese car and thinking they’re a traitor to their country. There has to be something more substantial. Otherwise we’re just acting on our prejudices.

          • BigJ

            I just think why he cares so much about this? Don’t get me wrong, this is just my own speculation. This guy seems to have gone through alot of trouble and money to prove a point. And what is his point? turning people “green”. Well if that is what is trying to say then why give everyone something that pollutes? Or just being a super nice guy that feels bad about people cars being smashed? could be. Or trying to make people stick to Chinese brands. Which is another form of protesting against Japan. I don’t know man :) But I will say your points are very good and more reasonable then mine. :) I just have a hard time trusting people like that to do good things without some kind of motive that being political or personal or both.

          • anon

            The point of his publicity stunt is self-promotion, of himself and by extension his company and the environmental products he makes and markets. Like any normal person, he also cares about or notices a lot of other things. He noticed that some people had their Japanese cars unjustly destroyed in the riots, and that it was known by many throughout China. He then decided there was an opportunity in that. So he designed this publicity stunt to leverage it.

            So how does he marry his self-interests with helping some poor Japanese car owners? This is what he came up with. New cars for the poor owners who lost theirs. New Chinese cars to be patriotic and avoid nationalistic loons from finding something to criticize him over and thus sabotage his publicity stunt. A silly gimmick involving green hats and green clothing to promote “green” environmental awareness, which happens to be what his company is involved in. Lots of cameras and media. Putting his products on the side for exposure.

            We may dislike how he promotes himself and his company but it works. A lot of people in China know who he is. If he thinks the return on investment is worth it, then so be it. We can continue thinking he’s a dork and he obviously doesn’t care. He’s still rich and seemingly happy being the way he is and all of this may be making him richer and even happier.

            I don’t think the Chinese have gotten to the point where a car is seen as an inherent polluting evil. I think like most people, they certainly understand that a car can pollute but it’s still an overall benefit, and some cars pollute more than others. So I don’t think there’s something obviously nonsensical about him promoting green and then giving them a car. It makes sense in this context because its leveraging the opportunity of making whole those people who were unjustly deprived of their cars due to some other Chinese people’s nationalistic stupidity. That act of charity is more relevant and attention-grabbing than making sure every aspect of his publicity stunt is totally “green”.

            Remember when he smashed an ELECTRIC scooter to protest lead contamination? Even though electric scooters are usually considered a more environmentally friendly form of transportation overall compared to gas-powered? I don’t think Chen Guangbiao is thinking the act of giving a car is his main environmental message. His environmental message is in the green hat and clothing gimmick piggybacking this act of generosity.

            The sedans are fine. The only way it would be obviously nonsensical was if this was in America and someone was trying to promote environmental friendliness by giving people Hummers (you know what I mean). In China, that might be nonsensical too, but these are family sedans. They’re not associated with pollution so they fit in fine with the environmental message.

            Overall, it’d be inaccurate and even unfair to not acknowledge that this is indeed a publicity stunt for self-interest and not just altruism, as well as the fact that there are multiple considerations involved. What we can’t fault Chen Guangbiao for is being honest about it. He doesn’t pretend he’s not after the publicity. We’re left with just not liking him for wanting it or how he goes about getting it.

          • Rick in China

            You’re also missing an important component here – Geely. I would absolutely not be surprised if Geely itself took part in this spectacle to promote their new model cars. If it was TRULY about environmentalism combined with nationalism (domestic products) he would have bought BYD hybrid/EV cars, not Geely petrol cars.

          • anon

            If you’re addressing me, I mentioned its entirely possible that Geely was involved in another comment here, that they may have even given Chen Guangbiao a wholesale price, or even free.

            I don’t think his choice of car severely discounts his environmentalism message. He’s selling canned air and grain products. He’s not a super green nut. He doesn’t think down to the minutest details to ensure his publicity stunt environmentalism message is airtight. Just look at the canned air electric bike smashing example.

          • Cynic

            Death to the Vanguard Chen Guangbiao! Our sister and brothers truly live in shame due to his actions!!!

      • Aituo

        Anon, he showed before that it was perfectly acceptable to destroy something because he didn’t like it. I find the situation related because destruction begets destruction.

        Before he showed an example of destroying something. Soon after he was giving back to the people who had something destroyed.

        The reason I find this quite backwards is because he lead by example and then showed how generous he was by giving back after other people followed him. It is a bit twisted.

        • anon

          I’m not ready to accept that anyone who destroys something in a publicity stunt means they think it is perfectly acceptable to destroy things in general. That’s an unreasonable stretch.

          You’re saying him taking a sledgehammer to an electric scooter in a publicity stunt about lead contamination from lead batteries is a direct cause for ignorant rioters vandalizing Japanese branded cars? That he led by example? That those rioters were all inspired by Chen Guangbiao’s smashing of an e-bike? You must be joking. This will become reductio ad absurdum.

          • Xiu

            Dude! You are so missing the point. It’s not that he’s publicizing the ‘smashing’ of things, it’s that he’s rewarding the victims with nationalist rewards. Rewards that nobody gives a damn about other than nationalists and the party, which leads to ‘ultra-nationalism’. If I rewarded you with a bottle of California wine because your Champagne was smashed by nationalists, would that be fair compensation? Cali wine might be good by itself, but these people bought Japanese cars for their reliability and advanced tech. This chump is basically saying that by buying prudently you have betrayed the country… he’s a fk’n douchebag by any approximation on the term.

  • themig

    Chinese need to start vandalizing Japanese women instead of japanese cars just like the african men already do see above

    • BigJ

      Them African are at it again. :)

  • hun

    That’s like smashing a ps3 then later giving them a ps2 who the fuck would be happy LOL

    • BigJ

      haha,more like a super nintendo

      • BigJ

        wait super nintendo was pretty cool…more like one of them knock off gaming systems chinese people make. Slony Laystation or something. lol

        • Brad Prichard

          Let’s go with a 3DO!

    • anon

      No, its like having your ps3 smashed by ONE person and then ANOTHER person feeling sorry for you and giving you a ps2 for free. I’d still be happy. Wouldn’t you?

      • hun

        No, i wouldnt?

      • Bob Loblaw

        Like BigJ said earlier, this analogy would not be entirely correct. PS2 is still a solid product, made by the same japanese brand and yes I’d be happy to get one since it has so many good games compared to a ps3.

        Now If we follow our green friend’s logic, we would get free Polystation 3 in replacement. Then I wouldn’t be so happy.

        • anon

          I understand. We’re focusing on a different aspect of the analogy. As far as I know, the Emgrands are still reasonably functional transportation appliances, just like probably most of the Japanese cars that were smashed. They may have lower build quality and materials, so yes, you can substitute PS2 for some other video game system that has lower build quality and materials. However, for their basic function (getting a person from point A to B in an enclosed cabin running on petrol), I’d say a car is a car.

          My disagreement with hun is not giving credit to the fact that this is someone who isn’t responsible for your ps3 being smashed giving you something that does almost everything that the ps3 does, for free. Maybe its not as reliable or pretty or well-built, but it does its practical job. And its free. Credit where credit is due.

  • vincent

    Is everyone Bob Loblaw today?

    • Bob Loblaw

      Malkovitch ? Malkovitch malkovitch, malkovitch…

  • BigJ

    I think all the people were payed to come and look they got a car. No one actually got a car. That’s most likely what happened. It looks like a got a few KTV girls to come.

    • anon

      Entirely possible with publicity stunts. Could be hard to prove though.

      • vincent

        This reeks of a publicity stunt and not surprisingly the evidence attests to that fact, see the link that moop has posted below.

        • anon

          It’s obviously a publicity stunt. No one disputes that. The question is whether or not it was a fraud. Did anyone get a car as advertised?

          There’s no “evidence” regarding that in the JSBC report. There is cause to be suspicious about some of the attendees, specifically several pretty ladies in high heels. They could be planted, maybe because some claimants didn’t bring their wives, or maybe they don’t have wives, and Chen Guangbiao wants to do his wives and husbands putting hats on each other thing for the cameras. It’s part of his stunt and if some people don’t have a wife, maybe he employed some stand-ins so his show would go as planned. He’s hired pretty ladies for his publicity stunts before. This wouldn’t be a first.

          Furthermore, if you understand Chinese, the interview with the guy who says he arrived late is also not as suspicious as it looks when transcripted. There’s nothing inherently suspicious with a guy arriving late and not being sure how the event will unfold, or having a hard time carrying on an interview when someone is on a loudspeaker talking throughout it behind him. You can hear it.

          I’m not ruling out that its all a fraud. That’s why I said its entirely possible. I just don’t see any compelling evidence proving it. “Common sense” may dictate some suspicions, but common sense also reminds us to have definitive proof before making definite conclusions.

          My personal impression is that this guy is big on publicity stunts but I haven’t seen evidence of fraud from him yet.

          • vincent

            True true in any case he’s done quite a bit of good anyway so he can be given the benefit of the doubt.

  • nolly

    …and l was thinking that a green hat meant one’s woman was sleeping with the entire community in chinese?

  • nolly

    it shoulda been better if he was encouraging thme to use bikes instead there are just way too many people in china

  • Rick in China

    I wonder if his requirement extended further than just having them wear the green hat, but make it a truth – and requiring those wives to provide him some service in exchange for their cars.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I guess it’s ok that the guy bought them Chinese cars in order to not provoke public outrage, though the injustice and unfairness of having those Japanese cars vandalized still grates on me.

    I feel like the guy did a good thing, but in order to truly make a statement about justice he could’ve bought them Japanese cars just show the ignorant masses that you don’t give in to mob mentality even after the mob is gone.

    Seems like a proper compromise, which is all that we can expect in a world with idiots who smash fellow Chinese people’s cars for the wrong reasons.

    • BigJ

      Nice answer man. And you get an extra brownie point if you’re Chinese. :)

    • anon

      Agree, a proper compromise. If he bought them Japanese cars, the nationalistic elements and their outrage would overshadow his other messages, one of which is that these people shouldn’t have had their cars vandalized at all and a Chinese person (him) recognizes that.

      • BigJ

        Or he could be saying” You had your car vandalized because you had a Japanese make. So here, take this Chinese car and that shit won’t happen again” I just have a hard time beliving that someone would give everyone a new car because of an injustice to them. I can belive that he would do it to prove the point that buying Japanese cars is wrong and should have bought a Chinese car to begin with.

        • anon

          That’s a speculative stretch. As I said elsewhere, he hasn’t really made a name for himself being anti-Japanese products. He’s not giving everyone a new car just because it’s an injustice. He’s giving them a new car because a lot of people recognize it as an injustice and therefore he has an opportunity to gain publicity with them by doing something related to it.

          I know you and some others can believe he’s Chinese and therefore must have some sort of Chinese nationalistic anti-Japanese ulterior motive, but I think that’s just prejudice. I can only agree that he’s pro-Chinese and patriotic, but I don’t think we can accuse him of being specifically anti-Japanese from what we see here or from the past reports. I think that’s just seeing what you want to see. If an American billionaire bought some domestic American cars for people who had lost their foreign cars, would we be so ready to accuse him of hating foreign cars and thinking that buying foreign cars is wrong? Patriotism doesn’t automatically mean hating foreign brands.

          Until he actually criticizes anyone for buying a Japanese car, I’m not going to buy into that. That’s just trying to fit him into a narrative we want to maintain. I understand it is POSSIBLE that this is some backhanded way of saying these people should’ve bought a Chinese car in the first place, but that’s too much of a stretch. You usually don’t spend large sums of money rewarding people for a behavior you’re critical of.

          And again, he’s not making one single point here. You can’t try to understand this only though one angle, as that would allow you to inaccurately criticize him. This entire publicity stunt conveys several different messages. That it was unjust for these people to have lost their cars in the riots is just one of them. His other messages is simple self-promotion of his environmentalism and his company’s products. He’s commercially exploiting an opportunity that stupid Chinese nationalist vandals have provided him. It can even be argued that this is an example of the “rational patriotism” that the government started promoting after all the destructive riots. He’s righting a wrong, and being patriotic in doing so, without being anti-Japanese.

          • andrewfx51

            He actually went over and helped (sort of) after the tsunami in Japan

  • donscarletti

    Changing Japanese cars for Chinese cars makes you a “philanthropist”?

    I would have thought the word “villain”, “malefactor” or even “boogieman” would come to mind more readily.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      In China, basically, dude’s got money and he’s doing ‘nice things’, not necessarily doing nice things with his money, but whatever. This makes him a philanthropist over here.

      • donscarletti

        The guy is giving out shitty cars, then he is ceremoniously sticking green hats on them all. Did he fuck all of their wives beforehand or does he just want us to think that?

        Seriously, fuck you Chen Guangbiao. Are those your mistresses in the 8th picture? I’m going to make you wear a green hat for each one of them I seduce.

        • BigJ

          lol. If someone is going to give me a free car, i’ll let him put a green hat on me.:) Shit, i’ll even do the hokey pokey and shake it all about. Though after I get that car, I would sell it and put the money towards a real car. :)

        • Xiu

          Like I mentioned above, the green hat seems to me symbolic of ‘cheating’ on the country (by buying Japanese)

    • anon

      No, he already IS a philanthropist. That’s his identity and replacing destroyed Japanese cars with brand new free Chinese cars is just what he did this time.

      • donscarletti

        This guy gives money and goods in order to make people watch his stupid, self-gratifying performances. There is nothing altruistic here, just supply and demand.

        If he had less money, I would suspect he would be out wearing a trenchcoat exposing himself to unsuspecting women.

        • anon

          Maybe so, but that’s just speculation. If you’re going to bring up altruism, we’d have to have a philosophical discussion on whether or not it really exist. Frankly, all philanthropy or charity involves self-gratification and corporate versions are even more tied to self-interests.

          Some do philanthropy and charity quietly, others don’t, but they do so to send a message and still create public awareness of something. Yes, some people do it for validation and vanity, but I can still acknowledge the good that any act does or the good messages that any act sends just because its documented and promoted. Those acts may do bad and they may send bad messages too, but I don’t think it is necessary for the good to make up for the bad or the bad to bring down for the good. They are what they are.

  • Ruffled Feathers

    Yeah I agree this looks like a publicity stunt, and a really bad one. Plus, it is a really shitty deal to get an inferior Chinese brand after your Honda Accord has been totaled by the ‘love the motherland’ rent-a-mob. In any case, at least it shows this country has so much more potential to keep sinking further and further into depravity.

  • Ruffled Feathers

    Man, he’s really short.

  • BigJ

    One thing is for sure……He has a hair cut you can set your watch to.

  • vincent

    Wouldn’t his monkey tricks on top of the cars cause scratches or something? That being said why weren’t pictures taken and brought by the owners of the cars that were damaged during the riots to prove that they suffered a monetary loss, what makes this story believable anyway?
    He wants people to go green and in another article on CSmack he destroys electric scooter which are more environmentally friendly than cars in the first place, this guy needs to find something useful to do other than selling gimmicks.

  • BigJ

    So captain China is just a four foot tall leprechaun……

  • vincent

    If this guy really wants publicity I think he should sport a mohawk!

  • Gontraf

    Surfing the crap wave of nationalism and xenophobia… I would smile if it wasn’t for the taste of bile at the back of my throat.

  • Guest

    Nice comments!Vincent!

    • vincent

      Why, thank you Guest! :)

  • cc


  • Hana

    For his green hat and wearing, it seems a little ridiculous. Totally a show of his style! I hope he’d better to spend his money on others, such as supply more bikes in the city for free. It is more meaningful than sending new cars.

  • diverdude7

    I’d rather he not stand on top of my car. He got his idea for a suit from watching ‘Dumb and Dumber’. ;-)

    • gumiho

      I was going to say the same thing. With cars these days,that’s like walking on a trampoline.

  • Does the giving away of new cars, even Chinese death trap pieces of crap, to wealthy Chinese motivated out of racist hatred really qualify one as a philanthropist in China? It’s a sick world out there if it does!

    I suggest changing the title to “Stupid Racist Chinese Bigot Rich Guy gives away new.. blah blah blah.”

    • Oh yeah, nice Taiwanese bicycle he was riding. Isn’t Taiwan supposed to be the enemy as well? Or does China have all it’s guns pointed at the little island country for a different reason?

  • hehehehh

    well i would take that shitty chinese car if they gave me extra money or they let me keep my japanese car too.

    how can you compare a good japanese car like toyota to shitty xiongmao or byd crap.

  • xoxo xi

    Wives who wear green hat which is basically admitting that their husband s cheating on them can get a free car.this guy is so cool for promoting social acceptance to infidelity.

    • xoxo xi

      Most of us agree that chinese products are substandard and i doubt they themselves do not know it.jap cars are better than chinese xars?yes.this philantrophist has a weird way in publicize himself and it works over there.they seem like having a good time.people got a brand new disposable cars..the green suited guy satify his vanity cravings..they prove to the japs chinese are living a happy life wothout them..products..their nationalistic egos are boost by xx %.its a happy event.

      I just dont get how it became a cause for a healthy environment since more scrapz of junks is bad for it is more possible that he was promoting honesty and open communication for couples..

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Might as well hand them cyanide capsules. Good luck.

  • Those lime green suits bro,

  • zz

    this is called marketing. if you COMMUNISTS don’t understand it, that is your loss. I believe what the man did is genius. It is straight out of Sir Richard Branson’s playbook. At the end of the day, nobody gets hurt by this, why hate on the guy? Jealousy? Ignorance?

    • MoralDrift

      its because he looks like an uber tool bag

  • Cleo

    I think he’s sweet for caring about the car owners and bold for putting himself in the public eye which means the Japanese and German radar.

    And he’s from Nanjing and he must be proud of that heritage. No matter what foreign media “reports,” this IS about defending against a reinvasion and further rapes of our children.

    They’re beasts.

    Recall shock for Toyota owners

    Agence France-Presse and Staff Reporter

    Thursday, October 11, 2012

    Hong Kong owners of several Toyota models were stunned yesterday when asked to to return their vehicles for checks.Japan’s leading automaker had earlier ordered the global recall of 7.43 million vehicles, including its popular Camry and Corolla models, over a possible fire risk.The recall, owing to a fault found with electric windows, amounts to slightly more vehicles than Toyota sold worldwide in its fiscal year to March.The affected models manufactured from 2005 to 2010 include the Corolla, Camry, RAV4 sport utility vehicle, the Matrix hatchback, Vitz and Yaris subcompacts, the Scion xA and xD, the Highlander and Sequoia SUVs and the Tundra pickup truck.A third of the vehicles were sold in the United States, another third in China and Europe, with the rest sold in Japan, Canada, Australia and the Middle East.”There is a defect in the driver’s side power- window switch, which can cause earlier wear in the switch and lead to it malfunctioning,” a company spokeswoman said in Tokyo.”There is another concern that commercially offered lubricant used to smooth the switch’s movement can cause it to erode.”The automaker said it first became aware of the problem in 2008, but was unable to determine the cause until now.There was at least one case in the United States of smoke coming from a window switch, the spokeswoman said. “We cannot pinpoint its cause and there was no report of a fire.”A company spokesman said the huge recall is not in response to any reported accidents but rather as a “protective measure.”A statement on the firm’s US website said: “If commercially available lubricants are applied to the switch in an attempt to address the `notchy’ or sticky feel, melting of the switch assembly or smoke could occur and lead to a fire under some circumstances.”Toyota, once lauded for its safety standards, has been forced into damage control in recent years after recalling millions of vehicles over defects. Two months ago, it added two models to a controversial 2009 recall launched after floor mats became trapped under the accelerator and were linked to accidents that allegedly caused dozens of deaths.Toyota has since worked hard to regain its reputation for safety, while at the same time suffering from the impact of the economic crisis, a strong yen and the devastating 2011 quake and tsunami.The recall is the second blow for Toyota this week.On Tuesday it said sales to China plunged nearly 50percent last month as it suffered the impact of a territorial spat between Tokyo and Beijing that appears to be hitting trade between the economic giants.

    • BigJ

      The hate is strong in this one, obi-wan.

  • chen_j35

    “So niubi! A fool and genius at the same time! So harmonious!”

    Best comment imo..

  • jeffli

    Why I am not surprised? All these shenanigans – cars, cans of fresh air etc.
    Yet we still can not get a glass of fresh non-poisonous milk in China.
    This Senkaku Island takes the peoples focus off other internal issues.
    Oh and those chinese brand cars are not as safe as the toyotas. Australia has detected asbestos in Chinese brand imported cars.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    There’s just way too much cynacism toward Chinese people. seriously, can a man give a car away without it being regarded as self-serving? I think it’s a nice thing whether he gets publicity or not.

    • MoralDrift

      It’s not the car, to me, its the ridiculous pageantry. Change the flags to a different country and its still a goofball high on his own shit, riding nationalism to greater fame…

      Toby Keith is a good example….

      • elizabeth

        Watch it…that goofball sample is a potential US president.

        • MoralDrift

          thats funny you menton it…because in some bizarro future where China holds elections…I could see Chen Guangbiao making a solid run for it

          • elizabeth

            I am not discounting that. Who knows, we could end up with two goofballs leading the world’s largest economies. All we need then would be a horde of political animals to complete the circus act.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    Hey, for anyone who has been around recently my book is out and it is doing very well.

    • anon

      You have a book?

      • Bunny Hiccups

        yeah i used a chinese man as the love interest ( did him lots of justice as far as good qualities). and i actually picked something i saw a chinese man do in a chinasmack article (in a non-copyright infringement way of course!) and included it as a something big that happened in thebook. why do you think i was hanging around here driving you guys as crazy as possible for months. i apologize but you guys were my test subjects on a variety of topics since I could not go. it was very interesting. i do enjoy reading and coming here so i continue to come. people are enjoying the book. it’s on sale now! if you want a link you can email me at… shoot you better give me your email.

      • Bunny Hiccups

        yes, i do. chinasmack deleted my reply so i guess they don’t want you to know that lol and i didn’t even name the book!

  • elizabeth

    To put things in perspective:

    Your car is smashed.
    You have to buy a new one or do without one.
    It will burn a hole in your pocket or you will have to sacrifice some things to meet the need.
    A guy who has nothing to do with your loss comes along and offers you a new one.
    The offer solves your problem. It satisfies your need but not your want.
    You are also offended by his condition of offer although you aren’t too sure what it meant.

    You have these choices:
    Be grateful and appreciative. Accept the offer with the condition.
    Reject the offer and walk away.
    Demand a more expensive car although the guy owes you nothing.
    Ridicule the man who owes you nothing but who does not act or look the way you want him to.
    Ridicule the man who may be able to help others who are appreciative of his offer.

    The first two choices are what civilized and reasonable people will make.
    Choosing the other three will reflect not only on the kind of people who make them. Either they do not appreciate a kind act when they see one or they are so offended…you can guess the reasons why they are.

  • the ace of books

    Ugh, Chen Guangbiao.

  • Fire

    Influential figures are Jekyll and Hyde
    they might slay monsters when eyes turn aside
    with green suit by day he dance for laughter
    at night the same suit brings fear to monster
    his smile, his stare, they cause much love and fear
    Chen Guangbiao, a mystery all revere

  • Matt

    He doesn’t seem like a philanthropist in the traditional sense.

  • Foreign Devil

    A lot of mixed message. If his message is about “going green” then she shouldn’t be giving out cars, but handing out those bicycles instead. Nothing green about more cars on the road in China.

  • Vandal

    Just another publicity stunt, it is obvious that he is making making a fool of the Jap car owners by asking their wives to wear green hat on their husbands. Looking at the gals around him and his “wear green hat” request, he seems like a lecherous guy to me.