Pickup Truck Rolls Over on Freeway, 16 Dead Bodies Spill Out

A closer look at the rolled overpickup truck and the bodies.

From QQ:

Pickup Truck Rolls Over Revealing 16 Corpses, Police Say They Are Educational Specimens

Huaxi Metropolis Daily June 11th reports: A little after 8am on the morning of June 2nd, on Longna freeway 7km away from Luzhou toll station, the right rear tire of a dark green pickup truck blew out, causing the pickup truck to roll over onto its side. Over 10 bodies lay on the road, all wrapped in plastic bags. When the incident took place, many drivers and citizens passed by the scene, and upon witnessing those bodies on the road, they misinterpreted it to be some serious incident. Especially on the Internet, this incident was in uproar, causing some citizens be in panic. This picture [above] is of June 2nd, at the scene of the incident.

Some dead bodies are exposed to the naked eye.

June 10th morning, a Huaxi Metropolis Readers reporter called a person in charge at Luzhou Medical College. This person in charge confirmed that the 16 bodies that appeared in the incident were indeed purchased by them from Sichuan University Huaxi Campus through regular channels, which were to be primarily used for school teaching. This picture is of June 2nd, at the scene of the incident.

The back tire to the right side of the pickup truck has blown out.

Recently, Luzhou City Longmatan District Public Security Sub-Bureau Hushi Local Police Station issued a “situation statement”, the rough content of which was: A little after 8am on the morning of June 2nd, a pickup truck (川EAY5xx) carrying human specimens drove from Sichuan University Huaxi Campus to Luzhou Medical College. While it was at Xiarong Freeway Longna 1954km section marker (Hushi Town Sanjiao Village Section), the vehicle rolled over on the road side, causing over 10 human body specimens to be exposed. The broad masses misunderstood it to be a serious incident had occurred. We hereby make this clear, and hope that after knowing the truth, the broad masses will not believe rumors and will not spread rumors. This picture is of June 2nd, the rear right tire of the pickup truck had blown out.

the rolled over pickup truck and the bodies covered with tarpaulins.

This picture is of June 2nd, at the scene of the incident.

From Sinovision:

Sichuan pickup truck rolls over revealing 16 bodies

June 2nd morning, a pickup truck rolled over on Longna Freeway, 7km away from Luzhou toll station, 16 bodies in the truck scattered on the road. The traffic police arrived at the scene, and could not help retching upon smelling the odor.

Imagine, when you are driving on a freeway, an accident suddenly happens at front, a pickup truck rolls over, and scattered all over the road are over ten bodies wrapped in plastic bags. What would be your first reaction?

June 2nd at a little past 8am in the morning, on Longna Freeway, 7km away from Luzhou toll station, freight truck driver Mr. Zhang witnessed this frightening scene.

“Where do these bodies come from? Are they the remains of victims of a serious crime?”


Mr. Zhang was about to pull over his truck into the emergency vehicle lane, and go forward to help. However, as he was slowly driving his truck to the emergency vehicle lane, he suddenly saw more than 10 bodies on the road, and the pickup truck driver was trying to cover them with a tarp. Those bodies were all contained in plastic bags, there was no blood on the ground, so they couldn’t be victims of a car accident. Such a weird scene made Mr. Zhang dare not to get out of his truck but instead drive away as quickly as he could.

Not until he arrived at the Luzhou toll station did Mr. Zhang pull over his vehicle and call 110 [the emergency services number]. Meanwhile, Longna Freeway Traffic Police Team police officer Li Hongwei and his partner were already at the scene. It turns out that Li Hongwei had already received a call at 7 minutes past 8am that morning of June 2nd reporting the car accident. In the phone call, a man claimed: the pickup truck he was in had a rollover on Longna Freeway, with no injuries or casualties.


10 meters away from the scene, a strange smell came into the car, which made Li Hongwei and his partner retch, “smelled a little like a mixture of disinfectant fluid from the hospital and decomposed bodies.”

After approaching the scene, Li Hongwei saw the pickup truck with a flat tire lying sideways on the road, a pile of tarps emitting a strange smell, and two men standing on the side on the emergency vehicle lane.

Since the smell was so strange, Li Hongwei checked the things under the tarpaulins carefully, which made him suddenly jump back in terror: a white, bloated human thigh was reveal from the damaged plastic bags. After careful counting, it was determined that there were 16 bodies concealed under the tarp.

What was going on? Wasn’t it said that there weren’t any injuries or deaths? Then how come there is a human thigh? The bodies that suddenly appeared made Li Hongwei and his partner’s scalps tingle [gave them goosebumps].

At this moment, a man who was standing on the emergency vehicle lane hurried along to explain: “Don’t misunderstand, I’m a professor of Luzhou Medical College, these are the teaching specimens we are transporting.” After checking this man’s identification, Li Hongwei and his partner sighed with relief, and assisted the transfer of the corpses.

At half past 10am that morning, the 16 bodies and the rolled over pickup truck were cleared from the freeway.

Through confirmation, the bodies are teaching and experiment specimens of Luzhou Medical College, purchased from Sichuan University. The police emphasizes after the incident that nothing serious happened, and hopes that everyone will avoid believing and spreading rumors.


Comments from QQ:

腾讯无锡市网友 明天美好:

For [social] stability! Were these bodies purchased from regular channels? May I ask the reporter if your family will be selling their bodies in the future? Is this not disrespecting the dead? And even buying and selling them!!!

腾讯网友 莫怀仁:

Pickup truck~~~ 16 bodies~~~ specimens~~~= keng die! Because~~~ a civilian pickup truck carrying dead bodies, is that legal?~~~ Wouldn’t transporting 10 dead bodies on such a hot day smell?~~~ Aren’t specimens supposed to be preserved by medical fluid or something?~~~ At the very least, shouldn’t they be frozen! Would it have been better to transport them with funeral home vehicles? Even with a 120 [emergency medical number] ambulance, people wouldn’t gossip anything, but a civilian pickup truck he he!~~~ This is just a personal opinion!~~

腾讯网友 如果有一天:

Bodies from the South transported to the North, and North to the South. Actually, this is no longer a secret, one has to be sure it’s his or her own relative, otherwise he or she could be given someone else’s ashes. If the relatives donated [the bodies] voluntarily, why would they have purchase them? If the bodies were sold to them by the relatives, I think that’s unlikely, they wouldn’t spend money on bodies. Our country probably doesn’t allow that.

腾讯网友 夕阳╭ァ:

Purchased through the normal channels? May I ask: Can humans be traded [bought and sold]? If indeed there are family members who are willing to sell, it could be true. But everyone just look at those deceased and their shaggy and sloppy clothes, their bodies are also dirty, so obviously they didn’t die normally. Even in death there should be some dignity. If it really is that their own family members sold them, would they not change the clothes on them? And they say the usual channels, who the hell knows where they got those bodies!!!

腾讯南京市网友 沙洲:

Seems to me like a mine owner secretly disposing bodies after a mine accident.

腾讯网友 四维:

Even if they are teaching specimens, then may I ask: where did these sixteen bodies come from? They are after all human bodies, is the police not going to at least look into this a bit? There might be missing persons among those sixteen bodies, who knows?

腾讯兰州市网友 Sunny:

Even in death they didn’t pass up an opportunity to protest [make an appeal to authorities over injustices]——a tire blowout [being the form of the appeal/protest]!

腾讯深圳市网友 Davi:

So frightening, this society even trades in bodies. They have already died, and we don’t even leave their bodies whole/intact, there will be retribution for this. Can’t stand it.

腾讯网友 楼兰香色:

I very rarely leave comments, I’m always a bit afraid to, afraid that I might say something wrong. I have relatives in Guandu, several days ago, I heard that 16 bodies were buried in a ditch next to the Guandu freeway, so many men, women, and even old people. It was described in such detail and so seriously that it can’t be false. And then today I see this news about a truck that rolled over on the freeway, and there were 16 bodies, such a coincidence!!! There were too many ghosts who died unjustly, who died with a grievance, and that’s why the truck rolled over and was exposed. May these angry souls redress their injustice, and rest in peace as soon as possible. Amitabha.

腾讯网友 差不多先生:

Transporting “human specimens” in this kind of vehicle?
You say you bought them at the school. So you just drove this vehicle into campus, then lifted them one by one onto the truck, 16 bodies stacked together?
Who hasn’t seen a pickup truck before?? Can a pickup truck hold 16 people??!!!
This picture of yours shows the left tire was blown, so how would you roll over on the right side???

腾讯网友 花相容:

This is definitely not voluntarily donated bodies. Bodies that were donated voluntarily would be all be preserved and would be very clean and neat.

What do you think? Something suspicious or just a strange coincidence?

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  • M.N

    Sofa and something is fishy about these dead bodies.

    • Jeff

      On the way to a food processing plant is more like it.

      • D. Tective


        • 叉雞飯


    • whiskersthecat

      They’re testing the effects of carrying 16 dead people in the back of a pickup truck in the heat. Things were going swimmingly until the tire blew out. They want to bust criminals and corrupt coal mine bosses who try and sneak dead corpses numbering more than 15 and less than 20 in pickup trucks.

    • Boris

      And not one disappeared from the side of the road? Are you sure this is the mainland?

  • Notorious

    So irresponsible. These people are still dressed in street clothes. No way they have been used for experimenting purposes at a hospital or school. I smell a cover up. Tortured, killed and harvested organs more like. Sad ,disturbing, barbaric and inhumane.

    • Nick in Beijing

      I’m inclined to agree.

      If this were legal where is the biohazard labeling? Why is it in a pickup truck? Why are the bodies dressed in street clothes and not in body bags at the very least?

      Gangsters and corrupt bosses or officials. University specimens my ass.

      • Notorious

        Indeedly. Very bizarre. You would think the government, local or central would be ordering an investigation of a mass grave/pile up of bodies. The female body most prominent in the picture does not look like the body of an old woman, so she did not die of natural causes. probably murder.

        The report sounds very fishy. I think the dead cried out for justice and that’s why the vehicle turned over.

    • Xiongmao

      I think it sounds legit. Disgusting but legit. What I dislike is the disrespect here, the bodies being thrown onto a pick up truck in a bundle and transported so far in the heat. I know they’re dead and all and (hopefully) allowed their bodies to be used for science/training purposes but this kind of thing is just wrong.

      • Ning

        We have stricter rules for transporting animal specimens for dissection! I can’t believe that China doesn’t have any regulations at all on this, seems suspicious. They should treat the bodies that used to be a person with more care and respect, and keep them in fridge temperature until they are cremated after use or preserved as educational preparates. These corpses don’t have much value as training material unless the purpose is to let them rot and go rancid and then let the pathologists-to-be determine their time and cause of death… But they are biohazard-material nonetheless and should be handled more carefully. My guess is that the traffic police was content with the unlikely explanation as they just wanted to get rid of the bodies on the roadside and not get involved with something that likely is a major crime.

  • Anus Presley

    Maybe a bunch of recently executed prisoners going to have their organs removed and sold to the Japanese?

    • Xiongmao

      No. Organs aren’t transported like that. They’d be useless if not harvested, kept cooled down and transplanted within an hour (maybe 2, depending on the organ).

      • moop

        “Organs aren’t transported like that”

        but apparently bodies are. we all know that’s how organs are SUPPOSED to be transported, but then again, we also know how these bodies are should be transported. it’s how these bodies are being transported that add to the suspicion, but anus is making a huge leap.

        • mr. wiener

          It reminds me of my favorite “rapture” story, which is plausible and I want so much to be true, but I’m afraid it is an urban myth.
          Police in a bible belt state of the US found a woman naked and unconscious in a ditch by the highway. I driver said the woman was running naked on the road when she was struck by a car.The police assumed she was the victim of a sexual assault and take her to hospital, where upon regaining consciousness she starts raving about the rapture [the time at the end of day where all the good souls ascend to heaven]. Gradually the story emerges that some frat boys had picked up some blow up sex dolls which they had filled with helium to take to frat party. The dolls had been stored in the back of a pick up with a tarp over the top which had blown off en route. The woman, a devote christian, had been driving and seen the naked human forms ascending and assuming the rapture had come, pulled over and stripped off all her clothes. She then ran down the highway no doubt screaming “take me Jesus!” until she was hit by the car…. :)
          As amusing as this story is, it’s unlikely to be true , no matter how much I want it to be.And I realized the reason I wanted it to be true is that SOME christians, particulaly born again types [not all!] give me the pip. And I wanted to see their perceived arrogance and stupidity exposed for all to laugh at. Such is my prejudice.
          Can you see where I’m going with this?
          There is good reason to view this pickup with the bodies as fishy…..but we should ask ourselves: How much do we want this story to be true because we dislike and distrust officialdom in China?
          It is healthy to question things, but we should question ourselves too.
          My 2 cents.

          • moop

            yeah, i agree. my part of my point was its not wrong to be suspicious in this case considering the way the bodies are being handled, but we shouldnt rush to judge these people were murdered or whatever

          • filabusta

            Did that actually happen or is that just a parable?

          • mr. wiener

            Urban myth…but how I wish it were true!

          • bert

            A real Christian is “saved”, “born again”, “converted”, “filled with the Holy Spirit”, “chosen”, “elected” whatever word you like. You only like Christians that are just like everyone else in the world?
            I don’t like pro-sports but I don’t really hate the people who are dedicated fans. I just don’t go to sporting events or have discussions about which team is the best. It’s simple, I just avoid it. I am sure you can do things like this too when it comes to things you don’t like.

          • mr. wiener

            I don’t hate christians I dislike fanatical christians and fanatics of every stripe. This story tickled the hell out of me ,but I realize the reason I wanted it to be true is because of the prejudice I have towards people I consider to be too fundamentalist….I also think that to be prejudiced is a bad thing so I’m recognising the flaws I have in my own thinking, not just taking a swipe at christians.

  • Jeff

    Looking closely at those photos they don’t look like medical cadavers. They look like people killed by a factory boss and being taken to a hole to be disposed of.

  • Dr SUN

    I have to agree something is just not right here. Bodies in street clothes, in a pick up truck ????

    • Song of the Article:

      “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”

      Easy one to choose.

      Hey, What if someone thought that the cannibal stories in the West were outshining china and decided to step up the game a bit more? Whole new meaning to chinese buffett.

      I’ll be accepting flames below.

      10 CENTS!!!

  • moop

    is this how bodies are usually transported in china? wrapped in plastic with no refrigeration?

    • pada

      MOOP tell us something about way to transport dead bodies in USA or the way your wasted marines go sweet home, from Iraq, or any one of hundred bases. When I was told a sad story by a yank colleague some of the wasted were maltreated, I didnt believe it. At least they were in clean and democratic body bags, used or not, or darn made-in-China, or even two in one in 69 to save space or taxmoney, or…. right. ;)

      • moop

        no, we normally just put their bones in a wall to keep out the canadians

        • pada

          Oh really? We only dump them bloody bodies in trash, with dignity, love, respect and honour. Though we don’t cook them, we still sawed off their legs or hack off arms and ankles and then mix ashes of everybody with soft tissues together, with or without the family’s permission.

          I understand why you call China Nazi like this:


          • moop

            as to the victims of the sichuan earthquake:
            For the tens of thousands who died, including many thousands of young children, there were no funerals. In the rush to remove the dead, to stop the spread of disease, many were quickly fed into crematoriums. For the rest, there were only mass graves .

            why don’t you just stop the shit right now and then we don’t have to do this back and forth. or you could stop trolling every day and actually contribute something

          • pada

            To respect the dead of sichuan earthquake, I’ll stop the back and forth, though you have to agree you are the one here “trolling every day”, while I have much less time here for fun, ;)

          • el negro pedro

            you are pathetic Pada.

          • el negro pedro

            You think you’re clever, but honestly, you’re not.

            Are you man enough to go man to man, in a straight up logical back and forth with me?

          • pada

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          • el negro pedro

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            You know you couldn’t pull this shit off in real life, people like me, would beat the shit out of people like you. That’s a fact that’s pretty darn clear.

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          • pada

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          • Notorious

            Pada you should tell him about those “nightpot thing” he uses as a head lol (hehe that still gives me the giggles).

          • Nyancat

            @notorious oh lol the night pot hahaha, i hope he comes up with something just as endearing.
            @el negro pedro don’t waste your time with pada, you would be better of arguing with a rock, I don’t know whether its his signature or something but he ends every fucking sentence with either a lol or a wink….wtf

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          Then we’ll come down and teach you what real beer tastes like and probably some B.C. Bud.

          We’ve been weight training as well, what do you think all those heavy clothes were fo? Winter? Everyone knows that Canadians grow a natural lining to insulate them from the cold and have a +55% Ice resistance.

          The bear and moose cavalry shall ride!!!

          • el negro pedro

            Yes teach us more Eli. We really need advice from someone like you.

          • el negro pedro

            Actually, before i subscribe to the Eli School of Life, just as the Eli School of Dating ( I really found your advice regarding showering at least every 36 hours the way you do, enlightening! I never considered my lack of personal hygiene the reason why I’ve had so much trouble finding and keeping a girlfriend all these years) I need to ask you some questions.

            What in your opinion qualifies you to parcel advice to the rest of us?

            I remember when I was in School and Grad School, my teachers having advanced degrees. May I ask, where you went to school? Do you hold one or more post-graduate degrees?

            If you have none, that is quite okay. We all know that experience and wisdom earned in life, is sometimes much more valuable than knowledge gleaned in the classroom. Next question:

            I’m really interested in knowing the basis for many of the arguments you have pushed forth regarding China. If you do not have any specialized knowledge in China history, culture, economics, etc. etc., in the very least, you are fluent in the language correct? Many times, you make sweeping generalizations about the people a country of 1.4 Billion. How many provinces have you traveled to? How much experience have you had with the minorities? Do you speak any local dialects?

            Also I want to know, because you seem so confident in the assertions you made on your blog regarding getting and keeping a girlfriend, how well did you fare with the opposite sex in your native homeland? I imagine quite well, because of the attitude and tone of your post and your blog. In Canada, was it normal for you to date “Model/Singer” types? What do you think is your best attribute, which makes you attractive to “Model/Singer” types?

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          • whiskersthecat

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          • whiskersthecat

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          • moop

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        • pada

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          • mr. wiener

            I could continue this , but it would be pointless and unseemly. You are the master of gibberish pada. Thanks for the links on the air force body disposal scandal :)

          • pada

            Mr. Wiener,
            We sure cannot continue, since I got an ejaculation one minute before you arrive, shit! You must know what that is like, sorta Heroic Navy Seals Brand-new Almighty Black Hawk dropping down well before the long-awaited final attack on an old man who turned WTC into WC and said “what a waste of glass and steel”, ;)

      • Dr SUN

        Bodies for cremation or burial are move by licensed funeral homes or by family (native American), discretely and with respect.
        Cadavers are moved in refrigerated trucks according to law, rotten corpses do not make good cadavers.
        No legal dead person that has ever been admitted, examined or passed through any hospital, University or mortician is ever still in their street clothes.. think that through.

    • Dr SUN

      Maybe Fauna can tell us that ?

      • Nick in Beijing

        Why does everyone treat Eli so badly with comments about his wife?

        Every thread I’ve read so far has ended up being a slamfest against Eli and his wife.

        • Brett Hunan


        • mr. wiener

          What is BC bud? I’m assuming it’s not budwieser. Is it any good? Tried a really bad canadian export beer once called “Dude”, the should have dropped the “e” in the name :P

          • It’s a type of marijuana that’s very popular in Canada and also rather strong. More than 20% THC content compared to the normal 8-10% THC content. It supposedly one of the best in the world, although ironically I’ve never tried any Canadian marijuana.

            As for the retarded stalker trolls, I just ignore them now. People look for any kind of personal thing so that they can try to make you feel shitty. In reality they’re a combination of jealous and cowardly. They lack whatever it is and instead of trying to build themselves better, they decide to try to tear their betters down. I suppose in their limited intelligence and viewpoint it makes them look better by comparison, but honestly I don’t see how any self-respecting person could think they would look better by being an asshole.

            Thank you to the moderators for finally stepping in and deleting some of that pathetic tripe and at least putting a time delay on other losers. Although I would delete those replies as well, seeing as they’re unrelated to the topic and/or don’t contribute to the community here.

          • whiskersthecat

            I had BC Bud while working a summer in Alaska. It is indeed pretty strong. The boat’s captain and I took one hit each and gave up god knows how much an afternoon’s profit because we were too blitzed to do any work. We sat in the cannery dorm and ate a quarter of our supply of food for the week. So I’m a big fan of it.

          • Sponge Monkey

            9 out of 10 pot smokers in Canada prefer BC Bud.

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        • Alan

          @ NIB:


          This post on his blog, may go some way to explaining.

          Although for me it was his HK is a country post that irked me, and set me off against him, and it all escalated from there.

  • Nyancat

    Yep definitely something fishy about this, what a lack of care or respect for the corpses. Proper refrigeration, labeling and transportation is a must.

    • heminator

      Yes, Dodgy indeed! I don’t see how rotten corpses will be of much use for medical studies. This comment from a post above in the local section is quite interesting…. (I have relatives in Guandu, several days ago, I heard that 16 bodies were buried in a ditch next to the Guandu freeway, so many men, women, and even old people. It was described in such detail and so seriously that it can’t be false. And then today I see this news about a truck that rolled over on the freeway, and there were 16 bodies, such a coincidence!!!)

      • Nyancat

        very intriguing indeed!

      • jin

        link pls :)

        • Nyancat

          It’s one of the translated comments in the article up there Jin it’s the 9th one.

  • D. Tective

    Can one buy bodies in China?


  • Jf

    Another mining or factory tragedy that was covered up. Probably!

  • JPAX

    That is mental!

  • Castro

    I bet 10 bucks not a thing happens. Business as usual in the MK….

    • whiskersthecat

      All standard emergency procedures of standing around, looking, with hands casually clasped behind the back/ass and one leg slightly sticking out were promptly taken.

  • moop

    dawei, apparently either server squirrels or chinasmack has decided that i can’t post anymore comments to your posts, all of them have not been posted

    • Alan


      How long before this foreigner stops traffic at crossing makes chinasmack….also in the reporting how many times do they say laowai, crazy!

      • Wu

        I often have the urge to shouts at drivers who get into that kind of mess. I don’t see how he can hope to make things better… One driver is going to sneak/force into the opening he makes and he will be back to square 1…

  • My Name is Lee

    Experiencing a near death experience while being dead… where else than in China~!

    • 404namenotfound

      we need to go deeper O.o

  • MrT

    No wonder the tire blew out, hes running dry slicks on that pick up.

    • Longkou

      No kidding, did not many people notice crazy how bald those tyres are? No wonder one blew out.

    • Nyancat

      You’re right, you see so well even with the eyepatch :D

  • The Enlightened One

    China is always so strange. They have the same accidents and people but there is always some crazy twist that just makes a normal accident some kind of strange paradox. Could at least have packed them in ice to preserve them.

    So the students were going to practice on dry, heat-rotten carcasses and become doctors?

    Oh wow, I think I will head to Hong Kong or abroad when I need surgery.

    • Mari

      “Could at least have packed them in ice to preserve them.”

      But don’t you know? Ice water is bad for the stomach! Your suggestion would damage the bodies’ “heat” and make them useless for the students!

      • The Enlightened One

        LoL… oh, I guess you have been lectured too that drinking cold water is the root of all evil in China.

        You remind me of when I first came to China. It was summer and I was incredibly thirsty at just arrived at some place (forgot where). A nice young Chinese girl saw I was thirsty and asked if I wanted some water. I graciously accepted and was engrossed in a conversation when she brought it, so I wasn’t really paying attention. She set it on the table and I very quickly grabbed it and took a quick gulp before spitting it out all over the place.

        It was boiling hot! What the hell? Burned my mouth too… really wasn’t expecting that in heat of summer. Sometimes you learn the hard way.

  • qwerty

    Being China, I am surprised nobody looted them once they fell off the truck

  • 404namenotfound

    Reminds me of a Korean movie “TRUCK”

    • Brett Hunan

      I was thinking the same thing when the story was first posted but didnt know if anyone would get the reference. Pretty good psycho movie, right?

  • jeffli

    Hmmmmm. this would not happen in a civilised country would it? Human carcasses carried around uncovered in the back of a pickup truck on a hot day?


    Pig carcasses are treated better… I hope!

    This is nothing else but disgusting.

    at least use a coroners van with cooling.
    bodies piled on top of each other for medical experiments – smells like Ausschwitz.

    As I have always said the biggest threat to China is Chinese.
    forget the foreigners and “little devils”. thats history…now theres the “lao nei”

    • The Enlightened One

      I always found it somewhat amusing how the media focuses on keeping foreigners in the spot light as people to watch out for or not to be trusted.

      There is 600 000 foreigners in China, which is like 0.04% of the population of China. How big of a threat could that possibly impose?

      I was once on a train and the train passed through a station, as they normally do. However, it was a smaller town and there was some sort of tourist group full of foreigners on the train platform. Some old man loudly retorted that there was too many lao wai in China. I looked at him and said in Chinese… “Old man, don’t worry, there is no way we could possibly invade China, you can relax.”

      I think I just reduced his life span by a few years, judging from his expression.

      • Alan


        @ The Englightened one: I will give China/CCTV this, at least they are not broadcasting and then retracting ads like this. Having worked in the middle east, Arabs in general eclipse Chinese in terms of conspiracy theories and how everyone from a Western country is a US or Israeli spy…..

        • The Enlightened One

          LoL… this is ridiculous.

          “One features a man, supposedly a non-Egyptian journalist, entering a cafe, his eyes scanning the room. He is a spy.”

          Oh yeah, I better keep up my spying while drinking my moccacino. Spies are always known to spy on cafes, not around government buildings or defense facilities. No way, it’s all about the pastries and caffeine!

          Sometimes, I weep a little for humanity.

      • linette

        The Enlightened One

        ……..Old man, don’t worry, there is no way we could possibly invade China, you can relax.”
        I think I just reduced his life span by a few years, judging from his expression.

        ……….It was boiling hot! What the hell? Burned my mouth too… really wasn’t expecting that in heat of summer……..

        hahaa..you are very funny.

        I drink hot water too. But not in the summer. I drink it to help digestion after I eat, indoor on a not too hot day. I find it strange also, but seems like only Asian people like to drink hot water. HOt water is very good for your health. Just like hot tea. Helps digestion. I have never seen an non Asian drink hot water. I don’t know why. They love HOT coffee though.

        • The Enlightened One

          Thanks Linette,

          I noticed that a lot of Chinese finish their meals with a bowl of hot rice soup or some other variety, no matter the season.

          They always ask me if I want some but I tell them I find it has no flavor. They normally agree but go back to slurping it down like it is the most delicious thing ever. Personally, I hate coffee, I much prefer green tea or red tea.

          • linette

            The Enlightened One

            So now I gave you the anti aging keeping slim Chinese secret my enlightened one. It’s the HOT fluid after each meal. Works like irrigation. HOT green tea is the best. I actually prefer hot green tea with my meals.

          • Shanghairen

            What means red tea?

          • The chinese translation of English/breakfast/black tea is “hong cha” which translates to “red tea”. That’s pretty basic chinese.

            I love tea, iced lemon tea, iced milk tea, iced honey tea, tea with cream and two sugars, they’re all good.

          • Brett Hunan

            Shanghairen… red tea is also called blqck tea in Europe and North America. You can use google if you still dont know.

  • dilladonuts


  • milkfiddle

    Looks like someone changed a wheel to make it look like a blow out.

    Notice how in the one pic the tyre has tread and in the other there is none

    • The Enlightened One

      Can’t really tell from the pictures.

      The first pic shows the front of the truck, tires look fine obviously does not include the blown tire.

      The second pic shows the back angle but you can’t see the tires clearly it appears to have a decently deep tread from that angle.

      The third pic shows the back of the truck and you can clearly see the blown tire. Although, it is a different angle one would conclude the tread is worn on each side of the tire evenly. So it does look a lot more worn than the second picture.

      Your theory is possible, but because the second picture isn’t clear/close enough… we shall never know!

      • Dr SUN

        Who cares about a tire was changed or not after the fact, it rolled and was full of dead bodies ( medical cadavers) in street clothes, no refrigeration, no toe tags, no hospital gowns, medical cadavers are you shitting me ?

        medical students don’t practice on rotten smelly decaying corpses, even in America, where cadavers are rare.

  • Slob

    The right rear tire looks extremely worn whereas the others look almost brand new. How the fuck can one tire wear out like that and not the others? Obviously changed.

    Why would they do that?

    Probably to throw off attention from the real reason it rolled over…which would be? Who fucking knows. Maybe the driver had a change of heart, called his boss, told him he wan’t going to partake in his illegal activities anymore and swerved hoping to run off the road. Maybe one of the bodies was not actually dead and woke up and strangled the driver. Maybe one of the bodies smelt so bad the driver couldn’t handle it and passed out. Maybe the sick fuck driver had one of the dead bodies sucking his dick while driving and lost control of the car. Maybe maybe maybe…who knows what the fuck happened.

    Anyway, obviously something fishy – unwrapped bodies, wearing regular dirty clothing, none tagged/cleaned, transported via pick-up truck and not a medical vehicle, probably not even separated (dumped together like sardines), it’s fairly obvious this is all bullshit. We’re never going to find out what it’s about unless someone blows the whistle on it all which won’t happen because their big fat red bags will keep their big fat mouths closed. Look at those paranoid businessmen on their phones quick smart to make sure they don’t get into trouble over this incident. Die you fucking scumbags.

    • Slob

      “smelled a little like a mixture of disinfectant fluid from the hospital and decomposed bodies.”

      “…from the hospital…”

      It’s disinfectant. Plain disinfectant. Why say it’s from the hospital? Ridiculous attempt to make people believe that these bodies were ever in a hospital and were ‘treated’.

      • The Enlightened One

        It seems very weird, even for China. I don’t believe the story at all.

        If you look closely at the bodies, a few of them seem to be decayed with black marks and decomposing skin. I simply can’t believe a medical educational facility would transport or even accept the cadavers in this state.

        This looks like some government official or rich dude took out a bunch of people (could even be a family), for whatever reason. Things got messy then the called/bribed/threatened the University director taking to try and make us buy their stories. I heard of a lot of stories where people get away with this, especially when they prey on the poor.

        I ran into a police officer (higher up type) here that after a bottle of bai jiu, gloated that he had killed a few people and dumped their bodies into some nearby salt lakes. He said the salt would quickly decompose the bodies, and make them sink rather than float. Nobody would ever find the bodies so he could tell anyone he wanted cause there was no proof and the guys he offed were migrant workers that pissed him off during gambling. Yeah, a real piece of work. Maybe this is something similar.

        • Slob

          Doesn’t surprise me at all.

          No, they wouldn’t take them at all as the heat mixed with the long journey + the time already dead would mean these bodies and their parts would be completely useless for any medical study unless they’re actually studying decomposing effects of long journey travelling while in the hot sun under a tarp and cruising along at 100km/h..which would make sense.

          All it takes here is a bit of cash to change the truth – “They’re from **** university”. Red bag to the guy in charge to write up a report. “They’re going to **** university”. Another red bag. “We noticed the smell of disinfectant from the hospital. Another red bag. 3 red bags and you’ve changed what would be an extremely suspicious situation into a medical mishap. All it takes is money and people can do whatever they want…there’s really nothing ordinary folk can do to stop it.

          “The police emphasizes after the incident that nothing serious happened, and hopes that everyone will avoid believing and spreading rumors.”

          Spread rumours, end up in prison. That’s your choice – believe the shit they’re spitting at you or end up in prison. Yeah, real fucking fair that is.

          • The Enlightened One

            Well, in my opinion, generally an average foreigner has quite a bit more medical knowledge then an average Chinese citizen. So, they are certainly using this to their advantage here with this load of bull they are serving to the public.

            I still cringe when my Chinese friends they tell me they went to get an IV drip every time they feel a little uncomfortable because the doctors talked them into it. I tell them, when they REALLY get sick.. the antibiotics, especially penicillin, will have minimal to no effect down the road. They just laugh and say, “mei shi”.

          • linette

            I don’t know what to say because I an not too familiar with the policy in China about transporting dead bodies for use as specimens in medical teaching. But don’t they need some kind of permit or gov’t paper or approval paper for each transport?

            If all you need is being a medical professor with an ID, then China is in trouble. This MD can work side job disposing corpse for criminals.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    Dead or alive, no regard for human beings… Very harmonious indeed.

  • MrT

    these are the dead homeless people that build up over night in the cities and the rural gutters, pick up man gets 5 quai per body he collects from the gutters and then goes feeds them to the pigs.
    Thats why no relatives are going mental over the treatment of the deceased.

  • lonetrey

    Now that this news article is out in the open, showing the factual existence of these bodies, truck, and people, have the police investigated it yet?

  • BaBaBooey

    I bet the bodies were on their way to be placed in the “Body Exhibit” at South Street Sea Port in New York City.

  • beryl

    bullshit lol those are probably people who talk shit about the government. you wonder where they went after they mysteriously took a “vacation”?

  • [email protected]

    A Policeman stops a man who appears to have just flipped over a small pickup truck carrying more than one dozen decomposing human corpses.
    The corpses are now strewn all over the highway and it appears the bodies are unwashed, wearing filthy clothing and in terrible condition.
    The Policeman immediately detains the driver and contains the crime scene to prevent the evidence being contaminated and the human remains from being disturbed or from spectators endangering themselves on the busy motorway.

    Calling for backup the Policeman also knows to inform the Homicide unit, Medivac unit, and his superior officers, because he knows that this case is of extreme significance.
    Sixteen human person’s remains being discovered within one unknown individual’s vehicle could quite possibly become major national news and the Policeman knows that to blunder this case could possibly mean his career and worse, maybe even also that the people responsible might not be brought to justice.
    The Policeman first places the man under arrest due to what can only be classed as improper storage and transportation of human remains.
    It has yet to be properly determined who this driver is and for the present time the Policeman trusts only his instincts – The driver appears edgy, and is talking quickly, trying to call someone on his cell-phone / The vehicle is clearly not the appropriate form of refrigerated storage truck that a medical facility might use to transport cadavers, and the bodies themselves are in advanced stages of decomposition, exuding a terrible smell, swollen and discolored, appearing too to be unwashed and filthy, of a disheveled and unkempt cast.
    the Policeman does his best to cordon off the scene. The bodies are not moved and the suspect is prevented from leaving. His mobile phone is confiscated and his Identification Card collected. His Vehicles’ VIN is run through the Policeman’s Radio-Car terminal and both the suspect and the suspect vehicle are run through the Chinese Law Enforcement Database.
    Within moments the first other Radio-Cars and MediVac officers arrive to assist. Detectives from Homicide arrive and soon the scene is under extreme scrutiny with the evidence being recorded, removed and the bodies collected and transported to the Forensic Examiner’s Office, the Suspect is being read his rights and is now being driven to The Criminal Investigation Department’s Homicide Offices to be formally questioned.
    Journalists have now arrived on the scene and passersby are being kept behind barriers to prevent disturbing the crime scene.

    The Policeman knows that his efforts are going to pay off. ‘Sixteen dead bodies found in a pickup truck’ will become major national news and perhaps, hopefully, arrests will be made, and this officer knows he has done his duty to the very best of his abilities.

    Well…. if this had happened somewhere else in the world maybe my account would be what actually happened. Sadly the story took place here in China and the police officer was Chinese and the suspect was Chinese and the dead were all just Chinese and nothing happened and no one really cared.

    • Dr SUN

      you got it right

  • 平凡人

    Medical schools usually work with cadaver that are properly treated, transported and stored. In this case, it does not seem like it, the supplier sounds more like a butcher.

  • Greg

    This reeks of a coverup, is this how medical specimens are transported? without any refridgeration their shoes and clothes are still on. Medical specimens my arse. They aren’t going to be much good for study after a long trip in the heat. Something else is clearly going on here thats 3 different trucks with bodies in them.

  • El Puma R.

    At least the Chinese show their anger on the internet. I won’t comment this time.

  • DeVitaVackra

    This can happen in any country, it’s not just chinese people and china. I don’t see why it is even news, it’s implying racism and i will have none of it.

    • hess

      Are you serious? Youre name is in Swedish, are you a swede? I honestly hope you don’t think this kind of thing could ever happen in Sweden. “I don’t see why it is even news”. A pick up truck rolls over on the freeway and exposes 16 dead bodies, how is it not news? “It’s not just chinese people and china.” Fair enough, but this is CHINAsmack.

      One last thing, if you are indeed from Sweden. Then you’re the biggest coward this world has ever seen. You claimed in another post that you were afraid of returning home (please, please, please don’t be a swede).

      /Rant out!

  • Dr SUN

    Note the spare tire is still in its place and looks undisturbed/ not swapped out, looks like they were driving in a worn out treadles tyre.

  • hacienda

    only 1 tire blew out? those tires have no more tread whatsoever!

  • Zhuangzi

    This is all rather depressing.

    • linette

      maybe a homicide.

  • Daniel

    How much for a dead body?

  • On their way to the soylent green factory?

  • greenlantern

    these are the corpses of organ theft crimes. of course no investigation and according to police “all normal” even though transported in a shabby private pickup, because organ theft is lucrative and yields fantastic bribes to the local police

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