Pickup Truck Rolls Over on Freeway, 16 Dead Bodies Spill Out

A closer look at the rolled overpickup truck and the bodies.

A closer look at the rolled overpickup truck and the bodies.

From QQ:

Pickup Truck Rolls Over Revealing 16 Corpses, Police Say They Are Educational Specimens

Huaxi Metropolis Daily June 11th reports: A little after 8am on the morning of June 2nd, on Longna freeway 7km away from Luzhou toll station, the right rear tire of a dark green pickup truck blew out, causing the pickup truck to roll over onto its side. Over 10 bodies lay on the road, all wrapped in plastic bags. When the incident took place, many drivers and citizens passed by the scene, and upon witnessing those bodies on the road, they misinterpreted it to be some serious incident. Especially on the Internet, this incident was in uproar, causing some citizens be in panic. This picture [above] is of June 2nd, at the scene of the incident.

Some dead bodies are exposed to the naked eye.

June 10th morning, a Huaxi Metropolis Readers reporter called a person in charge at Luzhou Medical College. This person in charge confirmed that the 16 bodies that appeared in the incident were indeed purchased by them from Sichuan University Huaxi Campus through regular channels, which were to be primarily used for school teaching. This picture is of June 2nd, at the scene of the incident.

The back tire to the right side of the pickup truck has blown out.

Recently, Luzhou City Longmatan District Public Security Sub-Bureau Hushi Local Police Station issued a “situation statement”, the rough content of which was: A little after 8am on the morning of June 2nd, a pickup truck (川EAY5xx) carrying human specimens drove from Sichuan University Huaxi Campus to Luzhou Medical College. While it was at Xiarong Freeway Longna 1954km section marker (Hushi Town Sanjiao Village Section), the vehicle rolled over on the road side, causing over 10 human body specimens to be exposed. The broad masses misunderstood it to be a serious incident had occurred. We hereby make this clear, and hope that after knowing the truth, the broad masses will not believe rumors and will not spread rumors. This picture is of June 2nd, the rear right tire of the pickup truck had blown out.

the rolled over pickup truck and the bodies covered with tarpaulins.

This picture is of June 2nd, at the scene of the incident.

From Sinovision:

Sichuan pickup truck rolls over revealing 16 bodies

June 2nd morning, a pickup truck rolled over on Longna Freeway, 7km away from Luzhou toll station, 16 bodies in the truck scattered on the road. The traffic police arrived at the scene, and could not help retching upon smelling the odor.

Imagine, when you are driving on a freeway, an accident suddenly happens at front, a pickup truck rolls over, and scattered all over the road are over ten bodies wrapped in plastic bags. What would be your first reaction?

June 2nd at a little past 8am in the morning, on Longna Freeway, 7km away from Luzhou toll station, freight truck driver Mr. Zhang witnessed this frightening scene.

“Where do these bodies come from? Are they the remains of victims of a serious crime?”


Mr. Zhang was about to pull over his truck into the emergency vehicle lane, and go forward to help. However, as he was slowly driving his truck to the emergency vehicle lane, he suddenly saw more than 10 bodies on the road, and the pickup truck driver was trying to cover them with a tarp. Those bodies were all contained in plastic bags, there was no blood on the ground, so they couldn’t be victims of a car accident. Such a weird scene made Mr. Zhang dare not to get out of his truck but instead drive away as quickly as he could.

Not until he arrived at the Luzhou toll station did Mr. Zhang pull over his vehicle and call 110 [the emergency services number]. Meanwhile, Longna Freeway Traffic Police Team police officer Li Hongwei and his partner were already at the scene. It turns out that Li Hongwei had already received a call at 7 minutes past 8am that morning of June 2nd reporting the car accident. In the phone call, a man claimed: the pickup truck he was in had a rollover on Longna Freeway, with no injuries or casualties.


10 meters away from the scene, a strange smell came into the car, which made Li Hongwei and his partner retch, “smelled a little like a mixture of disinfectant fluid from the hospital and decomposed bodies.”

After approaching the scene, Li Hongwei saw the pickup truck with a flat tire lying sideways on the road, a pile of tarps emitting a strange smell, and two men standing on the side on the emergency vehicle lane.

Since the smell was so strange, Li Hongwei checked the things under the tarpaulins carefully, which made him suddenly jump back in terror: a white, bloated human thigh was reveal from the damaged plastic bags. After careful counting, it was determined that there were 16 bodies concealed under the tarp.

What was going on? Wasn’t it said that there weren’t any injuries or deaths? Then how come there is a human thigh? The bodies that suddenly appeared made Li Hongwei and his partner’s scalps tingle [gave them goosebumps].

At this moment, a man who was standing on the emergency vehicle lane hurried along to explain: “Don’t misunderstand, I’m a professor of Luzhou Medical College, these are the teaching specimens we are transporting.” After checking this man’s identification, Li Hongwei and his partner sighed with relief, and assisted the transfer of the corpses.

At half past 10am that morning, the 16 bodies and the rolled over pickup truck were cleared from the freeway.

Through confirmation, the bodies are teaching and experiment specimens of Luzhou Medical College, purchased from Sichuan University. The police emphasizes after the incident that nothing serious happened, and hopes that everyone will avoid believing and spreading rumors.


Comments from QQ:

腾讯无锡市网友 明天美好:

For [social] stability! Were these bodies purchased from regular channels? May I ask the reporter if your family will be selling their bodies in the future? Is this not disrespecting the dead? And even buying and selling them!!!

腾讯网友 莫怀仁:

Pickup truck~~~ 16 bodies~~~ specimens~~~= keng die! Because~~~ a civilian pickup truck carrying dead bodies, is that legal?~~~ Wouldn’t transporting 10 dead bodies on such a hot day smell?~~~ Aren’t specimens supposed to be preserved by medical fluid or something?~~~ At the very least, shouldn’t they be frozen! Would it have been better to transport them with funeral home vehicles? Even with a 120 [emergency medical number] ambulance, people wouldn’t gossip anything, but a civilian pickup truck he he!~~~ This is just a personal opinion!~~

腾讯网友 如果有一天:

Bodies from the South transported to the North, and North to the South. Actually, this is no longer a secret, one has to be sure it’s his or her own relative, otherwise he or she could be given someone else’s ashes. If the relatives donated [the bodies] voluntarily, why would they have purchase them? If the bodies were sold to them by the relatives, I think that’s unlikely, they wouldn’t spend money on bodies. Our country probably doesn’t allow that.

腾讯网友 夕阳╭ァ:

Purchased through the normal channels? May I ask: Can humans be traded [bought and sold]? If indeed there are family members who are willing to sell, it could be true. But everyone just look at those deceased and their shaggy and sloppy clothes, their bodies are also dirty, so obviously they didn’t die normally. Even in death there should be some dignity. If it really is that their own family members sold them, would they not change the clothes on them? And they say the usual channels, who the hell knows where they got those bodies!!!

腾讯南京市网友 沙洲:

Seems to me like a mine owner secretly disposing bodies after a mine accident.

腾讯网友 四维:

Even if they are teaching specimens, then may I ask: where did these sixteen bodies come from? They are after all human bodies, is the police not going to at least look into this a bit? There might be missing persons among those sixteen bodies, who knows?

腾讯兰州市网友 Sunny:

Even in death they didn’t pass up an opportunity to protest [make an appeal to authorities over injustices]——a tire blowout [being the form of the appeal/protest]!

腾讯深圳市网友 Davi:

So frightening, this society even trades in bodies. They have already died, and we don’t even leave their bodies whole/intact, there will be retribution for this. Can’t stand it.

腾讯网友 楼兰香色:

I very rarely leave comments, I’m always a bit afraid to, afraid that I might say something wrong. I have relatives in Guandu, several days ago, I heard that 16 bodies were buried in a ditch next to the Guandu freeway, so many men, women, and even old people. It was described in such detail and so seriously that it can’t be false. And then today I see this news about a truck that rolled over on the freeway, and there were 16 bodies, such a coincidence!!! There were too many ghosts who died unjustly, who died with a grievance, and that’s why the truck rolled over and was exposed. May these angry souls redress their injustice, and rest in peace as soon as possible. Amitabha.

腾讯网友 差不多先生:

Transporting “human specimens” in this kind of vehicle?
You say you bought them at the school. So you just drove this vehicle into campus, then lifted them one by one onto the truck, 16 bodies stacked together?
Who hasn’t seen a pickup truck before?? Can a pickup truck hold 16 people??!!!
This picture of yours shows the left tire was blown, so how would you roll over on the right side???

腾讯网友 花相容:

This is definitely not voluntarily donated bodies. Bodies that were donated voluntarily would be all be preserved and would be very clean and neat.

What do you think? Something suspicious or just a strange coincidence?


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